Chic in the Workplace

As a lover of all things fashion, I like to make sure that I look chic at all times. The summertime is always a hectic time for me in my professional life as I run around applying for internships, jobs, events, etc. I have many go-to looks for various types of professional settings that range from casual to formal.

My secret to looking chic and professional is putting together clean and stylish basics together to achieve a flawless minimalistic look. I am a huge fan of pairing skinny dress pants with basic tops to create a casual professional look. I paired my favorite pair of skinny suit pants with a basic beige shirt. This is my go-to formula for casual professional wear.

When I want to dress up and make my attire look more formal, I like to wear darker colors. I put together a pair of black dress pants and a basic white T-shirt to dress up my look. The contrast of the black and white makes the outfit seem more professional, even though it’s just a few basic pieces.

I also added a blazer to the outfit as a way to make it even more formal for more special occasions. For all of the outfits, I paired them with a pair of basic black dress shoes.

Accessorizing is a very important part of putting together looks for me. For these looks, I like to pair them with unique accessories that will add a pop of pizzazz. A belt with a cute design can be a great standout piece for an outfit of basics. I love this belt because the fabric gives it an interesting texture which makes it even more unique. Plus, it has ducks on it. Who doesn’t love ducks?

I also like to add a bit of bling to my outfits. A simple gold bracelet can always make an outfit more chic and classy. I paired my outfit with this vintage gold bracelet.

Looking your best means feeling your best. When you feel your best in professional settings, you can have the confidence to do your best.

What are some of your favorite go-to styles for professional wear? Let me know in the comments below!

T-Shirt Dress—The Perfect Summer Staple

It’s summer! For me, that means time to head back to Connecticut after an exciting, yet busy, semester in Manhattan. Without a doubt, the summer season is my favorites in terms of fashion and accessorizing. My favorite staple clothing piece that should be in every Fashionistas’ wardrobe, and in multiple colors, nonetheless, is the T-shirt dress.

This striped T-shirt dress is an absolute must for every Fashionista. It is comfortable, super cute, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the shoes and accessories you choose to pair with it. My dress came from Primark, but any striped T-shirt dress will do to recreate this outfit.


What’s one summer accessory that no Fashionista can live without? A super cute pair of sunglasses! This pair of sunglasses from Céline is my go-to choice throughout the summer. They have a dark lens, perfect for protecting my eyes from bright sun rays, and also are a timeless style.

Have you ever left your house without your handbag? The one time I did, I felt completely naked. That is why a cute handbag is an absolute must, regardless of the season. Since backpacks are extremely on-trend recently, I decided to showcase one of my all-time favorite ones. This bag, from the U.K. brand River Island, was gifted to me by one of my best friends who lives in England.


Time is of the essence, or so they say. When your phone battery died after a long day of Facebook-stalking someone or taking countless selfies for Snapchat, how is a Fashionista going to know what time it is? That’s why this Michael Kors watch is a must. It’s stylish, sparkly, and tells you what the date is, which is a feature I use quite often, might I add. In the digital age, a watch is one accessory that many Fashionistas might not have at the ready in their closets. This Michael Kors watch is water resistant, which I love because sometimes I forget to take it off before getting in the shower, and therefore, don’t have to worry that I ruined a designer watch mid-shampoo.

Whether it be on the street or in the pages of fashion magazines, it seems as if everyone nowadays is wearing a black wrap choker necklaces. Varying from the simple black velvet band to the more intricately designed ones, chokers are literally everywhere.

Last, but never least, we have the shoes. I chose to wear a pair of Sam Edelman sandals that I purchased from DSW. I love Sam Edelman, and literally any shoe he creates. Therefore, I was beyond excited to find these at DSW, and I had to integrate them into this outfit.

In the comments below, tell me what are your must-have fashion pieces for spring and summer?

3 Versatile Ways to Wear Your Plain White T-shirt

Every clothing owner has a plain white T-shirt hidden somewhere in their pile of clothes, whether they choose to wear it as pajamas or for a day at work. T-shirts are one of my favorite basic tops! Because of its simplistic elements, you can have fun adding accessories or shoes that stand out without the outfit feeling overwhelming. With small added details, you can style your outfit for a day at school, and glam it up for a night out! So don’t just settle for a casual OOTD, let me show you three ways to turn your everyday T-shirt into eye-catching outfits.

