TREND: Sweet for Sweaters

If you have been following my recent posts and a lot of other Wisconsin Gurus, you have probably been noticing an over-arching theme of our posts and what we think our Fashionista/os outfit choices revolved around: weather. And if you have been following my rants about weather, you will notice my fashion choices are swayed because I get cold easily. Basically, when it comes to the cold, I’m a wimp. Right now, Madison is experiencing its own heat wave; a whole 40 degrees! To me, this only means one thing (besides wearing a slightly lighter jacket) and that’s sweaters!

This season, plaid, argyle, and striped options dress up cardigans and V-necks. Layer one on when the temperature dips just enough that a coat is too heavy and a T-shirt is too light. The chunky sweaters were great for the midst of winter when we were cooped up inside our apartments studying for finals, but the key to sweater fashion now is to layer, layer, layer. You never know if one hour you’ll be a little chilly and the next, the sun will be beating down on you. Here is a trick to help you get through these last winter days and to help you prepare for the warm days ahead. Because I promise, they are coming. Sometimes all you need is a pretty wrap or sweater and your summer dresses and leggings can still work oh-so-stylishly! I have been looking for sweaters that will do just that and have found some at my new favorite website, New York Shopping, which is in affiliation with New York Magazine.

Hint: For even warmer days, try the sweater dress with tights or leggings to insure every part of your body is kept warm and fashionable.

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