The Best Midsummer Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe

Do you love summer colors but feel that most shades are either too vibrant or too soft? I’m with you. Recently, the fashion world has fallen in love with “in between” shades like blush, mauve, and sky blue, and so have I. I mean, what’s not to love about these kinds of colors? They’re flattering on virtually anyone, which means more and more people are being drawn to items of clothing in these gorgeous shades.

Just a few weeks ago a found this incredibly cute mauve cotton dress and I honestly want to wear it every day. Not only is the color amazing, but the keyhole cut-out is definitely on-trend right now! It’s the perfect way to show off a little bit of skin without doing too much. I just have to be careful not to spend too much time in the sun when wearing this dress in order to avoid a super awkward-looking tan line!

Now you may be wondering, “how would I accessorize a piece like this?” It’s actually very simple. Since the keyhole cut-out is the main detail of focus around the neck and chest, you can skip a necklace. Instead, I would suggest some cute and colorful bangles just to add some bling. For shoes, you could definitely go with a strappy neutral-colored sandal like mine or even a pair of wedges if you’re feeling fancier. You can then just add on some statement earrings to draw more attention to your face and voila! You’ve got the perfect summer look that will flatter anyone and will work for just about any slightly dressy event you have planned.

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5 Easy-to-Pack Accessories Perfect for Summer Vacation

Summer has officially arrived and this means warmer weather, time to relax, vacation, and new fashion trends. As we all know, packing for vacation is more than a struggle when you want to bring your whole closet. However, accessories are an easy way to completely transform a dull outfit. Plus, they are lightweight enough to keep your bag well under the 50-pound limit at the airport.

1—Small purses. When I go on vacation I always downsize my purse. No one wants to carry a heavy bag around, especially in the summer heat. Therefore, I always downsize my wallet, too, and take out items that are not vital.

2—Sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great accessory because they bring the whole outfit together. Having a pair of trendy sunglasses is almost a necessity in the summer, especially with the bright sunshine.

3—Dainty jewelry. Wearing heavy jewelry in the summer can cause discomfort in the heat, and it can take up space in your suitcase. Small, dainty jewelry is perfect to tie the whole look together.

4—Head scarves. Head scarves are completely in this summer. One simple head scarf can make the outfit look super trendy. Head scarves can be worn multiple ways and not only on the head. One scarf can go a long way when styling your outfits, no matter what time of the day it is.

5—Scarves. Lightweight scarves are perfect for beach vacations. Wearing them as a beach cover-up helps with the summer heat and drying off after going in the water. They can be used for so many purposes such as a shirt, a skirt, beach towel, or a picnic blanket.

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Playing With Pops of Color

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to bland and hello to interesting. This season is for spicing up your wardrobe and testing out new outfits before you head back to campus to show them off this fall. One way to change it up is to add some bright pops of color to your look, whether it’s with a bold accessory or a bright statement piece.

This first look features a bright red maxi skirt paired with a simple cropped halter top. The key to rocking a bold color is balancing it out with a neutral. To keep a look like this casual, accessorize minimally and throw on some simple sandals. Trade out the maxi skirt for a funky pair of palazzo pants on cooler summer nights, or add some simple wedges to dress it up for a night out.

Half-up hairstyles are ideal ways to stay cool and show off every inch of your ensemble. Summer is also a good time to go minimal with your makeup to combat the heat. Sit back and let your brightly colored threads do the talking.

This second look is for the neutral lovers out there. If your closet is full of simple staples and you can’t bring yourself to spend your ice cream money on a new wardrobe, don’t sweat it. Try adding a pop of color through your accessories. Some bold bracelets or a sunshine-colored bag can bring a surprising twist to your everyday looks. Try out the fruit trend with some pineapple-shaped bling, or throw it back to the ’80s and rock a psychedelic fanny pack. The possibilities are endless!

Summer won’t last forever so take advantage of the freedom of summer fashion while you can! Venture out of your fashion comfort zone and test the waters of bold style. Let me know how it goes and comment below!

