An Edgy Day in NYC

Here’s a scenario: you have one day to experience the New York City lifestyle. You will get to tour the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan while trying out multiple food spots. Your day in NYC will end with a fun night out in Soho. You start thinking of an outfit but you soon get stumped. You don’t want something that is too flashy but also one that isn’t too dull. Well, luckily for you, we are here to help you out with a comfortable but trendsetting look for your day!

This fashionista has created a look that is comfy enough for you be able to walk around but chic enough to be able to go out in. Inspired by the ’90s, this outfit will have people turning heads for your first debut in NYC. First, this Fashionista is wearing a graphic T-shirt that is cut off on the shoulders. She has then paired it with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. Lastly, she has added a pair of black strappy heels to complete the look. Adding heels gives this look a nice feminine touch and makes it more acceptable to go out in.

As for accessories, you can begin by adding a cute pair of sunglasses for day time. The best thing about sunglasses is the fact that you can find a pair that is best for your face shape. From thick frames to thin silver ones, the options are endless! Next, a trendy gold watch can update any outfit with sparkle and add a little pop. Lastly, gold studs are the last item to complete this look. The beauty of a stud is a must in any woman’s wardrobe.

Now you have a great outfit to enjoy for your time in the city. Take pictures of your outfit and share them on social media, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

3 Soft Grunge Beauty Looks for a Summer Switch-Up

If you’re like me, getting tired of the same hair color and styles happens pretty often. This summer, I’ve been experimenting with different beauty looks, one of those being soft grunge. Because I’m normally simplistic and girly when it comes to my beauty routines, I created these looks to change things up a bit. My inspiration for these looks come from all over: Tumblr’s soft grunge aesthetic, Ariana Grande’s hair ring look, the peachy makeup trend, and Pinterest ideas for hair chalk. All of this inspiration helped me create three unique and edgy soft grunge beauty looks for those of you who are looking to switch up your look.

Braids and Rings

I recently have been seeing hair rings everywhere but was nervous that this look was too edgy for myself. This Fashionista, however, completely rocks it. By channeling our inner Ari, we decided to go for this look. Hair rings spice up a simple French braid by giving it a trendy vibe. They’re super easy to put in and take out. This hairstyle is perfect for the beach, especially if you’re sick of that messy beach bun look.

Think Pink

Pink may not be the most “grunge,” but definitely fits the soft grunge style I am going for. I have used hair chalk many times and absolutely love it. It’s different, fun, and even easy to do, but the best part is that it’s not permanent. Sometimes it’s hard to commit to a crazy hairstyle, but because hair chalk rinses right out, it makes it easy to own a crazy look, even if it’s just for a day! This pink hair chalk was perfect for my goal of soft grunge beauty. All you have to do is wet the hair, apply chalk with gloves on, let dry, and apply heat (I curled my hair once dried).

Soften Things Up

With these intense hairstyles, I decided to soften things up with peach makeup. Peach eyeshadow is all the rage right now, and now I know why. It’s such a pretty color and looks so natural. It’s also perfect for the summer. To make sure our looks weren’t too edgy, the peach eyeshadow and lip we both have on softens the look up, ultimately creating the perfect soft grunge dimension between the hair and makeup.

How do you switch up your beauty routine? Let us know on social media @CFashionista.


3 Easy Hairstyles for Any Occasion

I recently got a haircut because I felt it was time for something fresh; a little change would do me good. Whenever I get a new haircut I like to play with it and see what fun hairstyles look good with my new cut. So, I did some research and these are three of my favorite hairstyles that I use on a short haircut, but would definitely work with long hair as well. These hairstyles work best on day old hair, as it has more grip and hold. If you cannot do day old hair, try a sea salt texture spray. I love these hairstyles because they are great whether you’re hanging out at the beach or out on a date.

This first hairstyle is very simple yet, elegant with a bohemian vibe to it. You start by parting your hair down the front in the middle of your head. Then, you grab the front section on one side of your head and braid it. The trick to getting a full looking braid is to loosen it once the rubber band has been tied. You do this by pulling the braid apart going up and down until the braid looks bigger. Now, braid the other section of your hair. After both section of your hair have been braided, then pulled, pull the braids back and use bobby pins to tuck your braid tails under the back section of your hair. And you are done! This hairstyle is super beautiful and easy.

