Fall Fashion Trends—How to Work Nudes

Well, summer is coming to a close and fall is steadily approaching. You know what that means? The reemergence of nude colors. Now nude colors are hot all year round, and even though they are a fall essential, you can make them work in the summer as well. Beige used to be considered such a plain and boring color but is now considered understated. Nude colors are always great for outfits because you can either dress them down creating a chill look or you can dress them up creating a sultry look.

This Fashionista chose to sport an all-nude outfit pairing a knee-length nude dress with matching lace-up heels. She finishes off the look with a pair of pearl earrings which add just a touch of elegance. This outfit is perfect for the last days of summer and can be worn on a night out with the girls or a simple lunch date. The figure-hugging dress contains a small slit making it effortless, but classy at the same time. This dress is perfect for showing off the natural curves of this Fashionista’s body. The shoes add flair to the outfit, elevating the look up 10 notches. When wearing nude colors, not too much has to be done to make the look a head turner. It’s all about letting your confidence and natural beauty shine through.

To complete this look, I would apply a layer of clear gloss to highlight your lips and give your skin that natural glow. To dress this look up even more I would add a pair of gold hoop earrings and add a nude pink or blush pink duster coat or kimono.

This look is fun and proves that nudes are a staple trend definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you have any tips or tricks for wearing nudes? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Make the Office Your Runway

When the office is your runway you can’t exactly go all out à la Alexander McQueen, but don’t fret—you can definitely save those over the top looks for the weekends! This Fashionista shows us how she works the office with neutrals she can get away with while keeping it classy and professional.

Yes, it’s 2017, but office settings still have unspoken rules for attire. You can’t exactly wear a plunging neckline, but a little shoulder never never killed nobody. This Fashionista’s flowing off-the-shoulder top is a subtle statement. It’s modern look is perfect for a more laid-back office, but remember not all offices are alike! A shoulderless top in one office may be acceptable for an internship in fashion, but may not be the best choice for that government internship you landed in D.C. Always try to analyze your settings or maybe even ask a coworker what’s acceptable in that office.

Next, the neutral army green distressed pants are perfect for a laid-back office. Try these same pants without the distressed look for a more formal office. When it comes to the nude kitten heels, this is a no brainer, and, of course, you can wear them in a formal office or laid-back office!

Keep the jewelry simple and fresh for the office, something that is professional and crisp and wear jewelry that’s comfortable! A couple of rings and a statement necklace are always my go-to!

The nude bag is perfect with a job at an office or any internship this summer. It’s big enough to fit your planner, maybe a water bottle, lunch, and who knows. Maybe you need a change of outfit for that late lunch with your new boo?

How do you make the office your runway? Let me know in the comments below!

STYLE ADVICE: Distressed Neutrals

As the end of the semester is quickly approaching, we are starting to get ready for the transition from spring into summer. This is one of my favorite times of the year because nature starts to come alive, and everyone’s attitudes match this brand new liveliness. This time of year makes people generally think of bright, saturated colors. However, I have always liked to focus more on neutral tones, which happen to be super trendy right now.

I chose to pull some inspiration for my own style from this Fashionisto’s look because his style is pretty similar to my own. I always lean towards neutral colors and androgynous shapes, which is exactly what is portrayed in this look. Because of the androgynous silhouettes, this look can easily be worn by both men and women. Starting with the basics, he is sporting some black skinny jeans, a classic piece you can’t go wrong with. Paired with that he has chosen an oversize, distressed T-shirt. Something that has been really trendy lately besides neutral colors is the distressed style. Ripped up T-shirts and jeans are all the rage and can be found at many different stores. This T-shirt from ASOS has similar distressed details but offers a more feminine fit.

Layered on top he is wearing a military style button-down shirt. The muted green of this shirt acts as a neutral color and matches everything. For accessories, he went with simple pieces that pull the look together. The white sneakers and white cap match perfectly and don’t distract from the outfit. As a statement, he is wearing a leather watch and bracelet that are simple and earthy. I can see this Fashionisto sporting this look anywhere from just hanging out with friends, to class, to going to parties. Also, with the versatility of this outfit, it is easily adaptable into a women’s look. I love it so much that I might even throw it on and go join him!

WHAT TO WEAR: A Walk in the Park

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for being outside, exploring parks, and admiring outdoor sculpture gardens. This Fashionista is seen enjoying a warm spring day on a sculpture at the Iowa State University campus. When out and about exploring, no one wants to be held back by a constricting outfit, which is why this Fashionista especially loves this outfit.

Just because a Fashionista wants to be ready for a spontaneous adventure at anytime, it doesn’t mean she wants to wear a boring outfit! That’s why this Fashionista chose to pair a stretchy lightweight top,with jeggings and a pair of sandals. She loves a casual stretchy top with fun cut outs to spice things up because they are comfortable and stylish. Jeggings are the perfect pant for exploring at the park because they have plenty of give and stretch like leggings with all the style of a pair of jeans.

