10 Ways to Cope with the New Semester Blues

We’ve all felt it: that anxious pit in our stomachs as we transition from the carefree days of summer into the jam-packed school days of a new semester. How will I manage to finish all my schoolwork while also planning for post-grad life and maintaining a social life and keeping up with my extracurricular activities? Even if I can do all of that, how will I keep my sanity?

So, I’ve compiled a list of 10 great ways to deal with the new semester blues that’ll help you de-stress whether it’s your first semester of college or your last!

1—Perfect your bedroom décor

First, whether you live in a dorm or commute from home, make your bedroom a calming space by taking the time to add décor that inspires you, whether it’s twinkling lights, fluffy pillows, or pictures of your friends and family!




PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

2—Organize a super cute planner

Planners don’t have to make you feel super stressed out! Check out a store that you like and see if they have any planners that motivate you, or choose a plain notebook and totally customize it!

3—Go on adventures in your city

Before classes pick up, take the time to go on a few spontaneous adventures in your city. It’ll be a fun way to kick off the semester, and it’ll be perfect bonding time with new roomies or friends you haven’t seen over break.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

4—Link up schedules with your friends

Compare schedules with your pals, so you can figure out the perfect time to grab lunch or hit Starbucks together.

5—Set goals

Make this semester your semester by writing down a few #goals you hope to accomplish. Then, go out and make them happen!


PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

6—Make time to journal

While your mind is on overload, you should take time to unleash your thoughts into a journal, or paint or draw if that’s more your style.

7—Unwind with music/movies

If the stress of imminent classes sets in, then plan a movie night with your girls or simply pop in your headphones and unwind to your favorite songs.

8—Update your wardrobe

Go on a back-to-school shopping trip or simply re-purpose some clothes you already have; a fresh wardrobe will have you feeling ready to take on the new semester in style.

9—Cleanse your life of negative vibes

Negative friends? A toxic relationship? A major or extra-curricular activity that totally stresses you out? Then leave those behind! Start off this year on your terms, leaving anything that weighs you down in the past.

10—Take care of yourself

Finally, put yourself first! Schedule time to eat right, get enough sleep, and be active. Most importantly, have fun, because you have your whole life ahead of you to work; college is a time to enjoy yourself, find out who you are, learn, and grow.

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Back to School Shopping—Dorm Decor Edition

It’s that time of the year everyone and I can practically hear the groans of kids all across the nation. Why? School is starting! I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite times of the year. It means that it’s time to do some back to school shopping. In my younger years, my excitement was towards the colorful school supplies and mechanical pencils. Now that I’m in college, all of my excitement is shopping for my dorm room decor! Here are a few basic guidelines to help you achieve the best dorm room for you.

I am a firm believer that your living space should be a representation of yourself. By this I mean you should decorate your space with things you like and things that make you feel happy. Your room is supposed to be your home away from home, the place you come to unwind and recharge. If your room doesn’t exemplify things that you are about, then it won’t be a place of relaxation and comfort.

Colors are so important when determining your decor, especially when you are figuring out the type of atmosphere you want your room to have. Warm tones like reds and yellows create a fun, upbeat, and lively vibe. Cool tones like blues and purples will create a more calm, chill, and relaxing vibe. It all comes down to you and what kind of environment suits you. As for me, I love happy and cheery vibes, so I chose warm tones for my room.

After you decide on colors, you can choose a theme! This is a very fun and essential part of your living space. This is where you can have lots of fun expressing yourself. Themes can range from preppy, boho, hipster, chic, etc. Within each theme, the possibilities are endless because it is all up to your interpretation. Add to your theme with posters of sayings that represent you, wall decals, photos, throws, and fun pillows. I am very free-spirited so I chose boho chic as my room theme. I decided to decorate with a beautiful tapestry to achieve this vibe.

Overall, the idea is to have fun with your room! Decorate as you wish and express yourself. Follow these basic guidelines and your room will surely be straight fire.

I would love to see how you decided to style your dorms for this year! Be sure to take lots of photos and tag us on social media at @Cfashionista!

How to Personalize Your Living Space

It’s officially August, which only means one thing for college students: move in day. Everyone will be coming in with boxes filled to the brim holding all their belongings. Whether it is a dorm or an apartment, your living space is a place where you’ll be spending a majority of your time. Since everyone stays in a similar area, it’s important to make your space unique to you! I personally love adding lots of decorations that reflect my personality. It gives guests an opportunity to learn more about you before even speaking to you. The best part is that you get to be the designer and the possibilities of different things you can add to your room are endless.

