I’m not sure about everyone else, but lately I have been loving everything bohemian.  I love the idea of flowy, oversized tops, tunics, boots, dresses, rompers, and sandals.  Soft fabrics and muted colors with unexpected details like embroidery always come to mind when I think of perfect boho-chic ensembles.  Masters of this look always look effortlessly cool and comfortable so it’s a style certainly worth envying and adopting.  While some of us might not sport the look as a signature style, it’s definitely something worth trying in order to branch out or take your style to the next level.

For an idea of what this looks like in action, check out the Fashionista below.  This classmate of mine has very bohemian style, and she always looks put together and warm.  I love that you can see bits of her purple tunic peeking out from below her coat, and her hat and scarf look cozy.  Clearly, the key to this look is layering unexpected pieces, and it’s no easy feat to look this effortless.

For winter, I absolutely love the idea of an oversized sweater layered over a cotton tunic, with tights/leggings, boots, and a big printed scarf.  Don’t forget lots of interesting jewelry – the more unusual, the better.  It’s comfortable, warm, and requires very little thought for those blustery mornings before your 7:30 Chemistry lab.  It would also work equally well for a coffee date or movie.

What do you think?  Do you like the boho look?  How do you like to incorporate it into your wardrobe?

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TREND: Fringe Benefits

I found this Fashionista sporting a fabulous pair of bohemian-style fringe booties and was reminded of the fringe craze the past few seasons has seen. Fringe has definitely been around for a couple of seasons and seems to be sticking around for fall 2009. While fringe boots can give a unique vibe to any outfit, I wanted to show off a few fringed options for those who are a little hesitate to jump on this trend. If your style is a little less boho, you might want to update your little black heels with fringe down the front. You can also take fringe from boho to a tough-chic feel by choosing metal fringe instead of leather. This tank from Akira Chicago screams effortless chic. If you’re still feeling unsure about fringe you can go with a fringed clutch or try this tassel fringe belt from Urban Outfitters to give a subtle nod to the fringe trend.

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Nothing dresses up an outfit like a big, long, colorful and whimsical scarf. Not just those small skinny ones that come in a set with matching gloves, but the kind that are practically like shawls that you find in the boutiques and open air markets of Spain, Italy and other romantic places. This Fashionista’s blue and gold one looks fabulous for this slightly sunny slightly cloudy day we have lots of here in Seattle. Wear it with big necklaces like this Fashionista for an added boho look.

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TREND: Maxi-mize your options

This summer, maxi dresses were literally everywhere. Their bohemian appeal captured most of the female population last season and I would bet most girls reading this have one stashed away in their closet for warmer days. But this fashionista maximized her long, multi-colored maxi’s wearability by pairing it with a jean jacket. The jacket takes the dress from looking boho to almost a rustic look – which is so in this season.

Hint: For a jacket like hers, try this one from GAP. For warmth, pair this season’s must have boot – an over-the-knee flat boot.

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TREND: Clad in plaid

It’s no secret that plaid has emerged as a HUGE trend this season. But I’ve been noticing how differently everyone chooses to play up their plaid. Take this Fashionista. I spotted her on the steps of Folleinger looking so carefree and stylish. She chose to pair her black and white gingham printed tunic with dark skinny jeans and unique brown lace-up booties. The look with equal parts boho and natural-chic. Get her look by pairing skinny jeans you already have with this plaid tunic from Forever 21 and these booties from Urban Outfitters.

Hint: For those who like the plaid look but favor a more feminine, girly look, try pairing a rustic plaid top with glam accessories like this statement necklace or these big, colorful earrings. Or switch out the shoes for these girly flats.

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TREND: Layering

Layering has become a big trend thanks to the Olsen twins with their long cardigans and boho style. Usually when you think of layering, you think of fall fashion and putting cardigans and sweaters over your tees. This Fashionista decided to try a different trend to layering by putting a basic tee UNDER her cute bright tank. This look works great in the fall when you want to show off your cute tanks but its too cold; just put a long sleeved layering tee underneath it!

Hint: This casual look works best with jeans. JBrand is a celebrity favorite because their jeans flatter all body types.

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