5 Things I Learned From Ballet

From the first day when we enter school we need to watch out for so many dangers: there are the critical eyes of the other students, there is our tendency to compare ourselves to our peers, and there is our unbalanced confidence which can chase us every day (not to mention studying, grades, and exams). In my opinion, we all need a special support, a magical weapon, which can help us out on those doubtful days: ‘Can I do this?’ ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘Why is everyone else better than me?’ These criticizing voices can’t stop us from constantly creating ourselves. My magical weapon to be more self-aware was ballet.


I have always seen this genre as a sweet mixture between sport and art, which trains and delights at the same time. I’ve always wanted to become a ballerina, but since I started too late I have never got the chance to be a professional dancer. I don’t regret it. I wouldn’t want to neglect my mind and build a career based only on my physical abilities. It’s still my hobby, my form of meditation, and my way of developing. Ballet taught me to see life from a new perspective:

1—Dancing taught me that there are some points in life when you are on your own, and nobody can help you. There is only you and your body as your instrument, and you can only find strength in practice. This is the territory where cheating is simply impossible.

2—Persistence. You need to do the same pirouette for a thousand times before you perfect it. Even then, you will find that there is still someone who does it better than you. So what? You try it one more time. And one more time. And in the end, when you finally succeed you will feel a sweet relief and effervescent energy: you did it!

3—It’s not as easy as it seems. Behind those airy movements, there is a lot of strength involved. When you see a ballerina performing she seems like a finished article, you would love to be in her place, she is not even dancing, she’s flying.   What you can’t see are those endless hours next to the barre, the aching pain in her feet, and the never-ceasing concentration.

4—With hard work, you will get rewarded, and I’m not talking about a pendant. You will get the applause, the satisfying feeling. Creating is something that you can be proud of. You didn’t only watch series, you have a passion, you have a hobby and more importantly something that gives you confidence and definitely a more toned and flexible body.

5—You can do anything! Ballet is so multi-faceted. It can be a graceful levitation and a whimsical game with a rock-chic air at the same time. There are endless possibilities in choreography, the only boundary is your imagination.

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How a Fashionista (Appropriately) Brings Summer to the Workplace

For those Fashionistas that must wait until after their summer Internship to fully reap the benefits of the summertime, it is of the utmost importance to incorporate your favorite summer pieces into your work wear. This month’s Fashionista is a prime example of how to rock those chic, bohemian clothing items in an appropriate manner.

1—Wear a colorful off-the-shoulder bodysuit underneath a pair of dark wash jeans. Though denim cut-offs are a summer staple, they are definitely not appropriate for the workplace. Instead, throw on a pair of your favorite skinny jeans, preferably without any holes. The trendy off-the-shoulder bodysuit will fit seamlessly underneath while also adding a little spice to your look. If it is really a scorcher outside, or you just want to show off your cute footwear, give your jeans a small cuff at the bottom.

2—Bring out your favorite gold pieces to enhance that sun-kissed glow. You probably spend your few off days by the pool with friends, right? Why not show off that gorgeous tan! This Fashionista chose large gold accessories to bring out her golden skin. She is wearing ‘Sophee’ Kendra Scott earrings, a gold necklace, and an oversize gold watch surrounded by gold bracelets and rings.

3—Slip into a comfortable pair of beaded sandals. Now to the footwear. No matter what your summer job is, a nice pair of sandals is typically acceptable. To tie into the rest of the look, find a pair of comfy sandals that have neutral beaded detailing. Especially with the cuffed jeans, these sandals will really make a statement for themselves. Oh, I forget to mention you get bonus points if you have an awesome tattoo on your foot.

4—Complete the look with a beautiful smile. I know it is cheesy, but a smile really does pull the look together. Plus, everyone has a reason to smile during the summer.

