5 Denim Trends Every It Girl Is Trying This Fall

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is shifting gears and so are the seasons, but maybe your style is lacking the same motivation. Take something tried-and-true and put your own spin on it! This season, give your denim looks a facelift. For some inspiration, here are five denim trends It girls are rocking everywhere.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Cropped denim

Cropped denim pants are on trend and in even higher demand with the popularity of ankle boots. Cropped jeans are not just a way to highlight your shoes but also a way to show some skin and stay cool in the transitioning weather. Plus, if you hate cuffing your jeans but you can’t find a pair to fit your height, then cropped denim should fit perfectly.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Belted denim

I’m sure everyone’s seen that iconic Gucci belt on Instagram making a comeback—and for good reason. Even if you don’t want to commit to Gucci (I’d rather pay my tuition), adding a belt to your jeans adds polish and even professionalism to your outfit. Belts also define your waistline and provide a more defined silhouette. Basically, belts are the overlooked structure to any basic jeans and T-shirt combo.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

3—Double denim

It’s been debated whether the double denim trend is cool or not, but Style Gurus across the globe have settled that debate with the right styling and mindset. Double denim is transcendent to trends because denim doubles as a neutral. You’d pair a black shirt with black pants, white on white, tan on tan, etc. It’s the same idea, except there’s more freedom with denim because of the different washes, textures, colors, and fades. Unlike other neutrals, you don’t need the exact same color on top and bottom. In fact, pairing different types of denim adds flair and dimension to your outfit.

PHOTO: Valerie Cammack

4—Raw hem denim

Within the last year, people have taken their jean hems and torn, frayed, and feathered them with full force. Whether it’s an act of rebellion or you just really like the texture of raw textiles, it adds variation and an element of distress to your jeans without making any holes.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

5—Denim jackets

The vintage and throwback vibes are real, and they’re really here to stay. Throw on a denim jacket to channel your favorite ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s stars. It’s perfect to throw on as a layer with any outfit because of its neutrality.

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Featured photo by Cassidy Clark.

The History of the Corset and How It’s Trending Today

Corsets have been around since before the Middle Ages. At the beginning of its history, corsets were made of fabric, stiffened by glue, and supported by boning made of whalebone or metal. Women were secured into the corset either by lacing or hooking up the back of the corset or up the front of the corset, sometimes both. The purpose of corsets at the time was to narrow the waist and support the breasts. This created the much desired, even to this day, S-curve or hourglass figure that represents femininity.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

However, these corsets caused a lot of health problems among women such as frequent fainting due to inability to breathe and displacement of organs as well as infertility as a result of the development of endometriosis.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that corsets began to loosen their form when straight silhouettes became more fashionable. No longer were corsets designed to create the tiniest waist possible. Instead, corsets were designed to flatten the curves on a woman’s chest and hips to create a more boy-like figure.

From there, traditional corsets appeared to slowly lose their following as Spandex shapewear grew in popularity with its promise to subtly mold the body without the discomfort and decreased mobility of previous styles. Corsets were no longer expected of women and began to only be a staple of runway shows and lingerie.

Until recently, only fashion icons such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian could be seen wearing a corset on the street, but with the new structure of corsets today, the trend is beginning to be seen more and more on everyday women.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

These new corsets no longer attempt to mold women’s bodies into unnatural shapes. Instead, they aim to highlight parts of the body that women feel proud of. The new style prefers looser fits and flowing fabrics over constrictive boning and stiff textiles. The lacing is often seen around the waist of T-shirts and dresses, which can be easily styled with some modern accessories to keep from looking like a historical actor on your way to class. The corset trend has also been popular in the form of belts, which can be added over any basic top or dress to add a little detail and highlight the waist.

Whether this new corset trend will stick around for more than a season or fizzle out when the next trend comes around is hard to tell. Nonetheless, it is definitely a trend to play with as the old fashion staple joins the modern era.

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All photos taken by Natalie Miller.