My first outfit is for a casual day out where you want to be comfy yet not give the impression you just rolled out of bed. I wore my plain white T-shirt with some high-waisted jean shorts to create a very basic look. To give it more life, I added a red bandana which brings in a pop of color. You can also tie a bandana around a loop on the shorts if you’re not into the choker look (but who isn’t?). I then paired the outfit with some lace-up black and white sandals instead of grabbing my typical sneakers. To finish off, I wore some neutral earrings and bracelets to accessorize but not overpower the outfit.

For my second outfit, my concept was a dressy day out. The outfit is definitely comfortable, but the details make the outfit more of a “going out for brunch” OOTD. Once again, I started off with a basic white T-shirt, added a black ruffle wrap around skirt and kept the attention at my shoes. As a city girl, I am constantly on the hunt for shoes that are cute and comfortable. So to keep things realistic, I paired the outfit with bright orange lace-up sandals, with a little block heel, that provides comfort as well as style.

I wanted to bring the color from the bottom half of my outfit to the top, so I added colorful earrings that complemented the bright shoes. I completed the look with gold chokers, a black leather bracelet and watch, and gold bracelets.

For my third and final outfit, I wanted to share how you can achieve a cute GNO outfit with a plain white T-shirt.

For this look, I wanted to dress up a white T-shirt, so I added a mesh camisole over it with satin black culottes. I kept the jewelry from the second outfit, except the earrings. Since it’s a night out, I wanted to go a little heavier with some statement earrings. This on its own is already dressy, but let’s not stop there! I finished the outfit with sleek nude sandal heels, which gave length to my legs (huge plus to all my short Fashionista/os like me), and a cute embroidered jean jacket if you are into jackets like me.

How do you rock your plain white T-shirt? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista. 

How You Can Easily Wear Black Clothes in the Summer

Black is an essential color in fashion. It’s elegant, it’s simple, and it’s slimming. I can pair black with anything, which is why a large portion of my wardrobe is made up of it. I have accumulated tons of black clothes without even realizing it. My passion for black clothes runs deep, and just because we’re in summer doesn’t mean I’m going to let that love fade away.

One way to wear black in the summer is to get pieces that are on-trend in black. Here I am wearing an off-the-shoulder top, which seems to come into trend every single summer. The shirt is a little cropped as well, though you can’t tell because I am also wearing high-waisted pants. Because it is off-the-shoulder and cropped, it is a perfect piece for summer. On hotter days, you can pair the top with a denim skirt or black shorts. In the summer, you don’t want to spend a long time thinking about what to wear, you just want to get out the door. Having an easy top like this makes finding something to pair it with simple and saves you time in the morning.

Speaking of trends again, another way to make black summer clothing appropriate is pairing your outfit with trendy summer shoes. Currently, I am obsessed with mules. I wish I could have a pair in every color. Something about the mix of a sandal and a chunky heel makes me want to wear them every day. I paired my black outfit with beige mules so I could stay neutral without wearing head-to-toe black. You could also wear colorful mules, such as pink or red mules, to add a pop of color.

To complete the look, I added some dainty jewelry. I can’t be bothered to wear statement jewelry in the summer. I just want something simple that won’t get in my way. Here I wore a small gold necklace. The dainty necklace matches the simplicity of the look. I tend to wear gold with black more because I like the contrast.

Though many believe black is a color that should stay in the winter, I think otherwise. The simplicity that black offers makes me constantly reach for it, no matter the season.

Do you feel the same way about black? Let me know in the comments below.

A Natural No-Makeup Look for Your Daily Routine

For people like me, makeup forms part of our daily routine. And like any other girl in the morning, sometimes I’m not in the mood to undergo a long routine and I just want to wash my face and go natural for the day.

Some people may tell you: “why do you wear so much makeup?” or “you literally look the same without makeup,” but the truth is that we just feel more confident with makeup on. Personally, I do not put makeup on for other people. I do it so I can like myself better when I stare in front of the mirror.

My secret to looking more natural with makeup on is not wearing foundation and concealer at the same time. Using concealer and foundation for a long day of routine will make your face look cakey. If your skin is mixed or oily, it will make it look greasy. I usually go with the MAC Studio Finish or the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealers. Those usually can cover any imperfections from dark circles to my face breaking out when it is that time of the month.

