Have a Hippy Summer

Almost every girl has gone through the hipster phase or will hit the hipster phase in her life. This Fashionista loves dressing like a hipster. The hipster look can be for any time of the year—winter, spring, fall, but this Fashionista is going to focus on summer. A gray dress with maroon booties and a beanie hat are bound to get the attention of people passing you by. Especially if they are a Texas A&M University student, those maroon booties will get you some great compliments. Here is a sure fire way to a hippy summer!

Since the sun is high in the sky and blaring its heat waves, a simple gray dress is the best way to go. Make sure to put on some deodorant, though, so no pit stains appear! Instead of throwing on a T-shirt and Nike shorts, just throw on one piece of clothing. Let your hippy summer begin!

Dig around in your closet and find that gray dress you stowed away or remove the tag from it since you couldn’t find a cute way to style the dress. Have no fear—this Fashionista is here. The gray dress hugs all the right places and is not too hot for a trip to the zoo or a picnic. The hipster look is more natural and not so vibrant, which is perfect for this cute and hipster look. The maroon beanie is also a nice way of saying, “I’m a hipster for the day.”

You can even notice that this Fashionista made her style a bit hipster chic with the touch of the five bracelets, varying from solid black to diamond. The black to diamond bracelets pull the outfit together, while the maroon beanie and maroon booties add a pop of color to this style. Now the style is complete and this Fashionista is ready to strut her stuff.

How do you feel about this hippy summer trend? Let me know in the comments below!


Orange beanie, blue jacket with super cool pins, camouflage backpack, and a shoelace as a belt—there’s something that worked about all of these items being mixed together to create this simple yet cool look. May in New York has such indecisive weather that any Fashionista must remain alerted at all time with a jacket, umbrella, or sunscreen to feel prepared for the day, this is why this look has so many incorporated features that made him ready to conquer the day come rain or shine!

When talking about his particular look for the day, the conversation of graduating in just a few weeks, and how his style will soon have to change as he’ll enter the business world really impacts his choices during his free time. This is when he’s able to express himself in multiple ways and really be ambitious with his style choices.

First off, let’s admire his bright neon beanie, which adds the perfect pop to a cloudy day and instantly draws the attention to his look. Next, his sunglasses serve as such a great feature, especially for the ever-changing weather, and they provide the sleek and in charge persona. I loved that his outfit in whole looked easy and simple, but when you looked at each item he chose they were so different yet tied together to create a unique style. The camouflage backpack added a splash of color and pattern along with his checkered black and gray Vans.

This spring has been the time for bomber jackets pins and patches galore, so when this Fashionista said he found his jacket for $6 at a thrift store, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab it! He added his own touch my starting a small collection of added pins to the front side of his jacket. His pants may look like one solid color, but up close they are a stripped pattern mixed with blue, gray, and black lines in a cropped cut, all held together with a simple white shoelace because sometimes you just can’t find a particular item in the morning when you’re rushing to class.

Never believe an outfit can’t look simple and well put together, even with so many different details and patterns. Between going to school and his part-time job, hanging out with friends, and the New York weather, this outfit is versatile, fun, and simple, bringing together contrasting patterns, colors, and even a shoelace belt to pull off this look.

STYLE ADVICE: Has Spring Sprung?

With the snow finally melting and spring days arriving, it is finally time to put away some of our winter clothes. I always forget how hard it is to dress for the spring in New England. It is finally a little bit warmer, but it’s not shorts weather just yet. Up in Maine, the weather is so unpredictable, and in an hour it can go from sunny and warm to freezing and raining. We always have to be prepared! So, I decided to give some advice about what to wear in crazy weather like this.

