5-Minute Beautiful Boho Braid Tutorial

A braid is by far one of the easiest ways to elevate any outfit or look that you are going for. They are so simple and quick, but they give off the appearance that you spent a lot of time and effort on your hair. This hairstyle can be worn day-to-day, at your job, or even at formal functions. By following these seven steps, you can elevate your look in under five minutes.

1—Brush out your hair. Brush out your hair to make sure that there are no knots. This will make braiding a lot easier and faster because you won’t have to deal with tangles. Then, make a side part.

2—Add texture. There are numerous ways to add texture like teasing your hair, curling a few strands, or adding some product to it. When I do this hairstyle, I normally use dry shampoo to add some volume and then put texturizing spray in it. Normally, because my hair is so straight, it doesn’t like to hold hairstyles. However, these two products help hold the braid throughout the day.

3—Divide your hair. Take a small portion of your hair by the front of your head and divide it into three even pieces.

4—Start Dutch braiding your hair. A Dutch braid is actually pretty simple! To achieve the look you do a French braid, but instead of crossing pieces over one another, cross the pieces underneath each other. Make sure you are always crossing the strands under the middle of the three sections. As you braid, gradually take pieces of hair and add them to the three strands you created in step three.

5—Finish the braid. Once all of your hair is added into the braid, keep braiding, and then use a hair tie to secure your hairstyle.

6—Lightly tug of your braid. I like my braids to look a little fuller and relaxed. Starting at the top of your head, by your part, lightly pull on the pieces one strand at a time. Tug on the different sections until your braid looks as full and voluminous as you would like.

7—Hairspray your braid. This is optional, but spray some hairspray in your hair to ensure that it stays throughout the day.

With seven easy steps, you can achieve this beautiful look! This hairstyle seems like you spent a lot of time on your hair when it reality it takes less than five minutes to do. Try out this hairstyle and show us how it looks by tagging us on Instagram @CFashionista!

5 Easy-to-Pack Accessories Perfect for Summer Vacation

Summer has officially arrived and this means warmer weather, time to relax, vacation, and new fashion trends. As we all know, packing for vacation is more than a struggle when you want to bring your whole closet. However, accessories are an easy way to completely transform a dull outfit. Plus, they are lightweight enough to keep your bag well under the 50-pound limit at the airport.

1—Small purses. When I go on vacation I always downsize my purse. No one wants to carry a heavy bag around, especially in the summer heat. Therefore, I always downsize my wallet, too, and take out items that are not vital.

2—Sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great accessory because they bring the whole outfit together. Having a pair of trendy sunglasses is almost a necessity in the summer, especially with the bright sunshine.

3—Dainty jewelry. Wearing heavy jewelry in the summer can cause discomfort in the heat, and it can take up space in your suitcase. Small, dainty jewelry is perfect to tie the whole look together.

4—Head scarves. Head scarves are completely in this summer. One simple head scarf can make the outfit look super trendy. Head scarves can be worn multiple ways and not only on the head. One scarf can go a long way when styling your outfits, no matter what time of the day it is.

5—Scarves. Lightweight scarves are perfect for beach vacations. Wearing them as a beach cover-up helps with the summer heat and drying off after going in the water. They can be used for so many purposes such as a shirt, a skirt, beach towel, or a picnic blanket.

What are your go-to accessories on summer vacation? Share them with us on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

How to Make Your Own Gladiator Sandals

Are you pumped about the colorful lace-up gladiator sandals trend but slightly less excited about the high price you often have to pay for these cool kicks?

Here’s how to make your own gladiator sandals while staying totally on a budget!

Visit your local craft store and purchase hemp and colorful beads. Purchase a pair of simple slides, making sure that there is a place for you to insert the strap you will make. I wrapped my strap around the thong of this sandal. Some slides that will also work can be found here.

Measure and cut about a yard of hemp, depending on how long you want the straps to be. Thread the hemp through the hole in the bead, and tie a knot around the bead to hold it in place. Continue tying beads about two inches apart for the entirety of the yard of hemp. When you are finished, loop your homemade strap around the built-in strap of the slide sandal. Lace your shoes up and you are good to go!

Now, here’s how to style your shoes.

Because these shoes are a bit of a statement, I paired them with a simple white top and a pair of fringed jeans I cut off myself.

To add some more color to the outfit, I added some funky earrings.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go make yourself a pair of on-trend—and on budget—gladiator sandals! Share a picture on Instagram of you styling your new kicks and make sure to tag @CFashionista!

Bohemian Vibes All Summer Long

Summers are full of beach days, ice cream, concerts, and of course bohemian outfits. Many Fashionistas love to channel their inner flower power throughout the season by putting together floral prints, gladiator sandals, and layered jewelry. The light and airy feel of a bohemian style is a relief in the hot, summer sun that we all know and love.

