Syracuse University Fashion Show Recap: The best of the best FASHIONISTAS

At the “Cent$ + Sense-ability: Fashion in Recession and Fashion Sustainability” show at Syracuse University last weekend, there was a lot of unique fashion and style to take in… but not just on the runway. Our Style Gurus, Jada, Emily & Syreeta were there photographing behind the scenes looks and of course the trendsetting Fashionistas in attendance. The fashion worn by the guests was all about layers. Belts over cardigans, skirts over tights, jackets, necklaces, and boots… the list goes on as Fashionistas mixed and matched all to create their own unique looks.

It just goes to show that just because you're not on the runway doesn't mean your not allowed to look the part yourself! Love the photos Jada, Syreeta & Emily. Check out the Syracuse page for more images.

Style On,


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