New Ways to Style Military Boots for Fall

There’s no need to defend my feet from dirty trench water, because I stick to pavement and the occasional puddle. The only thousand-yard stare I have experienced is spotting a must-have item from across the store and instantaneously falling in love. What can I say? Military boots are just super cute right now.

PHOTO: Leana Concepcion

Originally created to withstand harsh weather conditions and mortal combat, military boots were made to be sturdy. Nearly indestructible, but definitely not cute. However, when chunky boots became a style rather than a necessity, the cuteness factor skyrocketed. Now anyone can purchase full-on glitter military boots, or even a pair with heels.

Combat boots come with a stately, traditional vibe. They’re structured, neutral, and classic. These shoes are popularly styled with jeans and a flannel; however, the possibilities are endless in terms of style. A baggy sweater or cropped T-shirt with chunky boots are also popular combinations. I wear maroon Dr. Marten’s regularly, and that slight pop of color adds so much spunk to my outfits.

For some Style Gurus, the masculinity of military boots is overwhelming; however, I think even the girliest of girls should give them a go. Boots look great with pants as well as dresses and skirts. Outfits should be chosen based on what you find stylish in your comfort zone. A flowery dress with boots is always a pleasant surprise in terms of street style.

Everyone loves a good guilty pleasure outfit. This summer, I lived in Birkenstocks. They’re the most convenient shoe for my everyday business. Once it gets colder and I replace shorts with sweatpants, I pair my Dr. Marten’s with acid-wash sweats and a casual shirt. It’s easy, comfortable, and appropriate in snow and rain; however, it looks edgy for a lazy day outfit.

Pro tip: do not settle on full retail prices. Dr. Marten’s boots are great quality but sell for well over $100 at popular stores or on the website. It’s important to check thrift stores before committing to a big purchase. In times like these, it’s also nice to have places like Plato’s Closet or apps like RetailMeNot.

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Additional photos by Leana Concepcion.

This Boot Style Will Make Even The Most Goody-Goody Feel Like a Rebel

Dr. Martens is by far one of the most iconic shoe companies that was ever created. Since the first boot hit the scene in April of 1960, it was a cultural staple through many generations and subcultures. As many of us know, the Dr. Martens boot was the signature item to wear during the punk movement in the 1960s and early 1970s. Since then, the shoe has transcended many different pop culture movements and become the perfect boot for many different styles.

To showcase how Dr. Martens can be styled outside of its typical, classic punk fashion, I teamed up with my best friend and fashion blogger for a modern punk photo shoot with a twist. We both wanted to exhibit our own take on punk while also channeling our black girl magic for a fierce, stylish shoot. We tied together the aesthetic of the punk culture by rocking our favorite pairs of Dr. Martens.

1—The feminine punk. Rekik took on more of a feminine approach to her punk-inspired style. She wore a black slip dress that catered to a more feminine, seductive side of punk and paired it with a black, floral lace cardigan which added a soft touch to her dark look. Sticking true to the punk style, of course, she topped this look off by wearing Floral Pascal Dr. Martens. Her choice of this floral boot polished off the feminine aesthetic that she brought to the punk style, and also added a punch of color to her cool look along with her bright orange mini shoulder bag. To accessorize and complete her look, Rekik wore a dark lip and flaunted silver rings which both stuck to the rock star spirit of punk.

2—The eclectic punk. I took on a more eclectic, abstract approach to the punk style, which is the aesthetic that I am most comfortable with. I had a great time styling this look while staying true to my natural style sense, letting punk elements shine through. I styled myself with a black-and-white abstract printed A-line dress, a cream backpack purse, and the classic black Dr. Martens. The dress was a big statement for this look, which spoke to the erratic nature of the punk culture and music. I also styled my natural hair in a faux mohawk, which was also an iconic style during the punk era. I also sported a black lip and a gold choker that played upon the chokers that were worn during the classic punk era.

No matter what your style is, I believe that there is a little punk in everyone. You can never be a full punk until you love your Dr. Martens as much as we do!

