Can We Stop Thinking of “Routine” as a Bad Thing?

Some people dread going back to school; but to be honest, a lot of people (including myself) love this time of the year. While, I must admit, I will miss the luxury of sleeping until 2 pm, there is something comforting about the structure that comes with a new school year.

With the start of school, a new routine is set for the semester. Routine sounds negative, but it can actually be a beautiful thing. Routine creates a rhythm for school days. By having a class schedule, you can know what time you need to wake up in order to have your morning coffee in order to make it to class on time. Having a daily procedure can help decrease anxiety, worry, and can establish confidence in knowing what the day will most likely bring you.

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PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

Having a agenda or schedule makes it way easier to plan. Being back in the classroom means that we have a very solid idea on when we will have time to go out for brunch, schedule work shifts, and more. Maybe the school season does not allow for sleeping in really late or spending the whole day sitting by the pool, but it does make it a lot easier to know what you are doing or where you will be at a certain time. Schedules make it easy to write down your plans in that cute new planner you bought for the school year!

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PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

I know it’s hard to trade in those lazy summer afternoons spent by the beach for sitting in a boring and plain classroom. However, going back to school and back to a routine is not as bad as it seems. Routines have a lot of beauty—so go out and see the beauty in your routine this school year!

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4 Key Wardrobe Pieces to Ease You Into Fall

Summer’s coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean style is. While it will be time to say goodbye to sandals and T-shirt dresses soon, fall staples that are just as cozy will take their place. The season of denim is here, and here’s what you need to rock it.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

1—A High-quality pair of jeans

Two of the biggest up-and-coming jeans trends are color-blocked and distressed denim. Pair these color-blocked jeans with a leather jacket, or try this distressed pair with a simple T-shirt.

PHOTO: Lex Kelley

2—A solid jean jacket

Denim jackets have been autumn staples for decades due to their practicality and style. Opt for a simple jean jacket like this one from Joe’s Jeans, or try integrating the aforementioned color-blocking style into outerwear with a jacket like this.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

3—A long vest

When it’s not too hot and not too cold, vests are the perfect accessory, and thus fall is their perfect season. It’s still too early for a full-on trench, but bring in that same level of elegance with a draping vest like this one. If you’re on the edgier side, try a vest like this one from Free People that boasts undertones of biker jacket.

PHOTO: Lex Kelley

4—A practical backpack

For those of us who are starting back at university this fall, this is obviously a must. However, a good backpack is a necessity for any age; it’s one of the most practical and fashionable ways to lug around a bunch of stuff. Try this Fjallraven Kanken backpack, pictured above, or a similar one like this North Face classic.

PHOTO: Michelle Szczech

While denim will dominate the next few months, don’t forget it’s okay to slip other materials in just as often. Show us your favorite fall looks, with denim or without, on social media, and don’t forget to tag us @CFashionista!

Backpack Essentials That Will Save Your Semester

Next semester is just around the corner. Before stressing about your class schedule, first things first, make your backpack ready for the semester and take some time to pack exactly what you need. Here are four backpack essentials that every college student should have in their bags this coming semester!

1—An agenda. Whether it is a pre-layout or an empty notebook, get yourself one of these! College can get messy, due dates can get mixed up, and what better way to organize than a planner? Keeping organized is key when it comes to keeping track of classes and the best part about planners is that you can customize them to your liking. Write down any and everything you desire.

2—A pencil case. Pens and pencils make themselves so easy to lose. Keep them safe in a cute pencil case along with the rest of your stationery. Pro tip alert: when shopping for pencil cases gets difficult, instead look for a makeup bag. Makeup bags come in many more colors and sizes and tend to be way cuter than an ordinary pencil case. You can also match them to your notebooks or backpack.

3—A portable charger. You carry your phone everywhere already, but as you know, battery life is not forever. Carry around a portable charger on campus to save your battery. They come in many sizes and colors and come in handy especially for those long days away from your room.

4—A water bottle. Hydrate yourself! Whether you are marching up a million flights of stairs to class or stuck in a clammy elevator, every college student could use a drink of water. Purchasing a cute water bottle can be an investment that will save you from buying water every day or from sketchy campus water fountains. They are also reusable, hence, environmentally friendly.