No one wants to keep wearing their big puffy coat in April, but no one wants to be cold either. For this look, this Fashionista decided to wear her comfy winter Ugg snow boots to block out the melting snow. These shoes are perfect for the winters in Maine and come in handy during mud season when the morning temperatures can be in the 30s. To keep her neck warm, she adds a chunky, gray infinity scarf. She also keeps her head warm in a Love Your Melon beanie. This company’s mission is to improve the lives of children battling cancer. Their goal is to put a hat on every child with cancer, and 50 percent of the profits is given to their nonprofit partners fighting cancer.

Lastly, the main part of this look is her camouflage dress. I love this print because it can be worn in almost every season, making it the perfect dress for this outfit and this weather. The three-quarter length sleeves are also perfect for this unpredictable weather. Overall, this look is perfect for mud season and the changing crazy weather of the Northeast.

WHAT TO WEAR: A Snow Day with Storm Stella

This spring semester I have had more snow days than I have ever had at college. Not complaining! I never expected two of them in a row in mid-March! Storm Stella proved to cause massive chaos in upstate New York, and all over the east coast. Snow days call for relaxing, Netflix binging, and making the most of the day with your friends. I spotted this Fashionista off campus with her friends enjoying her snow day.

Living in upstate New York means we are all pretty used to the snow. Therefore, we don’t always bundle up to the extent others would if they faced our climate. New Yorkers are used to the cold and the snow. This Fashionista decided to dress for March. The snow didn’t stop her from putting together a springy outfit for the snow day. Dressing for the seasons can be tough when you are expected to wear parkas until April, however, there are many ways to layer and dress for spring. For starters, you can immediately rotate brighter colors into your daily outfits regardless of the temperatures outside. Doing so will leave you feeling refreshed and bring a new energy into your day. Start to part ways with the black puffer jacket that has been your state of grace the past three months of winter and gear up for warmer weather! (We hope.) Spring can be unpredictable so layering is very important.

This Fashionista perfected layering and managed to stay warm in Storm Stella.  She started with a stretch ripped jean from American Eagle Outfitters, paired with warm socks, and finished with maroon Doc Martens. Doc Martens are versatile and the perfect shoe for spring because they can withstand all of the mud, snow, and rain. She then layered a long line Adidas Originals T-shirt underneath her new take on the classic jean jacket. This Fashionista said the jacket is perfect for layering and the change of seasons. The Vans hat she is wearing adds warmth and pulls her look all together. Dressing for a snow day entails comfort, warmth, and style. This Fashionista nailed it!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Sweater Weather

Spring break snuck up on me this year but boy am I happy to have a break! For my vacation this year, we decided to ditch the heat and go with some hot cocoa and snowmen in Colorado. As I was packing for the trip, I got to pile my suitcase full of my favorite article of clothing: sweaters. While Texas is generally too hot for my Madewell and Wildfox pullovers, Colorado offers a perfect escape into the colder side of my wardrobe.

For this look, I pulled out my favorite cozy sweater. During Austin’s winter (if you could even call our December cold), I bought this in hopes of it being cold enough to wear. However, it’s the perfect vacation turtleneck. Great for layering but also perfect for the indoors, this sweater ties together all of my favorite styles. From the sweater’s minimalist feel to the soft wool, this piece is my go-to for colder days.

A winter outfit is never complete without the perfect flowing scarf. This particular scarf is a mixture of pink and blue, which ties back into the color of my pants and beanie. What I loved most about this scarf was the way these colors combine, creating a dreamy pastel color. While the beanie and pants also have the similar pink in them, I think the blue in the scarf allows for a contrast that the outfit was otherwise lacking.

Being able to pull out my winter coat for this trip was also extremely exciting for me. I love playing with the fluffy hood and hiding beneath the line of fur. However, Colorado is still quite sunny despite the chill in the air. These sunglasses were a perfect fit for the outfit. The warm tones of the gold contrasts the other colors in my outfit. I also love the little carved details on the sides of the glasses themselves.

