Wipe Away Those Summer Blues

Summer is sadly coming to an end. Soon it will be time to go back to school and break out the sweaters and boots. Luckily, we still have most of August to enjoy before we officially have to kiss summer good bye. Don’t let those summer blues get you down!

I have spent my summer doing tons of fun things, such as swimming, reading, and finding new places around my town to take great pictures for Instagram. One of my favorite spots to snap a few shots is outside of my local library. They have such pretty flowers that make any picture a million times nicer.

In this picture, I am wearing one of my favorite outfit combinations of the summer. A baby blue peplum shirt and these floral shorts that I was able to get on sale. The shirt is a T-shirt material making it very comfortable for everyday wear. Shades of blue are some of my favorite colors to wear all year round. I especially love to wear lighter blues for summer. The shorts are more of a nicer material with embroidery detail giving the outfit more of a put together vibe.

As for accessories, I have been really into sunglasses. Every time I take a trip to the mall, I always seem to be leaving with a new pair of sunglasses. Not only are they perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun, they also really can pull together an outfit. I really like the ones that I am wearing here. They are a club master style with a clear frame and gold details. I’m also wearing my favorite gold watch that I got at Michael Kors.

Finally for the shoes that I am currently obsessed with: they are sneakers that are totally the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever put on my feet. They are also so easy to slide on. I prefer sneakers over sandals because sneakers are more practical to walk around in during the summer.

What’s your favorite outfit to wear this summer? Leave a comment below!

Say Goodbye to Brassy Tones With This Magic Product

Ah, yes. The balayage trend is still in full swing. We strive to achieve the icy blonde tresses taunting us on Pinterest and Instagram as we scroll. Combatting brassy tones in blonde hair is a major problem many of us face once we leave the salon. Proper upkeep can make our beloved stylists’ jobs easier and maybe even save you a little cash in the future. What college student doesn’t love that? But a better question is what’s the best way to beat the brass?

I tried countless methods to keep my “fresh out of the salon” blonde bright without damaging my hair and my bank account. Purple and blue shampoos were suggested to me to try, but they ended up drying out my hair. I found the money and energy I put into upkeep to be a complete waste. Major frizz and breakageas well as hair that was getting brassier each day, were my results. The worst part was this solution so many hair stylists swore by turned out to be no solution at all!

I thought back to when I used colored conditioners by oVertone for my bold, teal hair. These color depositing conditioners are the holy grail of hair care. They kept my hair bright and beautiful between salon visits and were easy to use. After a visit to my stylist, I decided to give both the pastel purple and pastel blue conditioners a try. I hoped to cancel out all brassy tones that would pop up in my hair.

It’s been almost three months since my last hair appointment, and my hair is healthier and brighter than ever. OVertone conditioners are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no dyes, leaving hair refreshed and luscious. To tone your hair with these conditioners, first see which color would best suit your hair. Look at the color wheel— if you have a yellow blonde then purchase the pastel purple. If you have a more orange shade opt for the pastel blue. I like my hair on the icy, almost silver side, so I mix the two together. Just shampoo as you normally would and then completely saturate your hair with a diluted amount of the colored conditioner. Let it sit for a minute, and then rinse! It’s that simple to say goodbye to those stubborn brassy tones!

Do you have any special tips on up keeping your salon hair? Let me know in the comments below!

Statement Stripes Are the New Statement Piece

This summer is all about being bold. This is something that I used to be hesitant about, especially when posting pictures. Bold pieces are ones that are memorable and which can be great when trying to make an impact but can be repetitive when worn again. Since they are so memorable, people will know when you wore them last. Therefore, you must learn how to wear statement piece over again so that it does not lose its initial “wow” factor—this can often be done by adding a bomber jacket, rocking a new hairstyle, or swapping a new pair of shoes or sunglasses.

