Soaking Up the Last of Summer

When dreaming of the beach, I picture perfect hair flowing in the wind and feeling fresh and glowing. I don’t know about you, but every time I go to the beach, I end up looking the opposite of what I envisioned except I do have a glow. Sadly, not the glow of sun-kissed skin, but instead the glow of sweat which isn’t too pleasant. Here is my beach bum outfit that keeps me looking picture ready, yet also comfortable and not scared to get a little sandy so that I can soak up the last days of summer!

Let’s talk comfortability. When you’re lying or walking on the beach, you need something easy and breezy. I picked up this super bright and colorful T-shirt from the men’s section of Marshall’s. I wanted my shirt to be comfy so figured the men’s size might give me the room I desired. A shirt with a vintage look featuring an older band or old logo always looks very unique. When someone sees it they can never be sure whether you paid money for it or if you stole it from your mom’s clothes from college!

Also for comfort and control over easily tangled post-ocean hair, an easy top knot or messy bun is the way to go! It keeps the hair out of your face while still looking put together!

It’s also important to take breaks from laying by the ocean. The only way I wasn’t drenched in sweat was by finding some shade in between buildings of the boardwalk. I definitely broke a sweat playing skeeball, but at least there was air conditioning. Of course like your mother would say, lots and lots of sunscreen!

During the summer, you need to at least enjoy the beach one day before you go back to loads of school work and activities! Even though once you leave you will probably feel sweaty and gross, the fun with friends and cool pics by the ocean will make it all worth it!

Even if the ocean is not easily accessible to you, find a lake or pond nearby! Don’t forget to share your beach day looks with us by tagging @CFashionista! 

Is Denim on Denim Fabulous or Fallacious?

Most people in the fashion world find it intimidating to pair denim with denim. I can see why it can be considered risky looking back at Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s denim fiasco back in 2001. But the truth is, there are no rules in fashion. It’s important to have confidence in what you are wearing. So, here are some tips to help you feel fierce while rocking denim on denim. It’s totally possible!

If you want to wear denim on the top, it’s always safe to choose a denim jacket. This Fashionista wore an adorable denim jacket paired with distressed jeans. If you don’t want to match your denim separates exactly, wearing distressed jeans is the way to go. It breaks up the outfit and it keeps it exciting.

One thing that is always hard to figure out is whether or not to pair a light wash of denim with a dark wash of denim. If you want to wear both light wash and dark wash, go with the light top and dark bottoms. It’s usually the most flattering. Another option is to wear the same wash of denim like this stylish Fashionista chose to do.

Another way to achieve this look is adding a pop of color to the outfit. It will help you rock this look for sure. For example, this Fashionista is wearing a red crop top and red ankle-strap heels to pull this look together. Try wearing a basic top so the outfit won’t look too busy. This is a great tip for beginners because the bold choice of color prevents the denim from looking too excessive, which will allow you feel more comfortable and confident.

And there you have it! Whoever said denim on denim is fallacious is now proven otherwise. It can totally look fabulous when using these tips. While wearing a bold look can be intimidating, it can be fun to step outside of your comfort zone every once in awhile. Fashion is all about breaking the rules today, from mixing patterns to wearing white after Labor Day. Be a trendsetter!

How do you wear your denim? Let us know in the comments!

4 Places to Shop Vintage Online

Vintage has been around for as long as we can remember, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Experiencing the perpetual movement in Chicago firsthand, I’ve learned that the city is an absolute hub for finding these gems, each treasure hunt being only an “L” train away. There’s definitely a feeling of anticipation and excitement that comes with walking through the doors of a good thrift store—which is why it can be a bummer when you don’t have a bustling metropolis by your side to grant you that easy access. Fortunately, that same thrill can be achieved through the ever-growing wonders of social media.