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5 Ways to Start Your School Year Off With Confidence

Ready or not, it’s that time of the year! That time that comes around so fast, we blink our eyes and summer is over. We all dread it, but certainly can’t avoid it: it’s back to school time. For most, those words make you cringe and the thought of hearing your alarm go off at 6:30 a.m. every morning is traumatizing. So, why not prepare yourself so that you can ring in the new year feeling fresh and prepared? I’m here to give you a list of five ways to start off your school year with confidence!

1—A killer wardrobe. Make back to school shopping fun by searching for the perfect new style. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and go for a new look. I have always firmly believed that you can wear anything you want as long as you wear it with confidence. I suggest picking up a pair of statement pants, as I’m wearing in the pictures. Palazzo pants like the ones I’m wearing are super comfy, all while looking extra trendy, making for the perfect back to school clothing essential.

2—A simple everyday makeup routine. Why not spice up your natural face and bring out your best qualities? Having a go-to look makes mornings much easier and allows you to feel confident when strutting through the halls. My current favorite makeup trend is a bright, orange crease color, as featured in my pictures. This shade makes blue or green eyes pop and blends with your base color flawlessly. Say goodbye to your tired morning face and find a routine that works for you!

3—A planner. It’s no secret that the best way to stay on top of everything is to organize your life. The ultimate trick to this is using a planner. You can lay out what needs to get done every day and prepare for what’s to come. Planning makes for a stress-free school year. So find a fun planner that will be pleasing to look at every day!

4—Popping accessories. Whether this is a cute new backpack or a statement necklace, be sure to add accessories to your back to school list. These simple items create excitement for heading back to school by spicing up your outfit and adding confidence! In my look, I styled a huge trend at the moment: tassel earrings. I often reach for them because big earrings are in and top off any look. Don’t be afraid to start a new trend by accessorizing your outfit.

5—A new signature scent. Everybody has their go-to lotion/perfume duo, so try switching it up this year and wait for the compliments to roll in. Who doesn’t love a good smelling scent? Amaze all your peers and find a bomb new combination to boost your self-esteem as you walk into that classroom!

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How to Prep for Your First Day Back to School

With the upcoming school year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your first day back to school. How are you going to prep for it? What do you need to get in order to ace it? Is it a new outfit, new pair of shoes, or new supplies? Back-to-school shopping can be a bit stressful, so below is a list of essentials to keep in mind while prepping for the big day!

1—A go-to book bag. Whether it be a tote or backpack, every student needs something to put all of their school items in. It is the easiest way to carry around all of your essentials without having to think twice. I picked a tote as my school bag because this one sits comfortably on my shoulder as it has padded straps. It’s spacious on the inside, too. Regular backpacks offer the same qualities as totes, so pick the style that meets your everyday school needs.

2—Planner. Planners are one of the best ways to stay organized, on-top of your school game, and accountable for your school work. By simply documenting your priorities, to-do’s, and other notes as the day progresses, you’ll not only get it done efficiently but quickly, too. Planners come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles so you can make it as personal as you’d like.

3—Pens/pencils/sticky notes. Every student needs pens, pencils, and sticky notes as they are essential to doing school work. Make sure to pick out fun colors in those items as they are a great way to be creative when using them.

4—To-do list. Before your first day, make a to-do list of what needs to get done in order to be prepared. Use your new planner for help. Use your sticky notes to place inside and check it off with your cute new pen. You’ll be prepped in no time!

5—Goal Setting. Goal setting for the upcoming school year is a great way to start with a motivated attitude. Write them down so you remember them and can keep yourself on track. Keep them where you can see them every day to remind yourself as to why you made that goal. You can give yourself an A+ both inside and outside the classroom!

Now you have everything you need for your first day back to school. Go ahead and start filling your backpack because class is coming up soon and you don’t want to be late!

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My 5 Essential Carry-On Items for Traveling

Traveling is one of my favorite things—the food, culture, and the adventure of discovering something new always leaves me with a bad case of wanderlust.  Long flights can be a killer, so here are my five carry-on essentials that help me survive any plane ride.

Water Bottle and Snack

A water bottle is a definite essential carry-on item for me. Hydrating during those long flights will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy. Also, I always make sure to bring a snack, whether it’s a granola bar, nuts, or an apple. It is so important to keep a snack in your carry on because you never know when you’ll be hungry, and a person can only eat so many peanuts.