The true queen of boho, by far, is Vanessa Hudgens. All of her Coachella outfits and her street style is full of light clothing, fringe, and jewels. She also embraces the natural beach wave hair trend that follows the “boho” theme. Her looks are a great inspiration for young Style Gurus like this one. My sister loves to embrace the free spirit vibe that the bohemian style gives off. You could wear this kind of look anywhere—to the city with your friends, on an afternoon date, and even a summer concert.

I put together a light, floral blouse with her favorite pair of denim shorts, and then layered with some trendy jewelry. The floral print is a staple piece to any boho Style Guru’s closet.

Accessories are also a big part of bringing together a bohemian vibe. Layers of bracelets or necklaces are a common look. My sister made her bohemian style trendier by pairing a long gold necklace with a cut-out choker. The pair makes the cutest combination. She also added a light brown pair of gladiator sandals, which are another staple piece. Of course, every Fashionista needs a funky pair of sunglasses to throw on with any outfit before his or her day begins. I also adore this fringe crossbody bag. Fringe is the most popular detail that many Gurus focus on finding for a boho outfit.

As the summer continues, try and find your inner flower power with floral patterns and funky accessories. You’ll feel as though it’s Coachella all summer long!

How do you wear the bohemian style? Show us your adorable look by tagging @Cfashionista on social media!

3 Fresh Ways to Style Denim Culottes

Culottes take the place as one of my favorite trends. They can be dressed up or down and they can add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to your look. However, when I first bought my denim culottes I had absolutely no idea how to style them. I had a few hits and misses before I finally figured out my favorite ways to wear them. Follow these tips and you’ll be strutting around looking perfectly Parisian in your denim culottes. Don’t forget to snap those artsy selfies!

For my first look, I stuck to the basics: all black and white with simple shapes and patterns. I paired a ribbed black top with my culottes and added the interesting bits on the top and bottom for some cohesion. I sported some frilly socks with my (well-loved) chunky shoes to provide some contrast. A simple black and white striped knotted headband completed this flattering, simple look.

For my second look, I ventured into what I know best: band T-shirts. This cut up Led Zeppelin top helped edge up my look. Pro tip: buy vintage T-shirts from second-hand shops and DIY them! Your finished shirts will be inexpensive and unique. To finish off this carefree look, add some fun sunglasses to the mix. These round colored lens sunglasses add so much personality to any outfit!

For my final look, I paired my culottes with an off-the-shoulder top, another hot trend. This casual and bohemian look is perfect for a breezy summer day. Wear wedges to add some height, as culottes can make one look much shorter than they really are.

Show us how you wear culottes on social media and tag @CFashionista!

Sounds of the Summer

‘Tis the season for music festivals and country concerts! Hearing the summer anthems in-person is the ultimate summer experience but, if you are anything like me, flannels and cowgirl boots just don’t cut it. As a Fashionista, looking your best while also dressing for the occasion can be a little challenging. I’m here to show you the perfect outfit for all the concerts and festivals you’ll attend this summer!

For a breezy, summery look that’ll keep you looking and feeling cool at the outdoor festivals, I chose this multi-patterned halter top. The patterns gave the outfit a more bohemian look—my go-to for outdoor country concerts. I paired the boho-esque top with distressed denim shorts to keep the country-chic style consistent. For shoes, I went with brown gladiator sandals—a style that’s both and trendy keep you cool during the concert.

What’s a perfect concert ensemble without accessories? To pull the outfit together, I opted for a few arm accessories, earrings, and midi rings. The arm bands complemented the grayish blue tone in the top, and brown, earthy tones throughout the ensemble. For a little extra detail, gold midi rings were the perfect accessory. The dangly, leaf-shaped earrings have the perfect rustic look to complete the country-chic outfit.

Finally, for true fest-ready hair, preparing for the hot summer sun at the country concert, with high-style and low-maintenance you can never go wrong with a low, messy bun (as demonstrated). You can never be too prepared or too stylish for an outdoor music festival or concert!

What’s your favorite festival look? Show me on social media, and be sure to tag @CFashionista!

How to Turn One Outfit Into Four

With summer in full swing, it is time to prepare for road trips and weekend getaways. When we finally have a break from college and obligations, the best thing to do is pack a bag and head to a new destination. That being said, things can get a bit more complicated when you try to pack up your entire wardrobe for a three-day trip to the coast.

Packing the outfit for that one really cute Instagram photo is never beneficial for our travel bags. We are all guilty of over-packing because we want to be prepared for anything and everything. When in doubt pack it all, right? Wrong! Nobody wants to lug around a bag full of clothes that aren’t going to be worn. It can get a bit aggravating throwing a bunch of cute clothes into a bag and then realizing half of the options will remain in the bag, unworn for the entire trip.

On vacations in the past, I have noticed myself wearing the same article of clothing multiple times. We gravitate toward what is familiar and ultimately what feels the most comfortable when we are in unfamiliar places. Consider this before you pack a bag full of pointless items: Grab one clothing piece that is versatile, and then plan the rest of your outfits around that one piece.