Gone are the days when buying used apparel was looked down upon or “uncool.” With sustainability becoming the desired future for millennials, the affordable and ethical yet entertaining way of retail is on the rise as modernized platforms including ThredUp, Poshmark, and Depop are quickly gaining traction. And although these online markets are a great place to start, it doesn’t have to end there. Hop on a virtual train en route to Instagram, where the deals and the looks can be just as good. Here’s a list of a few favorites to get you in on the win-win:

1—@iviaretroOnce spotted, this vividly-hued Instagram feed is impossible to miss. Ivia Retro sells both vintage and handmade pieces without forgetting to style them in eye-catching ensembles that’ll make it hard to pass up ordering a button-down of your own.

2—@itshoneyvintageSpreading the love through their collection of polaroids, glitter, and fun prints, Honey Vintage seeks to inspire and educate others with their positive messages to shop consciously. Because who doesn’t want to feel at home while browsing through beautifully-curated garments?

3—@naninvintageThis stunning line of rare, high-quality pieces is stealing vintage lovers’ hearts with their gallery of charming silhouettes and elegant styling techniques. But with a whopping 81k followers and high demand, you have to act fast. Be on the lookout for those pre-order announcements, and score that dream top before it’s gone forever.

4—@fadedthreadsvintageRun by content creator @malloryonthemoon, what started out as a passion and appreciation for vintage clothing, grew from a small hobby into a business. Scroll through this collection of unique finds, and maybe you’ll even get inspired to start up a shop of your own.

In addition to saving yourself from an empty wallet, you get to give life to one-of-a-kind pieces, each with their own unique stories. The best part? You can conquer it all from the loving comforts of your couch. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling, turn on your notifications, and keep an eye out for that new vintage number to match with your basket bag and your espadrilles. The season only lasts so long, and those summer beauties aren’t going to want to stay singled out in your closet forever.

Know of any other online vintage stores I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments below!

Ruffles are the Versatile Trend You Need to Try This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing, and I’ve got the perfect, versatile trend for all of your rooftop brunches, pool days, and weekend getaways. Ruffles are one of this summer’s hottest trends, but I’ll be the first to admit that incorporating this trend into your wardrobe can be a little intimidating. I’m here to show you how ruffles can be a simple, easy way to vamp up your outfits!

I always assumed that ruffles were way too girly, too voluminous, and too busy for me. However, after trying on this orange ruffled bodysuit from H&M, I fell in love. I realized that ruffles can be flirty, fun, and yet still chic. This bodysuit was the perfect way to ease ruffles into my summer wardrobe because of its simple cut. As for the “too voluminous” problem? I actually found these ruffles to be extremely flattering and slimming. Say hello to the perfect summer style staple!

So how did I style my ruffles to feel both comfortable and trendy? I paired the statement bodysuit with a simple high-waist denim skirt and black espadrilles to tone down the bright color of the top. I accessorized with round Ray-Ban sunglasses, two dainty bracelets, and a silver watch for the perfect casual, but cute, summer look. The best part about this outfit is how easy and comfortable it is while still being super on-trend. The ruffle details of the bodysuit instantly elevate the outfit and make any other statement pieces totally unnecessary.  

Whether you’re dressed down and rocking simple, delicate ruffles or you’re going for a more daring look with bold ruffles, this trend truly can be worn for any and every occasion. Bring on the ruffles!

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The Nail Trend You Literally Need To See To Believe

Do you ever walk into the nail salon without a clue what color you want? I do almost every time I decide to get a manicure (which is about every week and a half). I am very picky with the colors I like on my nails, what can I say?  My usual choices are black, white, any shade of blue, and occasionally red or pink.  This makes it extremely difficult for me to step out of my ‘color’ comfort zone.

This being said, as much fun as I think it would be to choose a color without even thinking about it, I just cannot part ways with my usual shades of “Chandler.” My go-to nail salon also does not have thousands of shellac colors like other envious salons do.  But when you form a bond with a particular nail salon, there is no going back. I know you girls know exactly what I’m talking about.  I am also a shellac girl. To me, it’s how to get the most bang for your buck.

