With our spring Style Guru team ending their internships this week, I couldn't have picked a better Style Guru to spotlight for May's feature in an effort to say farewell to our spring class. Lexi Cross, the University of Washington Style Guru, has provided beautiful sartorial photographs week after week since September. She has painted a clear image of fashion in Seattle for our readers and I know her column will surely be missed. Enjoy my Q&A with Lexi and be sure to get your fix of features this week from our spring team before they part ways with CollegeFashionista for summer. 

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite part of being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista?

Lexi Cross: I get to combine two of my favorite things: writing and fashion. I enjoy the weekly challenge of finding a creative way to present style advice based on the pictures I take. Another perk: people LOVE being featured. It’s fulfilling to see the different positive reactions when I ask to photograph them for an international fashion blog.

CF: When did you join the CollegeFashionista family?

LC: I started writing for CF in September of 2010. Fortunately I had the opportunity to write for two consecutive semesters because I’ve remained fully committed and become personally invested in the success of the blog as a whole.

CF: What inspires your style?

LC: 9 months ago I would have said mainstream magazines like Vogue and Elle but after writing for CF I am increasingly influenced by street style. I am especially inspired by the students I photograph on campus as well as fashion blogs like Jak and Jil. Fashion is no longer solely a result of what celebrity stylists or designers advise. The trend is one of individuality and I have learned something from each and every one of the students I have featured on the blog.

CF: What summer trend are you excited to try this season?

LC: If we are lucky enough to get a summer in Seattle you will catch me in anything 70s. Peasant tops, printed maxi skirts, wide leg pants—preferably my look would also include Mila Kunis’s body from That 70’s Show…

CF: What key piece should every college student have in their wardrobe?

LC: Any student attending UW next year should come with their feet glued in rain boots. However, for students in general I advise investing in a go-to scarf. Scarves allow for a quick transition from class-wear to work-wear to a dinner date with friends. In a time crunch a colorful and patterned scarf instantly transforms simple jeans and a t-shirt into trendy and presentable attire.

CF: What will you miss this summer when away from college?

LC: I will miss my friends. Upcoming graduation starts a new chapter and while I am excited for my future endeavors I am sad to part ways with them. They are my support system, my voice of reason, my comic relief on a stressful day, my roommates, and, of course, my alternate closet. I would not have been successful in my CF posts without their help spreading the word each and every week. I know we will all stay in touch, however, even though it will no longer be just a hallway away.

CF: Lasts words for future Style Gurus?

LC: Perfect each and every post. I assume most of us are childless so treat your weekly posts like your baby. Make sure you dedicate the proper time and effort into making it something great because writing for CF is an unbelievable opportunity with the potential for portfolio growth and future job offers. Take your camera everywhere you go and don’t settle on average photos. Network with the people you photograph and utilize their help in promoting your posts. The above average time I committed was well worth the feeling of gratification I had from high traffic and recognition.

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