CollegeFashionista: How would you define a Style Guru from CollegeFashionista?

Daryl Chan: A CF Style Guru is someone who's sure of her personal style, makes an effort to keep abreast of new trends, likes to take photographs, and likes to write. Also, she's confident, because being a style guru means walking up to random people you don't know and asking them if you can take their picture!

CF: Who or what influences your fashion choices?

DC: I used to be a magazine junkie, but now I love reading heavy fashion and style books – the ones with plenty of pictures! My favorite is a vintage Vogue coffee table book from my Uncle Okik. It was from the '80s and is about my favorite fashion era, the '50s – it's really interesting because you get to see the '50s from the '80s perspective. I also love watching movies or TV series that involve characters with strong and unwavering personal style sense, like Factory Girl (I will never forget Edie Sedgwick's chic, sexy boho style), Funny Face (there will always be something about Audrey's all black outfits), Mad Men (gotta LOVE those '50s outfits), Meredith Pierce (who can forget the '40s?), and even Mean Girls (the ultimate source of trampy, bratty style inspiration!).

CF: What is your favorite aspect of street style blogging?

DC: I love how it gives me an excuse to ask a girl where she got her gorgeous bag.

CF: What is on your list of daily blog reads?

DC: My ultimate favorite is Garance Dore. She's the only one I religiously read – I love both her personality and her style! Occasionally, I check up on what Karla Deras, Jane Aldridge, and Bryanboy are wearing.

CF: Highlight of your summer?

DC: My family and I went on a tour to visit the Holy Land, following Moses' exodus route. It was such an adventure – we got to see the pyramids, climb Mount Sinai, swim in the Red Sea, float in the Dead Sea, visit the Wailing Wall, and walk on the Second Temple Steps, where Jesus Himself once walked! It was amazing. Of course, being a fashion freak, I managed to squeeze in some shopping – I got lots of necklaces made by the Bedouins, and a very interesting cuff made from camel bone.

CF: Thoughts on being named Style Guru of the Month?

DC: It's surreal!

CF: Best style happening in the Phillipines at the moment?

DC: Colorblocking. Everyone's into it! I love how everyone injects their own personality when they colorblock – some people pile on the gold, some add a dash of boho chic with hats and gladiators, others do it with the most amazing vintage pieces, and some even do it in pastel hues a la Resort 2012!


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