This next hairstyle is a variation of the hairstyle above. This one is a little bit edgier and a great way to show off a cute pair of earrings. To do this hairstyle, you start the same as the one above. For this one, I like to grab a little bit more hair to make the braid even bigger. Don’t forget to pull the braid apart! After you’ve made the braid, all you need to do is pin it behind the hair in the back. This hairstyle also looks super cute with a detailed clip holding it back.

The third hairstyle is a great one for hot days when you want something cuter than a boring ponytail. This is a twist on the classic top knot. I love a messy top knot but adding braids makes it even better. To do this hairstyle, all you do is grab the top section of your hair and pull it back into a high bun. You then grab a small section of hair in the front under the topknot and braid it. Pull those little braids apart and pin them into your bun. Voila! Cute, easy and better than a ponytail.

What are your favorite quick and easy hairstyles? let us know in the comments below! and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

5-Minute Beautiful Boho Braid Tutorial

A braid is by far one of the easiest ways to elevate any outfit or look that you are going for. They are so simple and quick, but they give off the appearance that you spent a lot of time and effort on your hair. This hairstyle can be worn day-to-day, at your job, or even at formal functions. By following these seven steps, you can elevate your look in under five minutes.

1—Brush out your hair. Brush out your hair to make sure that there are no knots. This will make braiding a lot easier and faster because you won’t have to deal with tangles. Then, make a side part.

2—Add texture. There are numerous ways to add texture like teasing your hair, curling a few strands, or adding some product to it. When I do this hairstyle, I normally use dry shampoo to add some volume and then put texturizing spray in it. Normally, because my hair is so straight, it doesn’t like to hold hairstyles. However, these two products help hold the braid throughout the day.

3—Divide your hair. Take a small portion of your hair by the front of your head and divide it into three even pieces.

4—Start Dutch braiding your hair. A Dutch braid is actually pretty simple! To achieve the look you do a French braid, but instead of crossing pieces over one another, cross the pieces underneath each other. Make sure you are always crossing the strands under the middle of the three sections. As you braid, gradually take pieces of hair and add them to the three strands you created in step three.

5—Finish the braid. Once all of your hair is added into the braid, keep braiding, and then use a hair tie to secure your hairstyle.

6—Lightly tug of your braid. I like my braids to look a little fuller and relaxed. Starting at the top of your head, by your part, lightly pull on the pieces one strand at a time. Tug on the different sections until your braid looks as full and voluminous as you would like.

7—Hairspray your braid. This is optional, but spray some hairspray in your hair to ensure that it stays throughout the day.

With seven easy steps, you can achieve this beautiful look! This hairstyle seems like you spent a lot of time on your hair when it reality it takes less than five minutes to do. Try out this hairstyle and show us how it looks by tagging us on Instagram @CFashionista!

3 Summer Braided Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

Summer break has finally begun and so has the hot and humid days! What better way to keep your hair stylish and out of the way than some stylish braids? Braids are such a cute and effortless way to add personality to any look. Here are three easy braided hairstyles for a rad summer!

Mini Dutch Braids

Rows of Dutch braids are both edgy and chic. Keeping your hair out of your face while looking put-together. First, use a volume spray for a boost of texturized dimension. Part your hair into sections, (depending on how many braids you prefer) and braid your hair from your forehead to your crown. For a fuller look, loosen each braid by gently pulling on the braid. Spritz some hairspray and you are finished!

Pool Side French Braids

Summer is for swimming, which leaves little time to worry about how your hair looks. Two French braids are the perfect go-to summer hairstyle. This hairstyle keeps your hair secure while looking adorable! Apply an ocean mist to your hair before braiding to enhance the beachy wave look, after drying off poolside.

Dutch Braided Space Buns

This sassy and fun look keeps you looking light-hearted for a summer night out. Perfect for humid weather, while your hair is out of the way as well as being the talking point of the night. Part your hair into two sections, Dutch braiding from the back of your hair towards the front where your bun will lay. Secure each braid with a mini-rubber hair band. The remaining hair will wrap up into a bobby-pined space bun. Now, you are ready to rock your girls night out!

Which look is your favorite braided summer hair style? Let me know in the comments below!

Why You Should Try a Rusty Red Lip for Summer

Here’s the thing: I love makeup. It’s fun, creative, challenging, and extremely rewarding. Wearing it in the summer, however, is not so fun. My face gets sweaty and the heat completely melts the makeup off. Personally, I don’t ever put anything on my face when spending the day outside or tanning by the pool. I’m sure many of you are the same way; this can definitely cause some issues when going out to a party or dinner. Luckily, this look will help you pull something quick but elegant together and not waste your expensive products.

