TREND: Stylish and Studious

As the stellar students that you all are, you are most likely prepared to ace all of your fall semester finals. Hopefully your studies have not pushed your laundry duties to the wayside because finals week is no excuse to dress like a gym fanatic gone bad with sweats and bed head. If studying for days straight depresses you, there is no better way to cheer yourself up than to know you look fantastic.

This lovely lady is the epitome of studious fashion. Her look is practical, fashionable, and perfect for studying all day at the library or a favorite Fort Collins coffee house. She looks quite sophisticated with her rectangular framed glasses with a cute cranberry tint. They are shaped to fit her face and framed nicely by her bangs.

She incorporates layering by topping off her plaid violet button up with a gray cardigan and sleek leather jacket. When layering, it is important to remember to show off every layer or you may run the risk of looking bulky. This Fashionista wears a V-neck cardigan that she partially buttons in order to show off her inner-most layers. Also note that she does not zip up her leather jacket for the same purpose of revealing her layers underneath.

The vintage jeans and brown leather boots are a match made in heaven. These fun and flirty skinny leg jeans are not your ordinary pair of blues. Excess dye has been removed to create a unique style of vintage fade with a contemporary twist. Her brown boots are quite simple, but cute and feminine. They give her height, but look very comfortable which is mandatory for busy students on the go.

Hint: If you want to try something new with a pair of ordinary jeans, you don’t have spend your cash! Just have a few friends bring their favorite pair of jeans to your place and have a girl’s night while making your very own pair of vintage or distressed jeans. Take a study break and give it a try!

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