1—DIY crafts. We’ve all seen the hundreds of do-it-yourself projects that cover our Facebook and Pinterest feeds daily, but how many of us have actually tried them? Even if you aren’t a crafty person, DIY crafts can be very simple and affordable to create. They are also the perfect way to dress up any living space. I personally love candles, so I bought a four pack of electric ones at A.C. Moore for only ten dollars! I decided to buy glitter and glue to create silver glitter candles to give my room that extra sparkle. DIY crafts can be anything such as painting a wooden picture frame or even creating a chic storage box. There are so many opportunities to get creative and have fun with these projects.

2—Posters. Posters are a common room decoration, and there is a reason for that. They are cheap and easy to hang up anywhere. They are also a great way to show people the things that you’re interested in. Do you have a favorite band, book, movie, TV show, model, or celebrity? I’m sure you can find a poster about it! Even just a poster of nature or a beautiful setting can reveal so much about your interests and hobbies. I’ve always been a huge fan of fashion, and two of my favorite icons are Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I bought three photos of them in black and white to give off that classy, elegant vibe. You can find a poster with just about any design on it to match your room and let your personality shine through.

3—Bulletin board. Small bulletin boards are a great decoration for any living space because you can put anything on them. If you are a very organized person you can add to-do lists and post it notes with messages. If you have many photos you can put them on the board as well! You can even create a vision board with inspirational quotes and magazine clips. Personally, I love to travel, so I decided to cover my board with postcards from every place I’ve been to.

How do you decorate your living space? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Make Your New Home Actually Feel Like Home

August is finally here, the summer is coming to a close, and the school year is creeping up on us whether we like it or not. Although it is not moving season for all of us, there are some of us who are heading back to the lively lifestyle of roommates, dorm rooms, and apartments. School can be hectic, so keeping your home away from home as homelike as possible is important.

My favorite thing when decorating my dorm room for the upcoming year is having a few essential items that will work all year round. I love decorating for holidays or special occasions—my personal favorite is Halloween—but when the time comes around, I do not want my Technicolor essentials to counteract my bats and ghosts hanging for Halloween. A bedspread that is neutral, with nothing too loud, is the best bet. I love neutral, light colors or even just a basic black and white for my duvet to make sure the focus is on my decorations.

For even more comfort, adding a throw pillow or two never hurt anyone. Fur and white are all the rave for the aesthetic. A few white fur throw pillows are also great to give your room an extra flare without altering your simplicity.

When going for a simplistic look, keeping your metals cohesive really helps everything look polished and pristine. Gold, silver, and bronze can be a bit overwhelming when walking into a small space with all these different metals, so I choose one and stick with it. Personally, I go for a more muted gold because the rustic look makes it feel more cozy and homelike. Since it is school, staying organized and being able to do my school work is very important. A lamp is a staple no matter what and it is a great way to add your metals in.

Jewelry is always the toughest thing to organize; adding a bit of decor to your jewelry set up makes it easier to work with. A jewelry organizer is my favorite way to add my metals in. Besides giving me access to my jewelry, it is easy on the eyes and a two-for-one when it comes to decorating!

Are you heading back to school this semester? Share your room with us! We would love to see how cool your humble abode looks. Don’t forget to @CFashionista!

3 DIY Projects to Personalize Your Space for Fall

When you move into a new place, whether it be a dorm room, apartment, or house, you want to make it your own. It needs to be a space you enjoy walking into. If it’s a dorm room, it’s nice to have it relaxing, yet motivating, since you will be sleeping and possibly be doing school work in it. Same goes for a bedroom.

For me, I love having a simplistic room with additions and decor that I can interchange if I decide to. My walls are taupe and my comforter is white. This leaves room for decorative pillows, funky mirrors, fun pictures, wall hangings, or whatever, really. Currently, I’m really into the whole muted tone thing. I love the colors mustard, olive green, and rose. I also am slightly addicted to shopping around thrift stores, spending as much time as I have carefully looking at everything, and trying to think of how I could use it in a unique way or add to it.

Here are some ways I chose to decorate my room in my apartment. Use these ideas to bounce off of and create your own, or even do the same!

One golden thrift store find is my mirror. This thing is exactly what I was looking for. The outline adds so much detail and brings in the color gold, which is so warm and welcoming. I like to accessorize it with some of my favorite pieces, such as hats and wall hangings.

