How to Look Stylish Effortlessly

With school coming right around the corner everyone wants to make a good impression. However, we know how hard it can be to get up for that 8 a.m., let alone to look presentable for it. Of course, you could just throw on an old oversize sweatshirt and leggings and call it a day, but if you can make it look like you spent hours getting ready without the effort, why not? Here are a couple of tips we’ve found to look like you tried without actually trying at all.

1—Lipstick. Lipstick is debatably the easiest trick of them all. By rocking a brighter color on the lip, it gives the implied idea that time and effort were put into the look. Additionally, bright lipstick draws the attention to your lips as the center of the look, leaving room to wear whatever cozy options you want to throw on without looking lazy.

2—Statement sleeves. Statement sleeves are a huge trend right now. Both tops with classic bell sleeves or tops with short, wrist flares can be just as comfortable as a basic sweater, but they still have a more feminine and refined vibe.

3—Dresses. Wearing a dress automatically makes people think you look nice for the day while only taking about five minutes to do it. Just throw on any dress, pair with a sandal for a polished look, and walk out the door.

4—High-waisted. High-waisted bottoms have made a huge comeback. Not only can they be more comfortable than low/mid-rise jeans, but they put the emphasis on your waist and thin you out. Once you find a pair that fits you perfectly, they’re a great option for when you want to look more dressy than you feel.

5—Short heels. Not all heels necessarily mean giving up your comfort to look cute all day. Many options including shorter, thicker heels can be super comfortable (and easy to walk in) while still changing the intrigue of your outfit to be posh.

6—Statement bags. If you invest in a bag with bright colors or a bold pattern, you can utilize it to be the center of your look. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with neutral colors, and let the bag steal the show.

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How to Dress for Unpredictable New York City Weather

August is approaching, but it feels like just yesterday school ended. Making the most of your summer vacation can be difficult as the season comes to an end, especially if you live in a busy city.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, but its people don’t sleep either. Even in the summer, the greatest city in the world still remains busy as ever. This summer, I’ve been running around, commuting on trains, subways, and ferries to get to work and back home. I am like every city person—always on the go and not giving myself enough personal time. That is until I have to pick out my outfit for the next day. I go through outfits upon outfits, layering each to see what would look great, but also what is comfortable enough for me to wear while I run through New York City trying to get from place to place.

If New York City weather is anything, it’s unpredictable. The cool shade from the skyscrapers to the sweaty, jam-packed subways (and their humidity), makes walking around New York City a potential nightmare—but I have picked an outfit that’s perfect for any day in the Big Apple! In this look, I’m wearing a light frilled top and super comfortable corduroy pants paired with some classic Converse. With exotic accents on my shirt like the frilled sleeves, I kept the jewelry to a minimum, only wearing a simple evil eye bracelet to give me the good vibes I need in my day.

New York City is the center of artistic freedom and expression, and being in such an amazing city, you learn to be fearless in your clothing choices and are encouraged to express your true self every day. I hope to encourage you to be yourself and to live your best and most fashionable lives as the summer comes to an end!

What do you hope to accomplish in your last month of summer? Let us know by commenting below or tagging us in photos of your last days of summer activities!

Testing the Classical Films VSCO Filter Pack

As a frequent user of the VSCO app for iPhone for the past few years, I couldn’t resist purchasing one of their filter packs for Lightroom and Photoshop when I came across an ad for it on Facebook. To test out the filter pack, I took my friend and coworker out for an adventure around our neighborhood in the Upper West Side to see it in action.

We first shot some photos in our campus commons next to Lincoln Center to see how the filter pack works in green spaces. Blending comfort with sophistication, Thania styled a pair of lightweight pants with a bell-sleeved blouse and a chic pair of sunglasses. I’m a big fan of bold and rich colors, and this filter pack really complements the earth tones from the background and her outfit perfectly. The pop of color in the pants in contrast to the black pieces in the rest of the ensemble allows the pants to take its place as the standout piece in this outfit.


We then made our way down the block to Columbus Circle to see how the filter pack would look in an urban space. I’ve always been inspired by the diverse architecture in this area, and even the little details like the bold red of the CNN sign are accentuated through these filters. I think this filter pack also complements skin tones very well, and I’ve found a strong liking for the contrast between the rich greens and the subtle brown tones of the buildings. The ideal natural lighting in the photos also made the editing quite minimal—I didn’t find myself doing many other edits to the photo such as changing the contrast and brightness when using the filters.

