5 Pieces Every College Student Needs to Make Going to Class Easier

It’s that time of the year again… the fun first few days on campus before classes start are officially over. Now, the harsh reality is beginning to set in that there are classes to go to and long hours of studying ahead. I’m the first to admit that despite my love for fashion, looking cute for class can be hard (especially for that boring 8 a.m. lecture). However, I’ve noticed that I am so much more productive and confident when I’m not dressed like a total slob. Here are five of my closet must-haves to make going to class a little easier on those days when you feel like you can’t get out of bed. (Spoiler alert: you still get to be comfy!)

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

1—A comfy and cool sweatshirt

The days when sweatshirts were seen as frumpy or lazy are gone. In fact, you can look to almost any of your favorite celebrity fashion icons for comfy street style inspiration (shout-out to Gigi Hadid). You can even layer your sweatshirt with a cool jacket for an even more fashionable yet laid-back look.

2—Fashionable sneakers

As a self-proclaimed sneaker addict, I’ve found that a cute pair of sneakers can elevate your entire outfit like no other accessory. I like to throw on a clean pair of classic white sneakers that automatically make me feel more put together.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

3—Leather leggings

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Leather leggings for class? Trust me on this one. Once you try on a pair, you’ll realize that not only are they super comfy, but you’re also guaranteed endless compliments when you are wearing them. Leather leggings truly are the epitome of effortless cool girl style.

4—Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. A chic bomber jacket is arguably my favorite piece to throw on over a simple white T-shirt or a comfy sweatshirt. It instantly adds an element of style to a simple outfit.

5—Denim jacket

Finally, this list would not be complete without every Fashionista’s go-to piece in her closet: a denim jacket. Personally, I’ve been obsessing over my oversize jean jacket, which always instantly makes me feel a little more fashionable. Pair your favorite denim jacket with a T-shirt dress or leggings for the perfect class outfit.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

What are your go-to outfits for class? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Style Pieces Are the Ones You Don’t Expect

Bomber jackets and blue leather skirts—two key items of clothing which are new to my personal wardrobe. Recently, however, I have felt compelled to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different trends. The blue, faux leather skirt is the perfect example, and a great story to share. I first found the piece at a Zara store in England, and since then I have been experimenting with different looks. Yet this one particular look I am sharing with you today was completely created by my sister. She is a sporty girl, but I now discovered she can create a truly killer outfit.

Leather, whether it be faux or real, is making its way back into the fashion scene and I could not be more excited. I have always been one to love finishing off a look with a leather jacket for both formal and informal functions. Now, with faux leather pants and skirts, there is so much more to experiment with.

What I love in particular about this leather skirt is the color. The baby blue is such a key color for summer, and the style of the skirt is very versatile. For a more sports-oriented girl like my sister, having the option to quickly pull on a leather skirt or pants for a more formal night out can help to decrease the stress of deciding what to wear. That’s a major plus in any girl’s life, don’t you agree?

Bomber jackets are a style which I have seen many guys rock, and have even been very popular among the female fashion crowd. A great alternative to a leather jacket, I have seen the bomber jacket come in all variations of styles from statement colors to the authentic military print. In this case, the tan colored bomber jacket pairs nicely with the crop top with the faux leather skirt. By finishing off the look with a small wedge sandal, the look is complete for a nice dinner out or even an all-day look if that is your style.

Bomber jackets and faux leather pieces make for great statement items! Let me know in the comments below or on social media your go-to look with similar pieces. Maybe you’ll help to inspire my next fashion look!

How to Dress Up and Down with Sheer Black Clothing

When the sheer trend took over the fashion world, I stuck to the cardinal rule of fashion that a city girl always has in her arsenal: black will always be the new black. The best part about sheer black pieces is that they can be both dressed up and dressed down, depending on the occasion. My favorite look is sheer outerwear. The thin fabric allows you to stylishly layer, even during the warm summer months.

For the first look, I paired a sheer black bomber jacket with a simple gray crop top and some relaxed-fit ripped jeans. Simple sneakers can help you stay comfortable during a fun day out. To add a touch of color, wear some funky accessories, such as a body chain or waterfall earrings. These will let your personality shine through without distracting from your city-chic flair.