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, I come across so many fun things to do with my nails. At first, it was hard to get past the whole stereotype that neon colors, designs, and having two different colors on your nails are childish or not of age. But then I thought to myself, “It’s summer, nails are only temporary, and I’m a girl who takes risks!”

I have a trip to Chicago coming up in a few days and even though I was sporting a solid Cubs blue, it was time to get them redone. The other day I came across a picture on Instagram where the ring and middle finger were painted a different color and had winking eyelashes painted on.  I love the eyelash/winking trend that has recently become popular so I quickly took a liking to this design.

As a child getting a design on your nails is just about the coolest thing you can do, right? Besides maybe having a pink or blue streak in your hair if your mom let you do that. Can you already guess that my mom never allowed that?  After seeing this mature, young adult design, I decided to try it out on my own. After all, I was the girl who stunned my friends one Christmas when I had a red bejeweled candy cane on my thumb. I chose white to offset the bluish/gray color I selected. After about 45 minutes, I was done and my nails turned out just the way I wanted! Two white winking nails on each hand.

What makes these fun nails even better is the fact that you can choose any two colors as long as they are complimentary of each other! White and orange, light pink and black, dark blue and light blue, the options are endless!  But if any of you ladies choose brown and black, or navy and black, we’re going to have to have a talk.

It’s also fun to show off your nails while drinking your favorite water (mine is TopoChico), reading a book, rocking your favorite purse, heck, even tieing your shoe!  From personal experience, girls compliment striking nails.  I just had a friend get neon yellow shellac on her nails and I just about had a heart attack because it looked so cool.


My advice to all my ladies out there reading this, try something new! There are so many creative things to do on Pinterest, Instagram, fashion blogs, and more! Inspiration is all around us, so step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I did!

Show us some crazy summer nails you rock! Show us on social media!  Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista 

How to Spice Up Your Summer Makeup

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes the heat. So why not heat up your summer makeup? Now is the perfect time to try out new makeup trends like a colorfully bold smoky eye and dewy skin. Check out some of my favorite products that will help you achieve these looks in a few quick steps.

1—Kyshadow, The Burgundy Palette. The Kylie Jenner Kyshadow palette has the perfect summer shades that will heat up your smoky eye. First, use the color Beach, a light brown, on your inner lid near the tear duct and then Penny, a red-orange, all over the lid with a domed eyeshadow brush. Next, use Brick and Almond, two deeper browns, for the outer crease. Blend out those dark colors with a blender brush to achieve the perfect smoky eye look. As a finishing touch, add Burgundy, a dark burgundy, and LA, a nice copper, to the middle of the lid for a shimmery summer look.

2—Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Minimal makeup is key during the summer months. This weightless foundation has full coverage while giving your skin a silky finish. Apply the foundation all over the skin with a foundation brush or a beauty blender. Make sure to apply evenly so that no streaks or lines appear.

3—Anastasia Contour Kit. After applying a base for your skin, use this cream contour to add a little more shape to your face. Use a shade that will be dark enough to show off your cheekbones and temples naturally. To find the perfect placement for your contour, suck in your cheeks so that you can see the natural line of your cheekbones. Blend in the cream contour with an angled brush or a beauty blender. Add the same shade to your temples connecting to your cheekbone for an even, bronzed look.

4—Too Faced Candlelight Glow. Use a shimmery highlight to bring out key parts of your face. Add this rose gold highlight to your upper cheekbones above the contour, the bridge of your nose, upper lip, chin, and above the brows. This brings in the light to your face, giving you that perfect summer glow.

5—Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes. Finish off this fierce look with a lengthening, curling, and volumizing mascara. Mascara that plumps your lashes will enhance your eye shadow look and bring out your eyes for a show-stopping look.

Here’s the finished look! This fiery makeup will for sure spice up your summer.

Have any original summer looks? We’d love to see your creations! Make sure to tag @CFashionista on social media.

