Peacoats – Classic, stylish and popular. These jackets, originally worn by sailors, are now seen all over campus. They look great with just about every winter outfit and have a collegiate appeal that many scholars are so fond of. Jackie-O was one of the first women to make this look popular among ladies and it certainly does look incredible. Add a pair of knee high boots and you’ve got one sophisticated look!

Peacoats come in many colors and lengths. Classic hues vary from tan, black and navy and they also come in vibrant colors like red, lime green and sometimes even pink. Ultra modern colors include purple, teal and gold among others. Longer styles that land mid-thigh are called bridge coats, but they have the same overall timeless qualities. Traditionally made of wool, these jackets are characterized by large buttons down the center drawing the eye up and down versus side to side.

If you are looking for a way to stay warm and fashionable this winter while looking your absolute best, sport this classic fashion timepiece. Pea coats look great with jeans and are a must-have if you are wearing a dress. They are classy and fitted to the female physique giving you that oh-la-la look anywhere you go.

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