Another tip that is actually effective, is not putting on dark eye shadows. That will make it look more like a night look than a natural day look. I usually put on some nude eye shadows from the Tarteist Pro or the Lorac Palette Pro.

When it comes to the lip color, I always try to use nude lipstick or some lip gloss. However, if you want to use a dark or a strong lipstick for the day, keep your eye makeup as simple as possible.

Ladies, try to always show your own natural beauty and let the makeup just be an accessory in your daily routine.

What’s your daily makeup routine? Let us know in the comments below!

Dressing for a Casual Night With the Girls

It seems pretty crazy to admit that August is already here. I always find this month to go by the fastest because it means that summer is coming to an end, and school is approaching us soon. My inspiration with this current look is what I am absolutely obsessed with and that is because it is super simple and easy. I’ve found myself to be very busy this summer, so this is a perfect outfit for a casual, unplanned afternoon or night with your girls.

First off, one of my favorite purchases I have made over this summer would include this Express double buckle western belt. I have found that it really pulls the whole outfit together. I love how unique it is with the double buckle, and also how easy it is to adjust to different lengths.

Since I wanted to keep this look pretty casual, I decided to add a black velvet necklace with a silver circle that complemented my black and silver belt. You also have the option to make the necklace go from a choker to a long piece, which was something that won me over when I first bought it. Another simple accessory that is perfect for something casual would include some sort of crossbody purse. I am a big fan of my Michael Kors one, but for many reasons, this type of purse is super practical and easy for you to carry around. And of course, I can’t forget to mention my favorite aviator, mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I always have the best luck with Express jeans, especially when they’re on sale! In this look, I am wearing distressed skinny jeans from, of course, Express. From my personal experiences I have found it very hard to find comfy and well-fitted jeans for my body type, considering I am only 5’2. The jeans pictured here actually turned into my favorite pair. It’s a huge plus when they actually fit my length, and where I feel comfortable enough to wear them all day and not want to go home and put on my leggings.

Accessories are key to any outfit. What are your favorite go-to accessories? Let us know in the comments below!   

Add Color to Your Wardrobe This Summer

I have always loved fashion and beauty and I can remember watching runway shows and reading fashion magazines at a young age. I am also interested in a lot of things related to the arts: fashion, graphic design, architecture, makeup, and photography, so expect those kinds of posts from me on here. I believe that people express themselves through their style. In my eyes, everyone has their own unique style and it depends on how they rock it.

In this outfit, I am rocking a pink denim jacket, with a top I got from Forever 21 (similar) and denim pants from H&M. Before adding this jacket to my wardrobe, I felt drawn to it. I first saw it on a model wearing a higher end brand and searched for it everywhere until I found that it went on sale! I love this jacket because you can pair it with florals and other patterns for the spring without looking like too much.

After going through a period of minimalism. I noticed that I had filled my wardrobe with only black and white items. The funny thing is that I realized this the day I could not find my favorite black blouse in a pile of laundry filled with all my black clothing! From that day on, I promised myself that I was going to add more color to my wardrobe. For this outfit, I added heeled sandals for a more chic look, you can also swap these sandals out for sneakers if that’s your style.

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors and when I started adding color to my wardrobe, I started with the color pink. Luckily, blushes and pinks are a trendy color for the spring! If you are like me and you are in love with neutrals and would love to add more color to your wardrobe, now is the best time because the brightest colors are in trend right now. I would suggest adding your favorite color first!

Tag @Cfashionista to show us how you style color for the spring/summer!

You’re Ready to Study Abroad but is Your Wardrobe?

Some people in this world are planners, and others are experts at winging it at the last minute.  I am definitely not a planner. Let me remind you of the very necessary sneakers I forgot when I went abroad, and the too-small Jeffery Campbell sandals I have not worn once but insisted on bringing along. From my experience, here are the musts when you’re packing to go abroad.


A pair of actually comfortable sneakers will save your feet from blisters and foreign pharmacy visits. White and black go with every outfit, so a pair of these plus another of your favorite colors will be a godsend to your wanderlust-filled feet. I recently had to purchase a pair of Nikes in a peachy flesh tone hoping to get in on the millennial pink obsession.


