Dressing for Success—The College Perspective

Nearing the end of my college career, I find myself needing to prepare myself for entering my professional career. If you’re like me, you might realize that the first step in doing so starts at home and particularly—in your closet. The first part starts there because you have to start dressing for the position that you want in order to mentally prep yourself for having that job.

1—Dressing the part. There’s a saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but it is undeniable that when you first meet someone what you are wearing plays a part in the opinion they form about you. When you’re shopping for a new product you are probably going to pick one of the most attractively packaged products that fits your budget. When you are getting ready for your day or an interview, see yourself as a product that a potential employer is shopping for.

You do not have to dress professionally everyday but if you know you will be attending events that will involve networking it is a good idea to dress to impress. If the event is casual, how do you dress for this? Simple, clean lines are always attractive. To accomplish this look you can slick your hair back or put it in a neat bun, wear a casual blouse or shirt, blazer, and black pants or wear a dress. Match the shoe to the lip color or a color in the blouse/dress. Dressing for success doesn’t have to be as boring as it seems either. You should view it as advertising yourself to potential connections and employers; as branding yourself. Adding in a bright color with lipstick, shoe, hat, scarf, tie, ascot, cuff links, a pin, or jewelry can spice up any outfit and show off individuality.

2—A second opinion. The Wall Street Journal even noted that in studies, people that wore professional clothing “may raise one’s confidence level, affect how others perceive the wearer, and in some cases even boost the level of one’s abstract thinking, the type in which leaders and executives engage”. Thus leading me to believe you cannot go wrong with dressing for success.

3—Posture. Looking the part isn’t the only thing that you should be thinking about when dressing for success. Posture and a solid handshake are the next important things in being professional. Not only will slouching create wrinkles in your nicely put together outfit and give you back problems, but it will also make potential employers think you are lazy or sloppy and that is the last impression you want someone to have of you. Handshakes have been a way of formal introduction for decades and is one form of physical contact that you may have with another person. Firm handshakes have been a part of the professional world and it is almost taboo not to have one.

Do you agree that dressing for success is good preparation for a career? Share your thoughts in the comments!

How to Dress for Success at Your Dream Internship

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word “internship” over the past three years, I’d be able to pay off all my loans within a month after graduation! Every college student knows that depending on your major of choice, that is essential to get real-world experience before you graduate. As a marketing major, I’m interested in more than just marketing itself. I would love to try advertising, public relations, or social media. This summer, I was lucky enough to intern with the top advertising and marketing agency in Rochester, NY in their public relations department! This is how I dressed for success during my time there.

Walking into the beautifully renovated building on my first day, I felt out of place. The building was beyond modern and filled with MacKenzie-Childs art. Everyone looked effortlessly chic and stylish compared to my black pants and blazer. I was extremely envious of how easy the women made walking in three-inch heels look. After my first day, I went home to prepare for day two and I decided to get some inspiration from my closet. All I could think about was how cool and modern the office was and how business relaxed everyone looked. I decided to try and dress less business professional, and instead, went for a more business casual style.

For my outfit, I wore a pair of pink chino pants with a flowy blouse and light brown booties. I immediately felt like I fit in and like my outfit wasn’t forced, unlike my first day. In the public relations team, there’s a lot of moving going on with running from client meetings to team meetings, so it’s key to stay comfortable with what you’re wearing. My chino pants allowed myself to walk up and down their stairs without having to flash the teams below, while the flow of my blouse made me feel light and like I was floating through the office. I love heels, but when it comes to walking up two flights of stairs every day, I began to appreciate my booties because they are so comfortable.

What is your go to style for your internship? Let me know by commenting below!

Wild Style

“Wild, wild, wild… When I’m with you, all I get is wild thoughts.” Let me just say that this song has been on repeat in my brain since it was released. I think we can all agree that “Wild Thoughts” is definitely this summer’s anthem, next to “Despacito,” of course. The video captures the heat of the summer and the sultry, dewy look everyone has been trying to emulate. This summer aesthetic inspired me to create a similar look that has enough vibrancy and heat for half the cost.