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One Piece of Advice for Back-to-School

Summer is slowly fading into back-to-school shopping days for supplies and best of all, clothes. Shopping for new school clothes is all fun and games until you see some of the company’s price tags. Especially as a broke college student, you want the best deal you can find. If you’re like me and always want a way to save money or reinvent your current wardrobe, stay tuned and read about how to transform current summer trends into a cute outfit for back-to-school!

What Is This Big Summer Trend?

A big trend for the past year has been the infamous bodysuit. Every girl and their mother have one. With that trend swarming the Internet and the streets, it was only a matter of time for people to break out the one-piece swimsuits. One-piece swimsuits haven’t seen the light of day since maybe elementary school. Now they’re all the rave with fun cut-outs, patterns, and the oh-so common high cut leg. No matter the suit you chose, any can be transformed into your next favorite school outfit.

Based on your selection of one-piece and your own personal style, choose a bottom that suits the look. Casual and comfortable looks call for a cute pair of denim shorts or boyfriend jeans. Denim screams casual, especially looser fitting (and also trendy) boyfriend jeans. More of a flirty, dressed-up look would go great with a cute mini or maxi skirt. My one-piece is a dusty mauve color with a low scoop back and a ruffle detailing. Ruffles really catch the eye and instantly give the look a flirty vibe. To keep the look flirty, I choose a lace-up corduroy mini skirt. Since I went for a dressier approach, sandal heels were my shoe of choice. For a more casual look, you might want a cute pair of flat sandals or even some comfy sneakers. Adding a simple pair won’t draw attention from the center of the look and it’s more practical for walking around campus.

Accessories should be chosen as you so please. I kept my accessories limited to my everyday stud earrings and two coin-like, simple necklaces. Ruffles were enough of their own accessory that I didn’t feel I needed much more. Adding more to your look is easy if you would like to. Layer more necklaces or choose your favorite go-to bracelets for more on the arms.

Make It Your Own Look

Although summer may be coming to an end, there will always be a bright side. The bright side here is that you can come up with so many new ways to style your current summer favorites for a fun and new school look! Don’t own any one-pieces or don’t want to limit your outfits? Use the same tips with your favorite bodysuits. Mix it up day to day based on your mood for a casual look to class or date nights!

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How to Style a Day to Night Look For College Students

I am back again with another fashion post! This time, I wanted to create a look with basics that you can wear throughout the daytime and into the nighttime. I know how busy life gets and sometimes, we don’t all have that extra ten minutes after class to pick out an entirely new outfit to take on the town. Because it is summertime and I live in Nashville, the days can get super hot- like I’m talking close to 100 degrees hot! All you will need to recreate this day to night look is a bodysuit, a basic pair of jean shorts, two pairs of shoes, and two jackets of your choice. Keep reading to find out how this Fashionista styled her day to night look.

1—Daytime look. For starters, this Fashionista picked out this super cute neutral bodysuit and paired it with some mid-rise cut-off shorts. The good thing about wearing neutrals is that you can basically find them anywhere. If you are on a budget, then head to Forever 21 and shop in the basics section. On the other hand, if you want a good staple basic top, my favorite places to shop would be Revolve Clothing and Reformation. Bodysuits are the best to wear all day long because they will not bunch up and they look super sleek. These super cute denim cut-offs are perfect for running around all day and they will look cute all day long.


To make the outfit more casual, you can throw on a kimono for some added flare and an optional hat to protect your face from those hot rays. Sunglasses are the perfect accessories to any outfit because they are practical while still looking fashion forward. Make sure you add a bag like this Fashionista’s, for makeup to touch up later. For additional comfort, toss on a pair of sandals and some bracelets to create the perfect daytime outfit! Whether you are going to class or just hanging with friends, you’ll be sure to get some compliments on this look.

2—Nighttime look. Now I know that not every night can be spent in a cramped dorm studying, so I’m going to show you how this Fashionista transformed her look from daytime to nighttime in a matter of five minutes or less. Bold lips have always been a staple for the night so she first took a slightly darker lip color and applied that to her lips. My recommendations would be going for a nude, red, or dark purple lip. She swapped out her kimono for a cool leather jacket that gives the outfit an edgy vibe. Last but not least, ditch the sandals for some rad black booties to give the look a dressy feel.