How to Dress to Impress

If you are a frequent reader on College Fashionista, you are probably a college student. As a college student there is one word you will hear more often than any other word. That word is internship. Internships are just the next step after being enrolled in college and is arguably, the most important step. So now that you have built and perfected your resume and have gotten that call back for an interview, how do you impress your interviewer?

Studies have shown it only takes seven seconds for an impression to already be made. In those seven seconds the first thing they will probably notice is your appearance and what you are wearing. Although breaking in the fashion industry is hard and creative jobs such as a graphic designer offer fewer restrictions, it is still important to be professional and wear something that looks thought out and planned. In the look I created, I decided to do a look that is more fun and colorful.

The pants I am wearing are appropriate because they have dress pant pockets. I chose to wear a patterned pair because they excite the look of the pants. Another great option is culottes.

A few other ways to add personality to your outfit is ruffles, bold colors or patterns. Remember to never wear anything too tight or too loose. Flowy blouses are always a classic piece to incorporate but a way to have fun with it is by choosing a button up blouse with a pattern. When finishing the outfit, it may be appropriate to throw on a blazer based on its length, fit and cut. Finally, I ended my look with shoes that are professional but provide comfort for a long day on your feet. Mules, loafers, flats and kitten heels are all great options.

Like I said, you have to not only dress to impress but also dress to prove you are organized and that you planned.

What are your favorite internship style options for a creative setting? Let us know in the comments below!


Bright and Bold—Easy Music Festival Makeup

Where are you headed this summer? For some, it’s one of the most anticipated events of the year: a music festival! Whether it be Lollapalooza, Spring Awakening, or even Ultra—festival-goers look forward to the music, dancing, food, and attire. I am also a part of this crowd, so when the time gets closer, I love to brainstorm what I should wear and how I should do my makeup. I’ve created two easy music festival makeup looks to inspire you at your next festival. Grab your favorite makeup brushes and palettes and let’s get started!

For both looks, I used The Jaclyn Hill Palette, as seen above. I was drawn to the high pigmentation and variety of colors. Feel free to use any similar palette in your collection.

Bright in Color

In this first look, I wanted to use a lot of sparkle! To start, I used neutral tan/brown shades to act as transition colors. This preps the eye for future shadows to blend seamlessly. In the crease, I used a fiery-red matte shade to complement the outer corner, which is a dark, smokey red/purple shimmer. Going from the outer corner to the inner corner, I wanted to focus on an ombré effect. I wanted the entire lid to pop with shimmer and shine. The key to a fierce look like this is making sure you are using a blending brush to eliminate any harsh lines. I used bronze, gold, and teal shimmer shades all over the lid for a splash of color. These colors are universal for multiple skin tones, which means any of you can rock it! I smoked out the lower lash line with a pencil brush and added three dots on the wing using an eyeliner pencil. Finally, I topped it off with a thin coat of jet-black eyeliner.

Bold in Blue

I have been head over heels for a bold blue color, so when I saw this gorgeous teal shade, I knew I had to use it! I wanted to make it the star of the show! Again, I stuck with neutral tan/brown shades to act as transition colors. I used warm red shades in the crease to compliment the lid color. Don’t forget that blending is key. I used a flat brush to apply the teal shadow all over my lid. As far as the lower lash line, I brought back the same red shades from the crease and used them again there. I added a pop of white in my water line using an eyeliner pencil for added glam.

There you have it! Two simple and easy musical festival eye looks. Even if you aren’t attending any festivals this summer, try these looks on your next night out! You will be turning heads so much that you’ll have to spill your makeup secrets.

Do you love these bright and bold music festival makeup looks? Show us how you rock these fun colors and tag us, @CFashionista, on social media.

Here’s Exactly How To Keep Up Summer’s Biggest Trends (Without Buying a Thing)

As Fashionistas/os, we always want to keep our wardrobes up-to-date with the latest trends. However, as college Fashionistas/os, we may not always have the funds to afford new clothes—especially for styles that may only be in-season for a couple months.