How to Wear Borrowed From the Boys Trends

Every wonder if you could rock the styles of menswear but were too nervous to make the big leap? Now you can with a trend gaining popularity in the fashion world, opening the doors for women to try the looks of menswear. This trend is all about borrowing clothes from the boys. From graphic T-shirts, baggy shorts, and suit sets to rugged outerwear, Birkenstocks, sneakers, and masculine watches, the possibilities of rocking this look are endless and easy to achieve. This Fashionista I found on the city streets added her own flair to this style by combining refined accessories with more masculine pieces.

The inclusion of masculine pieces in the look were noted in her graphic T-shirt, dark denim, long shorts, olive Birkenstocks, and gold-plated leather watch. Her graphic T-shirt was emblazoned with the logo of the popular skater magazine, Thrasher. The red and oranges in the flames on the shirt were complemented by the Fashionista’s eye makeup look. The dark denim long shorts complemented the gray and black color palette of the look and added an ease to her outfit. The gold-plated leather watch was a nod to more a manlier style and tied in her accessories as well.

The Fashionista’s accessories added a tone of minimalism and structure to the relaxed vibe of the outfit. Her black leather, dual buckle belt perfectly matched her black leather mini backpack while her round silver sunglasses, thin silver hoops, white gemstone ring, and silver star choker, were a feminine touch to the more masculine outfit.

Menswear trends and clothing are no longer difficult to incorporate into your wardrobe. You can mix rugged, masculine pieces with feminine, refined accessories to make the trend more wearable. You can also keep a simpler color palette, as seen in the gray and darker hues of this Fashionista’s outfit, to sophisticate your look. Now go out there and put your own twist on this popular trend!

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My Go-To Look for a Casual Summer Day

Am I the only one who finds it hard to look put together and cute while not being completely overdressed? For me, there is nothing worse than showing up and being very obviously under or overdressed, so I try to find outfits that are perfect for when I’m not quite sure what everyone else will be wearing. This has been my go-to look lately for those summer days when I want to look put together and chic but still casual.

I recently picked up this top and it has quickly become one of my most worn items in my closet. I’ve been constantly finding myself reaching for it because it’s so versatile. I love styling plain white shirts different ways, and I think the embroidered detail on this one is so cute because it adds the tiniest pop of sass.

These shorts have been one of my favorite purchases this summer.  I always struggle to find denim shorts that are cute but are also not too short. I’m 5’8″, so most shorts that I try on end up looking like daisy dukes. I also love the distressing on these! My Gucci belt might be the best fashion investment I have ever made. I am absolutely in love with it, and  I wear it all the time. It instantly makes any outfit better, and I always feel good when I wear it. It also makes a casual T-shirt and shorts seem fancier. If you can, definitely get your hands on one now!

My shoes are one of my favorite parts of this outfit because they are so comfortable and cute. I love the bows on these sandals.  They go with almost everything and are so easy just to throw on and go. I threw on my everyday jewelry: my Tiffany necklace. My best friend always calls me beans, so when I saw this bean necklace, I had to have it. The last essential item to any outfit for me is some good shades. I just feel cooler when I have sunglasses on, and I don’t really think any look is complete without them.

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Your Go-To Vacation Outfit in 5 Pieces

For my family, it is finally vacation time and I could not be more excited. The beachfront condo, sun-kissed skin, and the boardwalk steal my heart every year. My favorite part of the entire week is seeking all of the different trends and styles other vacationers are pulling off on the boardwalk each night. For my first night of vacation, I pulled together a few basics and some statement pieces for a simple night out on the boardwalk.

I have been adoring the square neckline trend for a few months now, and I fell in love with this salmon-colored crop top because of it. I paired it with a pair of distressed denim high-waisted shorts in a lighter wash so that the contrast between the pink and blue wouldn’t be too much. To me, the outfit needed a little something more, so I added a western style double buckle belt. I realized after that not only did it add something to the outfit, but it also accentuated my waist.

Being beachfront means it will most likely get chilly at night, so I grabbed my all-time favorite denim jacket with embroidered detailing. I knew this would be risky since everyone knows not to wear denim on top of denim, but I learned that it has become one of my favorite style don’ts to pull off. To keep the outfit simple, I threw on some neutral slip-on sandals. To me, this outfit embodies some of the best summer trends right now and has a flirty and fun vibe perfect for a chill night.

