Lately, I’ve been dedicating some of my time to reading a good novel and playing chess with a couple of close friends at the café. This month I finally decided to read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. We have all heard the fantasy story of Alice, a young girl who falls in a rabbit’s hole where she later finds herself in Wonderland. Each character in the novel has unique characteristics that the reader can often relate to reality. The White Rabbit, one of my all time favorites, becomes an unforgettable character to readers because he is the one that sparked Alice’s curiosity in the beginning. As the White Rabbit passed by Alice in the beginning of the story, he doesn’t help to look at his pocket watch and check his time.

Like the White Rabbit, today’s Fashionista is always in a hurry to go to her classes and meetings. Thanks to time management, she is able to keep everything under control.

Name: Gaby Gomez

Major: Special Education

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

GG: Well, today I am wearing something comfy. I decided to wear a Valerie Bertinelli blouse, with leggings and Cole Haan flats. My black watch is Peugeot. Since today was a nice, cool day, I wore my hair down. 

CF: Do you like spring fashion?

GG: Yes. During this time I get to wear different types of dresses and skirts. Plus the colors are very sweet.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

GG: I am not sure how to describe my personal style, but I think it is very comfy. I don’t like to use bright colors. I consider it to be basic, since I have lots of jeans and T-shirts. Recently I have become obsessed with leggings because they are so comfortable! Since I am walking everywhere on campus, I like to wear relaxing and fresh clothing.

CF: What influences your style? 

GG: My mood and the hot south Texas weather are the major influences. Since I do have to walk back and forth from my apartment to the university, I prefer to wear sporty clothing or simply a pair of jeans and a cotton T-shirt to keep myself fresh. When I am in the right mood like today, I do make exceptions in wearing something nice like a pretty blouse. Also, if the weather allows it, I let my hair down and add a bit of makeup.

CF: What is one accessory you can’t leave without?

GG: My watch. I depend a lot on it because I need to keep track of time in order to be on time for my classes, jobs and school meetings. But to be honest, sometimes I have left it at home because it is stressful to constantly be checking the time. I want to enjoy my day relieved from stress.

CF: If you could have any celebrity’s wardrobe, whose would you want?

GG: I am not obsessed with Hollywood or celebrities, but I love my cousin Carolina’s wardrobe and fashions senses. I love her shoes! So, I would like to have her wardrobe and all her shoes!

How To: Get Gaby’s look by wearing a simple pair of flats with black leggings. Find a sleeveless button-up shirt from Tobi to go with the sunny mood. Match it with a hip lacquered Swatch to keep track of time.


This Fashionista’s bright mint bralette caught my eye on this gloomy spring morning. Even though the weather hasn’t brightened yet in Davis, student fashion is starting to reflect a brighter color palette. Spring has arrived and this Fashionista doesn’t let the cold or the gloom affect her wardrobe choices. I like how she dressed up this edgy look with a maxi skirt and lace bralette. Roughen up your look this spring with acid washed denim. I am a huge fan of pairing edgy pieces with something extremely girly, it is the perfect way to pull off a fiercely feminine look.

Who: Sam Hom

Major: Sociology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Sam Hom: My corset top is from Forever 21, my chevron striped maxi skirt is from Love Culture, my jacket is Boom Boom Jeans and my combat boots are Rampage.

CF: Who inspires your every day style?

SH: My sister Lexi is my fashion inspiration! She is always one step ahead of me.

CF: What are your favorite sites to shop online?

SH: I don’t usually shop online, but I love Topshop. I’ve been thriting a lot more lately instead of going to the mall.

CF: Who is your fashion icon?

SH: Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl.

How To: First start with a cute bustier–something lace or printed–make a statement this spring! Then, get a jean jacket, preferably something acid washed or embellished. Try Urban Outfitters or Forever 21, they offer a variety of styles for college friendly prices. A maxi skirt should be a spring staple in every girl’s closet. They’re easy to slip on, and a great way to show off your body in a subtle way.

This Fashionista finished off her look with combat boots, however, if it’s warmer where you live you can try a metallic sandal with this look. Add silver jewerly, I am loving metal chain hairbands for this spring. They are perfect for a festival look or as an effortless every day hair accessory. Don’t be afraid to add on lots of bangles or a long chained necklace, it’d be perfect for any edgy or bohemian vibe you go for with this sweet and sassy look.