I definitely recommend the VSCO filter packs for Lightroom and Photoshop for anyone wanting to create professional quality photos without having to make their own presets. I’m now even more tempted to buy the other filter packs available as well. For those of you who just want to spice up your Instagram feed a bit, their mobile phone app is just as good too.

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We Were Staying in Paris

Bonjour, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Currently, I am on a Europe tour with my family. Our first stop is France to spend our holiday, Eid, with our family. I am so excited to be back in the beautiful city of Paris with the lovely cafés and the endless fashion! My favorite thing about Paris, besides the fashion, is the beautiful architecture and the yummy desserts that I can’t get enough of.

When we arrived, there was a massive heatwave taking place. It was scorching hot in the morning and only slightly cooler in the evening. When planning outfits for my trip, I looked for something that was lightweight, trendy, and still comfortable. On this warm, sunny day my family and I visited the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur in Paris. We were there to see the sunset and witnessed a beautiful marriage proposal.

A trend I’ve been loving this summer is bell sleeve blouses. When trying to make a statement to your outfit, bell sleeves are an easy style to add to your closet. This trend is super feminine and chic. These blouses can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. Currently, my favorite item in my closet is this yellow bell sleeve top. It’s super airy and vibrant, which is perfect for the summer. The blouse itself made a statement so I kept the look simple with some light-wash jeans.

When traveling, it’s imperative to wear comfortable shoes. I paired this outfit with my black Birkenstocks in the Arizona style. They’re my favorite go-to shoe because they’re easy to slide on, and they go with every outfit: An essential when on vacation. Lastly, my holy grail item when traveling are my sunglasses. My aviator sunglasses add a trendy look to any outfit.

I can’t wait to travel in Europe and create new memories. What are your plans for the summer? Show me what you’re up to on social media, and be sure to tag @CFashionista!

5 Habits of a Girlboss

If you haven’t seen the new Netflix drama Girlboss, you need to binge watch it while eating pizza. Tonight. Girlboss is loosely based on the life of the Nasty Gal founder and entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, who transformed her eBay shop into an online fashion empire. A girlboss, according to Sophia, is “a feeling, a philosophy, it’s a way for women to reframe success for ourselves, on our own terms.” Sounds pretty badass, right?

Here are some habits of a girlboss that you can incorporate into your everyday routine!

Wake up early

A girlboss knows exactly what she wants and is motivated to get things done while everyone else is still asleep. Do something that you are passionate about so waking up in the morning to go to work doesn’t feel like a chore.

Dress for success

Wear an outfit that makes you feel like you can conquer anything. Hannah loves this black deep v-neck dress with bell sleeves. She paired it with a layered gold necklace and edgy oxfords. This habit is essential to being a girlboss because if you wear something you are confident in, you will exude confidence!

Have self-confidence

Success is based on how you value yourself, your work, and the impact you make on the world. Get rid of the negative thoughts and change your mindset to a positive one to be confident in your own skin!

Always wear a power product

Every woman needs what I call a power product. This is something that makes you feel like you could run the world the minute you put it on. Hannah chose this bold lipstick, which is perfect to give yourself that extra boost of confidence before a presentation!


Continue to hustle but take some time to wind down every once in a while. Whether you write in your journal, take a bath, or watch HGTV reruns with ice cream, it is necessary for your well being to de-stress.

Know more habits of a girlboss? Let me know in the comments below!

Pretty in Pink: Summer Trend Edition

Woohoo, summer is here! Let the beach days and summer tans begin! Where I live, the temperatures can get pretty miserable. But besides those sweltering days, there are so many reasons to love summer.

1. Sunny days and clear skies mean perfect lighting for Instagram pictures.

2. More time to catch up with old high school friends now that school’s out.

3. Farmers’ markets and fresh fruit. (Seriously, I could eat watermelon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

4. It’s always an appropriate time to eat ice cream.

5. Summer fashion trends!

Out of all the seasons, it’s the easiest to spot fashion trends during the summer. Once those temperatures get above 70 degrees, I get excited to see what cute styles are going to be trending this season. Last year, it was cut-off shorts and Adidas superstars, and this year it’s all about the bell sleeves and cold shoulders.