A quick and easy DIY I did was pressing a flower and putting it into a picture frame with a gold lining I found at the thrift store as well. I just picked up a flower from the grocery store, stuck it in between the pages of a heavy book, added some weights on top of it, and let it sit for about five days. After the five days, I carefully removed it and put it into the picture frame. You can do this with any flower! I even thought it would be cool to stick some herbs in and hang it in the kitchen.

Yet another find from the thrift store; this simple wall hanging. It really may be a fancy scarf. When you see things at the thrift store, you have to get creative. I just used two tacks to hang it on both ends. You can always get a piece of fabric and cut it or tie it how you would like and hang it above your bed or desk.

And last but not least, the simple nail with a garment you love hanging from it. It’s an easy way to add your own personal touch. I chose this purse I picked up at a boutique in Illinois, but you could also hang a hanger with a favorite jacket or blouse.

Let me know what you think of these projects in the comments below, and share your own DIY projects with @CFashionista on social media!


Extreme Makeover—Turning Your Apartment From an Ugly Duckling Into a Swan

When thinking about college, some of the most important things students’ focus on are how to make friends, how to handle all their classes, and how to make school feel like home. However, when students are thrown into a situation where their apartment is small, plain, and messy, it can be hard to envision ever feeling comfortable at school. By following some of the simple tips I have gathered over the years, you can easily transform your ugly duck of an apartment into a swan.

1—Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most important tools in designing an apartment. Creating an apartment board is an easy way to find new and fun ideas, and to create a plan of how to decorate each room in your apartment.

2—Color palette. Before going out and buying any apartment décor, it’s helpful to pick a theme and color palette for your apartment. When your apartment is decorated in a certain style, everything seems a lot neater. As you can see in my apartment, I have a Parisian and pastel color theme, as is seen with my Paris tapestry, and my blue and purple curtains. Additionally, by keeping a theme in mind when shopping, you won’t end up with pieces that clash with one another.

3—Target & Urban Outfitters. When it comes to decorating, Target and Urban Outfitters are every girl’s best friend. Their home collections are affordable and contain many cute pieces. My personal favorites are the unicorn lamp from Target and the collection of unique pillow cases from Urban Outfitters. I guarantee that if you go shopping at these stores, you won’t be able to leave without picking up something cute and unique.


4—Pictures. I believe that the best way to make your apartment feel like home is to bring home to you. Whenever I move into a new space, the first thing I do is print pictures of my friends and family. In previous years, I’ve made collages out of pictures in the shape of hearts and stars. This year, I decided to keep with the Paris theme and put up pictures from my recent trip to Paris with a wall decal. Whatever you decide to do, decorating with pictures of things you love is a sure way to make you feel more at home.

5—Lights. Lighting is something that is usually overlooked, but it is essential. I purchased some purple lights a few years ago, and they helped transform my room whenever I would turn them on. Additionally, at night I like to turn on my Christmas lights in my living room rather than my actual lights, as the light is less harsh. Introducing lights into a room can give it a much gentler touch.

Let me know if these tips have helped you by commenting below! Make sure to show us your apartment décor as well by tagging @Cfashionista.

Dorm Sweet Dorm—How to Decorate Your Dorm or Apartment

Moving into a completely blank room in college can be very intimidating and scary on a college student’s budget. By adding some key pieces to your room, you can transform your lifeless dorm room or apartment into a sanctuary. Here are some of my dorm and apartment picks that will turn your room from drab to fab.

Most dorm rooms and apartments in college have very dull and dim lighting. This can make you feel tired and can make it hard to focus on your work. A few ways to brighten up your room include adding a standing decorative lamp, using string lights or adding a salt lamp.  Plus, salt lamps also add health benefits such as improving your sleep, increasing blood flow and clarify the air.

Dorm rooms and apartments sometimes have a dusty or damp smell to them. A great way to freshen up your room is to purchase an oil diffuser. A diffuser combines water and essential oils to make a room smell great. You can tailor your essential oil picks to your specific needs. Lavender oil can help you relax and sleep, tea tree oil can kill mold in the air, and rose oil can relieve tension and boost your mood. Another quick fix is to light some candles.

Listening to music is always a great way to motivate yourself or boost your mood while doing work, lounging around, cooking or cleaning. Try purchasing a small, cute, portable speaker that doubles as a decor piece. Don’t forget that you can sign up for Apple Music or Spotify Premium with a discounted student rate!