For later in the day, swap out the denim for a black miniskirt to instantly look more dressed-up. Add some chic ankle boots, which add a touch of glam that will instantly make you stand out from the crowd.

You can also easily incorporate the sheer trend into your internship wardrobe. A sheer paneled blazer is perfect for both the workday and any after-work events. Wear either a simple T-shirt or a formal shirt, depending on your work environment, tucked into a black skirt. Finish the look with a medium-sized handbag to carry all your essentials. The sheer paneling transforms the traditional blazer into a hot fashion piece that is sure to wow all your work friends.

The blazer can also be paired with jeans to channel some off-duty model vibes as you strut down the streets. The structure of the jacket and the casual jeans creates a cool contrast that is perfect for both night and day

I think we can all agree that this trend won’t be leaving us anytime soon! How did you wear the sheer trend? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

A Look That Every Girl On-the-Go Should Rock

These days everyone is constantly on the go. From classes to clubs and fitting in that workout, your wardrobe has got to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Lucky for you, athletic inspired wear is one of the biggest trends right now and I’m obsessed! It’s the perfect way to look cute and stylish while being comfortable and chic. This look can go with you anywhere. Now when I say athletic inspired wear, I bet most of you Fashionistas think of yoga pants and a T-shirt, right? Well, think again. This look is edgy, sporty and chic. Not sure of what I’m talking about? Think of celebrity styles like Zendaya, Gigi Hadid or Kylie Jenner. They’ve figured out how to stay looking cute, casual, and comfortable (my favorite 3 Cs) on the streets. In this article I’m breaking down the essential pieces you need to get the look.


Hit snooze a few too many times this morning? No problem, perfect even! Every girl needs a good hat. Throwing on a hat makes any outfit a little more sporty and casual. Right now baseball caps are super cute and fashionable. Find a hat with your favorite sports team or college and wear it with pride. If repping’ sports teams aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Plain and fun colored baseball hats are all the rage right now. Grab your favorite color and hit the ground running.

2—Crop Tops and Lettered T-Shirts

A big part of this look is simplicity. It’s all about being comfortable but fabulous. Look for T-shirts that have a message on it that speaks to you. Whether it’s your favorite saying or maybe the words just make you smile, either way, worded T-shirts are perfect go-to’s. If those aren’t so much your style crop tops are the perfect substitute.


One of my favorite sayings is, “Never underestimate the power of a woman with red lipstick and high heels.” Although I love my heels, I like to think of the saying as “Never underestimate the power of a woman with red lipstick and a good pair of sneakers.” It’s so popular to see girls wearing cute dresses and some sneakers on their feet. Adding sneakers to any outfit is the perfect way to be the 3 Cs: casual, cute, and comfortable. Whether it’s a classic pair of white Nikes or the famous three-striped Adidas kicks, it’ll go with any outfit.


An easy way to turn an outfit into an athletic look is a bomber or varsity jacket. A bomber jacket is a little more fashionable and edgy and alludes to the sporty look whereas the varsity jacket is a bit more casual. Layer it with the crop top or worded T-shirt and you’ve just nailed the look!

Do you wear this trend? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

The Latest Trend That’s Really Working Out

I am someone who loves to look her best and wear cute, trendy outfits. However, I don’t always get to look my best when I need to get up early for a busy day ahead of me. On days like this, I’ll usually opt for more comfortable clothes. Traditionally, a more comfortable look has been frowned upon until the emergence of the athleisure trend.

Athleisure can be described as a casual form of dress that reflects an athletic lifestyle. This trend is very versatile because it allows for the wearer to be comfortable in workout gear while doing activities that may or may not involve exercise. You can choose a number of pieces to rock the trend such as leggings, joggers, jackets, graphic T-shirts, and workout tanks. Below, you can see my take on athleisure:

To start, I chose a white, cut-off tank top for the first piece of my outfit. I love this top because it’s a great shirt to wear for the gym or class. The distressed design of the top gives my look a trendy yet relaxed vibe. I paired the tank top with a black bomber jacket to make my outfit look sleek and chic. Also, adding a jacket over a typical workout outfit helps transform your look from the gym to everyday life. 