Thank goodness for fashion DIY. With a few scissors snips and creativity, you can transform your own, tired pieces into super trendy, of the moment looks.

Cutout Choker Shirts:

Step 1. You’re only going to need two things: a cute, crew neck T-shirt and a pair of sharp scissors. The scissors don’t have to be fabric scissors, but those will probably work best!

Step 2. Layout your favorite tee on a flat surface, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 3. Pick up the shirt and attempt to lay it out by pinching the front and back of the shirt. Align the seams on the sides, along with the shoulder seams. It’s imperative you find the middle of the shirt, so your cutout isn’t crooked!

Step 4. Pick the depth you want for the cutout. If you are unsure of the depth you want, try the shirt on inside-out and make a very light mark near the center of the shirt of how deep you’d want the cutout to be.

Step 5. Cut from the center of the shirt towards the collar in a diagonal line. Make sure the shirt is folded correctly, so that way you are not cutting the back!

Step 6. Once the cut has been made, lay the shirt flat (like in step two), and cut along the collar. Remove the triangular flap to reveal a cool cutout-choker look!

Super Distressed Jeans:

Step 1. You’ll need four things to create this look: a pair of jeans, a shaving razor, tweezers, and a pair of scissors.

Step 2. Take the jeans and pinch them in places where you want the holes. You can either wing your hole placement (I mean, why should ripped jeans be perfect anyways?), or you can try them on and mark the spots you want the holes to be. Pinch the jeans and create two horizontal cuts with the scissors. These cuts should be about the same in length and parallel to each other!

Step 3. Take your tweezers, and using your carefully-practiced-brow-plucking skills, carefully remove each of the vertical strands in the fabric between the two cuts.

After doing this repeatedly, the fabric should start to unravel. You can then use the razor to lightly distress spots onto your jeans, like on the pockets!

These two DIY styles are super simple and very on-trend! You can finally start telling people “no, I didn’t buy my jeans with holes in them!

After following the steps in this article, show off your look on social media! Don’t forget to tag @cfashionista!

My Favorite Summer Trend

To all my girls out there, we can finally bring out our summer outfits and get our tan on. The look I’m loving for this summer is a fun dress with stylish shoes. If you want to know how to style this fun, flirty summer look, keep reading.

When styling or putting together an outfit, I feel that the most difficult part is finding what will look good together. We all have our favorite top, pants, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and more, but half the time we bring these items home and think, “What can I wear with this shirt?” As I question myself on how I’m going to style those pieces, it really changed my perspective on shopping and buying pieces that aren’t just an oversize plain T-shirt, but instead finding pieces that make a statement and style the look itself. Currently, consumers have been loving the idea of simple dresses that can be dressed up or dressed down by accessorizing the look in different but appropriate ways.

An example of this would be college game day wear:

  • T-shirt dress or shift dress
  • Cowgirl boots
  • Game day color Kendra Scott jewelry

That same look can be dressed down by just changing its accessories. Instead of cowgirl boots you could wear Converse, and instead of statement jewelry like Kendra Scott jewelry you could we a dainty necklace with a cute pair of stud earrings. That being said, I wanted to create a look for you all that is simple but still makes a statement.

After all that said, I created this look by first finding a dress that was comfortable and had some contrast. I loved this dress because the color was bold and had a super cute pattern. Plus, the dress is a wrap dress so you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair or makeup when putting it on! The large floral print on this dress was the key to making this look simple. Because the pattern was large and made a statement, I didn’t have to add much jewelry other than a pair of earrings and a watch. I was also able to then pair the dress with a pair of trendy nude wedges.

Who doesn’t love a pair of nude wedges or just nude shoes in general? You can wear them with anything!

I hope you all enjoyed this look; I know I had a great time finding these pieces for you.

What’s your favorite look for this summer? Comment down below!