I guarantee that every one of you can pull pieces similar to these from your closet to conquer daytime to nighttime! Don’t forget to add your own personal touches to express yourself. Wearing an outfit that makes you look good, makes you feel good.

Let me know what your fashion staples are in the comments below or show us on social media @Cfashionista!

A Beginner’s Guide to Washington D.C.

Last week, I took a day trip to Washington, D.C. with my parents. It felt like for the first time, I was actually seeing D.C. I have been there before when I was little, and on field trips in middle school, but they were nothing special. For the first time, I was able to plan my own trip to highlight the attractions I have always wanted to explore. Since I had such an amazing time there, I wanted to share my experience with you!


One of the best things about Washington, D.C. is that the majority of the major museums in the city are free. My parents and I chose to visit the National Gallery of Art first. The building is basically all marble and filled to the brim with beautiful art pieces. Even if you aren’t someone who enjoys art, this museum is definitely worth a visit. There are so many different exhibits to enjoy, from 18th-century European art to modern photographs and sculptures.


After the National Gallery of Art, we visited the historic Washington Monument, a must-see when you are in D.C. It is one of the attractions the District is known best for. To close out the trip, we ended the day at the Jefferson Memorial. I would absolutely recommend visiting here. It’s a great place to take some pictures with your family and friends right on the water.


If you’ve never been to D.C. before, I would totally recommend planning a trip before the summer is over! It’s a historical and political city that has so many things to do. There is an array of different museums you can visit, delicious (and slightly overpriced) food, and the National Mall where you can do some serious shopping.

Before you embark on your big city adventure, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are visiting in the summer, make sure to dress appropriately for the heat. I chose to keep it simple with a plain white bodysuit and some distressed denim shorts. To make your trip more comfortable, I would suggest wearing sneakers with support because there will be a lot of walking. The bag I chose was a leather backpack that kept all my personal items concealed. It was perfect for being a tourist for the day. Also, remember to stay hydrated.

Have you ever been to D.C. before? What were your favorite places to go? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista on social media.


5 Tips for a Simplistic Summer

Now I won’t lie, I’m one for “the drama” when getting dressed, hence why I love fall fashion. It entails somehow getting a ridiculous amount of clothing to sing a harmonious song. And quite frankly, I enjoy every second of it! You can compare summer to being stuck in an oven at 450 degrees, which is why this time of the year calls for simplicity. Summer fashion is not about clothing working together, it’s about highlighting pieces that can stand on their own.This makes getting dressed every morning a little harder. Summer garments are simple, which makes it difficult to look like you put in the effort. Let’s be honest, Fashionistas, we all want to look like we tried without trying, of course. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your perfect simplistic summer look!

1—Layer up. Yes, you read that right. Even though you’re probably looking at your iPhone while it says 90 degrees and looking back at the screen wondering if I’m crazy, I’m not! Adding dimension to an outfit is important and layering does just that. Ditch the cardigan and throw on a sleeveless trench. This is a perfect way to add elegance to any outfit.

2—Keep your base simple. No one wants to be worrying about their outfit through out their day, which is where rule number two comes into place. Bodysuits are a one stop shop. Put it on and go! No worrying about tucking in your blouse or having to fix it throughout the night. There are plenty silhouettes available to choose from, so go a little crazy and have some fun!

3—Say goodbye to shorts. Shorts are a summer staple and will forever be. However, they get boring when you constantly see the same styles. Don’t be afraid to wear pants during the summer. Just make sure they are loose, breathable, and cute, of course. Pants hold their own weight coming in strong colors, textures, and silhouettes. This makes them a great foundation for an outfit.

4—Ditch mixing, let’s match. Co-ord sets, the fashion god’s gift to us on our laziest days! They take away the stress of analyzing pieces as separates. Co-ord sets are my go-to for summer days and nights when I’m not in the mood to fight with my closet. They should be yours too!


