How to Dress for Unpredictable New York City Weather

August is approaching, but it feels like just yesterday school ended. Making the most of your summer vacation can be difficult as the season comes to an end, especially if you live in a busy city.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, but its people don’t sleep either. Even in the summer, the greatest city in the world still remains busy as ever. This summer, I’ve been running around, commuting on trains, subways, and ferries to get to work and back home. I am like every city person—always on the go and not giving myself enough personal time. That is until I have to pick out my outfit for the next day. I go through outfits upon outfits, layering each to see what would look great, but also what is comfortable enough for me to wear while I run through New York City trying to get from place to place.

If New York City weather is anything, it’s unpredictable. The cool shade from the skyscrapers to the sweaty, jam-packed subways (and their humidity), makes walking around New York City a potential nightmare—but I have picked an outfit that’s perfect for any day in the Big Apple! In this look, I’m wearing a light frilled top and super comfortable corduroy pants paired with some classic Converse. With exotic accents on my shirt like the frilled sleeves, I kept the jewelry to a minimum, only wearing a simple evil eye bracelet to give me the good vibes I need in my day.

New York City is the center of artistic freedom and expression, and being in such an amazing city, you learn to be fearless in your clothing choices and are encouraged to express your true self every day. I hope to encourage you to be yourself and to live your best and most fashionable lives as the summer comes to an end!

What do you hope to accomplish in your last month of summer? Let us know by commenting below or tagging us in photos of your last days of summer activities!

3 Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress

Karl Lagerfield once said “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress.” This is one of many statements which praised the famous little black dress. It has remained a staple  in women’s closets throughout decades because  it goes with almost anything! The options are limitless which can make it overwhelming sometimes. This month I am breaking down three ways to style your LBD for day or night.

1—Make a Statement

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to style a little black dress is to accessorize. The dress is a base for you to build upon. Since it is a basic piece, you can do bold accessories. A chunky necklace like the one pictured is a perfect example. Also consider belts and other bold jewelry to play up the look.

2—Pop of Color

Another way to style a LBD is to add an unexpected pop of color. Yes, black on black is still cool but color is perfect when you want to switch it up. The great thing about a black dress is that you can wear virtually any color with it.  I opted for a red bag heels to spice up this dress.



Adding layers is a simple way to polish your look. For a business outfit you could consider a blazer and tights. I chose a casual look with a jean jacket, scarf, and sneakers. Another great thing about layers: they transition your dress from season to season!   

 What is your favorite way to style a LBD? Comment below!

WHAT TO WEAR: White Haute For Summer

There’s something so freeing about being completely done with finals and another semester of college. While the Florida heat can be limiting, it’s the best time to get out and adventure with friends. On those days when it is possible to brave the heat, there are ways to dress up your look and have fun with your summer style. With that being said, light and airy clothing options will be your best bet.

During summer, you can never go wrong with light colors. This look is perfect for a day when the heat won’t make you melt and you’re in the mood to show your style off in an effortless way. This white dress with the light blue pattern gives a little bit of a boho, yet dressy feel. It works as a casual outfit, or something you could choose dress up for events like brunch or a vacation. Simple accessories can easily be used to finish off the look. In this case, she chose to wear a dainty gold necklace and a gold bangle. Her look gives off those girly, carefree summer vibes in the best way.

Whether you’re continuing to take classes or work this summer, or traveling with family and friends, you can enjoy the fun trends the season brings. It’s the best time to express yourself with a couple of pieces, as you probably won’t be layering up in this heat. Dresses are always a great easy choice, and my personal go-to when it’s scorching hot. That’s why everything about this Fashionista’s look appeals to me and can easily be recreated.


As textbooks are shut and tanning becomes the new daytime activity, the proper summer wardrobe is very important. Keeping your hair natural is a great way to have those beach-like waves that you never seem to want any other time of year. The natural hair look always feels more fun and playful in the summertime. Whether you wear dresses to feel fancy or it’s the kind of day where you are not in the mood to match a top and a bottom, a casual dress like the one this Fashionista has is a great choice for a summer day. The denim taking up the entirely of the dress keeps the outfit simple but texturized. The ruffle along the chest and shoulders adds dimension and a unique quality to the dress.