While I’m going to be extremely sad to put away the winter clothes at the end of my trip, I hope that this look will give you a little inspiration for your next adventure. Don’t forget, pack those sweaters, colorful scarves, and sunglasses. There’s no place too cold for fashion.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fest Season

Happy March, Fashionistas/os! Here at Ohio University, March is one of the best months because it’s the official kick-off month for what we call “fest season!” Every bobcat is eager to get back to campus after spring break to start the fest season festivities. Up until finals week, each weekend consists of a block party on a different campus street. What I love most about fest season is that you can expect to find some of the most fun fashion looks! Although fest season is during spring semester, it can still be a bit chilly outside, so this Fashionista came up with the perfect look to be both comfortable and trendy while keeping warm.

My favorite part of this look has to be the distressed denim jacket! Whether you want a classic denim look or a pop of color, you are bound to stand out in a crowd of bobcats with this jacket. To help keep warm, this Fashionista is showing her school spirit by sporting an oversize sweatshirt from her high school. Feeling crafty? Take a plain oversize sweatshirt and add your own style to it—crop it, tie-dye it, anything you want to make it unique! One thing you cannot forget for fest season are comfy shoes—whether that be rain boots, converse, or your Adidas Superstars as seen on this Fashionista, you’ll thank yourself later. And for those chillier fest days, you’ll want to top off your look with a cute beanie like this Fashionista. She chose to spice up her look by rocking a jewelled beanie, but feel free to wear any hat that represents you, whether it be plain, embroidered, or no hat at all.

Fest season is the perfect time to have fun with your fashion looks. Have fun, be creative, but most importantly, be yourself! Happy spring, Fashionistas/os!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s the Details That Count

Is it cold or is it warm? Is it still winter or are we finally trickling into spring? If Mother Nature doesn’t know, then we surely don’t. This constant struggle as to whether we should bundle up or not is exhausting. And, dare I say it, may even make picking out an outfit tedious.

But, sadly, there is nothing we can do but persevere and push through it. Because at the end of the day, the weather is the weather, and regardless of what it decides to be that day we have to put something on. That’s why this particular outfit really grabbed my attention. It’s simple, casual, and versatile. A simple yet eye-catching outfit can make a basic day of classes a little more comfortable and a lot more enjoyable.

This warm yet breathable gray knit sweater allows for warmth while still allowing for breathability during warmer days. Combine that with black jeans and Dr. Martens and you have a nice clean and edgy outfit—perfect for a day out. However, what I really enjoyed about the outfit was the accessories. The simple gold chain around his neck smoothly combines with his parent’s class rings decorating his fingers. The beanie along with the black jacket provide extra warmth for early mornings or late nights. However, personally, the most stand out detail of this outfit are the sunglasses. The nice round sunglasses in combination with the boots turn what would originally have been a rather classic look into a more edgy and fun outfit perfect for any 20-year-old today.

While unpredictable weather can make picking an outfit a tad bit confusing, I believe this outfit really hit the mark. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Choosing the correct accessories will make any outfit stand out. At the end of the day, that’s what an outfit is all about!

WHAT TO WEAR: Polished for Class

If you have read my last article, you might be noticing a trend. I am becoming increasingly interested in men’s fashion. Here’s why: men’s fashion is mainly based on comfort and simplicity. It’s something I could use more of in my life, so I like to see how I could borrow from the guys to make my outfits more chic, simple, and comfortable.

This Fashionisto’s look stood out to me because it was so polished and put together yet laid-back. It’s the perfect look for class to maintain comfort and style. Here’s a bit of why this outfit is so wearable on campus for both men and women.

To start, this embroidered logo beanie is not only a fun way to add color and character to a look but also reasonable while the weather is still a bit too cool. It helps to change the vibes of the outfit from looking too preppy and gives it a more skater/urban style.

Next is the pale blue oxford shirt. Women can easily replicate this look with any oxford. I’d recommend a white and pink striped top or any other pastels for spring. There are so many ways to mix it up between colors and patterns!