How I Indulge in Summer Jeans and Ice Cream

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and summer is finally here. Our backpacks are put away in the closets and everything becomes more relaxed. Life becomes more simple, and we finally have time to relax and treat ourselves to something. Local ice cream shops are filling up with kids that are out of school, families out enjoying the weather, and couples walking around.

Summer is a perfect time to show your style, whether it’s summer dresses, shorts and T-shirts, or ripped jeans and a tank top. My personal favorite is throwing on a pair of distressed jeans, a tank top, and a pair of Adidas Superstars. Distressed jeans are much airier and comfortable, rather than a pair of regular jeans in the hot heat of summer.

I paired this outfit with some airy jewelry, a big gold watch, and some gold bracelets. Don’t forget to show some personality with your nail color! This is a perfect example of an outfit I would wear on a casual summer day. I am wearing a black-and-white striped tank top on top of a distressed pair of jeans from Pull&Bear. I finished the look by throwing on my Adidas Superstars from Urban Outfitters and added some gold jewelry.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to head to our local, family-owned ice cream shop downtown. I always like to support our local businesses. All of the ice cream is homemade, and there is a big variety of flavors and options to choose from. Whenever you are doing your favorite summertime activity, a pair of distressed jeans is always light and casual enough for any activity. Add a little flavor to your outfits this summer!

How do you indulge in summer fashion trends? Let me know in the comments below!

Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”  Any Fashionista who has ever seen The Devil Wears Prada knows this classic Miranda Priestly line. Of course, florals always take over during the spring months, but did you know they can also blossom into the summer? The summer of 2017 is all about being bold, so be a bold Fashionista in bloom. Now that’s groundbreaking.

Usually, when people think of florals, they think of girly, flowery dresses. There is nothing better than putting on a beautiful sundress for warm weather after the long winter months and strutting your stuff. Whether you are a Fashionista who prefers a romper or a sundress, a bright floral print can make any day a little sunnier. This Fashionista sports a big boho necklace and a black lacy bralette with her floral romper. This look is perfect for lunch out with friends, a summer barbecue, or just out and about.

However, not all fashionistas enjoy such a feminine style. Have no fear: florals have no gender and are not exclusively for girly looks. You can still rock a floral with, what I like to call, a “dad on vacation” floral top, or a flowery button down, like this fashionista flaunted. This Fashionista pairs her flowery button down with jean short overalls and a white lacy bralette. This look could be for attending a hot summer festival or even exploring a new city.

Not everyone wants to be a flower goddess, but that does not mean you have to ignore florals all together. Ascots are back and better than ever. Pairing a floral ascot with a solid outfit and some chic shades can be the simplest way to tie an outfit together. This look is perfect to take you from day to night.

Whether you are going to brunch, a graduation party or vacation, florals will definitely put a spring in your step throughout the summer months. Fear not Miranda Priestly, nor florals this summer, Fashionistas!

Summer of Denim

Finally, the semester is over and vacation has arrived! Summer in the northern region of the Midwest has its warm and chilly days. It could be the nicest looking day out but you could still have a cold wind nipping at your face. I enjoy summer in the Midwest. One of the best things about summer in this area is that you can wear all of the following; jeans, skirts, dresses, and shorts. The more options the better! With all these options, I tend to stick to denim and lightweight fabrics.

Cold days happen far too often. My favorite style of jeans to wear in the summer are boyfriend. They are comfortable and stylish, not to mention more breathable compared to skinny jeans. The distressed jeans pictured are from Old Navy along with the jacket and yellow off-the-shoulder top. Boyfriend jeans can be paired with strappy heels or sandals to give your outfit that summer vibe.