Accessorizing a dress like this can be so much fun! This Fashionista wore a simple beaded bracelet with neutral colors that blends well with the blue coloring of the dress. Her earrings are simple, but hang below her ear a little. They have blue in them, which matches the dress very well. Having simple jewelry with this dress is a great example of less is more because too many accessories would take away from the beauty and simplicity of the outfit. This Fashionista’s sandals are another key aspect of her ensemble. Their shine give them a dressy look while remaining a comfortable flat sandal. The straps and braids make them very fun like the straps around the ankles giving the illusion of anklets. When preparing perfect summer outfits, using this Fashionista’s look as an inspiration is definitely a great option.

STYLE GURU STYLE: All About the Details

It is finally starting to feel like spring which means you can finally wear a cute outfit without it being covered up by a jacket! One of my favorite seasons to shop for is spring, and this outfit features two new additions to my wardrobe.

One of my favorite pieces to wear is flowy tops. They are so comfortable and lightweight you just cannot go wrong wearing one. The one I am wearing shows a current trend which is embroidery. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of embroidery on pants, jackets, and just about anything, and it tends to be of flowers. I decided to hop on the bandwagon and get a shirt of my own to keep up with this very cute trend that I am currently obsessed with!

For pants, I decided to keep it simple with a pair of jeans cuffed at the ankle. One of my favorite pieces in this outfit has to be my shoes! These super cute brown booties are completed by the detailing on the heel that I just can not get enough of. The colored heel is also a trend I have been seeing lately around my campus and the streets of Boston. The heel adds the touch of detail that this outfit needs, and I think it does a great job completing the look.

For accessories, I decided to carry my black purse. Of course, everyone loves the Céline bags, but our college budgets might not. Mine is a very close look alike from Forever 21. I love it, and so does my college budget! I also decided to wear a gold bracelet that has cheetah print detailing. I chose gold because it matches the hardware on my bag and keeps the look clean.

WHAT TO WEAR: Rain, Rain Go Away

April showers bring May flowers! It is that time of year where one day you will be wearing a sweater and the next day you could be wearing a tank top. With that being said, spring has arrived. For us here in Illinois it rains a lot in the spring. Just because it is raining out, it doesn’t mean you still can’t look fashionable while going to class!

This Fashionista knew how to add a pop of color to her outfit for this gray day. She kept the look simple with black leggings and a simple black sweater. Adding accessories like these bracelets, big rings, and necklaces adds some character to the look. Accessories can pull the whole look together! The black Steve Madden shoes she added with the outfit pairs nicely with the rest of the look. She finished off the look with her blue Michael Kors rain jacket. This is a perfect touch of color. Without the jacket this outfit would just be a basic everyday look but just adding this one statement piece it makes the whole outfit! This jacket shows that you don’t have to sacrifice style on a rainy or damp day.

You should never let a rainy day come in the way of how you dress for class or wherever it is you are going! Gray days like these are a great opportunity to look cute and have the perfect outfit. Other options that would add some panache to an otherwise dreary outfit could be; a colorful pair of Hunter rain boots, a bright umbrella, or even a vibrant scarf on a cooler rainy day. Rainy days and bad weather are no excuse!

STYLE ADVICE: Inspiration Station

Toronto is a vibrant and bustling city with lots to offer. Its beautiful scenery, downtown vibes and famous landmarks are all what make the city unique and one of a kind. Pursuing a career in fashion can be a daunting feat, but the city is never short of inspiration. I often pull inspiration from its architecture, music, art galleries, and of course, the street style I see around town.

I spotted this Fashionisto near campus right near the CN Tower. But surprisingly, it wasn’t Canada’s tallest building that stole the show. The simplicity of the outfit he sported caught my eye because the originality exuded in it. With a military green jacket, a stone wash jean and a sleek pair of Converse, the outfit is pulled together beautifully. Plus, nothing adds a little personality to an outfit than a stylish hat or bracelet.

Another thing to love about this outfit is that it is not out of reach. I’m not talking about style wise, but price wise. With an ensemble like this, there is so much room for customization. Let loose and venture into the men’s section if you have to, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This Fashionisto kept it minimal, but his personal style peered through nonetheless. Depending on your taste you could go as crazy or as collected as you want.