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These Summer Boots Were Made for Walkin’

Things are starting to heat up in Florida—this means it’s time to bring out the shorts, comfortable tops, and… boots? This month’s Fashionista decided to bring out some thigh-high boots this summer and totally rock them!

Since I had been studying abroad in Spain for five months, I kind of lost a feel for what Florida style was like. I was getting used to very eccentric outfits, lots of fur, and black. As soon as I got back, I remembered how nice it was to be able to wear shorts and sandals with some loose, breezy tops due to the extreme heat that we have. But fashion is always about taking risks, and to me, thigh-high boots in summer would seem like a risk, but not to this Fashionista.

She used these boots as the statement piece of the outfit with a chambray top and some white shorts, which scream summer. The balance between the basic clothing items and the boots mixes chic with edgy. It’s interesting to see how just one clothing item or accessory can completely change the feel of an outfit, but it’s never too late to try something new out!

If you would like to recreate this outfit for a girl’s day out or brunch with your friends, here’s how to recreate it:

1—Pick out your favorite pair of thigh-high or knee-high boots. This Fashionista is rocking a pair of Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots.

2—Look through your closet and find a cute chambray top. Everyone should own at least one because it’s the easiest item to style for the spring and summer time.

3—Finish the look with white shorts. This is another item that everyone should have for spring and summer. It matches with everything. You can dress it up or down and you’ll be ready to go!

Now that you know how to rock this look, what are your opinions about it? Would you rock thigh-high boots in summer? Let me know in the comments below. If you decide to recreate this look, show us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

3 Ways to Rock Boots This Summer

Warm weather, tan lines, and summer nights. Do you know what that means? It’s only the best time of the year—it’s country concert season! If you’re anything like me, you love nothing more than getting dressed up, tailgating with your best friends, and dancing the night away. What are some good outfit options? I’m here to give you some great ideas to ensure you look fabulous!

1—Cowboy Boots. Every single outfit needs a pair of cowboy boots to tie the look all together. Luckily, there are a million different kinds so you’re bound to find your color and style. I am into the more basic, brown, and mid-length style. I like that they can go with absolutely anything I wear. Top brands are Ariat, Justin, Durango, and Tony Lama.

2—Chambray and Denim. Chambray and denim are a big trend at the moment! This makes it super easy on us to just grab a chambray/jean dress and throw on our boots. It is so effortless and perfect for dancing the night away. Pictured below is a chambray dress from Forever 21. It is super lightweight and affordable. You can find one many different places as well.

3—Shorts and an Off-the-Shoulder Top. Let’s throw it back to the basics. What is more country than a pair of cut off denim shorts? Literally nothing. You cannot go wrong with a dark or light wash pair of jean shorts. Buy a pair from just about anywhere to start the look off right. In the past, I would say throw on a lacy white tank top but let’s get a little more trendy here. Let’s show the shoulders! A huge trend right now is off-the-shoulder tops. This is a trend that is growing rapidly and appears to be staying. Just about any apparel store sells them at this point but this Fashionista wears a beautiful floral one from American Eagle.

4—Romper. At the beach? Not a problem. You can still be trendy and look beachy for a country concert. My favorite go-to is a romper. Let’s be honest here, this a trend that doesn’t seem to be fading either. Floral, tropical, or tie-dye is a country neutral that seems to tie the look together. Something flowy, lightweight, and cotton would be a go-to for me to stay cool in that beach heat.

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The Most Surprising Summer Footwear You Already Own

Summer is in full swing. Time for strolls down the boardwalk, picnics in the park, and nights out on the town. With the days and nights of summer coming and going so fast, now is the time to rock out your summer looks—a big part of which is footwear.

While sandals have been the go-to summer shoe for many years, this summer, Fashionistas seem to be dipping their toes into less-charted waters…or, boots, rather.