Sometimes it may feel like you are never going to get to your destination, and you keep asking yourself, “Are we there yet?” To help conquer this in-flight boredom, try picking up an interesting book, downloading some movies, or listening to some tunes.

Sweatshirt or Light Jacket

If you are like me, then you understand the struggle of never feeling warm on the plane. This is why I always bring some sort of jacket in my carry-on. Plus, this denim jacket is one of my favorites and it goes flawlessly with any outfit.


I wish I could be one of those girls who could fit all of my stuff into a cute tote, but unfortunately, I will always need a backpack as my carry-on. Backpacks may not be the cutest, but they definitely hold a bunch of stuff.


When your travel you can’t forget the little things like your passport! I absolutely love all the cute covers you can get for passports to make traveling even more fun.

What are your carry-on essentials? Leave a comment below!

5 Airport Essentials to Help You Survive a Layover

I have a love/hate relationship with airports. I love them because every time I step in one it means that there’s an exciting adventure ahead of me. However, airports aren’t always full of wonder and adventure. They’re crowded, dirty, and for the most part pretty boring. If you’re traveling this summer the chances are high that you’re going to be spending at least a few hours in an airport. As someone that often flies often during the summer and the school year, I have become a self-proclaimed pro at navigating airports. There are five airport essentials to help you survive a layover.

1—Backpack. The first and perhaps the most important in my eyes is a backpack or tote to carry all of your flight essentials. Personally, I prefer a backpack because I feel that it’s easier to carry throughout the airport and keeps me completely hands-free.

2—Books/magazines. Inside of my backpack, I always have a book or magazine with me. If you’re anything like me then you’re always low on data and can’t afford to scroll through Twitter and Instagram for a long period of time even though you’d love to. While most airports offer wifi that you can connect to, you sometimes have to pay for it. I feel that a good book not only saves me a little bit of money, but it also allows me to disconnect from the world for a little bit. This summer I am reading Diary of An Oxygen Thief by Anonymous and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

3—Charging phone case. My third airport essential is a phone case that also charges your phone. I cannot begin to tell you how many times my phone case has saved my life while in the airport. Even though I always keep my charger with me, sometimes outlets are a hard thing to come by. A charging phone case saves you from an outlet scavenger hunt and you don’t have to deal with any cords that inevitably become a giant knot in your bag.

4—Face mist. My fourth airport essential is a face mist. Airports are fairly dirty and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to control that. However, you can make sure that you feel clean and refreshed throughout the duration of your airport stay. Nothing makes me feel more refreshed than a nice cool spritz of a face mist. My personal favorites are the Tea Tree Water and the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rose Water.

5—The right shoes. My final airport essential is a super comfy pair of shoes. I always wear sneakers on a flight for a few reasons, the first being that they’re insanely comfortable. You never know when you’re going to be running late for a flight and might have to bust into a jog. When that happens you’ll be happy you wore the sneakers and not those super cute sandals. The second reason is that when you have to take off your shoes at the security check they’re easy to get on and off and you won’t have to touch the ground with you bare feet because you’ll have socks on.

If you find yourself in an airport in the near future I hope these little tips and essentials helped you. Tag @Cfashionista in your vacation pics!

4 Things You’ll Want to Bring to Class

School is quickly approaching, this means that we only have a short amount of time until we can no longer relax at the beach and not have anxiety about all the school work we have to do. Before we head back to school, there is a list of school supplies that we need to tackle. Thinking about all the essentials you might need for school can seem overwhelming, but there are a plethora of lists online that you could find to make life a little easier.

Nothing makes a better start to the school semester than having all the essential school supplies. It is always important to carry everything that you might need to be able to survive the day. In this article, I will tell you four essentials that I carry to help me get through my day.


A backpack is the only thing I use to carry my notebooks, laptop, and everything else I might need. I love this backpack because of its color and minimalistic design. This backpack is highly recommended for people who don’t need a million pockets.


A planner is a college student’s guide to survival. Staying organized is significantly important, especially when you have seven classes, work, and a social life to juggle. I use my planner almost every day to stay ahead in doing my schoolwork. I also write down important dates like my friend’s birthdays and even my work schedule.

3—Water bottle.

