This month our University of Maryland Style Guru, Maya Munoz, has showcased College Park's finest in her weekly Fashionista/o Spotlight column. I caught up with Munoz to chat about spotting trendsetters amongst 30,000 students and what inspires her reports! Enjoy my Q&A and be sure to follow Munoz on Twitter @MayaPamela

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe the fashion at University of Maryland?

Maya Munoz: I would definitely describe the fashion at Maryland to be diverse. It’s a large university and you can probably find anything and everything around this campus in terms of fashion. However, there are quite a few students who wear more retro looks.

CF: What is your favorite part of being a Style Guru?

MM: There are definitely some great styles on campus, but sometimes they get lost in the shuffle of students wearing sweat pants and University of Maryland gear. Being a style guru has opened my eyes to the trendsetters around here, and I’ve learned a lot from them!

CF: Who or what influences your personal style?

MM: So many things! I love reading style blogs, and keep up to date with them on Google Reader. I make a folder of outfits that I like, and then on days that I need a little inspiration, I’ll look through that folder and see what elements of their outfits I can emulate. While I love wearing trendier items, classic items influence my personal style strongly, like high-waisted pleated skirts and heeled oxfords.

CF: What is on your holiday wish-list?

MM: Good boots! I’d really like a pair of boots that are comfortable, stylish, and can be worn around campus.

CF: Favorite street style blog?

MM: The Sartorialist is so well-known, but I have to mention him. I also love following Mr. Newton’s blog. The Locals, a Copenhagen based street style blog, is also great.

CF: Best place on campus to spot trendsetters?

MM: Definitely in the plaza surrounded by Tawes Hall, where a lot of the English majors are, and the Art/Sociology building. However, I’ve found many Fashionistas over the semester who were science majors.

CF: Most memorable Fashionista or Fashionisto you have shot this fall?

MM: I loved Julia Brown’s outfit that I shot a couple weeks ago. I try and go for a classy look with some flair myself, and I think she accomplished that really well. I also love her bright pink lipstick, as I wear lipstick as often as possible!

CF: One item Maryland students can't live without this winter?

MM: My friend recently recommended that I get a pair of riding pants from Zara, and I love them. They’re perfect for the outfits that feature baggier tops but wouldn’t look quite right with leggings. Riding pants provide the perfect in between pants and leggings, and have just the right tight fit.

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