A scarf is a lifesaver for when your dry shampoo runs out. It’s a quick accessory to your neck or purse, but also can be used to cover your shoulders when visiting holy sites of any foreign cities you may attend. Often times the art galleries I spent hours in were located in churches where they ask guests to be covered.


Sunglasses are an easy small item to forget, but they instantly hide the bags under your eyes from a lack of sleep and make you look very chic in your Instagram posts. My favorite pairs have been with different colored lenses such as yellow or aquamarine to create a new twist on the sunglasses look.

Here are some items you should leave behind.

Pure White Shoes

A lot of traveling is getting lost in places and wandering around to local joints, which usually involves walking. I would leave your most prized shoes at home and have a solid line up of dirt-friendly shoes that can bear miles of wandering.

Bralettes as Tops

Europeans, as in the case of where I am studying, prefer a dressed-up layered look even in the summer. While I love my swim clothes, save those for beach days.

Corduroy Hats

There is no need for a hat when it is blazing hell levels of hot outside.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Try everything on before you go or you will waste valuable space in your luggage. Clothes could have shrunk without you realizing it.

Entering my trip, I didn’t have specific purposes other than to get away from the normal life back home and maybe snag a college credit or two. However, the most valuable part of my lack of planning is that I had no expectations on what I’d learn, and I’m realizing no matter where you, are people’s needs and aspirations are all from a humanistic core.

What’s your go-to way to get your wardrobe ready for traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Make Floral Patterns Flirty Again

Summer is the perfect season for floral prints, and the wide variety of styles provides an easy go-to style. However, with such a variety of styles, the print can sometimes be hard to style. This Fashionista decided to take staple pieces and combine them with floral prints for a fun, flirty look.

This floral skirt is an ideal piece to wear on those hot summer days when you’re looking for something cute but want to stay cool. This Fashionista got her skirt from The Gap, Inc., and paired it with a simple, white V-neck T-shirt. The basic T-shirt keeps the focus on the floral pattern, helping her ensemble to stay simple and chic. For the cooler summer nights, a cardigan or light sweater is great for layering.

This Fashionista also added fun jewelry to accessorize her look—the nautical-themed necklace gives this outfit a touch of prep and color. It is a perfect go-to piece for this color scheme. She also paired this outfit with a fun flamingo bracelet, giving her look a personal touch and a splash of color.

No outfit is complete without a fun pair of shoes—this Fashionista chose a neutral-colored wedge to pair with this outfit. The white on the shoe brought out the white flowers on the skirt. The neutral tan complements the colors used throughout the outfit. Sandals would make a good alternative for any Fashionista opting for flatter footwear.

How do you choose to style your floral prints? Feel free to share on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

3 Basics Everyone Needs This Summer

Summer fashion—it’s not easy. It’s hot and humid outside and an icebox in the office, which makes finding an outfit that’s appropriate for both environments near impossible. My advice? Find your basics. Landing a handful of go-to’s is essential for making summer dressing easy-breezy. With a good pair of denim, a few blouses, and a fun pair of sandals, your summer wardrobe will be set as displayed by this Fashionista.

Of course, everyone’s personal style is different, but these three basics can be molded to any wardrobe. This Fashionista took a simple spin on her summer look by keeping it minimal. Her vintage Levi’s paired with this navy, airy blouse was effortless and perfect for a cooler summer night. Scoring denim this great isn’t easy, though. Thankfully, flea markets seem to be on every corner during the summer. With tons of vintage vendors, you’re bound to find the perfect denim fit for you. Once you do, it’ll feel a bit too similar to falling in love (I wish I was lying, but it’s true!).
This Fashionista made this look more fit for her style with gold jewelry and the sandals to match. Her look was quite simple so she added a fun pair of earrings and staple gold necklace. Neither piece took away from the rest of the look but instead added intricacy and detail. Her vintage sunglasses were another flea market score. Sunglasses are an overall summer essential (along with some SPF, of course). She completed the look with some gold, strappy sandals and was ready to take on the summer weather. Her go-to denim, blouse, and sandals made for the perfect summer look.
Do you love these summer basics, too? Let me know in the comments below.