Staying hydrated throughout the day is key to helping you keep focus in class. I find that if I don’t drink at least a cup of water every morning I feel dizzy, and often times will get a migraine. This is easily avoidable by drinking a nice cold glass of water. I keep a water bottle in my backpack to remind myself that I need to stay hydrated. Not only is water good for your brain, but it is also good for your skin! Water helps your overall body feel cool and healthy.


As it is important to keep yourself hydrated, it is also important to keep snacks with you so you don’t feel hungry in the middle of class. I hate when my stomach makes that sound notifying me that I’m hungry! I like to keep a small snack in my backpack so that I can eat it while I am walking to class. Snacks usually fulfill my hunger until I have lunch or dinner.

What do you carry in your backpack? Show us on social by tagging @Cfashionista!

T-Shirt Dress—The Perfect Summer Staple

It’s summer! For me, that means time to head back to Connecticut after an exciting, yet busy, semester in Manhattan. Without a doubt, the summer season is my favorites in terms of fashion and accessorizing. My favorite staple clothing piece that should be in every Fashionistas’ wardrobe, and in multiple colors, nonetheless, is the T-shirt dress.

This striped T-shirt dress is an absolute must for every Fashionista. It is comfortable, super cute, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the shoes and accessories you choose to pair with it. My dress came from Primark, but any striped T-shirt dress will do to recreate this outfit.


What’s one summer accessory that no Fashionista can live without? A super cute pair of sunglasses! This pair of sunglasses from Céline is my go-to choice throughout the summer. They have a dark lens, perfect for protecting my eyes from bright sun rays, and also are a timeless style.

Have you ever left your house without your handbag? The one time I did, I felt completely naked. That is why a cute handbag is an absolute must, regardless of the season. Since backpacks are extremely on-trend recently, I decided to showcase one of my all-time favorite ones. This bag, from the U.K. brand River Island, was gifted to me by one of my best friends who lives in England.


Time is of the essence, or so they say. When your phone battery died after a long day of Facebook-stalking someone or taking countless selfies for Snapchat, how is a Fashionista going to know what time it is? That’s why this Michael Kors watch is a must. It’s stylish, sparkly, and tells you what the date is, which is a feature I use quite often, might I add. In the digital age, a watch is one accessory that many Fashionistas might not have at the ready in their closets. This Michael Kors watch is water resistant, which I love because sometimes I forget to take it off before getting in the shower, and therefore, don’t have to worry that I ruined a designer watch mid-shampoo.

Whether it be on the street or in the pages of fashion magazines, it seems as if everyone nowadays is wearing a black wrap choker necklaces. Varying from the simple black velvet band to the more intricately designed ones, chokers are literally everywhere.

Last, but never least, we have the shoes. I chose to wear a pair of Sam Edelman sandals that I purchased from DSW. I love Sam Edelman, and literally any shoe he creates. Therefore, I was beyond excited to find these at DSW, and I had to integrate them into this outfit.

In the comments below, tell me what are your must-have fashion pieces for spring and summer?

Pretty in Patterns—How to Style the Color of the Year

From floral to paisley, patterns are a summer staple, but styling them can be a bit challenging. This article will show you how to style your patterned outfit for a perfect and flirty daytime outfit. While pastels are in fashion for the summer, Pantone declared the color of the year for 2017, as “Greenery” which the Pantone Color Institute describes as a “zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.”

This dress is one that fits all that is in style for the summer! The zesty green plus the pattern that is to die for. What is great about these kinds of patterns is that they are wearable for both daytime and nighttime events. All you have to do is dress them for that event with the proper shoes, handbag, and jewelry.

If you are the kind of person who loves to stay active but wants to stay on trend, you can achieve a daytime and a more active-friendly look with a patterned sundress. You can wear that outfit for daytime activities like day dates to the zoo, brunch with your girlfriends, or a day in the city. Just pair it with black Vans sneakers to make it easier for you to walk and get around.

With such a casual and daytime-friendly look, patterns are usually more difficult to style with handbags or purses. Personally, I love small backpacks. They are useful, small, and oh so cute! With a green and white pattern like the one shown above, you can add a black, white, brown, or really any solid-colored backpack to carry your stuff in while keeping your arms free!

For a nighttime look, either for going to a party or going on a date, just pair the dress with a solid-colored opened or closed-toe shoe, depending on the occasion and the situation. As you know, the makeup look makes the outfit, so don’t forget to get creative—or not—depending on what you like and what you want to get out of your entire look!

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