For hair and accessories, this Fashionista chose to keep it on the simple side in order to stay adventure-friendly. A pair of slip-on sandals are a great option for any occasion since they eliminate any complicated straps. To add a little sparkle, she layered five to six bangles that stay out of the way rather than any long dangly necklaces or chunky statement pieces.

Lastly, this Fashionista also chose to pull her hair into a half up, half down style. She loves a “half ponytail” because it adds some cute flare to any look while also being practical by keeping hair out of her face.

By adding your own flare to an outfit similar to this Fashionista’s, you too can be ready for a spring/summer walk in the park, and have your outfit feel like a walk in the park as well!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Cool, Crisp Tones in the Big Apple

It is finally springtime, and with the nice weather comes spontaneous trips to the boldest, loudest city: New York City. New York City is only a short distance from my college campus, yet I have never had the chance to explore it, the whole year. When I arrived in the Big Apple, I was greeted with soaring skyscrapers, lively commotion, and of course tons of Fashionistas. One Fashionista in particular caught my eye with her relaxed, carefree style. The cool tones of her outfit perfectly matched the glistening, gray buildings and her lightweight fur coat was a great spring staple. This Fashionista brought instant glamour and coolness to the city sidewalk.

Starting with the foundation pieces of her look, this Fashionista rocked a pair of classic, ripped black jeans with cuffed hems to set the color palette of the outfit. She then layered an olive green tank over a thin, knit, black tank to add a dose of warmth and a shot of another color to the mix. While the foundation pieces were key to the look, the main standout piece was her lightweight, cream fur coat. The fur coat was a casual touch with a hint of sophistication that elevated the whole look from simple to show stopping. While her clothing was crisp and cool, her accessories really tied the pieces together.

The Fashionista wore steel gray and white slip-on Vans on her feet, to accent the rest of her accessories. She also wore delicate silver jewelry on her hands and neck. Her silver plated necklace had the coordinates of the small beach town she called home. While her silver, midi rings also represented her love for the beach with turquoise stones and wave inspired structures. The final touch was her black, grey, and silver tortoise, cat-eye sunglasses that bore all the colors of her outfit.

My trip to New York City brought me delicious food, memories, and stylish pieces at unique stores. Most importantly it brought me a chance meeting with this amazing Fashionista. Her relaxed, cool girl style and show stopping outfit, gave me endless inspiration for the warmer months. Her ability to mix darker colors like black, olive, and grey with beachy, fun accessories was very notable. This Fashionista and her look  showed that spring weather is the perfect occasion to mix edgy pieces like ripped jeans with fabulous, fuzzy accessories like a cream fur coat!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Barefaced in Beige

Spring in Oregon is basically equivalent to South Beach, Miami, year-round—minus the white sand beaches, Atlantic Ocean, and 100 percent humidity. So in context, I guess the two aren’t that similar after all, but once you’ve endured about 200 days of torrential downpour and occasional snow, a little warmth goes a long way in the Pacific Northwest. That hint of spring is when we Oregonians start shedding those layers of North Face and Patagonia coats like we’re in the Mojave Desert. This annual ritual generally calls for a wardrobe touch-up, and this season I’m talking everything bare and beige.

First thing’s first; the sun is out, and gals and guys alike are down to the bare minimum in their tank tops and shorts. Do the same for your makeup bag and opt for a natural face this season; I promise SPF is all you need. Spring is all about keeping it clean and letting your skin breathe because, after all, we have been suffocating under mounds of parkas for months now.

Okay, we’ve settled that, which means it’s time to get down to the real business: a few of my spring favorites that your closet needs this season. Personally, I believe that beige should be a key shade in any wardrobe, and the warmer months are the perfect time to put it to use. Beige is warm, clean cut, and you can easily add pops of color to it for a brighter vibe. Trust me, there’s no better time than spring to incorporate neutrals.

Now picture this: It’s a gorgeous, sunny day out and you’re going for a casual yet light and fun look that still says, “I’ve got it all figured out,” or at least somewhat in that direction. I decided to pair my favorite beige boots with a pair of Levi Jean cutoffs that are probably older than me, a beat up band T-shirt, and my favorite caramel-colored, vegan leather jacket. Pro tip: an increase in temperature doesn’t mean you have to ditch your leather.

Voila! Now you have an effortless day-to-night outfit that can’t be classified under the Lululemon or Nike category and is perfect for going from an outdoor brunch to evening shopping, dinner, and drinks.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Calls for Bright Colors

Spring is calling our name and so is our new wardrobe choices! Some people take this weather change as an opportunity to bring out their best wardrobe choice. Because, you know, you can actually show them off. The outfits they show can include some nice long sleeve tops, some sweaters, long boots, and some spring dresses. However, because it is Chicago, I would say it is not safe enough to start bringing out the spring dresses.

This particular Fashionista decided to bring out her accessories in this wonderful weather. With this particular day being nice and warm, she was able to pull off a black jacket and some nice long boots. She decided to put some accessories that could match her outfit, such as her clutch bag, ring, and scarf. The clutch she is holding really brings out the color from her outfit and allows there to be a sense of edginess to it. The ring she is wearing clearly matches her outfit and is able to add some nice details to the outfit she is wearing.

