Style Guru Bio: Helayne Kushner

Hi Fashionistas! My name is Helayne Kushner and I will be a junior this coming fall at Syracuse University. I hail from the great (and surprisingly stylish, trust me!) state of New Jersey. I love traveling, shopping, vintage Vogue, and extreme bargain hunting. I have a sweet tooth for dresses and fantastic (yet sometimes impractical) shoes. For me, each day is a live fashion show, starring everyone (Kate Moss, your grandmother, Julia Roberts, and the mailman)! If there’s one thing that makes the world interesting, it’s seeing what people are wearing. We all wear clothes and the choices we make each day say so much about our life, mood, career or style! I believe in glamour, fashion, fierceness, and Louboutins. One day I hope to cross the Hudson, and put my style and fashion knowledge to work for a designer or magazine in fabulous Manhattan. 

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