For this article, I put together four different outfits using three different articles of clothing and three different accessories. I chose a white romper, a longline cardigan, and a floral spaghetti strapped dress. These items are easily paired with a black floppy hat, circle sunglasses, and brown sandals. Not only did these pieces fit well in a small duffle bag, they all work well to complement each other. Planning ahead not only saves you space, but also time and stress on your next relaxing vacation.

Outfit One

Romper, circle sunglasses, sandals

Outfit Two

Romper, longline cardigan, floppy hat, circle sunglasses, sandals

Outfit Three

Romper, spaghetti strap floral dress (tied), sandals

Outfit Four

Spaghetti strap floral dress, sandals, circle sunglasses

How do you pack efficiently for trips? Leave a comment below about your packing hacks and be sure to tag @Cfashionista in your cute vacation wardrobe on social media so we can see it too!

Catch the Vibe—Tropical Chic

It’s the typical South Florida summer afternoon. Storm clouds are rolling in and tourists are home, recovering from a day in the sun with rosy cheeks and newfound tan lines. Though most are using the calm before the thunderstorm to apply aloe, kick back, and replenish some of the energy drained in the sand, I decided to take advantage of the soft lighting and hazy atmosphere for an impromptu photo shoot.

My Fashionista and I both wanted to put together something totally different for this look—something boho but chic and fit for the serene vibe and smell of rain permeating the tropical, humid air.

The hat is easily what makes this look stand out, so we’ll start there. Statement pieces like brimmed suede hats are everywhere this summer and can really add a sense of poise and attention to detail to a simple look. They’re the perfect complement to those sultry waves in your hair from a day in the sun and salt water.

Let’s talk about sneakers.

I love how seamlessly these suede Adidas fit into this outfit. I personally pay the most attention to street style trends, so I’m all about a fire pair of sneakers. With so many options out there as far as brands and styles, the sneaker craze is definitely real, and I’m all about it.

I think my favorite part of this look is just how simple it is. Each of the elements speaks for themselves and come together to create the exact vibe we were going for: tropical chic. The subtle gold additions of her watch and necklace stand on their own to really create that island feel.

What summer trends can you not get enough of? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Maxi Dresses Are Life

It’s finally summer and I couldn’t be happier. Florida is extremely hot and humid during the summer. I tried wearing an Adidas jacket the other day and almost died of a heat stroke, but with the right outfit, you’ll be fine throughout the day. This Fashionista wore a perfect outfit for a summer day.

This Fashionista is wearing a blue and white maxi dress from Earthbound, a little store in St. Augustine, Florida. The side cut outs and the self-tying straps really accentuate her curves. The slit made the dress even cuter. My favorite thing about this dress is the buttoned placket. She then wore a pair of platform sandals with gold straps. Before I met this Fashionista, I didn’t really like platform sandals but seeing how cute they looked on her, I just may go buy a pair. Plus, they add a couple of inches to your height, to whoever likes to appear taller.

For her accessories, she wore a gold choker, a layered necklace, and a pair of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings have always been in, but I’ve seen a lot more girls wearing them lately. Definitely something you should buy if you haven’t yet. As for her makeup, she did a burnt orange eyeshadow and a nude lip. Her outfit is very bohemian, so you should always keep your makeup neutral.

No one wants to be all sweaty during a summer day, and that’s why maxi dresses are the perfect way to go. Are you a fan of maxi dresses? Let us know in the comments below!

Boho Beautiful

As the weather rapidly changes, choosing an outfit becomes a process of finding the overlap of practical meets flattering. Gorgeous ensembles with useful qualities like these have been taking over the runways lately, and are beginning to pop up on the street as well. This Fashionista pictured fully achieved that combination with her feminine, summery outfit.

Her white lace top added a hint of romanticism and bohemian aesthete with its front panel and bell sleeves. It’s all-around lace detail and flowing material gives it an edge over more solid tops, making it both breathable and beautiful. Her blue skinny jeans complement the top with their tighter fit, making it more noticeable than if they had a looser structure, and create a nice color palette for her accessories.

The jewelry this Fashionista chose is bold but simple and add to the outfit’s bohemian effect. Her collar necklace adds a pop of color with it’s turquoise and orange stones. It’s gold base perfectly matches the beaded double-layered necklace she chose, as well as her earrings, which are reminiscent of wildflowers with their fanning spikes. These all correspond with the gold detailing on her cross body bag, which has a half-moon shape that adds a softer element to her outfit and a pale blue tone that complements her jeans and shoes.

These black open-toed ankle boots are perfect for this outfit and the summer season. Their wooden heel and tassel-ended ties enhance this outfit’s indie, boho quality and add unique details to this look. The open-toe aspect makes them breathable, so her feet aren’t restricted, and the thicker heel makes them easier to walk and pose in than shoes with a thinner heel. The plain material provides a clean base to draw attention to these details and serves as a foundation for the look. Overall the black, blue, and white color combination serves as a natural gradient and, with the right accessories, can be the perfect inspiration for your next summer outfit.

Do you wear outfits with a similar boho vibe? Be sure to show us on social media and tag @Cfashionista!