In this post, I’ll show you how I get this easy summer makeup featuring a bold rusty red lip that lasts. Summer is the perfect time to use a warm color palette in your arsenal. Instead of wearing a dark burgundy lip, go with bright pink or brick orange. After all, colors like that look best in the summer and especially in the sun, so you shouldn’t miss out! But wait, what’s the best part about this look? I created it using all drugstore products, so you don’t have to feel bad about taking your makeup off if you’re going to the pool. 

How to Get the Look

Since it’s summer, I always start out my makeup routine by applying a moisturizer that contains sunscreen in it. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to wear sunscreen in the summer. Even if I’m not planning on being outside the whole day, I always put sunscreen with light SPF on before applying other products. For foundation, I use Maybelline foundation that keeps my face looking poreless and matte. As for mascara, waterproof Maybelline Big Lash mascara gets the job done. I love using waterproof products in the summer because they help me keep my makeup look fresh in the hottest weather. Since this was a fancier look for a dinner date, I also did my eyeliner but only applied it on the outer half of my lids. 

I highly recommend not to wear any eyeshadow in the summer, because it usually doesn’t stay on well. Instead, I use a bronzer to contour my cheekbones and apply it in the crease of my eyes to give them more definition. Last but not least, the accent of this look, is, of course, on the lips. To get this rusty red lip, I used NYX lip cream in color Morocco. It’s soft, doesn’t dry out my lips, and smells amazing. 

To make the whole look even more summery and fun, I added half-up Dutch braids. They are easy to do and keep the hair off my face in the hot weather. For the outfit, I paired a white crop top and a denim button-front skirt together; a simple but trendy outfit like this doesn’t take the focus away from the makeup and hair and really complements the rusty red lip color.

What are your favorite summer makeup trends? Let me know in the comments!

Beauty in Braids

For all my natural girls who are looking for a protective hairstyle or simply looking for a hairstyle easy to manage during their summer vacation, braids are the answer. I found myself on Pinterest for hours looking for the perfect hairstyle. My goal was to find something I could both dress up and dress down without damaging my hair. While hesitant at first, I decided to go with box braids, and I am so glad I did.

Like most girls on the first day of a new hairstyle, I wasn’t sure I liked them. But as the day went on, I realized I loved them. This hairstyle typically takes four to five hours to do, but the end results are totally worth the process. Just imagine not having to put all the effort you typically put into doing your hair for at least four weeks.

The beauty is truly in this hairstyle. The simple, but beautiful nature of the braids made getting dressed in the morning easy.  There was no more straightening my hair, or preparing my hair the night before for the (hopefully) perfect twist. Whether I was going to workout in leggings or going to brunch in a maxi dress with friends, this hairstyle was there to work with any outfit.

The ease of this hairstyle isn’t the only wonderful thing about it. What makes this hairstyle so unique is that you can add your own style and personality to them. Adding jewelry to your braids will give an island vibe that is sure to bring a new look to your personal style. They also look great in a bun paired with oversize earrings. Regardless of how you style your braids, you won’t regret the ease and beauty they bring to your personal style.

What is one of your favorite protective hairstyles? Let me know in the comments below. 

4 Tips to Becoming a Bohemian Beach Babe

As summer is slowly approaching, we Fashionistas need to prepare for the beach trips that are accompanied by the warm weather and off time that summer brings. I myself love to go to the beach on my days off, but I am also the kind of girl that always wants to look 100 percent put together. Here are a few tips on becoming a bohemian beach babe this summer.

  1. You can hit up the beach while also rocking your hot cut-off jeans or even your favorite new off-the-shoulder top, but be sure to own it while doing so. Slide on your favorite bikini and top it off with the outfit of your choice. No one is going to question why you look so put together on the beach if you are rocking your outfit!
  2. One key to beachwear is finding a casual outfit that is also comfortable enough to rock all day while out in the sun. Make sure you keep the weather in mind when picking out your perfect beach outfit. You won’t want to show up in black pants on a blazing hot beach day.
  3. When it comes to shopping for the perfect beach outfit, it is important to find clothes that you feel comfortable in, especially to wear outside. Recently, I have been obsessing over the casual bohemian style from brands like Lucky Brand and Free People. These two brands offer a wide variety of casual, comfy, cute, and trendy clothes that are perfect for beachwear. Free People has the softest jeans and they are to die for… their jeans shorts are as well since we are talking about a summer look here. Zara is another store that has brought out some stylish off-the-shoulder tops that you might want to check out.
  4. But a beach day isn’t complete without artsy pictures… am I right? The key to a perfect beach picture has to be the background, but the outfit is definitely next in line. Be sure you don’t forget to find the best palm tree, pier, or crystal clear ocean backdrop for your last minute pictures with your friends before you end your beach day.