This striped jumpsuit is definitely a statement piece. It is also comfortable and neutral, so it is easy to pair with various items for any occasion. I recently traveled to Laguna Beach in California, and this jumpsuit was one of the first in my suitcase. I decided to channel my inner Californian and create a look influenced by the beachy and relaxed vibes of California. To satisfy this look, I kept my beach hair intact with natural waves and a top bun. By adding big chunky sunglasses, I fit in perfectly.

For this look, I wanted to emphasize the jumpsuit by adding simple accessories. I paired classic silver and gold jewelry because you truly cannot go wrong with either. My earrings are a small silver hoop with a gold accent, and my bracelets include silver bangles that add to the delicacy of the linen jumpsuit.

This beach vibe had to be completed by a neutral sand-colored wedge. However, for a more daring look, I would love to try a light pink block heel or black laced sandals on a different occasion.

Pieces like these are the type that I am most excited to experiment with because as long as the base outfit is fabulous, any accessories that you add on will only accentuate the look.

Summer is almost coming to a close, so how will you accessorize your favorite summer statement pieces before the season ends? Comment below or show us on social media @CFashionista!

The Must-Have Summer Item That Will Have You Baring It All

Okay, maybe not baring it all, but just enough. Are you like me and need a super easy spring and summer style to help you pull off your cute jeans, skirts, or favorite heels?

The ultra trendy off-the-shoulder silhouette is flying off the racks at all of your favorite retailers everywhere. If you are like and enjoy people watching, one of the many popular looks I am sure you have seen is the super cute and flirty off-the-shoulder silhouettes.

It is the hottest look that has been incorporated into everything from blouses, dresses, rompers, bridal, and even swimwear. The variations of this sexy and sophisticated look are virtually endless.

Many Fashionistas turn to this option as a basic or staple for their everyday campus look or for a fun night out in the city. The best feature about this trend is that the majority of women find the silhouette very flattering. Like so many, Fashionistas have problem areas, too! With this trendy design, you can keep the focus of the eyes toward your face and shoulders and away from lower body problem areas especially if that is something you struggle with.

As seen on the runway, the off-the-shoulder trend can range from high fashion to street style simply by the way the look is styled.

In these looks, you see the effortless Fashionista on campus rocking her American Eagle Outfitters bright blue off-the-shoulder blouse, vintage distressed flare denim with a tan floppy hat, a beaded necklace, and chunky bracelets. This particular style she has is one of the many variations to this trend. Notice the off-the-shoulder illusion yet there is still material located in the neckline of the blouse. This is an awesome option for those that love the look but don’t quite want to commit to the full off-the-shoulder trend.

Make sure to head into your local American Eagle Outfitters or H&M so you, too, can bare your shoulders during the hot summer months. You will be no less than a super trendsetter.

Will you be baring all with us? Show us how you are baring your shoulders on social media @CFashionista!

Next Time You’re Feeling Blue

Hello Fashionistas, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Today, I want to talk about something that is super important to me: the power of positivity.

If there is one thing I have learned throughout my life, it is that your happiness should always be a priority. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to be happy when you are going through some of the toughest times in life. When life gets you down and makes you feel blue, remember that it is almost always temporary.

Three years ago, I was about as negative as it gets. With almost every situation that happened in my life, I always saw the bad in it. I was constantly reminded by my dad to try and not let things bother me because, in the end, it just does not matter. So, after realizing how badly negativity had affected my life, I made a positive change.

In everything that happens in my life, I attempt to find the good in it. This is not easy, but it is completely worth it. When you try to see the good in the blue times, you end up happier and feeling brighter. Being a positive person is a lifestyle that has overcome my life and made me a better person. I have been able to help others the same way my dad helped me years ago.

During my sophomore year in college, I worked on my positivity a ton. I found a journal in my bedroom that I decided to write in each day. My writing consisted of three things; how I was kind to someone that day, how I was kind to myself, and how someone was kind to me. This helped me to find the good in my day-to-day interactions. It got to a point where I was going out of my way to go and find these acts of kindness each day. My advice to you is to find something that makes you want to be a better person and focus all of your energy into that. The outcome will be worth it and you, in turn, will become a better person.