Denim jackets are a must in every closet. Here in Grand Forks, the wind picks up all the time and gets cold very quickly. Denim jackets are perfect to throw on when you’re out shopping, going to a local farmer’s market, or to a summer barbecue. They’re more of a causal piece of clothing that one for a special occasion. To add more accessories to your jacket you could add pins and tassels to give it that extra flare. I chose a yellow off-the-shoulder top to brighten up this outfit. The relaxed off-the-shoulder top is perfect for summer.

Accessories are always important to any outfit. With this one in particular I chose a simple necklace and a variety of bangles from Alex and Ani. The gold from the jewelry stands out with such a casual outfit and the simple necklace doesn’t take away from the top. The black strappy heels stand out to make the outfit a little dressier.

For those who are not a big fan of boyfriend style jeans they could always try straight leg jeans. Dress up your denim look with a bright colored top either a solid or a pattern. Other ways to dress your denim jacket could be with a dress any length.  Denim is a great way to get through summer vacation for all areas.

How do you dress your denim? Let us know in the comments below or share a picture of you rocking your denim with @CFashionista on Instagram.

How-To Style a Simple Beach-Chic Look

Have you ever tried to pull off a quick beach-chic look for a poolside gathering or a boating trip? It can be harder than it seems! In this post, I’ll show you an easy and stylish look that you can create using items you already own. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

This is my first semester with CollegeFashionista and I’m so excited to be a part of the team! I am a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, studying finance and marketing. Fashion has always been a big part of my life and I’m looking forward to sharing my style advice and thoughts on fashion with all of you. I love being able to create a stylish outfit using must-have pieces and dressing it up with the right accessories. My style, in one sentence, can be described as Blair Waldorf meets Katherine Pierce; it’s glamorous, chic, classic and ladylike. I’m not one to go after all of the new trends, instead, I prefer to shop for clothes that will remain a staple in my closet for months to come.

Wearing a beachy look like this when going boating last weekend definitely made me feel like I was on vacation. It’s perfect for your next weekend getaway, pool parties, and family barbecues. Here, I am wearing a light blue striped romper, which gives you the perfect nautical edge while remaining casual. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to wear white and blue: the colors are not only perfect for being by the water but are also great for holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

I’m pairing this romper with my favorite fedora hat, which I love wearing anytime I’m out in the hot sun. As for the jewelry, a gold layered necklace and a stack of gold bracelets help me take this outfit to a more stylish level. The big straw beach bag really completes the look: it’s not only sizable enough to keep all my sunscreen sprays, water bottles, and a bathing suit together but also makes a fashion statement with its gold color and rope-like handles. I wanted to keep all my accessories gold, so for the shoes, I went with the gold gladiator sandals. The details are really the key to making this simple outfit look edgy and more fun.

Whether you are renting a boat for a day or planning a tropical vacation, this outfit is calling your name. To create a similar look, use a beachy romper like mine and spice it up with some jewelry, a fedora, and a beach tote.

How do you style your favorite summer look? Show us on social media and tag @CFashionista!  

STYLE GURU STYLE: C’mon Girl, Put Your Jumpsuit On

Weather plays a large role into what I choose to wear. With school ending and summer beginning, I start to wear outfits that still look trendy but are lighter and will keep me from overheating. My favorite trend for the summer and every summer is the bohemian theme that everyone adopts. The styles seen at Coachella and Lollapalooza and on stars such as Lana Del Rey. To go along with the bohemian trend, I love to wear a stack of bracelets on my wrists and layered necklaces. They make any outfit I wear feel complete if I put them on.

Jumpsuits are perfect for the summer. They come in all colors and sizes and make everyone look tall and slender. I chose to wear a black jumpsuit with an open back to show off my lace bralette. With the warm weather, this jumpsuit will be excellent for adventures and sightseeing. I accessorized with a pair of sunglasses, layered necklaces, and a wrist full of bracelets. All of which just add a touch of color to the outfit and are a great finishing touch to make the outfit feel complete. To dress up the look, I chose to wear heeled sandals. They dress up the outfit just enough without making it too formal.