I love the contrast of the oxford peeking out at the collar, cuffs, and hemline of the sweater on top. Not only does this highlight the button-down underneath, but it’s a chic way to deal with the pesky weather. If you’re getting tired of jackets you can throw an oversize sweater on top of your shirt, and you can always remove the sweater as the day gets warmer.

Also, an oversize sweater is a closet staple. It is great to wear alone with a large, statement necklace or a scarf in the winter. For the spring and fall, you can play around with layering it over different tops or even dresses.

The pants are simple and cuffed. This Fashionisto explained that he prefers to cuff his pants to achieve a structured and slimmer fit instead of wearing skinny jeans. Ladies can try this look by turning up the cuffs of their boyfriend jeans for the ultimate “boyfriend” look when paired with an oxford and large sweater.

Finally, this Fashionisto stayed on-trend with the urban style by wearing some New Balance sneakers with this look. These shoes provide the right amount of casual to create a look that is ready for any street style setting. For women, I’d recommend trying to accentuate some bold shoes with the cuffed pants. Textured booties or some brogues would be fun to try out here.

As I mentioned before, this is not my first article featuring men’s fashion, and I highly doubt this will be my last. I have become obsessed with the simplicity and comfort that comes with these looks. I have found they are truly so versatile for both men and women, and I am anxious to try them out myself. What do you think?

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Day on Campus

There are a lot of details that this Fashionista has incorporated for this on-campus outfit to go from casual to chic. From the knit hat to the cabin socks, she is living proof that you can throw together a super cute outfit in a super simple way for class. When the winter months begin, of course you are excited to break out your big cozy sweaters again, but as time goes on, putting on your bulky winter jacket and boots can get old, especially living in Buffalo.

This Fashionista personally believes in the “look good, feel good” motto. You can always find her on campus with a cute outfit and her hair and makeup done. So take it from her that it doesn’t take much to throw together an awesome outfit for class. During these cold winter months, it is a necessity to have something like a cute knit hat. The trend right now are these knit hats with the double puff, or the fur on top. To switch it up from a bulky winter jacket, this Fashionista decided to layer up by wearing a cute wrap around sweater paired with a jean jacket. To complete the layered top look, she put on a girly bralette to jazz up the outfit a little bit. It is simple accents like this that can completely turn your outfit around but still look effortless. In order to stay warm on campus, she also loves to throw on a pair of cabin socks that she can scrunch with her favorite boots. You can complete this look with your backpack or a cute purse like this Fashionista.

As winter goes on it may become harder to get up and get ready for the day, but use some of these simple essentials and take your outfit a lot further with minimal effort! Also, don’t forget to grab your best accessory for winter and your Starbucks before class to keep you warm!


March madness pertains to more than basketball, doesn’t it? The weather in Indiana during the third month is always a circus. One day the weather will be 65 degrees Fahrenheit, then the next day it will be 30 degrees or below. On a mildly cold day, a sweater, jeans, duck boots, and a beanie make the perfect outfit combination for running errands.

It’s easy to want to slip on some yoga pants, faux fur slides, and an oversize hoodie when going a lot of places in one day. An easy way to look like you have your life together, even if you don’t, is to make your outfit more presentable. One of the easiest fixes to make an outfit not look as sloppy is to change the sweatshirt to a sweater. This Fashionista plays up the sweater by adding a gold K initial crossbar necklace.

Faux fur has made a tremendous comeback this year. A simple way to rock this look is by wearing a faux fur pom-pom on a hat. If the baseball caps with the faux fur have too much personality for you, a beanie with a pom-pom is an easy accommodation. Normally, camel colors automatically have an autumn feel. When pairing camel with light wash denim paired with duck boots it works for when winter is almost over. I love how the denim is distressed as well. Distressed denim bring oomph to any outfit and also gives your legs a breath of fresh air.

Honestly, this outfit works for multiple occasions. It works for errands, brunch, and even to class.