Next, I selected my favorite and most comfortable pair of gray leggings from Lululemon. The performance wear fabric makes the leggings functional while the pattern and color make them fashionable. For shoes, I picked a pair of black Steve Madden slip-on sneakers. Slip-on sneakers are very much on-trend this year and can give any outfit a sporty feel. Lastly, it is important that all components of an outfit coordinate. That is why I stuck with neutrals and dark colors for each piece of my look.

Athleisure has completely taken over the fashion world. The trend has caused inspiration for celebrities and many fashion brands. Athleisure’s functionality and the ability to be fashion-forward will allow this trend to last for a very long time.

If you love athleisure like I do, show me how you choose to wear the trend on social media. Make sure to tag @Cfashionista! 

Adding a Bit of Summer to a Black Wardrobe

Do you feel like your black wardrobe needs a touch of summer? If this Fashionista can be styled in a color other than black, you can too. Adding small pops of color through accessories, makeup, or even a shirt can bring a hint of summer into your otherwise dark look. Although we all love a simple all-black outfit, it’s always fun to find fun ways to incorporate at least a little bit of color during the spring and summer months.

For this look, I decided to pick a color that has become increasingly popular over the past few months—yellow. Although it feels like yellow normally gets a lot of hate, people are finally warming up to this awesome color. This yellow top is simple and comfortable but is still very trendy and looks great paired with black jean shorts! This is a bright top that can be paired with all of the black clothing that your heart desires because it becomes the centerpiece of the outfit. Pairing this look with a simple pair of Adidas sneakers is a great athleisure touch. Another simple way to incorporate some color is to get a pop of color instead of a neutral when you get your nails done. This Fashionista chose to rock the bright yellow, similar to the top’s color. This is an easy way to incorporate some fun and brightness into your everyday outfit.

For another outfit combo, throwing on a colored bomber jacket to an all black and white outfit can add a nice touch to a summer look. This pink bomber jacket is a trendy and cute way to add a different color to your outfit. This way, you can keep your all black outfits while simply throwing on a jacket for that pop of color.

How do you add more color to your summer looks? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

Good News! Your Spring Florals Are Still Relevant For Summer

The time has come to put away our spring florals and bust out our bright and popping shades of summer. Though, if you’re like me, you probably think it’s always too soon to hide those beautiful buds from the world. Well, I have news for you—you don’t have to! Inspired by the resurfacing of ’70s style in mainstream fashion, this outfit combines delicate details with bold color-blocking, perfect for the transition from spring to summer.

The Floral:

Relatively simple itself, this outfit is perfect for Fashionistas that prefer not to wear a lot of jewelry. The centerpiece of this outfit is the beautiful floral-patterned silk scarf tied around my neck. The scarf makes the outfit cohesive by tying in the purple of the shoes, the orange of the tank top, and the navy of the skirt. Without it, the outfit would feel incomplete. The lace eyelet of the white bomber jacket provides another subtle floral undertone. Designed by Free People, it screams polished without being too preppy. The navy trim complements the light blue background of the scarf and the navy of the skirt. Lightweight, yet still functional, this jacket is a great layer to throw over any outfit to keep you warm on those chilly summer nights.

The Color-block:

Complementing the scarf is a stunning set of lilac lace-up heels. These shoes are a must-have for the summer with their striking color and popular style. The effortlessness, yet sexiness of the lace-up style makes these shoes my go-to for the months of June and July. Pair these shoes with a mini skirt, as you see here, or a pair of white jeans to dress them down. Either way, all eyes will be drawn to these beauties.

The ’70s:

Finishing off the outfit are the tank top, the mini skirt, and the sunglasses. The striped trim and bright color of the top is reminiscent of quintessential ’70s fashion, while the Michael Kors sunglasses are a nod to the ’70s as well. The corduroy mini skirt, popular in any decade, gives this outfit a feminine touch without being too foppish.

