Not only does February mean a new month it means Fashion Week. Everyone over here at CollegeFashionista is thrilled to see the latest trends come down the runway and equally as eager to see how students make them their own.

With the start of a new month comes a spotlight on one of our talented Style Gurus. This month's feature is Molly Greathouse from University of California, Irvine. I was anxious to hear about Molly's thoughts on Fashion Week and what trends have been popular at her campus this semester. 

Enjoy the feature below and follow Molly's column here:

CollegeFashionista: Congratulations on being chosen as Style Guru of the Month. What photograph last month was your favorite feature?

Molly Greathouse: Since it is my first month ever of writing for CollegeFashionista, I do not have a large repertoire of my own work to choose from. That being said, of my own blogs and photographs, I would have to say that my favorite picture and accompanying feature was about patterned jackets. I think that the picture turned out very nice, and definitely is a good representation of Irvine as a whole.

CF: With the start of a fresh semester what are some major trends you have seen students doning around campus?

MG: As fall came to a close, so did the seventy degree weather and the era of men wearing tank tops and women adorning bootshorts. With winter, I have seen a great deal more of boots and scarves, and overall, a much more polished and put together student body.

CF: What designer's collection are you dying to see at Fashion Week?

MG: Even though I will probably be crying afterwards because I wont be able to buy anything from it: BCBGMAXARIZA , without a doubt.

CF: What item you are most looking forward to bringing out this spring?

MG: Living in southern California, I don't really have to swap wardrobes for each season so my outfits do not change that drastically once a new season begins. However, I just bought a Black Swan-esque dress that I am really stoked to wear out (hopefully I won't start seeing Mila Kunis everywhere I turn…although that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world).

CF: Why do you love being a Style Guru?

MG: It provides validation for my antics of wearing fur when going to Mesa Commons (a dining hall on campus) or five inch heels to writing class. Actions which always puzzled my dormmates are now explained by my Style Guru of the Month status. 

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