Meet Eddie Omar, the young and handsome CEO of Power Hour. Power Hour is a natural energy and memory enhancing jelly shot used by students across New England to improve their workouts and study habits. It comes in four flavors: apricot, tropical punch, grape and apple. What stands out about Eddie aside from his ambition, is that while he is extremely successful for a 24-year-old he is also very down to earth. When he is not wearing a suit to an important business meeting, his look is still put together yet appears almost effortless. He makes a simple black V-neck trendy by accessorizing with his confidence, charisma and favorite watch.

Name: Eddie Omar

Passion: Entrepreneurship

Year: Third year Ph.D student

CollegeFashionista: What exactly is Power Hour?

Eddie Omar: Power Hour is a natural energy and memory enhancing jelly shot. The purpose is to have students refrain from using sugar abundant energy products and pick a healthier alternative. There are also products with artificial sweeteners in them that have negative side effects as well. Power Hour has neither.

CF: I love how Power Hour appeals to college students, but is it only for students?

EO: No, it is more commonly sold at fitness stores and gyms. Athletes use it as a pre-workout because in comparison to most products it does not give them a jittery feeling like most caffeine abundant supplements. I personally use it more to work out than to study with.

CF: You've impressed me again. How would you dress to impress others at an important business meeting?

EO: Navy blue pinstripe suit with a pink collared shirt. I'm not a fan of wearing ties though. I feel they make it seem I'm trying too hard. I let my charisma complete the outfit.

CF: What is your go-to outfit for a relaxing day?

EO: Shorts and a tank top are what you will catch me in when I'm relaxing at home.

CF: What is your favorite accessory?

EO: I have a terrible weakness for watches. My favorite is my Tag Heuer link with a diamond bezel.

CF: Power Hour is an amazing brand. What brands in the fashion industry do you admire from a marketing standpoint?

EO: Good question. Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Armani to name a few. Quality is important to me and with brands such as those you pay a premium for quality.

CF: Where can our readers find Power Hour in stores?

EO: We are currently in several fitness stores and gyms in the New England region but keep an eye out for us because we expect to be nationally distributed within the next couple of months. We will also be selling Power Hour on our website soon.

Learn more: To learn more about Power Hour and find it in a store near you check out and “like” it on Facebook here.

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