Overall this outfit is playful, colorful, and is certain to draw attention. Whether you rock this look at brunch, a summer concert, or on an adventure, these florals will not let you down.

What trends will you carry over from spring to summer? Let me know in the comments below!

BEAUTY BAR: Classy Meets Sassy

Strut your stuff! As the final week of school comes to an end and finals are about to be put in the past, students are planning their summer adventures. Some include spontaneous vacations, trips across the country, or even simply going to the lake. I came across this classy Fashionista with an ensemble that goes perfectly together from head to toe.

Her outfit is a cute classy meets sassy take on summer days to come. She is wearing a spaghetti strapped, cotton, purple cami tucked into a black and white stripe pencil skirt. She paired these pieces with a light, black bomber jacket with pockets to carry all needed necessities, and some ankle heel boots with just enough heel to make the outfit look sexy. The accessories are an oversize watch, accented with a black band and gold rim, a gold pearl choker, a long gold chain necklace, and a pair of pearl earrings to tie it all together.

The final touch on the ensemble is the hair and makeup. Her deep brown, shoulder-length hair is loosely curled with volume tousled through. Her makeup is perfectly on point with both her hair and outfit. She has a matte foundation with light pink checks, dark eyebrows, and a deep brownish red lip color. Her eyes have a light purple shadow on the outer corner blended with a white shadow on the inner corner to create the look of wider eyes. A final touch is the jet black winged eyeliner to give that overall look of a sexy, classy ensemble.


STYLE ADVICE: Neutral Spring

The climate will always play a factor in what we wear on a day to day basis. The clouds seem to have taken over the sunshine, hence why this Fashionisto went for the neutral tones in his outfit. Usually as college students, we tend to go grab our sweats and hoodies and head out to class. Since the semester is coming to an end, and you’re probably too busy focusing on finals or graduation, simply grab the most casual go-to items and head out.

This Fashionisto kept it simple and easy. Without much effort, he chose a graphic T-shirt from a local shop. He then paired it with light gray denim which has just enough distressed details for spring. This Fashionisto was even brave enough to wear white sneakers to match his T-shirt. However, if you don’t want to risk wearing white sneakers, I do advise picking another color such as gray or black. To add the finishing touches to his outfit, this Fashionisto wore his lightweight black bomber jacket and light brown beanie. He made sure to keep all his items in the same neutral tone family without wearing too much black or white. It balanced out evenly and perfectly.

You never know what’s to come in the Northeast between the gloomy skies and windy weather. So it’s a must that you stay prepared all while staying true to your style. This Fashionisto’s outfit took no longer than 10 minutes to get ready; next time instead of grabbing your sweats, go for your denim. Even casually dressing will put you in a positive mood to finish the semester off strong.

WHAT TO WEAR: Effortless City Style

The last exam has been taken, the final box has been packed, and the eventual goodbyes have been tearfully made. This can only mean one thing: summertime! Queue the Will Smith and throw those shades on because it’s official.

Now for some, the first month of summer equates to temporary hibernation accompanied by sweatpants, while for others it means endless beach time as your swimsuit and skin actually begin to morph into one. But what about after that? Getting dressed for an average summer day can be a bit like an angel/devil shoulder situation. On one hand, you want to look cute and showcase your undeniable style, and on the other, styling an outfit seems like too much work. Luckily, I ran into this Fashionista who has all the answers.

By cultivating a balanced color palette and pairing stylistic basics together, this Fashionista’s city style is effortlessly chic. She started with a pair of her patched denim pants and adding a simple top with back detailing. To accommodate for Milwaukee’s weather identity crisis, this Fashionista layered on a matte, blush colored bomber jacket, which works because of its light fabric. To literally tie her subtly sweet color scheme together, she threw on a timeless paisley neckerchief, an element that can elevate any ensemble. Not a stranger to city lifestyle, this Fashionista opted for a pair of lace-up sandals for comfort. For the finishing touches, this Milwaukeean accessorized with tasteful bangles and bling and toted a dome crossbody bag for all her essentials.

From Milwaukee to any urban destination, take a few notes from this Fashionista on how to rock casual streetwear.