Now for the most important part of any dorm room… your bed! There’s nothing better than coming back from a long day of classes to a comfortable bed. To make your bed more comfortable, try using a mattress topper with feathers or one that is made out of foam. Also, make sure you buy a sheet and comforter set that you love and is easy to clean. Add a little fun to your bed with decorative pillows!

Now that you have the tips to make your room awesome, try it out and snap a pic! Make sure to tag @Cfashionista in your post!

How to Create the College Apartment of Your Dreams

Moving out of the dorms and into your first college apartment can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, simply filling your new place with furniture isn’t enough to make it feel like home. Yet, creating the apartment of your dreams is easier than you think.

I embrace fashion as a way to express myself out in the world and I did the same when decorating my apartment. Remember, “fashion” isn’t limited to just clothes. To me, fashion includes everything from makeup to Pinterest-worthy bedspreads. This is how I embraced a different side of fashion to create the college apartment of my dreams.

1—Prioritize the areas where you spend the most time.

apartment bedroom

Simply put, my bedroom is my sanctuary. I avoid doing homework or applying for internships from bed because I want it to be a place for relaxation. This made decorating my room to be the ultimate escape extremely important. Wherever your ultimate escape is, put a little extra effort into decorating it. It’s okay to splurge on a boho bedding set for your room or gorgeous artwork for your living room!

2—Embrace function and aesthetic.

bedside table

I’m a get up and go kind of person, so I wanted to design my space to reflect that. This catch-all dish on my nightstand gives me a place to put the items I always reach for before leaving the house. If you spend more time in your living room with your friends, then a catch-all dish for keys may work better on your coffee table.

3—Use the space you now have.


Some essentials for cramped dorm life are unnecessary once you have your own place. If you now have your own bathroom, you can ditch the shower caddy you toted to communal dorm showers. Evaluate what you no longer need before moving. Your new place will then stay more organized and less cluttered. You’ll also have more room for the items you really love.

4—Fill your space with what you love.

apartment coffee table

Having my own apartment allows me to make space for the things I really love. Instead of packing all of my fashion books into storage, I can now keep them on display in my living room. This helps my apartment feel more personalized and it also inspires me to be more creative.

Creating your dream apartment doesn’t have to feel impossible. These four tips will ensure you get it right every time! How did you create your dream living space? Let us know in the comments or show us on Instagram by tagging @cfashionista.

Designing a Dreamy Bedroom on a Budget

With such a hectic schedule and a busy social life, it is crucial for me to have a space where I can go to finally relax and unwind day after day. I have transformed my bedroom into one of the most peaceful places, and I want to share with you all how I created a bedroom with such a dreamy vibe on a low budget.

Choosing Paint Colors

When designing my room, I stuck with cream and pastel colors in order to keep the room looking light and open. My walls are painted a light gray, lavender color. To complement the delicate walls, I filled the room with creamy, chic furniture.

My Furniture

I absolutely love my bed from IKEA. The swirly headboard is so pretty and stands out in the room. I also found my dresser at IKEA. Although it is a bit plain, I purchased it because it was an affordable option. I was able to give it some more character by decorating it with my own mismatched knobs that I found at Anthropologie. The mismatched look makes any piece of furniture unique.

Crafting With Inexpensive Materials

I found some cheap, neutral colored lamp shades so that I could customize them to match my room. At the craft store, I purchased some fake flowers, cut off the stems, and then hot glued them onto the lamp shade for my own personal touch.

For decoration, I found a piece of driftwood on the beach and brought it back home to Colorado with me. I attached the wood to my ceiling with some fishing wire and found some tassels from a party store and some garland to add style to the wood. This is one of my favorite pieces because I have my own little story attached to the wood… and the best part is that it was free!


Finishing Touches

Lastly, my favorite part of my room is the canopy. I nicknamed my room “The Cloud” because of this wonderful addition to my bed. The canopy was very cheap, and I purchased it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It is attached to the ceiling with just a few screws. Then, I tied the ends to my bed posts with some raffia from the craft store. In addition, there are strings of twinkle lights that I wove in and out of the fabric. At night, it seems as if I am looking at the stars.

My bedroom helps me conquer the stresses of college and life, in general, every day. If you have any questions on this bedroom decor, please comment below. Additionally, I would love to see what you have done with your own space. Post your photos and make sure to tag @Cfashionista!