Styling Culottes for Summer

Isn’t it funny how fashion comes full circle? I remember when culottes and gaucho pants were popular. Well, look at what’s back and trending for the summer! Culottes have been seen everywhere this spring and summer, being worn by celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner.

In the 1700s, culottes were worn by the French upper class. It derives from the French word “culot,” which means “the lower half of.”

The thing I love about culottes is that they come in all kinds of lengths and patterns. There are some that come right to your knee and some that even reach your ankles. Knowing this helps you to find out what you are comfortable with wearing, depending on what season it is.

As with any wide-leg trend, it can be hard to imagine what they would look like on your body. Culottes can be difficult and intimidating at first. They are an awkward length and have a wide-leg silhouette. When I am styling my culottes, I like to picture them as a midi skirt. Once I do this, it is very easy to mix and match with whatever I have in my wardrobe. Culottes are perfect for summer because they are easy to move in and they are super light!

Below I give suggestions on how to slay culottes for the summer!

1—Play with different prints and materials.
2—Add a form fitting top. Doing this helps cinch your waist and also helps to offset the volume of the pants.
3—Focus on footwear. Some types of footwear which complement culottes are ankle boots and lace-up heels.
4—Add some fun accessories.

What do you think about culottes coming back? If you are a culotte lover like myself, don’t forget to show us on social media and tag @CFashionista.

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