Now that spring is in full effect, all types of dresses and skirts have made their debut on campus. From short skirts to maxi dresses, staying comfortable and stylish is the main goal when walking from class to class. I spotted this week’s Fashionista mingling with some turtles over by the turtle pond while on break before a meeting.

Name: Dorine Owusu-Nyarko

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Dorine Owusu-Nyarko: My skirt is from Wet Seal and I added this black belt since I didn’t like the one it came with. My shirt is from Papaya and my necklace is from Kohl’s, when they were having a buy one get one free sale.  My cardigan is from Target and my flats are actually from the bookstore on campus. They are the Dr. Scholl’s fast flats.

CF: Now that it’s spring, what’s your go-to everyday outfit?

DO: Skirts and dresses!  I like to be comfortable and skirts and dresses are really easy to just throw on in the morning. I don’t like to wear short shorts or anything like that. I always finish my outfit with either flats or sneakers.

CF: If your going out for a fun night on the town what’s your favorite outfit to wear?

DO: Something that emphasizes my curves. I might wear a form fitting dress with a denim jacket. I always wear jackets or cover-ups and I usually like to finish off my outfit with earrings.

CF: What is your favorite pair of shoes?

DO: My floral sneakers from Buffalo Exchange. They are different and super comfortable.

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

DO: Forever 21, Kohl’s and Target always have nice clothes. My all time favorite store though has to be Ross. Ross is very inexpensive and they always have really cute stuff.

CF: What are your favorite nail colors for spring?

DO: Neon orange, turquoise and mint green. I always like to top my nails off with glitter!

CF: What was your favorite outfit that you wore during Spring Break?

DO: I wore my long shorts and a turquoise tank top to go camping. It was very laid back and comfortable, perfect for hiking!

How to: Pair your favorite skirt with a white T-shirt and a long cardigan. Think of color-blocking your outfit with colors that compliment each other. If you’re not into color-blocking, try wearing an unusual color that you often don’t see on an everyday basis, like mustard. Throw on your favorite necklace and flats and your ready to take on the day!

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Wrap Your Head Around This

The headband, the head wrap, the turban or the bandana… it’s fabulous no matter which way you spin it. My latest obsession has been finding ways to create a chic hairdo without all the extra time and fuss. Now, there are more techniques that are easier than ever to get up and go in a stylish way. Head wraps have been a topic of discussion in the fashion world for quite some time now, and they’re not going anywhere fast. When I spotted this Fashionista’s beautiful Missoni head wrap, I couldn’t help but admire the confidence and cool that just that one accessory added to her outfit. The ultra-edgy ensemble of a Brandy Melville graphic tank, wax coated jeans and black biker booties are a smart combination; the pink ombré print of the head wrap can really pop among an otherwise monotone look.

The thickness of the head wrap is key. For long, flowing locks like this Fashionista’s, a thicker headband will keep the wispies out of your face. For an updo and a more bohemian look, try a thinner headband that will give off a more flower-child vibe. They are most commonly positioned directly across the forehead, but don’t be afraid to play around with placement; setting the headband a couple inches back on your hairline will allow your hair to fall more naturally. Girls with any and all hair types can pull of this season’s hottest spring accessory.

Spotted: Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection grabbed inspiration from 1980’s pop culture to create a fun, flirty and pattern clashing line. The designer sent models down the runway with “rag-tied heads” that reinforces just how cool and versatile the head wrap can be.

Maddie Roth:

WHAT TO WEAR: Parents Weekend

In the midst of a busy semester when work just doesn’t seem to stop, a wonderful break called the ‘weekend’ is long awaited. It is perhaps the only time for hostel students to go home and lighten up. The feeling of meeting your parents and catching up on everything (by everything I actually mean everything) is just so relieving! The comfort and the homely feeling is always a dream.

Fashionistas switch on the comfort button when they decide on their outfit to go back home. This season hasn’t been a very friendly one for the most desirable line of fabrics. The heat and dust ideally make you depend on linen, cotton, denim and rayon. Mercerized cotton is also very much depended upon, as it’s light and silkily soft for the weather.

This Fashionista is a sophomore studying textile design, and it’s evident by her style that she prefers a blend of comfort and luxe fabrics. The polka-dot trend she exhibits is probably one of those fashion favorites that go a very long way. But it is very important to flaunt this pattern in the right way. Big bold polka-dots, if not contrasted well, may just bring down the key factor of this ensemble.

