Top 5 Beauty Products for Back to School

With summer coming to a close, it is time to begin back to school shopping. Now is the time to stock up on new makeup products that you have been wanting to try! I have put together a list of my top five beauty essentials that would be great additions to any Fashionista’s makeup collection.

Top Five Beauty Products

1—Primer. Primer is an important product. Makeup will look smoother, giving you flawless-looking skin, but most importantly it will help your makeup last all day. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or normal skin, there is a primer out there for you. One of my all-time favorite primers is the Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater. I like this product for many reasons. One, it is a skincare product, so it is going to be treating dryness by adding hydration and glow. Two, it serves many purposes. You can use this product not only on your face but on your body and hair. Tip: Spray this into wet hair to add extra shine.

2—Foundation. Foundation allows you to create different makeup looks depending on the type of foundation that you use. For example, if you are going to the beach and want a natural look, I would choose a CC cream or medium-coverage foundation. This will cover most imperfections but let your natural skin peek through. When doing a night look, I tend to amp up my makeup. I will use a full-coverage foundation that will provide more coverage. One of my favorite full-coverage foundations is the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer 2 in 1. This is great because even though it is full-coverage, it still feels very light on the skin.

3—Foundation applicator. Whether you prefer a beauty blender or foundation brush, I think a foundation applicator is crucial for a makeup look. A foundation applicator helps smooth the foundation over the skin. One of my all-time favorite brushes is the Foundation Buff Brush from Clinique. This brush melts the foundation into the skin, giving a natural look.

4—Bronzer. This is a great way to add a sun-kissed glow to the face without having to lay out in the sun. You want to apply bronzer to the points on the face where the sun would naturally hit: your forehead, temples, cheekbones, and jawline. I love applying bronzer with a fan brush. This application allows you to have a light hand to enhance more of the natural look. I have used many different bronzers but one that remains in my collection is my Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten in the shade medium. This bronzer gives the appearance that you have been relaxing in the sun.

5—Highlighter. If you love the “glowing from within” look, then a highlighter is just the thing you need. Highlighters can add so much luminosity to the face. I am a fan of the Becca highlighters, specifically Champagne Pop or Opal, but if you want more a natural glow, try the Too Faced highlighter in the shade Blinded by the Light. This adds the perfect amount of radiance to the skin but is also very buildable if you prefer something more intense.

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These Are the Vintage Accessories You Need for Back to School

Back to school season is here, whether we like it or not. For many of us, the new school year is a time to prepare for another semester of lectures, assignments, and stress. However, while there are some bad parts, there’s also the best part of preparing for the new year—back to school clothing shopping. While you’re at the mall, consider visiting thrift and vintage stores to look for old classics to add to your new threads for a fresh and one-of-a-kind spin on your ensemble. Having trouble figuring out which vintage pieces to pick up? No problem! Here’s a list of some of the vintage accessories you need for back to school.

1—An everyday bag. Let’s face it, college students are busy. Many of us not only have classes to attend, but work and/or internships as well. Through all of the hustle and bustle, it’s good to find an everyday bag you can use as a steady constant. I picked this vintage satchel by Liz Claiborne off of the thrifting app, Depop (all the original tags still intact), and it’s my go to bag for busy days.

 2—A unique belt. Sometimes, it’s the little things that shout the loudest. Belts are no exception. Not only are they functional, they also can be a great styling piece if you find the perfect one. Pair a unique belt with jeans and a button down, and you’ve got the perfect outfit to wear for the transition from summer to fall. The belt I’m wearing is another vintage gem I got from Depop. I love the brown leather and the gold alligators on the buckle.

3—Statement earrings. If I were an accessory, I’d be earrings. Statement earrings are my favorite thing to look for, and they’re the perfect thing to wear to bring any outfit together. Vintage ones are pretty easy to find at the thrift store, and are usually fairly cheap. I picked these earrings up from a little boutique near Portland, and they only cost me a dollar. Wear statement earrings with a T-shirt and jeans and you’re all ready to sit through those long, two-hour lectures.

4-Bold footwear. Shoes are an essential for everyday life, so why not make them beautiful? These mules are presumably from the ’90s, and I love them because they’re on trend, but they still have that vintage flair. The leopard print and the gold detailing on the heel make these perfect for spicing up any outfit.

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5 Thrifting Tips for the Fashion Girl on a Budget

I’ve always loved going to Goodwill and searching through racks upon racks of clothes to find the hidden gems. I bet you would never believe that I bought this velvet dress or this eccentric white clutch from Goodwill! Many people simply do not see the potential that lies in secondhand clothing from thrift stores or even the clothing they already own. So here are five tips to remember when thrift shopping to help you score high-quality pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Vintage Vibes in Downtown Little Rock

1—Shop in the right area. To get the most bang for your buck while thrift shopping, scope out the higher-end neighborhoods. Thrift stores in these areas are more likely to have clothes from big-name labels and made of quality fabrics due to the location of their donation center.

