I took a little trip to London this weekend for recreational purposes yet as always I am constantly on the look out for fashion types. I headed to Topshop on Oxford Street where I was sure my needs would have been met. This is, of course, the store where model scouts hang out at. Yet as I looked about it had seemed that Philip Green had hired a whole bunch of people to advertise his brand and dressed them all practically the same; there was no excitment of inventiveness in any of it. I wondered about Oxford Street for a while longer before heading back towards the tube, taking the side streets as we went along and as I walked out of a random Starbucks on a small back street I came across this week's Fashionista — London's fashion reputation was still intact.

I suppose we could talk mainly about that wonderful collar but lets take a moment to look at the ensemble as a whole. We have three lables in the mix-blink and you may miss them! A beautifully modest Dior long strap bag, Cholé shorts and those classic Chanel pumps. The look is as extravagant as it is expensive. We got colour clashing, double collars, prints and daytime meets nighttime all in the mix. It shouldn't work but it does. The Peter Pan collar has been about for a little while, creating an air of playfulness to any look, as it does here. The beaded collar adds an edge of drama that usually only the night can handle yet just like the London October sun, it shouldn't be there but it is and yes we love it!

This is risk dressing as there are so many things that could go wrong, but that's what the attraction is here. I don't have a problem with Topshop followers, in fact I reference Topshop pieces almost every week, but this look in so individual and at the same time incredibly chic. To achieve this kind of look money is a girl's best friend, but if like many money is merely an acquaintance, choose just one well-made piece to tie the look together, like this vintage collar, which, in fact, is probably the cheapest item in this look. For similar stand out accessories River Island have a great range of costume jewellery but Topshop (see I always do it!) has a wide range of collar necklaces to create ladylike modern looks.

So, this month, and like this week's Fashionista, it is all about rule breaking and being an individual.  

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