Her outfit consists of this pattern on her high-waisted shorts which indeed stands out with the help of a subtle range of accessories and clothing. Don’t forget the royal blue! The color enhances the silhouette and brings vibrancy to it. These days, designers try different methods of bending their creations with these polka-dots and it was made evident during Milan Fashion Week 2013.

I love the overall look created here. It is very important to let the pattern speak for itself. The muted soft off-white top justifies this. A closer look brings to attention the intricate crochet work done on the neckline that beautifies it further. Further down are suede strapped flat sandals kissing her feet. I must add that the gorgeous minimalistic colorblock wallet is second in line to steal the prize.

So whether it is spending the weekend with your parents, or just back in your hometown, this outfit is the way to go. Dress up for a weekend of delicious food, good drinks and your comfort space, and it’s relaxing all the way.

One Simple Change: Accessorize! Yes, the addition of funky jewelry is nothing but an element of quirkiness. A leather cuff glamorizes your hands, and adding a pair of sunglasses makes you look sexy to go out for shopping!

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

If anyone is going to be honest with you about your style, it’s your friends; which is why it’s important and valuable to find people who are going to embrace and encourage your style-related risks — even if they involve bubble shirts and inflatable backpacks (fourth grade was inspired solely by Lizzie McGuire and frankly, someone probably should have tried to stifle the creativity on my part).

Now that we’re older though, showing off personal style seems to be more important than ever, and there’s no better time to show it off than when you’re out with your friends. Whether it be a night out or a day shopping trip, this Fashionista is dressed to be out and about. She keeps it laid back and edgy by mixing personal pieces with trendy ones like a tie-dye T-shirt underneath an unbuttoned light wash, chambray top. Her distressed skinny jeans help to add texture and another touch of personal style to the look.

Since there’s enough going on through layers and texture in the outfit itself, she keeps the accessories simple with a few rings, a watch and a bracelet. And since you never know where a day with your best friends will take you, she appropriately wears black, pointed-toe flats.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista is technically ready to go if she were headed out to a concert, but since the weather is finally getting warmer, a cute way to switch up the look would be to swap the distressed jeans for a black or gray pleated leather skirt.


The last two months of the spring semester are here, so classes are becoming a bit intense. There’s hardly any time for anything else except school work. Making time to get your errands done has never been this hard. Once you decide to take a quick trip to the grocery store, there is not that much time to chose what to wear. I have some fast and effortless, yet presentable, ideas for you, Fashionistas!

I loved this Fashionista’s look because of the ability of putting those two bright colors together, and still keeping it simple. When I stopped this Fashionista and asked her where she was headed, she indeed said she was taking a study break and heading over to the grocery store. Normally, a pair of jeans and a sweater would be ideal. However, since the hot summer days are approaching us in San Diego, sweaters are not the best idea. Neither is a pair of jeans, I must say, which is why a pair of shorts and a T-shirt would be best combination.

This Fashionista’s shirt suited her look perfectly because its material kept the heat away, and, nonetheless, it was a very trendy top! In addition to getting her errands done, this Fashionista looked ready to go grab a quick lunch with friends before going back to her studies. Thus, it is important for you to feel good in your ensemble, even if you are only going out to get groceries.

To recreate this ensemble, grab a pair of shorts, a comfortable and stylish shirt and a pair of the cutest sneakers you own. You can find pieces like this Fashionista’s pretty much anywhere. You most likely will find shirts like this Fashionista’s at Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters.

One Simple Change: Change the shoes for a pair of flat boots with a pair of over-the-knee socks and add a cardigan. After those alterations, this outfit is ready for a concert or a casual date night.


It looks like it’s finally time to say goodbye to the summer sun. We were lucky in Melbourne to have an extra month of warmth, but there’s no denying now that a chill has hit the air, bringing back tights and scarves to our day-to-day outfits.

On a chilly day of classes, I want nothing better than a comfy oversized knit sweater to keep me warm, just like this Fashionista’s sweater. However, she didn’t let the baggy piece swamp her frame because she rolled up the sleeves to keep the look streamlined. It’s a good tip for op-shopping Fashionistas who love a good vintage buy, but are unsure how to style a top that is a couple of sizes too big. Even though her necklace is simple, its length and small details stood out against her block-colour jumper.