Vintage vibes in velvet

2—Hunt for quality brands and fabrics. The low prices of thrift stores can make it tempting to fill up your cart with impulse purchases. But before you buy that faux fur coat, remember that in the long run, high-quality clothes last a lot longer than ones made of cheaper fabrics. Be picky!

3—Look for stains and holes. Give each garment some serious eyeball for stains, tears, snags, or signs of over-wear. When I was a newbie, I came home to find my fair share of stains on clothes that I’d purchased from thrift shops. I know how disappointing it can be to discover after leaving the store!

Face minimal jewels and space buns

4—If it grabs your attention, grab it! Do a loop around the entire store, grab anything that catches your eye, and try it on. (You never know what might surprise you.) What you see is what you get, and you never know if it’ll be there one moment and gone the next!

Goodwill Eccentric Clutch and Embroidered Mules

5—Wash your clothes as soon as you get home. Before you wear clothes from the thrift store, you should always launder them carefully. Pay special attention to details like the armpit areas of a blouse and make sure to add plenty of fabric softener!

minimal jewels and vintage vibes

velvet dress and embroidered mules

Thrift shopping is my favorite kind of shopping because it is environmentally friendly, affordable, and ultimately the most personally satisfying because I feel like I defeated a challenge every time I walk out of there. When shopping secondhand, quality is always better than quantity. By taking your time and shopping for the best items, you can come home with items that look (or are) brand-new. The best part? Thrift shopping is almost always in your budget.

What are you best thrifting tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Who Says You Have to Put Away Your Linen After Labor Day?

Labor Day is just around the corner. In a fashion sense, many think this means you have to retire all your summer clothes for fall and winter. If you ask any Fashionista, this statement is so false. Wearing white and linen can be appropriate with any outfit, any time of the year!

With these hot summer days still present into the early fall months, wearing linen past Labor Day is totally acceptable if you do it right. I am here to give you a few tips and tricks to picking out the perfect summer inspired fall outfit.

1—Wearing a summer inspired outfit it totally okay in a warm climate, such as by the beach.

2—Adding a pop of color to a white basic makes the outfit not stand out as much.

3—Wearing a fall shoe ties in the whole fall outfit. This can be anything from a sneaker to boots.

4—Long sleeves complete a fall outfit. Adding a warmer clothing item to a skirt is a perfect way of keeping warm when the temperatures drop as the seasons goes on.

5—Sunglasses may give the look a more summer vibe, however, they bring the whole outfit together for a casual daytime look.

6—Make sure you accessorize to finish the perfect summer inspired fall outfit. Adding simple jewelry or a scarf to a linen or white look will complete the outfit.

7—Be creative and unique with your outfit choices.

8—Be comfortable and confident.

The change of season gets many excited for new fashion trends, but also prohibits items to be worn. You do not have to wait until a new season to get the okay to wear certain clothing pieces. Carry over pieces into the new season and feel confident in your choices as a fashionista!

Do not be scared to wear summer clothing items year-round. Make your closet appropriate for four seasons instead of changing it up every couple month. Having a variety of clothing and knowing how to style each piece brings uniqueness and diversity into your clothing options. A Fashionista knows how to use each piece in their closet in a unique way while still looking cute and feeling comfortable.

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The Perfect Class Look Comes Down To 3 Easy Steps

Picture this: your alarm clock on your phone rings. You open your eyes and glance out the window to see frost on the leaves outside your window. School time is about here, and with it, cooler weather. Even though I despise the cold weather, I love to dress for it. One of the most exciting parts of the day for me is choosing what to wear and how I am going to accessorize it. After all, what better way to motivate yourself to get up for class on a brisk morning than a cute outfit and some coffee?

First things first, I choose a few base pieces. For example, I have a staple pair of jeans I love to wear that match basically everything and also look great on. Feeling confident in what you wear is important because if you feel confident and comfortable it will show. Next I move to what top I will wear, and usually, I reach for a long sleeve T-shirt or sweater for the chillier mornings.

The next step is one of my favorites: accessories! Though I tend to have more of a simple style, a bold bracelet or earrings can sometimes be just enough to give that extra element of excitement. I chose to wear a glitzy headband for this shoot, not only because it perfectly matched my outfit but also added a little more personality to this look.

Lastly, I love to switch up my shoes. These new babies are one of my favorite pairs and are perfect for transitioning into the fall season. Wedges are cute and give a little more height, creating the illusion that your legs are longer. The great thing about shoes is that you can switch up your look simply by switching to a different pair! Putting on some booties can instantly make your outfit a little warmer for the cold weather.