Inspiration can come in all shapes and forms, and can mean different things to different people. Find yours, and keep those imagination juices flowing. You’ll find your creativity will too.

STYLE ADVICE: Simple and Clean

This Fashionista’s cute outfit can serve as a good example for some style advice! This look is very minimal and has a solid color scheme—two fashion quotas that many of my outfits follow. I had to capture the outfit because of its versatility and strength. I would consider this outfit versatile because the black color scheme and overall simplicity would make any added piece either complement the style and color or stand out from the style and color. The more colorful an added piece is, the more it would stand out thanks to the contrast, while the darker the addition the more complementary it would be. The strength in this outfit also comes from the uniformity of the color scheme and the simplicity of the outfit. This outfit is strong enough that it requires no other pieces to finish it off.

This Fashionista chose to wear a solid black T-shirt dress and black Converse sneakers. Converse are both trendy and familiar all while being a sensible pick to complement this outfit. These sneakers work because the contrast of the black with white shoe tips makes it a perfect accent to the black color scheme. She also had on accessories that included a Fitbit, rings, and bracelets, and her hair was styled into loose waves with the help of a curling wand. The Fitbit was an unintentional match to the outfit since this Fashionista wears it everywhere, but in this case it only strengthens the color scheme. The style advice to take from this article would be that minimalistic outfits can have enough strength to stand on its own or can be the base to an even more explosive outfit. You should also take away that color schemes should be chosen wisely because the color combinations can affect how strong an outfit can be.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pick Your Poison

Hang•o•ver (n) /ˈhaNGˌōvər/: the not-very-fun morning after a very fun night.

Like any good night of fun in college, the morning after is usually accompanied by brunch with the gals or a full day of hitting the books at a local coffee joint. While we might not feel our greatest, life doesn’t stop for a hangover, and neither do we. So here’s this Fashionista’s secret to looking her best, even when she doesn’t feel it.

Keep the threads to a minimal by reaching for a fusion of the effortless and classics in your wardrobe. A comfy graphic T-shirt is the perfect, effortless piece to ensure comfort and style. Wildfox T-shirts are my go-tos, equipped with a witty headline, adding a vintage flare to any ensemble. Knot it up, give it a half-tuck, or loosely layer a T-shirt on top of a classic staple, such as a vegan leather skirt with a pair of Chelsea boots.

Sticking to the bare basics with your clothes gives you free range with accessories. Accessories are the “icing (on the cake)” of an outfit—the final touch, what makes an outfit complete, what ties an ensemble all together. Accessories make a statement, whether it be a bold handbag, killer shoe, or an effortless necklace layer, pick your poison and own it.

Today’s featured Fashionista channeled her hangover poison with an extra large skull necklace paired with a mini horn necklace and dangle choker. She finished off the look with with a druzzy wrap bracelet. All jewels courtesy of ALV Jewels, handmade by Allie Vanata. Supporting local artists and entrepreneurs is a great way to ensure you’re always rocking one-of-a-kind pieces and making a statement.

Cheers to another effortless look, that looks like it required a whole lot of effort and another day of fooling the eye through fashion.


It is spring time baby! Where cold, yucky days become warm, bright ones and our pale, winter bodies turn into tan, summer bods. This is my second favorite time of year because it is the season right before my absolute favorite time of year: summer!

Summer is filled with exciting memories, quality time with friends and family, lots of vitamin D and “sea.” But, before my favorite season, we have spring, my second favorite. This is the time of year where the sun is shining bright, but it is just cool enough to still wear your most loved pair of denim jeans with that cute itty bitty crop top that says, “I am ready for you, summer, but I got you, spring!”

As I spotted this Fashionista walking to class, I knew that was the exact idea she had in mind when dressing that morning. In high-waisted denim jeans paired with that pop of color, little cropped tank top, she was ready for summer while entertaining spring.

I like to call this look the less-is-more look because it is all the little, subtle details that make it complete perfection. From the super cute, edgy, black, high heel booties to the little sleeveless cardigan and that amazing stacked bangle, this Fashionista kills it in the less-is-more kind of look.

Sometimes all the details are the littlest ones, but often they are the most powerful. This look definitely proves that.