Vibrant, Bold Colors

First, what drew me in were Rihanna’s electric blue shadowed eyes and bold red lip. This look popped up repeatedly on my Instagram’s discover page and I can’t get enough. I’m in love with the whole vibe: Miami nights, bright colors, over the top jewelry—give me more, please! I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s outfits in the music video. Her staple orange, vintage Betsy Johnson sheer top definitely stole the show. The top was my main focal point for my inspired look. As I watched the rest of the video, I indulged in the fashion—Balenciaga floral L\leggings that could probably pay my tuition and that dress! The iconic turquoise Alberta Ferretti peasant dress. It’s practically a tropical runway fairytale.

Now Make It Your Own

Now, of course, I can’t afford Balenciaga, but these looks inspired me to create something a little more wearable and definitely more affordable. Keeping the warm bright colors in mind I chose an orange silky peasant top from Forever 21 that will make your pockets and hearts very happy. The sleeves are ruffled with a beautiful split neckline detail. Since the top was definitely the main focus for this outfit, I paired it with a simple jean miniskirt.

Lastly, the jewelry in this look is simplistic with the gold necklace that complements the orange and doesn’t distract from the top. Finishing off the look, I wore block heels with tan leather straps. This outfit is super easy and very versatile. It can go from day to night and will add a punch of Rihanna’s style to your wardrobe.

What summer jams inspire your style? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to share your style with @CFashionista on social media to give us some inspiration too.

Painting Los Angeles Red

Living in the harsh winter conditions of Madison, Wisconsin, nine out of 12 months of the year, it’s not often that you catch me in a pair of shorts. Usually seen scurrying to class, clad in a puffy stadium length parka and heavy snow boots, you could imagine how thrilled I was to be able to be back in California soaking up the sun.

I took a trip downtown with a good friend of mine to the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. An up and coming spot filled with delicious eats, cute stores, and pretty painted walls (this one is located next to Cafe Gratitude). I gave her little instruction as for what to wear, simply requesting that she channel her favorite summer look.

She decided on a flowy white blouse, paired with distressed dark denim shorts. The contrast of light and dark worked effortlessly in this look. She paired her mid calf biker booties with a dark toned floppy hat.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the look, however, was the painted red lip. I love the contrast seen between the white blouse and sultry red lipstick color. To finish off the look, she accessorized with a few dainty necklaces as well as a some beaded bracelets and small rings. She also carried a large forest green shoulder bag.

Whether you’re out hitting the town for a brunch with the girls or checking out a new coffee spot, this look is effortlessly casual yet classy. A definite go-to look for summer 2017!

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Summer Staple Skirt

Summer is one of my favorite seasons, and now that we’re two months in, you probably know that it’s hotter than hot out. To keep cool in July, I like to minimize my layers as much as possible. I do this by wearing light and airy pieces that allow me to breathe on the warmer days. My favorite piece this summer is my early 2000s inspired denim skirt from Levi’s. I have been wearing this skirt a lot lately, and have found that it can be worn with many different styles. Additionally, this versatile skirt can be dressed up or down for many occasions. This denim skirt is one of my summer wardrobe staples but is a year-round basic.

I paired my staple skirt with a white lightweight cold shoulder blouse. The super thin fabric plus the cold shoulder holes are perfect for the July heat. My favorite part about this blouse is the ruffle detailing across the chest. I have always been a fan of ruffles, and I love that I am seeing them more in my favorite stores lately.

Then, I opted for a leather wrap-up sandal from Free People—I have linked a similar pair. I have been loving leather sandals lately and these have definitely been my go-to this season. However, the downside is the funky tan lines!

To pull the entire look together, I threw on my leather Shinola watch and my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Crossbody (aka the perfect crossbody bag). First of all, I love this watch because of its simplicity and timeless look. I find that I can wear it daily and that it matches most of my wardrobe. The Mini MAC has been one of my favorite bags for years now. Additionally, it is a perfect size and fits all of my on-the-go necessities such as wallet, sunglasses, and lip balm. This bag is perfect for everyday use.

The denim skirt has been one of my favorite comeback trends this season. Let me know how you style yours in the comments down below. 

The Pretty Popping Comeback of Pink

Major summer trend alert: pink has officially made its comeback, after being in the background for so long. In the early 2000s, the color pink was popular exclusively in some form of a sparkly camisole and has been forever remembered to have only been pulled off “correctly” by the iconic Elle Woods. However, it has made its comeback, and there’s officially no wrong way to think pink! From fuchsia to mauve, the choices are endless, and no matter what you chose it will undoubtedly have you turning heads this summer.