If you are not sure how to wear your jumpsuit, add a heeled sandal. The heel doesn’t have to be three inches high or even two inches. With a heel, you will feel taller and more confident in yourself as you go about your day. Also, they will keep you cool with the summer heat.


It is hard for me to define my style because I have such an eclectic way of dressing. I feel like I have many different approaches to my personality, and my clothing reflects that. Some days I look like a complete girly girl with flowy pieces and floral prints, and other days I look like I just came from a rock concert. My “looks” are endless; in fact, when people compliment my style, one thing they always point out is my versatility. However, I always like to dress in a way that makes me stand out and I love putting different pieces together to create something uniquely my own.

One thing you will rarely catch me without is my jewelry. I’m always adorned with multiple rings and bracelets, and I don’t feel like any outfit is complete without them. I picked up many of my rings and bracelets over the years at antique shops and small boutiques, which makes them possess that special one-of-a-kind look. While fishnets have become a trend again, they have always been a part of my wardrobe. I paired them with my ripped boyfriend jeans, which I probably wear more than anything else in my closet. I am also wearing a colorful crochet halter top from an Australian brand called Rat and Boa, adding a plain white crop top over it to give a mix-and-match look to the outfit. Since I love to mix different styles and pieces together, I also wore some cute ruffle socks to contrast the sultry look of the fishnets. Finally, another staple piece of my wardrobe are my Timberland boots.

My hair is naturally wavy, but there was enough going on in this outfit so I decided to straighten it. I used a hair serum to keep it smooth, then I topped the look off with a bold lip. Even if I am wearing barely any other makeup, lipstick is something I never go without.

Although there are many different looks I could use to showcase my style, this outfit highlights some of my favorite staple pieces and shows off my wild-child spirit.


If you know me, you know I love to put a little twist on famous sayings to send a message. In this case, my travels to Detroit showed me how to change the phrase, “There are two sides to every story” to “There are two sides to every city.” Whenever you travel to a new, unfamiliar place, you know that you’re considered an outsider looking in. Although you have a sense of what the city has to offer, the people who live there truly know the ins and outs of their hometown. With that being said, this Detroit Fashionista helped me better understand the two sides of her city through her combination of an edgy and girly look.

To start off, let’s cover the edgy side that falls into what the visitors perceive the city to be. For me, I surely thought of Detroit as the place revolving around cars and factories. Yes, that is such a surface level assumption for me to make, but it’s not something people would disagree with. Detroit constantly creates things from scratch and that type of raw determination parallels with this Fashionista’s sharp leather jacket. Adding a thick choker and a pair of black booties just adds on to the boldness of the jacket and really speaks for the tough image that Detroit can give off.

Now, since the new saying goes, “There are two sides to every city” the serious and strong side of Detroit is met with more of a lighthearted and upbeat nature. This viewpoint of the city is associated with the Detroit natives because they see their hometown as more than the experts of the automobile industry. Like this Fashionista, the insiders know their city has an amazing nightlife, an awesome assortment of restaurants, and of course, fun sporting events to attend. I couldn’t think of a better way to portray that type of liveliness than with her floral romper. The vibrant red presents the Detroiter spirit and passion that the Fashionista described to me and I must say, her romper totally gets the job done.

So, how exactly did this Fashionista bring these two fashion worlds together? One word ladies and gentlemen: bracelets. Wrist wear is by far my favorite thing to experiment with and this Fashionista’s knotted and beaded bracelets really caught my eye. Not only are they so chic, but she told me that the beaded one is actually a friendship bracelet. This personal, yet effortless, touch brings the whole look full circle by acting as a bridge between the two different styles!

Looking back on this excursion, I honestly did not go into Detroit thinking fashion was going to be my ultimate teaching tool. Typically, a tourist’s guide would’ve come in handy, but to my surprise, a leather jacket and a romper gave me more than I could have asked for. Just as the saying goes, there’s always a way to complement one style with another, even if it’s by clashing (groundbreaking, I know).