The Look: 

I’ll be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a fashion rut lately, but everything changed when I saw this shirt. The pastel pink color screamed summer, and the breathable cotton material keeps me cool. I love that I can still rock long sleeves in the summer. This shirt took those trending bell sleeves and turned them up a notch, making them fuller and sweeter. It’s an eye-catching design that is sugar sweet. Although the top is definitely a statement piece, the soft color makes it easy to pair with any bottom.

This time, I kept my bottoms simple with a denim mini skirt. Another trend that popped up in the fall and is continuing into the summer are funky patches on denim. I’ve seen all sorts of wacky designs pinned on jeans, jackets, and anything denim. This small detailing gives off an ’80s vibe, and makes otherwise boring garments super fresh.

My favorite trend of the summer so far has got to be strappy, chunky sandals that come in every shade of suede. Although I haven’t gotten my hands on the perfect pair yet, I’m glad that wearing booties in the summer is still acceptable. So until I find my dream summer shoe, these chunky booties will have to do.

My accessories echo the ’80s vibe of my skirt’s detailing. These metal aviators and gold hoops were inspired by the “baddie” look on Instagram, but the pink rims makes them unique and adorable.

I’m ready to take on summer feelin’ pretty in pink. What’s your favorite summer trend so far, and what new trend are you going to try out? Let me know in the comments below!

Statement Sleeves Are Timeless

What a nightmare it is to see all your favorite stores and designers roll out completely new collections. Only because as a result, all of your new clothes don’t look so new. So is this when you shop for pieces that will only be in style for a month or two again? No! Let’s talk about sleeves and thank their timeless element that will keep you and your bank account happy.

Statement sleeves had a significant presence in the runways of New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Thankfully, it seems that this romantic, free-spirited trend is here to stay once again. These dramatic shapes and fun patterns made sleeves the focal point of your outfit. Due to the weather warming up, we say goodbye. All good things must come to an end—or maybe not. Not every day is a minidress and sandals kind of day. From cooler days to indoor events fueled by A/C, it’s good to have coverage even though your weather app suggests otherwise.

Sleeves are very much in, and I’m not talking about characterless sleeves. Rather, the kind that make you feel what it means to be liberated, want to dance, and be comfortable. It would be foolish not to take advantage of the fun creativity in the texture, patterns, and colors that create an extravagant yet elegant element to your wardrobe. Think bishop, belled, short belled, circular flounce, ruffled—anything goes.

Without the need to sacrifice comfort, you’ve opened the door to style. A fun top with sleeves outside of the ordinary is a S/S 17 staple item. Forget thinking this is a fad or that as seasons change it deserves to neglected. I can confidently say this is worth the investment.

If it’s the heat that’s keeping you from experimenting with sleeves as temperatures rise, your décolletage has found its time to shine. Off-the-shoulder tops can shine and, alas, escape your closet as they are the perfect way to transition statement sleeves into higher temperatures. This trend dates to the regency and Victorian eras, but it seems like it’s not so much about the history it provides, but the balance in coverage. The sleeves provide comfortable coverage from the sun leaving room to feel that cool breeze. Having your shoulders set free from your top will keep you from feeling as if you are wearing a sweater on a hot summer day. A top with fun sleeves is a staple piece. It’s waiting to be mixed and matched in many different ways, from skinny jeans, miniskirts, shorts, or even a ruffled skirt if you’re feeling daring.

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Bohemian Babe

I always stay true to my inner flower child and pick fringe, earth tones, and lace over any other style. The bohemian style never fails during any season, making it a go-to style for any event. In almost any store you can find a section with fringe, natural tones, and gold or turquoise accents. Floral crowns, studded belts, and tie-dyed dresses have certainly been modernized since the ’60s.

For me personally, I’ve found it’s trickier to pull off this look in the winter time. Most of the fabrics used are summer based. Considering the summer season has kicked in, I can finally show off my favorite style and discuss my love for neutrals and oversize circle glasses.

In this featured outfit, I’m wearing a faded pink daytime dress with butterfly sleeves. Considering how loose they are, I find these sleeves perfect for summer days. Lately, gold and turquoise accents have also been catching my eye. Turquoise goes with almost anything in my wardrobe, since my style consists of neutral colors. The turquoise jewelry and faded pink tone contrast each other. The black sun hat gives the entire outfit a summer statement.