Like the weather, my current personal favorite shade of pink is hot, hot, hot; though I am also a huge fan of a dusty pink as well. My fashion tip to conquering the color with confidence is to remember that pink looks great with lots of texture and depth. For this look, I am wearing a sheer, flowy off-the-shoulder top. It is studded with buttons down the middle and Swiss dots on the bodice. The off-the-shoulder sleeves and sheer texture add an extra level of boldness to the outfit, while the dots and buttons are more subtly sweet.

I chose to pair this top with a short denim skirt and chunky white platform wedges. The faded blue in the denim allows the hot pink to really shine. Black jeans also look great with lighter pinks, and white really complements burnt pink. Same goes for the shoes; I like how bright the white looks with the pink, but you can mix and match with tan or even black. With a color so versatile, it almost seems like you can’t make a wrong choice with how to wear it.

Jewelry is another fun topic when it comes to pink. Because it comes in so many shades, you can wear any of your precious metals. I am a jewelry minimalist; small earrings, rings, and maybe a dainty anklet are the most you will get out of me. So for this look, I chose light gold pieces that kept the focus on my top but still complemented it. You can add a silver or black choker for an edgier vibe or keep things classy with pearls too! Pink goes with any type of personal style. This summer’s color is here to stay so let us be pretty, pink, and powerful in every way.


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How to Dress for a Big Fat Indian Wedding

Que the gorgeous outfits, crazy relatives, sleepless nights, and pop the champagne because it’s time for a wedding! I am going to take you across the world to Jaipur, India and show you how weddings are really done. An Indian wedding is unlike any other typical marriage ceremony. If done traditionally, it is a week-long celebration filled with various functions to commemorate the union of two individuals. With each religious ritual, social event, and after-party comes a new outfit and look. Whether it be a sari (a traditional garment draped on a woman), a lengha (an elaborate long skirt and crop-top style), or even a western dress, the goal of any individual at these weddings is to dress to impress.

This particular outfit can be worn at the sangeet (a pre-wedding party), the wedding ceremony, or the reception. It is a sari, but with a modern twist. For many, the process of putting on a sari can be complicated because the abundance of the garment can make it hard to drape properly. If one can do this art, they are considered very valuable especially around wedding time. This specific sari is ready made, which means it doesn’t involve much drape work. It entails a white blouse, with silver embroidery, a blue skirt and a blue drape with silver rhinestones.

In having this type of sari, the process of getting ready becomes hassle free. Accessories, accessories, accessories—the epitome to any Indian look. This sari is accompanied with a pair of silver heels, blue and sliver authentic bangles, traditional silver jhumka earrings,and a simple bindi (a decorative sticker worn on your forehead). Regarding beauty, one important tip to keep in mind when traveling to India is the intense humidity. To tame our luscious hair for outdoor functions, any product of Frizz Ease is highly recommended.

A wedding in the Indian community, or in any community for that matter, is deemed to be the happiest of times for families to get together and mark the marriage of two individuals. Though we all make a fuss about what to wear at these events and the importance of our wardrobe choices, it’s really not about us; it’s about the bride and groom and the beginning of their new life together. These weddings bring families together, the party animal in every individual, and a sense of bliss to our lives.

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3 Basics Everyone Needs This Summer

Summer fashion—it’s not easy. It’s hot and humid outside and an icebox in the office, which makes finding an outfit that’s appropriate for both environments near impossible. My advice? Find your basics. Landing a handful of go-to’s is essential for making summer dressing easy-breezy. With a good pair of denim, a few blouses, and a fun pair of sandals, your summer wardrobe will be set as displayed by this Fashionista.