This Fashionista is radiating with happiness. Though her clothing may be blue, her attitude is surely nothing close. Blue is represented as the color of sadness, but it doesn’t seem like this Fashionista feels that way at all. Being positive shows in every way. It brings a fresh look to your face that makes you brighter.

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.

What are some ways you stay positive on a day to day basis? Let me know so I can try them out!

5 Ways to Rock Denim This Summer

Year after year, denim has always remained a wardrobe essential. Although the styles stay changing, there’s plenty of ways to rock a little bit of blue jean in any outfit. Whether it be your favorite pair of jeans, or something a little bit more outgoing like some trendy overalls, here are some of my favorite ways to style denim this summer.


The most common way to wear denim over the summer is most definitely some jean shorts. Try finding a pair of shorts with cool embroidery, or different patterns, to make yourself stand out! Also, I always love to throw on some Birkenstock Sandals with a casual outfit like this one!


When I was a little kid, overalls were always my go-to, and now they are back in style! I love to pair my overalls with a cute button-down and some casual Birkenstock Sandals to maintain the laid-back look!


Another easy way to bring some blue jean to your wardrobe is to buy a denim dress! These are super comfortable and look so stylish without even trying. To spice up any casual dress, try throwing on some nude heels or even a cute floppy hat.

4—Wide-leg pants.

Lately, the wide-leg pant trend has been slowly creeping back into style. A pair of faux-denim pants is such an easy way to bring back the ’90s vibe. Pair these pants with a bright-colored bodysuit for an easy pop of color!

5—Jean skirt.

Jean skirts are such an easy way to make any outfit casual but also extremely cute! My favorite thing about a jean skirt is that you can practically pair it with any top! I like to wear these skirts with a blouse, or a button-down, and a comfortable pair of sandals.

All in all, denim comes in all shapes and sizes, and this summer, it seems to be everywhere you look! Let me know your favorite way to style and rock your denim in the comments below!

Summer Outfit Inspiration

This summer, many new trends have popped up on the major fashion runways and have now trickled down to everyday life. We are seeing things such as the frequent use of yellow in outfits, as seen in runway shows such as Coach, Creatures of Comfort, and others. Since it’s the start of my favorite season, I decided to share some of my favorite trends for this time of year.

Evolving from the yellow color trend I mentioned earlier, Niagara blue has had widespread exposure as well. This blue is relaxing, soft, and versatile enough to match with many different shades from the color palette. I am a huge fan of this color trend, especially because it works well with my pale skin and brings out my blue eyes. Altuzarra, Alexander McQueen, and DKNY are a few designers who have been using this color throughout their collections. Since I love this color so much, I was enticed to buy this dress from Urban Outfitters. Even though it is a slightly lighter blue than Niagara, it still works. It has an open back detail with delicate string sleeves to add a sophisticated yet girly touch to the dress. In exploring this color, I found a beautiful wrap dress with a similar color tone from Revolve. Along with my outfit, I paired my orange silk lace-up shoes, adding an interesting color mix to the outfit. I found a similar pair on WeWoreWhat that comes in a vibrant pink, which is another huge color trend for the season. I paired my outfit with the popular sailor hat that’s been around for some time now, I found a fabulous similar hat online at Anthropologie that comes in a soft gray color. I also gave the outfit some layering by adding a nude undershirt.

My overall inspiration for this outfit was something related to what’s currently on the runways but enhanced with my own style. It’s important to remember to be influenced by current trends, yet not allow them to overwhelm our own individual creativity. As my favorite designer, Karl Lagerfeld, once stated, “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.”

Comment below what you think of my outfit and some of your current favorite trends! Be sure to share your favorite summer looks on social media and tag @Cfashionista!