Sandals and slides are perfect for too-hot days spent under the sun, but on days when the sun isn’t blazing, why not reintroduce everyone’s fall-favorite back into your life a few months early? With that in mind, here’s a round up of five styles of boots perfect for the summer months. (Photo via @biancacanales)

1—Sock Boots. Faux suede sock boots took over everyone’s timeline this past winter, and it seems that they are here to stay. While these boots may be a bit on the warmer side, when paired with a brightly colored mini skirt and a sleeveless top, you won’t even notice the extra warmth on your toes. (Photo via @princess_stef_)

2—Cut-out Booties. Perfect for the warmer months, these boots are light and breezy because of their vented structure. Not to mention, the cut-outs are often styled in cute patterns such as flowers, making them the perfect addition to any summery look. (Photo via @greysonasmus)

3—Open-toe Boots. Open-toe boots are made for summer—they provide the extra sleek look that only a pair of boots can, but also allow you to show off your super cute pedicure from last week. Grab a pair with buckles to add an extra bit of edge to a look without adding the extra heat of an average pair of boots. (Photo @notcentralfash)

4—Embroidered Boots. Embroidery seems to be everyone’s favorite trend this year. It’s on jeans, jackets, tops, dresses—you name it. This summer, exchange some of your favorite printed tops (Florals? Ground breaking.) for a pair of embroidered boots. Now you can skip through the daisies without even entering the meadow. (Photo via @quesorito)

5—Black Ankle Booties. The longtime love of many a Fashionista, black ankle booties will always be your best friend. Not only are they timeless, but I think we can all agree that they are seasonless, too. Like a good pair of jeans, a nice pair of black ankle booties can go with just about any look—so why not work them all year round?

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Summer Music Festival Must-Haves

Summer concert season has finally arrived! Every fan is into something different when it comes to a music festival, but for me, it was a country music kind of night. This event is usually the highlight of my summer because what is better than seeing some of your favorite artists play live while enjoying it outside in the sun (hopefully) with your best friends? For occasions like this, it’s nice depending on what the temperature is to style your look with a kimono. I love this layer mostly because it is a super light and loose fitting robe that is easy to pair with any plain T-shirt or tank top.

This look definitely has more of a country vibe to it, so the cowboy boots were a must for this particular look tonight. Comfy but cute is my motto for shoes whenever I am at an event that requires a lot of walking. When I take the risk of wearing heels to something like this, I always regret it after the second hour.

Whenever you think something is missing from your outfit I always think that jewelry is the answer, even a simple gold necklace can do the trick. Some last final touches can also be a couple of gold rings that flow with the necklace, then, of course, some of your favorite bracelets to finally top it off. Oh, and you can’t forget to bring your favorite sunglasses.

If anyone has a music festival coming up, I hope this gave you some ideas for what your next adventure could look like.

What is a must for your summer festival outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Style Knee-High Boots

Winter has now officially moved into the Southern hemisphere. Without warning, we are literally blown away by the cooler change. When I think of winter, I think of being covered from head to toe. The thought of wearing a skirt or dress rarely crosses my mind. While I do love winter fashion, it can get a little repetitive after a while. After all, a girl can only have so many knits and beanies. What if I told you there was a way to wear non-winter clothes in the winter while staying warm?

I introduce to you knee-high boots (the name is more daunting than the actual boots). After getting sick and tired of constantly choosing between pants or a skirt and tights, I decided to add a pair of suede knee-high boots to my winter wardrobe. They opened up a whole new world of outfit ideas. Gone are the days that I can’t wear my favorite non-winter outfits without being nervous I may freeze to death. After going through my whole wardrobe, I found the best ways to style your knee-high boots.

Try adding knee-high boots with a pair of patterned shorts and a black turtleneck. This outfit gives off a casual yet sophisticated vibe, and the boots definitely help to dress up the outfit. For something a little different, you could slip your boots under a colorful pleated midi skirt with a black blouse and statement jacket. Try knotting the bottom of the pleated skirt to show off those killer boots. Pairing the boots with a jacket, casual top, and black denim skirt makes sure those knee-high boots stand out the most in your outfit. Lastly, you can style your boots with a cute patterned dress and T-shirt combo with a jacket on top. This outfit lets you rock that spaghetti strap dress even though it’s winter, and it looks adorable. The outfit opportunities that come with wearing knee-high boots are endless.