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How to Stay Chic This Summer

It’s all about perfecting that chic neutral look.

Most Fashionista/os have the urge to explore the vibrant side and deter from the neutral color palette during the summer months, but I disagree, and I am here to tell you why. Neutrals are our friends when it comes to staying chic especially during the most colorful time of the year. Chic is simplistic, and by being simplistic, we are able to hone in on details, which is what truly matters when it comes to a perfect outfit. Details are what make a simple color palette pop.

Here’s how to achieve that ultimate summer chic look.

A Light Colored Top

This Fashionista has found the perfect shade of crème and top to go with the color. She has decided to wear a flowy crème top that has just a hint of darker shades to offset the neutral tones. Look for a solid color top, and dress it up with feathers, gold, and a little sparkle.

Envelope Skirt

Wear a skirt that is under the right color palette but has a unique look. When wearing an envelope skirt, the eye is looking at all of the different angles. As a result, it’s a show stopper because of the many levels put together.

Powerful Pair of Platforms

For this Fashionista, most of her outfit consists of the idle classic look but her platform heels add a bit of edginess. By using elements of class and edge, you will always be a trendsetter. Because of the combination, these super tall heels incorporate an idle look for anyone.

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A Short Girl’s Guide to Wearing Long Dresses

Summer is here and what that means for most girls is the season of the sundresses and maxi skirts is back. I get told that I am short quite often, so I began feeling like I simply could not pull off the look of a long dress. This changed when I discovered the absolutely perfect maxi dress hanging at my local Ross. The pattern was too pretty to pass up and the length of the dress did scare me but I made sure I was following my tips along the way.

Tip number one: find a dress that cinches or has elastic at the waist. This allows for you to adjust the garment to fit to size without looking too bulky. Make sure that the dress also has adjustable straps so you can minimize the length as much as possible. This type of cut also gives the wearer the most control on how long the dress can be and how short it can go. This is my personal favorite route to take when shopping for a long dress.

Tip number two: find the perfect neutral wedges! Wedges are the perfect addition to a dress that is too long. This is perfect for dressing up the summer frocks or even for a casual style. If you’re wearing a white maxi dress and neutral wedges, throw on a denim jacket and you’re set! If wedges aren’t your type, you can opt for some block heeled sandals or even slightly heeled flats.

My final tip: use a belt. I’d go for a neutral colored skinny belt to match the best with the dress. With a belt, you have the ability to control the blouse part and the skirt part of a dress and keep it to your liking. This also allows for you to discreetly make the dress a perfect length, without it looking baggy.

What are your tips for rocking that summer maxi dress? Let us know in the comments below!

Digital Alterations in Mass Media

Pop culture and mass media are pervasive as they both play a major role in womens’ mental health. The media is making it difficult for us as women to evolve into individuals; we spend a lot of our time always judging ourselves and one another based on someone else’s idea of perfection on and offline. Advertisers have got to realize that there is a difference between beauty and digital alterations. There have been plenty of reports that show how many women have been negatively affected by constant exposure to models that fulfill an unrealistic ideal of beauty.

Popular culture plays a big role in influencing people’s perceptions about right and wrong, good and bad. Most of the time, you will see someone who looks close to the models depicted in the media, but more often than not, these are average people who are digitally altered. The problem with this idea of digital alteration is that it is becoming more problematic to see the limits of what is real and what is imagined. Digital alterations have been going on for many years, and quite frankly, it will never stop since they want people to believe that the person is almost “perfect.” Real beauty can’t be seen in digital alterations due to the unrealistic standards that are incorporated.

Digital alteration largely impacts how popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Paper portray celebrities and models in a different light. Almost every aspect of pop culture is about marketing. The beauty ideal being sold to girls and women everywhere is that in order to be beautiful, you must be thin, sexy, young, and fair-skinned. The promise sold along with this idea is that once it’s achieved, you are guaranteed happiness.