A Dancer’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be more popular now than ever. Whether it’s because of the obesity rate is high or because it is trendy, everyone still seems to be trying to find their own way to stay healthy. There are many forms of exercise, ways to eat right, and ways to maintain good mental health. Dance is one of the ways to maintain a healthy body weight and mental state.

For this Fashionista, dance is her life. Her favorite style of dance, ballet, is the love of her life. As a college student, she is now able to train at the Joffrey Ballet School in Chicago. For those who are not familiar with the Joffrey Ballet School, it is a very prestigious dance school. Dancing is a great way to stay fit, but for her, it is also a way to maintain great mental health as well. It has helped her develop a work ethic and live life with grace and confidence. In order to perform for an audience, you must be confident in your abilities and know your weaknesses.

Half of training is eating healthy. While training, this Fashionista likes to stick to a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruit, and protein. For breakfast, she eats a piece of toast with almond butter and a fruit smoothie with protein. In the middle of the day, she eats a light meal consisting of an apple, raw almonds, and carrot sticks. To end the day she eats a kale salad with chicken or a sweet potato with other vegetables. If she eats well with every meal, she will reward herself with a sweet treat like ice cream.

On top of her healthy lifestyle, this Fashionista is fearless when it comes to style. She wears two different outfits depending on the workout. The first outfit is a blue leotard with breathtaking back details. She pairs it with a tutu and ballet shoes. In the second outfit, she is wearing a tan workout top with a pair of stretchy leggings. The leggings are perfect for a workout, giving her room to move around. She wears her ballet shoes again for this outfit.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is finding an activity that you are not just doing to be healthy, but because you love it. Find what works for you and stick with it!

Do you also have a love for dance or another activity like this trendy college student? Tell us about it on Instagram and tag @CFashionista.

Wednesday Bleak Turned Très Chic

Summer is in full swing, and the best way to beat the summer heat is a cute look for work!  With a busy day full of meetings, desk work, lunch dates, and deadlines, there’s no better way to make your mark professionally, from the boardroom to the streets, than with a sharp, Parisian-inspired look! We’re matching our big city ambitions with our big city dreams, and there is no better way to do this than with a cosmopolitan look. There’s something so elegant yet bold about this Fashionista’s jacket, and we can almost picture her taking it from the Metro to the Pierre to the Champs Elysees.

This Fashionista’s twill jacket, which she purchased at Mango, is blue and white tweed and is the ultimate chic statement piece. The jacket, similar to this one by Lafayette 148, is elegant yet understated, just the look for business casual days to elegant cocktail casual nights. The blue dress that this Fashionista wears is the perfect summer look, whether it’s paired with the twill jacket, or on its own. The simplicity of the color pop is sure to send anyone dreaming of summer walks along the Seine! Her statement necklace provides amazing contrast with the cool colors of the blue with it’s orange and blue contrast!

This look is inspiring, iconic, and Chanel-level fabulous. We’re ready for a weekend trip to the Riviera on a cool summer day or a trip to our cubicle on an average Wednesday. With a look like this, though, any day can be exciting, fun, and fashionable. Say goodbye to the humdrum desk job blues, and say hello to your new favorite summer blues!

How do you keep your work clothes chic? Let me know in the comments below!

The July “Play” Mood Board is Here!

It seems like there are no truer lyrics than when Danny Zuko sang, “Summer loving, had me a blast.” And with summer in full swing and a new month ahead of us, we couldn’t agree more.

Bring on the barbecues, pool days, weekend getaways, and staying light out until 9 p.m. Heck, we’ll even take the sweltering heat if that means we can truly live up this magical time of year. (And “Oh, those summer nights!”)

This month, we invite you to be inspired by the season. The sunshine is brighter. The energy is electric. Even the melting ice cream keeps us on our toes. Play. Savor. Live. While the days are long, the moments go by too fast.

To kick-off this month, check out our July Mood Board on Pinterest to get you in the playful mood!