5—Footwear and accessories. We often forget how strong of a voice shoes and accessories have. The most basic outfit can be transformed by them. Stop viewing shoes and accessories as an extra and start looking to them as staples!


As always I hope you’ve learned a little something to spice up your wardrobe and put your fashionable mind at ease.

Do you have any go-to tips for the summer heat? Share what you think in the comments below!

Ruffles are the Versatile Trend You Need to Try This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing, and I’ve got the perfect, versatile trend for all of your rooftop brunches, pool days, and weekend getaways. Ruffles are one of this summer’s hottest trends, but I’ll be the first to admit that incorporating this trend into your wardrobe can be a little intimidating. I’m here to show you how ruffles can be a simple, easy way to vamp up your outfits!

I always assumed that ruffles were way too girly, too voluminous, and too busy for me. However, after trying on this orange ruffled bodysuit from H&M, I fell in love. I realized that ruffles can be flirty, fun, and yet still chic. This bodysuit was the perfect way to ease ruffles into my summer wardrobe because of its simple cut. As for the “too voluminous” problem? I actually found these ruffles to be extremely flattering and slimming. Say hello to the perfect summer style staple!

So how did I style my ruffles to feel both comfortable and trendy? I paired the statement bodysuit with a simple high-waist denim skirt and black espadrilles to tone down the bright color of the top. I accessorized with round Ray-Ban sunglasses, two dainty bracelets, and a silver watch for the perfect casual, but cute, summer look. The best part about this outfit is how easy and comfortable it is while still being super on-trend. The ruffle details of the bodysuit instantly elevate the outfit and make any other statement pieces totally unnecessary.  

Whether you’re dressed down and rocking simple, delicate ruffles or you’re going for a more daring look with bold ruffles, this trend truly can be worn for any and every occasion. Bring on the ruffles!

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Dare to Wear Fishnet Stockings

There have been a lot of controversial trends this year. There are old trends making it back onto the fashion scene, and new trends emerging from nowhere. My absolute favorite trend the fashion world decided to embrace this year is the use of fishnet stockings. The fishnet stockings have been revolutionized from being an edgy hosiery garment into something that will fit into your everyday fashion look.

The fishnet stockings, when dated back, were considered to be overtly sexual because of the bold open-diamond design that reveals one’s skin. Well, that’s not a problem in the 21st century because they are now a part of mainstream fashion. Since fishnet stockings were spotted on the Kardashian/Jenner clan back in the fall of 2016, the world, bloggers, and the it-girls of Instagram have been mesmerized by them. In this article, I show a way to wear fishnet stockings and will give other tips on how you can style them.

For this look, I’m wearing fishnet stockings under ripped jeans with a black bodysuit. Bodysuits are a huge trend right now and will make your outfit absolutely incredible especially when you plan to tuck your blouse into your bottoms. For my shoes, I went with black boots. I don’t think one can ever go wrong with boots. The boots have an edgy and youthful look to them and I wanted to be sure I looked my age while putting together this outfit. If you are not comfortable wearing heels, then you can easily wear a pair of sneakers and you will still look great. In order for me to create the street look I wanted to achieve, I accessorized with a black mini backpack.

Wearing fishnets stockings with what would be considered a basic outfit is a perfect way to elevate your look. A basic outfit of a skirt and a T-shirt can be made to look edgy with fishnet stockings. A T-shirt dress paired with fishnet stockings can also help you achieve the ultimate street style.

There are so many ways to style fishnet stockings and it is impossible to do it incorrectly. I love that even though fishnets are one simple item, it does not limit one’s style in any way.

How will you rock the fishnet stockings trend? Let me know in the comments below.

How to Make a Capsule Wardrobe in Just 25 Pieces

Living at home for the summer definitely has its perks; you don’t have to go grocery shopping, there’s reliable wifi… the whole thing. The downside, however, is trying to find space to put all of your college stuff. My closet is currently filled to the brim with clothes I’ve collected over the years and I am constantly left wondering why I kept so many clothes from high school in the first place.