What are some of your favorite back-to-school style tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Hometown Getaway to Manhattan Beach

Living in the beautiful city of Angels has its many perks. One of which is being a short 30-minute drive to the golden Pacific Coast. My favorite thing to do on the weekends is to take a day trip out to the beach with my close girlfriends.

I love the vibe of beach life: the cool salty breeze, shouts of beach volleyball players, and bells of beach bikers. One of my favorite beaches off of Pacific Coast Highway is Manhattan Beach, a charming coastal community with bright blue waters and soft sandy beaches.

After circling for parking for close to an hour, my friends and I decided to recharge with a good latte. We ended up trying out a cute new spot located at the end of the pier called Vitals Coffee, formerly the Aquarium Cafe. Great coffee I must say!

We then headed down to the beach to claim our spot in the sand and soak up some sun. I never forget to bring a big beach tote filled with all the essentials including a cute bathing suit, my favorite pair of sunnies, some flip flops, a beach blanket, hydrating sunscreen, water, and some snacks.

I usually take the time to find some color at the beach and lay out. I like to bring a portable speaker to play some tunes and a good book or magazine to occupy my tanning time. Then when it gets too hot, a nice dip in the ocean does the trick!

I would have to say one of the hardest things about going to school in Wisconsin is being away from my home, the beach. I love California for so many reasons but its sunny golden coast takes the cake! However, the surfers don’t hurt either!

What’s your go-to hometown getaway? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Make the Most of Summer Music Festivals

One of my favorite aspects of summer is that it kicks off music festival season! I have always loved going to concerts whether I am seeing one of my all-time favorite artists or even someone I have never heard of. However, music festivals can easily be disastrous, so here are some of my tips for making the concert go smoothly while you have the time of your life!

1—A fanny pack. Wearing a fanny pack is going to be key for the festival. It is a hands-free way of holding what you need so there is less risk of losing anything. There are also many cute fanny packs out there that are very trendy.

2—Comfortable shoes and outfit. Most music festivals have multiple stages so expect a lot of moving around from stage to stage. Comfortable walking shoes can make your life a lot easier at a music festival. Being that it is a concert, you, of course, are going to want to dance. Make sure to wear shoes that do not have your feet exposed because they could be stepped on, and also, wear an outfit you can move around in easily.

3—Portable phone charger. This one is pretty simple. To ensure your phone does not die from all of the pictures you will be taking, bring a portable phone charger. Do not risk losing your friends with a dead phone or not being able to reach your parents or your ride. Plus, it fits right in your fanny pack!

4—Water. Before going to the concert, look up what you can and cannot bring into the concert. This ensures that you won’t end up throwing out something you thought you could bring. Most festivals allow a bottle of water or two to be brought in and refilled at stations throughout. Hydration is definitely key.

5—Ticket, ID, and money. These are three necessities because without your ticket you will not get in. Bringing your ID and money are precautions in case you need them for anything, just in case!

What are your tips for music festivals? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without the Guilt

If you have a sweet tooth you must know how hard it is to stay away from decadent treats. Let’s face it, anything that completely satisfies those cravings is not going to be the healthiest choice. Personally, I need sweets in my life, but I am also into fitness and healthy living. It is frustrating for me to put these two together. I decided to find low-calorie, guilt-free foods that can satisfy these cravings.

1—Fruity desserts. Açaí has been around for a while as a healthy alternative for dessert. I went to a local organic restaurant where they have a variety of options. I chose an Açaí Bowl with pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, granola, bee pollen, and agave. It was a great mix of sweet flavors that also felt clean. Other fruity alternatives include smoothie bowls, frozen yogurt, and chocolate-dipped fruit. Just remember to keep your toppings healthy and to consume in moderation, otherwise, it becomes just as bad as any other dessert.

2—At home recipes. Grab a recipe book and get to the kitchen! You can also follow food blogs or Instagram accounts that post step-by-step videos of recipes. You’d be surprised by the endless possibilities, and it doesn’t have to be much work! Homemade, healthy sweets will keep you from grabbing the cookies your grandma brought over.

3—Low-calorie products. Sometimes you don’t have time to make your own treats, but you need something around for when the cravings hit. There are many products nowadays that allow us to indulge for fewer calories and better nutrients, such as Halo Top, Enlightened, Dole Dippers, Yasso, and Skinny Cow. I am currently obsessed with Skinny Cow’s 45-calorie, coffee-filled chocolates. I also tried Halo Top’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, for research purposes, of course. Other than the extra $3-4 spent, the only noticeable difference is that it is less creamy and the chunks of cookie dough are smaller. Despite this, it was delicious, satisfying, and worth it, especially for only 360 calories a pint.