The things I really loved about her outfit was that she was able pull off a long top with a leather jacket. Usually when I am wearing a long shirt, I wear a longer jacket along with it. She, however, was able to pull it of great! The open leather jacket, allowed her scarf to give more color to her outfit and add a little darkness to it as well. Everything in her outfit looks great, but one thing I would suggest is to wear a darker color pair of boots. Besides that, this Fashionista did a great job of pulling an outfit together for the start of spring!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Sassy and Classy

A while ago I was given some fantastic advice “keep your standards high and your ponytail higher.” That advice inspired this look. The sassy half up half down hairstyle gave me a beautiful outfit idea. This outfit perfectly shows off one end of my style spectrum: classy, yet sassy.

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and thought, “What did I wear before this? Everything in my closet looks terrible next to this?” That is exactly what happened with this cream colored peplum shirt. When I laid my eyes on this shirt, it was love at first sight. Regardless of the price, this baby was coming home with me. Buying this shirt was possibly one of the best fashion decisions I have ever made.

Moving on to the purse, a Wellesley Mini Rachelle from Kate Spade. The purse is just big enough to fit all the essentials (phone, money, lip gloss, and keys). This purse is a new addition to my collection, but it fits in perfectly! The colors match with almost any outfit; in my opinion, this purse is the crème de la crème. I definitely recommend it.

If you know me, you know I am all about the details. Picking out the perfect shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry for this outfit gave me so much joy. The beige pumps add the classy element to the outfit. Although these heels are slightly difficult to walk in, they are so cute and complement the outfit really well. The sunglasses are cute and they are prescription (now I do not have to wear contacts or glasses! This is a win-win situation). Last but not least, we have the floral statement necklace. This necklace ties the outfit together amazingly. I love it so much that just the thought of this necklace brings tears to my eyes. This whole outfit makes me cry tears of pure joy. Today was a phenomenal fashion day for me.


BU campus is full of creative, casual, and boujee trends. This allows each student to express themselves in different ways. Spotted: a pre-med student roaming around Bay State road, while listening to Kanye West tunes. Every student here at BU walks to classes with their earphones in, listening to whatever kids listen to these days. I find that the music they listen to, has an influence on how they dress.

Kanye West has his own fashion line that usually includes oversize men and womens’ shirts. Immediately, when I spotted this student I knew he was a Kanye West fan. It is hard to purchase Yeezy clothing because of the staggering prices, but we can achieve the same style by putting our own spin on it.

This Fashionisto started with a loose, oversize, gray T-shirt and layered a long sleeve, light pink sweater on top. These colors are perfect for the spring. With the different lengths of both tops, we can see the contrast between them. To add another layer, he chose a dark blue cardigan. I loved this addition because it is entirely individualistic, swaying away from the Yeezy look.

For the bottoms, it is usually smart to pair the tops with jeans, or in this case, dark navy skinny jeans. Now, the shoes are the most important part of the Yeezy look because of the color and material involved. In Kanye’s collection, he tends to go with more neutral colors for his shoes. As seen in the pictures, the boots that this Fashionisto chose to wear are a beige color, suede material, and have a military look to them. It is, of course, mandatory to tuck those jeans into the boots so the details of the boots can be seen.

For accessories, we have a silver Omega watch, paired with a magnetic bracelet, and a pair of shades. Sunglasses are a necessity here in Boston because even though it may be 20 degrees, we have to look cool and smile through the horrible weather.

This specific outfit is a great everyday look for men all over the East Coast. It provides men with a stylish, yet smart outfit. Music always influences teenagers to do crazy things, but in this case, Kanye did an astounding job in influencing this Fashionisto to put Yeezy aesthetics in his spring day outfit. As Kanye would say, “Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness.” Stay RAD my Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

STYLE ADVICE: Stay True to You

April may be the rainiest of months, but this doesn’t mean you have to wear the part. Keep it true and wear what fits your mood. This Fashionista keeps it classy and casual by stepping into some sandal pumps and some rolled up jeans.

Dark beige for sandals has always been the go-to color for any type of occasion whether it be casual or out with your friends. Also, as you can see, they perfectly match our Fashionista’s outfit. I definitely recommend that if you are out on the hunt to purchase some sandals, you should buy actual leather instead of a material that could be synthetic or made out of who-knows-what. When you wear footwear that’s made from material like that, your foot tends to sweat more. Also, leather is very comfortable for your feet. They won’t tire out after a day long trip to the city in a pair of leather sandals. I have owned a pair of leather caramel-colored leather sandals for almost four years now. They are about to fall apart, but they have been so comfy on my feet that it hurts to see them go. For those of you who are not about that leather lifestyle, PETA and Birkenstock have teamed up to produce vegan leather sandals that look very comfy for your feet and are pushing back the boundaries of animal cruelty used in fashion.

Let’s not forget about the beautiful striped blouse our Fashionista is wearing. It complements her long hair and makes her eyes stand out. Sometimes what makes you stand out is being yourself. This is what I love about this Fashionista’s style. This April choose to be yourself and sport the look that fits you.