In an attempt to put an end to my “well I’d wear that if…” crisis, I decided to try my hand at creating a capsule wardrobe. Using a guide from our friends at Who What Wear, I was able to get my summer wardrobe down to just 25 pieces. This doesn’t include accessories or bathing suits but contains all of the staples I need for the summertime. It is definitely a bold move, but I am going to try to wear just these clothes, or very rarely reach beyond them, to see just how many items of clothing I really need to bring to school with me in September.

To start, I pulled a pile of the clothes I wear most. Unsurprisingly, the pile kept a strict color scheme of black, millennial pink, white, and light denim. This made my job a lot easier going forward because now that everything I’ve deemed essential will match each other, I just had to weed out items that might only work with one or two of the others. What I ended up with was: seven tops, two pairs of pants, six dresses, three skirts, two jackets, and five pairs of shoes.

The tops I selected for my capsule wardrobe are staples. Two of them are bodysuits—one black and one white—which match all of the bottoms. The other five tops include a black tank top with an attached choker, a black cropped T-shirt, a black mesh top, a charcoal swing top, and a gingham top with a ruffled neckline.

Because it’s summer, I can get away with having only one pair of black jeans in my capsule wardrobe. I also threw in my favorite pair of pants, a floral pair of harem pants. The remaining bottoms in my capsule wardrobe are three skirts: one denim, one black denim, and one plaid.

The last major group of clothes in my capsule wardrobe is dresses. I included two striped dresses, a dressier spaghetti strap dress, two essential LBDs, and a casual overall dress. These items can stand on their own or be layered with either of the jackets.

The six dresses of my capsule wardrobe.

For shoes, I selected three pairs of sandals, a pair of slides, and my go-to Adidas Superstars. These shoes were carefully picked to ensure that they will match, in vibe and color, the outfits in my capsule wardrobe.

Two of the sandals from my capsule wardrobe.

Have you ever tried making a capsule wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

Take the Plunge—Styling a Swimsuit as Regular Clothes

Every spring I hear people say, “I can’t wait to just live in a bikini this summer!” But who can really live in a bikini when we have errands to run and groceries to shop for and coffee dates to attend? This summer season, take a plunge and try incorporating a swimsuit into your regular wardrobe. The oh-so-hot one-piece’s that work swimmingly on the beach work just as nicely as bodysuits and bikini tops double as unique bralettes. Dive into something new, (have I made enough puns yet?) and gather inspiration from the outfits I put together.

Look 1

This look features my favorite swimsuit at the moment; a low back scoop-neck white number that I often throw shorts over and try to pass off as a bodysuit.

A solid-colored one-piece is the easiest thing to transition into regular clothing. Fabric floral shorts and messy hair complete the look giving it an effortless feel. With a piece as simple as this one, try even a skirt and heels to dress it up for a night out. The possibilities are endless with a white one-piece.

Look 2

Wearing a bikini top underneath a tank is probably something we have all done a million times. Whether we were going to the beach or a pool party, it is no secret that bikini tops have acted as bras before when we were too lazy to change into our suit later. This time around, I challenge you to wear the top as a bralette.

This outfit features a criss-cross forest green bikini top layered underneath a knotted white tank. Paired with ’90s vintage denim shorts and classic beach sandals, you can be ready for lunch or ready for the beach at the same time.

Look 3

This swimsuit is a statement piece for sure. The bold watercolor pattern and the intricate straps at the lower back make wearing it as regular clothes a tougher sell than the others. But denim shorts fix every problem, (or at least I think so), so throwing on a dark-wash pair and some matching Converse bring it out of beachwear and into daywear.

While this idea may seem a little out there, the bottom line is that clothes are clothes! No need to hide away your favorite suit when you can throw on a pair of shorts and rock it to brunch.

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