Of course, everyone’s personal style is different, but these three basics can be molded to any wardrobe. This Fashionista took a simple spin on her summer look by keeping it minimal. Her vintage Levi’s paired with this navy, airy blouse was effortless and perfect for a cooler summer night. Scoring denim this great isn’t easy, though. Thankfully, flea markets seem to be on every corner during the summer. With tons of vintage vendors, you’re bound to find the perfect denim fit for you. Once you do, it’ll feel a bit too similar to falling in love (I wish I was lying, but it’s true!).
This Fashionista made this look more fit for her style with gold jewelry and the sandals to match. Her look was quite simple so she added a fun pair of earrings and staple gold necklace. Neither piece took away from the rest of the look but instead added intricacy and detail. Her vintage sunglasses were another flea market score. Sunglasses are an overall summer essential (along with some SPF, of course). She completed the look with some gold, strappy sandals and was ready to take on the summer weather. Her go-to denim, blouse, and sandals made for the perfect summer look.
Do you love these summer basics, too? Let me know in the comments below.

Why You Should be Wearing Seaside Stripes This Season

Before you finish packing that suitcase stop to check if you’ve included this summer’s most popular trend in your vacation wardrobe. If you watched the recent fashion shows, then you know what trend I’m talking about: stripes. Stripes have always been a classic, however, this season, they dominated the runway in the form of colorful seaside stripes. While these stripes do look great by the beach side and pool lounge chairs, don’t be deceived by the name. The name “seaside” stripes do not mean they’re solely reserved for those occasions.

To prove it, I walked through the streets of Central Jersey in this playful blue and white seaside striped blouse. For a more flattering look, I left the top two buttons unbuttoned and then tied the bottom front into a bow to make the top slightly form-fitting. Next, rather than pairing the shirt with boring white jeans or shorts, I decided to go for a bolder look with a copper button-down denim skirt. Surprisingly, the two different colors of blue, instead of clashing, ended up complementing each other and drawing out both shades of blue. The combination of the lightweight blouse and the denim skirt allowed me to walk in ease through the 97 degree weather. Tip: If you want to make it even cooler. Unbutton the shirt and wear a spaghetti strap tank underneath.

From my handbag collection, I chose a pastel pink bag for a pop of color to liven up the entire outfit (as shown in the slideshow above). My favorite part of this bag is the rose-gold sequins lining the straps of the bag.

Moving onto the accessories—the key to creating your own personal style. I never leave the house without at least one accessory. For this outfit, I chose two gold pieces: a gold criss-cross ring and a diamond-embellished gold choker with the outfit. For my final touch, I placed a couple of freshly picked lavenders in my breast pocket.

Stripes are such a versatile trend. Besides this outfit, I’m excited to see how many more ways I can play around with this summer’s most popular trend.

Any trends that you’ve been obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below!

The Fashion I Found in My Mom’s Closet

Do you ever rummage through your closet, pull a shirt out, and think, “Why was this ever a good idea?” Well, you are definitely not alone. Trends come and go, but luckily, they always make their way back at some point—a year or even two decades! I tend to get sick of my wardrobe because a lot of my pieces are extremely trendy and end up going out of style. Currently, the ’90s are totally in, so instead of looking for something in my closet, I ran over to my mom’s closet where I can find the best accessories and clothes.

My mom has an amazing collection of clothes, bags, and accessories from the ’80s and ’90s (I would like to thank her for her shopaholic phase). Everything is authentic and each piece is a little part of history, which I love. Another perk of wearing your mom’s old clothes is that no one will have it, which makes you unique.

I pulled out a beautiful off-white satin blouse with bell sleeves and decided to pair it with Pookie & Sebastian jeans that have asymmetric hemming. Since the top is dramatic, I wanted to tone it down with simple blue wash jeans. My mom luckily let me borrow her Gucci crossbody bag that she bought in the ’80s, and I absolutely love it because the detailing is subtle and it doesn’t scream “designer.” I paired the black bag with black leather cut-out booties for a fresh spring vibe.

I found this blouse incredibly appealing since I’ve seen bell sleeves everywhere lately. I don’t know where the blouse is from, but I found three summer shirts, inspired by my mom’s, all under $100 from MadewellUrban Outfitters, and Zara.

As a college student, purchasing a designer bag is not realistic, but you may be able to find vintage designer bags or used ones at a marked down price on websites like Poshmark, Etsy, Depop, and The RealReal.

I urge you all to go through your mom’s, aunt’s, or a close one’s wardrobe, with their permission of course, and find an item that you immediately fall in love with. You may not always find what you want, but it’s always good to keep your mind open and accepting of new clothes or accessories that are out of your comfort zone.

Comment below and tell me what you found lying around in your mom’s (or a close one’s) closet!