What the mass media fails to warn us of is the damage that occurs in the pursuit of this unrealistic and unobtainable ideal. Studies have found that within three minutes of viewing fashion magazines, it left 70 percent of women feeling depressed, guilty, and ashamed. Additionally, 10 minutes of watching a music video portraying ultra-thin models left adolescent girls feeling dissatisfied with their bodies. Clothing firms use size 0 models in their advertisements that are often photoshopped to alien-like dimensions that would be unachievable and unhealthy in any human being.

Personally speaking, body image has always been an issue with me by admitting that, I too, am also learning how to love the body that I am in. We must all also understand that every person is shaped differently and the only goal that we need to focus on is the goal that we create for ourselves. There isn’t a magic spell to help you reach your desired figure, but hard work, discipline, and optimal care will allow you to achieve your goals.

What do you think of digital alterations in the media? Let me know in the comments below!


3 Travel Must-haves

Currently, I am in California traveling. I have visited many places, spending hours in the car, but it is well worth it. First, I went to San Francisco, where the weather was cooler which meant layering up. Then, I went to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is known for its bohemian and edgy fashion. There the weather was warmer, and I could bring out my denim skirt. For this trip, I had to pack my three travel essentials that I wore with most of my outfits. I wore this outfit in Los Angeles, and it was perfect for touring the City of Angels.

These are my three essentials for traveling.

1—Bucket HandbagThis bucket bag is necessary because it can carry everything you need for the day. I can fit my phone, wallet, and even my camera. It also has a pouch perfect for safely storing sunglasses. I chose this black one from Forever 21 with gold details that can complement any outfit.

2—Platform SandalsThese sandals are a lifesaver when the day involves tons of walking. They are very comfortable, and I wore them walking up San Francisco’s steep hills with no effort. I chose the black style because I can wear them with anything. The platform gives height, and it’s the best option for everyday use.

3—Buckle BeltA belt is both practical and stylish. I got my belt from Brandy Melville, and it was very affordable. The buckle detail completes any outfit seamlessly. I wore it with my denim embroidered skirt. A belt can add the final touch to any look.

These three items were vital to each of my outfits on my trip to California, and are vital for any Fashionista’s travels. A bucket handbag can fit anything you need for the day. Buy some platform sandals for traveling. Finally, a buckle belt is an essential accessory perfect for completing any look.

Do you have any travel must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastels and Punk in the Pretty Weather

Spring is here and in full bloom. Due to the spring season, your Instagram feed is probably full with pictures of Fashionistas in florals and pastels.  I love both the pattern and the color palette and like to add a bit of edge to both. My ideal spring outfit is a mix of light pieces, girlie staples, and rocker chic essentials all in one. This outfit I wore on a beautiful, May day perfectly embodies that mix. My pastel pink accessories bring the lightness of spring. While the black foundation pieces of my outfit bring in that edge I love in my clothing. This look is tough and soft all at the same time, showing that spring can call for a surprising balance of contrasting trends.

Starting with the sleeker, cooler tones in the outfit, I used black pieces as the main color palette to bring the different elements in the look together. I turned a black slip, silk dress into a maxi skirt, by pairing it underneath a graphic T-shirt. I then added a black, Western inspired, silver-tipped, belt to cinch and define my waist. My favorite part of the look would be the pastel pink and black, graphic T-shirt. This T-shirt was quite a steal for I got it at a bargain price from Forever 21 in the Men’s section. The detailing on the crew neck shirt depicts  two automobiles racing in fast motion with cool lettering stating, “Charged Up”. I topped the outfit with a pair of simple, beige Puma sneakers to add comfort and style.

The lighter tones in the outfit came from the pink color palette in my accessories, beauty, and the graphic T-shirt. The main statement accessory was my pastel pink, mirrored cat-eye sunglasses. These sunglasses tied in the pink in the graphic T-shirt I wore with the black, silk skirt. I painted on a light pink lipstick to draw in more of the precious color into my look.

This look is great for any Fashionista, like myself, that wants the best of both worlds with their trends. The outfit had darker pieces like the silk, slip dress and the Western inspired belt to add edge. While the pastel pinks in the graphic T-shirt and the mirrored cat-eye sunglasses brought sweetness into the look. Pastels and punk can always be perfect together with the right accessories and clothing, especially in the warmer weather!