Do you agree with me that you can rock a hot outfit on the beach? Let me know in the comments below!


5 Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Okay everyone; let’s talk about hairstyles. Summer is here and now most of us have extra time to experiment with new styles. The problem most people have when experimenting with hairstyles is that they can be really complicated. We try over and over again to do a style that is deemed “easy,” but soon we become so frustrated, we eventually give up. But don’t worry because below are five hairstyles that are both easy and stylish.

French braids into pigtails

For this style, all you have to do is make two regular french braids, and at the nape of the neck, tie with coil hair ties to make pigtails. This hairstyle is really cute and keeps your hair out of your face for those hot summer nights.

Braided hair tie

First, put your hair into a high ponytail, but leave out a small section from the front. Then take the small section, braid it, and secure with mini latex elastic. Next, wrap the braid around the hair tie of the ponytail, and secure the end with a bobby pin. Don’t forget to make sure the hair tie is hidden! This style is great to spice up a regular ponytail!

Side braids with a ponytail

This one is super easy! Start with a high ponytail, but leave out a small section on each side of your head, above your ears. Then braid the two sections. Next take your hair out of the ponytail and add the two braids to it. Then redo the ponytail and you’re all done!

Braided headband

Take a small section from hair below your ear and braid it. Then brush your hair back, and put the braid over your head. Secure the braid with a bobby pin underneath the rest of your hair. Use hair spray to smooth down the flyaways.

Small pigtails

For a cute look, all you have to do is take a small section of hair at the top of your head on each side and tie with mini latex elastics. This style will keep your hair out of your face while still keeping a down hairstyle! It can also work with shorter haircuts.

Have any other easy hairstyles you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

6 Braid Styles That You Can Actually Do (We Promise!)

This season brings on a lot more than just nice weather. With the good (like endless sunshine and ice cream trucks on every corner), comes the “not-so-good.” If you’re anything like me, most of the “not-so-good” tends to have something to do with my hair. Humidity; frizz; sweaty strands; styles that don’t last more than a few steps outside the door.

Braids tend to be the most logical and stylish way to contain your mane. The problem? If you have ever attempted any of the braid tutorials you see on Pinterest, you know that most braids that look effortless actually require like 45 minutes, seven sets of hands, and at least two years of beauty school to complete.

Don’t worry, Fashionistas! All hope is not lost. We have found (and tested!) six different braid styles that you can actually do with two hands in no time.

The “Katniss Everdeen” 

This one is super easy because you can watch yourself do it in the mirror. Bring all your hair to one side with a deep side part, and start doing a regular french braid. Keep taking sections from the left and right until you are done. Pull at the braid to make it look extra voluminous, secure it with a hair tie and you are good to go!

The Gladiator

This one is SO easy you can do it without a mirror. Just pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail. Section your ponytail into three sections and just start braiding. When you finish, secure it with a hair tie, pull at the braid for more volume, and you are done!

The Funky Ponytail

This one can be tricky. Take a square section off the top of your head and separate it from the rest of your hair. Start french braiding this small section, combine it with the rest of your hair, and then secure your ponytail! You can even do a regular braid and wrap the braid around the hair tie to hide it and make a cool look!

The Workplace Hairdo

This is SO simple and great when you have to look presentable with no time to spare. Section off the hair framing your face on both sides and then braid the remaining hair while your curling iron is heating up. Pull at the braid for extra volume and curl the sectioned off pieces of your hair away from your face. Just spray some hairspray in it and you are ready for that office party!


The Easy Cornrows

This one is super cool for festivals, and is SO easy to do if you don’t have a mirror. Section your hair into two parts or even three (on the side with less hair according to your part) and braid each of those tiny sections into braid. Secure them with a small hair elastic. Flip up some of your hair onto the other side of your part and bobby pin the braids underneath it. Flip that section of hair back to hide the bobby pins and you are done!

The Combo Ponytail

This one is a combination of the last one. Just keep your braids (or use the same technique) and tie them up in a ponytail and you are done! This keeps a ponytail interesting and funky, and is super easy to do if you don’t want your hair down any longer and need to keep it out of your face!

How are you getting wrapped up in this beauty trend? Show us your braids on social by tagging @CFashionista!