This month's Style Guru attends University of North Carolina-Greensboro. While originally from Charlotte, North Carolina she has embraced her time studying at UNCG and really found inspiration in the fashion worn by her peers. I caught up with Abby Rollins to chat about fall fashion, do's and dont's for college students  and her experience being a Style Guru. Be sure to follow Abby Rollins @AbbyRollins for daily updates on the fashionable students she spots around campus.

CollegeFashionista: How does the fashion at UNCG differ from the fashion where you are originally from?

Abigail Rollins: The fashion at UNCG is very diverse- ranging from street style to modern chic. When walking across campus I am constantly inspired by the eclectic looks I encounter. In contrast, my hometown Charlotte, NC is primarily sophisticated glam basing most looks on designer labels.

CF: What is your go-to 8 am morning ensemble?

AR: As soon as my alarm clocks goes off I reach for my J. Brand skinny jeans and usually put on a J. Crew sequin or stripe tee along with my Tory Burch reva ballet flats. This classic look is comfortable for a long day on campus!

CF: What is a major do in fashion for college students and what is a major don't?

AR: Don't feel like you have to mimic other college student’s styles (leggings and Uggs, Polos and pearls). Just as college is about shaping your own identity it is also a time to let your style reflect who you are.

CF: Whose fall runway collection inspired you the most?

AR: I was mostly inspired by the sophisticated spin J. Crew did with their clothing this fall. The details in the clothes are immaculate and I am drawn to their vintage pieces. I am motivated on how they put prints, patterns, and bold colors together along with sequins.

CF: What is your favorite campus to lookat on CollegeFashionista?

AR: I am constantly looking at the NYU posts. Being located in Greensboro, NC makes me jealous of the fashion found in New York. I greatly respect their fashion forward style.

CF: Where can we find you on a Thursday night? And what would you be wearing?

AR: Usually on a Thursday night you can find me studying at my desk doing an enormous load of homework or collaging my favorite magazines for the month- usually Teen Vogue, Vogue, and Elle. Getting more comfortable by changing into an American Apparel tee helps me to get down to business and focus on work. This enables me to look forward to a relaxing weekend!

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