Finishing off my look, I paired it all with brown leather wedges. This adds a more dress-up look to the outfit. Since it’s officially summer, I opted for the oversize sunglasses to add a ’60s vibe. I simply can’t get enough of round oversize sunglasses! You can catch me sporting them all summer long.

I hope you all learned more about the bohemian style from me, and got some inspiration from my favorite summer look.

How do you rock the bohemian ’60s look this summer season? Do you dress it up or go causal? Are oversize glasses your best friend this summer? Show off your inner flower child on social media or on your personal blog, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

Ring In the Bell Sleeve Trend This Summer 

We all know that trends come and go, but the bell sleeve is the hottest trend yet. Every time I step out or browse the web, the bell sleeve is incorporated on shirts, dresses, button-ups, crop tops—you name it! Whether it’s my favorite Instagram bloggers or a girl at school, if I see a bell sleeved top, I most likely want it right away. A continuing fashion from 2016, the bell sleeve this summer will effortlessly put your outfit together and give it character. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear the bell sleeve incorporating some of the hottest new summer trends:

1—Off The Shoulder Banker’s Stripe Dress

This summer, the banker’s stripe dress is a must. It’s classy, yet casual. Not only have I seen the stripes on the runway, but a little shoulder action as well, giving it an all together feminine look. I decided to add a modest twist into this outfit, and add a white shirt under. On the bottom, I added white denim. You can never go wrong with layering, even if it is in the summer!

2—Statement Stripes And Lace 

If you’re afraid to wear sleeves in the summer, do not fear: lace is here. This light weight top from H&M is the perfect summer essential. I decided to pair it with denim, to give it an all blue summer vibe. The statement stripes on this blouse adds character and makes it perfect for brunch with the girls!

3—The Military Ruffle Bell Sleeves

If you thought bell sleeves couldn’t get any fancier, you thought wrong! This top from Zara puts a fun twist on bell sleeves by adding layers to give it a ruffle effect. Military is a returning trend for this summer, adding a feminine touch with the tiered bell sleeve. The mesh material on this top makes it lightweight, allowing you to layer as much as you want or not at all! I stuck with a black shirt underneath.

4—The Classic Bell Sleeve 

If you’d rather stick to a simpler and put together look, the classic silk white blouse is the one for you. Perfect for interviews or work during the day, you can transform this top by adding a small cross body for your night out dinner date.

So there you have it! The hottest bell sleeve trend of the year mixed in with the newest summer runway trends. With these essentials, your wardrobe will be set to go.

What’s your favorite trend for the summer? Let me know in the comments below. 

How to Perfect a Look That Is Both Comfortable and Stylish This Summer

As a full-time fashion student as well as an employee, summer nanny, daughter, sister, and friend, there really is no down time in my life. With every new day, there is a new adventure, task, or life goal to be accomplished. Almost every young person in my situation can relate and that is why it’s important to dress for your day in something comfortable and also stylish because you never know what life will throw at you. Summer is no exception to this rule!

I found this Fashionista walking the streets of downtown near our college campus during the evening. I loved her look and was super inspired, which led me to asking her lots of questions about her day. The first obvious thing I wanted to know was where she had been and what she had done. She told me all about her day and her summer adventures.

It turns out that this Fashionista has a marketing and social media internship with our school (Kent State University) and gets to help run their social media, plan out posts, and promote cool and exciting things on campus this upcoming fall! What a fun job, right? She said that she loves her internship because it is through the school, is super laid back, but is also giving her the experience that she needs for the real world. Since this is a somewhat laid back internship, jeans are acceptable on their casual Fridays. She decided to not only wear jeans, but to wear cropped white denim that looked super sharp with the rest of her outfit.

After her internship ended, she met up with some friends for dinner and dessert downtown. This outfit is acceptable in the office and can be worn out afterwards without being too overdressed. This Fashionista was walking quite a bit which is where comfort comes into play. Heels are very cute, but these trendy, tan peep-toe flats are just as cute and she could walk for miles in them!

To top off her look, this Fashionista was wearing the uber trendy off-the-shoulder, white and powder blue top that can be found just about anywhere this summer season. This item is really popular and can be worn in so many different ways. This top can be dressed up or down depending on what kind of aesthetic you are going for as well.

What are you wearing to your internship this summer? Share a photo on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!