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The Jeans You’ll Wear Everyday This Summer

Ditch the skinnies and update your denim collection with the summer’s favorite pant: the frayed crop jean. This style will be sure to get you noticed and won’t grow tiresome since it can be styled in so many versatile ways. The total French girl-approved jeans add a vintage flare to any look, especially when accessorized with cat-eye sunglasses or a straw tote à la Jane Birkin. (I’ve seen this maxi dress styled over cropped, flared denim and I can say, without shame, that I’ve copied the look head to toe).

For this outfit I’ve paired the denim with a crisp white button-down and an oversize blazer, although I can assure you, these pants look just as good with a blazer and boots as they do with a crop top and mules. I love the high waist of these jeans and the light wash shade is perfect for the summertime.

One of the best parts about dressing for this season, in addition to getting to wear swimsuits in lieu of real clothes, is finally being able to wear white. After bearing the cold for months dressed in drab grays, it’s nice to re-incorporate white back into my wardrobe. As you can tell by this outfit, I have not been holding back when it comes to bleached accessories. From my white and gold star-print clutch, very Stella McCartney-esque, to these pointy patent boots—I am here for it this summer.

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Trend Testing: Topshop’s ‘It’ Boots

I will be the first to admit that I have a “uniform.” I am constantly reaching for the same style of jeans and pairing them with simple tops and old, beaten-up trainers. That’s not to say that I don’t love trends, new and old, I just never considered them for myself. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, it’s hard to ignore what the models and fashion bloggers are wearing and loving. My interest was immediately drawn to the dazzling new Topshop metallic boots worn by Bella Hadid. Everyone was raving about them, and I thought if I were ever going to try a trend, it would have to be this one.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone, much to my feet’s despair, and buy a pair of the Topshop “It” boots. I have not been disappointed. Probably not something that you can wear every day, but once I learned how to walk in heels I did not want to take them off!

They are a fantastic accessory to any going-out outfit—they immediately become a talking point and turn heads as you walk. Even when I tried them on in the shop I received compliments from both men and women, and the shop assistants swooned over how much they loved them.

Despite their popularity, I haven’t noticed anyone else wearing them, which is refreshing for a Topshop “It” item and makes them feel special to me.

When I wore my new boots out, I decided to style them with another trend I’ve noticed to be very popular. Wearing a bandeau over a plain white T-shirt is something I’ve seen bloggers worldwide wearing. It’s an easy way of styling that bandeau you’ve had in your wardrobe but have been too afraid to wear on its own. It also makes a plain T-shirt more interesting and adds variety to your wardrobe.

This experience of trying out new things has definitely encouraged me to try more new things and experiment with the way I dress—something I will endeavour to do in the future!

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The Mystery Behind the Shades

The magic is in the mystery,” has been one of my favorite quotes since I was younger, and what creates an exciting mystery in this case is your hidden eyes behind those new designer shades. Summer is just beginning and everyone’s trying to select the best pair of designer shades whether for the beach, music festival, or just simply relaxing by the pool.

One can never go wrong with a pair of Ray-bans, especially their newest release, the Blaze collection. The flashy, one colored lens that reaches over the rim are very eye-catching especially with that mirrored glare. The best part is they come in various shapes including round, club-master, shooter, and cat-eye. If the Blaze collection isn’t really your style, I’d recommend a classic round metal pair of sunglasses to add a little vintage fun to your day in the sun.

Now let’s beat the heat! Pac Sun has the perfect selection of mini dresses and rompers to keep keep cool in the sun. Since velvet is in right now, the LA Hearts line in Pac Sun has a crushed velvet romper that comes in multiple colors to find one right for you.

Lastly for those who love to accessorize, rings on all fingers have been in. The Pandora rings offer a quality ring that won’t break your bank. They add a fun touch especially when your reaching to reveal the mystery behind those shades. 

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