This month's star Style Guru always has 50 plus likes on every feature. With a network of friends who wait each Tuesday just to read her work I couldn't be more excited to feature Nicole Moutis from American University. Her column showcases sartorial shots of Fashionistas and Fashionistos hanging around Washington DC and how fashion plays a role in their daily life. Be sure to become another addict of her column and enjoy our Q&A. 

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite campus to browse sartorial shots?

Nicole Moutis: NYU for sure. Being in D.C., makes me envy the campuses in New York City where fashion is more prominent and valued higher.

CF: What is your go-to store around campus for a quick going out outfit?

NM: Fortunately, there are many accessible places near campus to go and shop such as Georgetown and Friendship Heights. Friendship Heights is more high-end department stores which is good to just go in and grab a dress at Bloomingdales or Nieman Marcus. But in Georgetown, I look to go to CUSP, Urban Outfitters or Zara.

CF: What are you going to miss most about school come summer?

NM: My friends. Most of my friends and I are going abroad in the fall so this is the last time we are going to all be with each other for a while so I am just trying to embrace these last days.

CF: Blogger crush?

NM: This may not come by as a surprise but definitely, The Sartorialist. What I would do to just see pass him by on a random street corner!

CF: If you could raid anyone's closet whose would it be?

NM: Carrie Bradshaw. She takes a risk every single day in every single outfit and takes fashion to a totally different level. My motivation to get married is solely to wear the same bird headpiece Carrie wore for her wedding.

CF: Fill in the blank. On a Thursday night we could find you on an adventure.

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