4—Exercise. The key to success is achieving a balance. If you know that you need your sweets, then exercise! For example, I went on a two-mile jog to the grocery store to buy the Halo Top. I felt like I deserved to treat myself, but I also knew that I couldn’t just eat the whole pint because I had exercised. Exercising is not an excuse to eat anything you want. However, it does allow you to indulge a bit more without the guilt. Grab your sneakers, a fun sports bra and legging set, and get moving!

These alternatives have helped me stay happy and healthy during my fitness journey. If you like sweets, do not deprive yourself of them! Find a balance between your diet, exercising, and what you enjoy. I hope this helps my fellow dessert lovers as it has helped me!

Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below!

Creating a Signature Scent Had to do With More Than Smelling Good For This College Student

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t find the right perfume? What if the alcohol content of a perfume just rubs you wrong? Additionally, being Muslim meant I couldn’t use alcohol-based perfumes, and while there are alternatives, I’ve never connected with them. I wanted to explore the world of scent-making and make something that would remind anyone, with one whiff, of the essence of me. Which is why I turned to making my own scent:

1—A base note. This is the musky and heavy, long-lasting scent that remains on you. Essential oils used as base notes are usually characterized by having a large molecular structure and high density.

2—A middle note. This is considered the heart, or bouquet of the scent. It is what will really come through as your scent. It remains for a few hours, and there are a wide variety of them.

3—A top note. This is the first scent that hits your nose. This usually goes away after the first few minutes so make sure you don’t base your entire scent around that first whiff!

You will also need a dropper or pipette, a small jar to mix the product in, a perfume bottle, and a notebook to record your steps and measurements. As a general rule of thumb, follow the 100 drops rule to easily split up how many drops of each oil you add. Too little or too much can completely unbalance your scent!

Fragrances usually follow a 20/80 ratio. 80 drops of the carrier oil and 20 for the essential oils. Within these 20 drops, you can create your own ratio of how many drops of which you want to add!

1—My palette. I used coconut oil as my carrier oil. My middle note comprised of lavender, and my top note was peppermint. I was going for a floral and slightly warming scent, something that reminds me of home but also has an adventurous side to it.

2—The base note. I added in 13 drops of rosemary total. After putting in an initial 10 drops, I adjusted it later on as I added the other oils in.

3—The middle note. I wanted to balance the middle and top notes as peppermint and lavender could both be used as top notes. However, lavender had a slightly more deep and settling smell so I decided to use it in the middle.

4—The top note. The top note was peppermint, as it had a sharp initial smell that soon faded away. I wanted to have the perfume perk up and then settle, so the order was perfect.

In the end, I had a warm spicy smell I call Spicy Lavender, as the sharp smell of peppermint fades into a lovely, warming coconut and herb mixture. The scent, more than jolting or intoxicating, is a calming and happy scent that works perfectly with my personality.

Do you have a particular scent you want to make your own? Share with us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

4 Tips to Enhance your Casual Style—Fashionisto Edition

Often, guys have the misconception that the only way to look nice and fashionable is if they dress up. However, you can be stylish in anything from joggers to suits. It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you pay attention to the details. Focusing on small details will go a very long way and sharpen your casual style. Here are four ways to enhance your wardrobe.

1—Cuff your jeans. Rolling up your straight-legged jeans is a simple way to show extra details you miss when they are all the way down. It focuses your attention on a nice pair of shoes matched with fashionable socks. When the jeans are rolled, it allows you to show personal style and let a pop of color show underneath with stylish socks.

2—Men’s bags. The days of thinking it’s only socially acceptable for women to have handbags are over. Any gender needs a bag to carry essentials around in, so guys its time to trade out that old beat-up book bag for a leather satchel bag. Choosing a bag to carry gives you the chance to reflect your own style while looking professional. Remember to select a bag that’s durable and water-resistant!

3—Footwear. The key to any successful outfit is to always put your best foot forward. The “desert boot” is a staple shoe all guys should have in their closet. The boot is interchangeable and can be dressed up or down. Here, the boot is paired with the cuffed jeans to sharpen the casual look while keeping it comfortable. I recommend getting this boot in a versatile neutral color.

4—Watches. Add some arm candy to your daily wardrobe! Let’s be honest, everyone hates that one person who always shows up late to everything. Never be that person and add a watch to your daily outfit. A watch is a small detail that makes a huge impact on your look, and it easily enhances any outfit. If you prefer wearing light colored clothing, I recommend you choose a brown or gold watch. If you prefer dark clothing, go with a black watch.

Paying attention to the small details can make any drab outfit become fab. The four tips listed above will help you enhance any simple outfit while keeping your own style.

How do you embrace casual style? Show us on social media and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.