On an average day of classes, you can expect to be going from lecture hall to the classroom to a café to the tram–your day can often be full of sporadic plans. I suggest wearing layers in the colder months, like this Fashionista. A great way to make sure you don’t overheat or catch a cold is having the ability to take off a jumper as you head inside, and to pop it back on as you finish class. I loved that this Fashionista layered her’s with a printed dress underneath, which meant that her outfit had two looks collaborating for a fashionably versatile ensemble.

In classrooms, more often than not, the air conditioning is on full blast. Thus, it was a smart move for this Fashionista to choose a pair of tights. Plus, with winter coming up, a pair of tights is a great way to mix up your classroom look if you choose a coloured or patterned pair.

Her distressed leather bag was perfect for carrying around all of her university supplies. It was a good size for fitting a laptop and books. She finished off her class outfit with a gorgeous pair of super shiny leather loafers. They reminded me of the pair I used to wear as a part of my school uniform, but her’s was one-thousand-times more chic!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s jumper was the perfect length to wear with leggings, she would look super cute, too, in a pair of leather or patterned leggings for a shopping excursion.


BEAUTY INSIDER: Christopher Box

Spring has sprung, Fashionistas. It is something about this season that always makes me want to switch up my beauty routine. I swear, as soon as the calendar hits April 1, I want to instantly change the color, length and/or style of my hair. Christopher Box, hair extension specialists and beauty artist, knows all about reinventing your look. Lucky for us, it doesn’t require drastic change to get the perfect spring beauty look. Christopher shares with us his favorite hair trends, how to reinvent some classic styles and, perhaps most importantly, how to beat the summer time humidity. Thanks for chatting with us, Christopher! Check out our Q&A with him below.
CollegeFashionista: What are some of your favorite hair trends for this spring and summer?
Christopher Box: I am really excited about this season because of it’s diversity. A couple of my favorite trending looks is the low ponytail and messy updo styles. I really think that both of the trends are perfect for the everyday women.
Ponytails can be chic and sophisticated. I like the way the sleek glammed up look a low ponytail can give anyone with long hair. The best part is it’s fast! With the right products, a couple of accessories and five minutes anyone can leave the house runway ready.
Messy updos are one of my all time faves. I think it really brings out your inner creativity. You can convert a low ponytail into a messy updo with a few bobby pins. I think the key is not getting caught up in making it perfect. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s just hair!
CF: What are a few ways to fight the heat and humidity that makes summer hair so tricky?
CB: When its hot and humid hair can get out of hand! I think the biggest mistake that women do in the summer months is wash their hair too much. I tell my clients to wash every 2-3 days. The answer I get is.. I am sweaty! I have a solution for that.. do a half shampoo.
Scoop out a small  U shaped section on the crown of your hand and clip. Take the rest of your hair and put into a ponytail bun. Only shampoo, condition, and blow out the U shaped section. It is a lot faster and makes sure keep feeling clean and refreshed.
CF: What are a few of your hair product must-haves and why?
CB: Dry shampoo! I am addicted to Bumble and bumble’s colored dry shampoos. 
  • They are great for cleaning your refreshing your hair. 
  • If you have a little bit of roots it can blend away your gray. 
  • If you are a little thinner on the top of your head, you can spray a little bit of Bumble power onto your scalp to make it look thicker. 
  • If you are wearing extensions that have grown out and are showing.. the colored powder can help hide the base of the extension and give you a little bit longer before you have to visit the hairdresser.
CF: We all have those days we just can’t let our hair down (literally). What are a few easy updos that beat bad hair days without looking sloppy?
CB: I love Sarah Potempa’s sock bun wrap up. It takes two minutes to make a beautiful bun. Never have a bad hair day again! easihair makes a little thing called Fun Bun. It’s basically a scrunchy with a little bit of hair on it. All you have to do is wrap your hair in it like a ponytail an voila… instant low messy updo!
CF: Braids are always popular for summer. How can we brighten up the braid and turn it into a hair trend of our own?
CB: Clip in hair extensions are a fantastic way to change a braid. easihair pro makes easilites which are small clip in hair extension pieces you can get in a variety of colors. Just clip them in and then do your braid. It can add a really cool pop of color.
Another thing I like to take and braid my clients hair into two braids. Then take a flat iron and run it up and down the braid. Let it completely cool and then let the braid out. It will make a beautiful wavy texture that is really hard to achieve with a wand or curling iron.