Don’t Touch My Crown

Singer, songwriter, and actress, Solange, said it best in her hit song “Don’t Touch My Hair,” “Don’t touch my hair, when it’s the feelings I wear,” and after the love, hate, blood, sweat, and tears my natural hair and I have gone through I feel the same way. While each race has different hair struggles, I don’t think anyone can relate to the, in most cases, excited nine or ten-year-old black girl sitting in the chair waiting for the relaxer to touch their hair oblivious that one day they might regret it.

My Journey

I didn’t really know what a relaxer was or what it would do besides make it “tamed” and straight but I begged for it anyway… and I got it. Five years later I was still getting relaxers regularly and I felt the burn literally (no seriously, because if you’ve ever gotten a relaxer you know they burn). My hair was brittle, uneven, heat-damaged and everything in between. So, in the summer of my 10th grade, I decided to go natural.

While the big chop was an option, which is cutting off the majority, if not all, of your hair and starting over, I choose transitioning. Transitioning is cutting your hair off of chemicals and training it back to its natural state and eventually cutting off the rest of the relaxers. Regardless of the method you take, all you need is a good gel, conditioner, and curl cream.

Transitioning is not easy and it was not a short journey. Although my hair was finally fully natural, I still loved my protective styles, but my brother challenged me that I couldn’t go a week without it.  After three years of transitioning and a year of no heat, my curls are finally growing, defined, and flourishing. What started as a bet with my brother turned into a new found love for my natural hair.

What is Natural?

There have been many debates on what being natural actually is and what makes someone natural. For example, I have been ridiculed for wearing weave although I claim to be natural. The only thing that determines whether you are natural or not is if your hair is relaxed or in its natural chemical-free state.

Wearing weave, getting braids, dyed hair, straightening your hair, throwing on a wig, or just simply wearing your afro are all ways you can choose to wear your natural.  Don’t be afraid to rock your natural hair anyway that you want and just love your hair period. Embrace every fly away, “nap”, and edges that no gel can seem tame!

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How To Wear Black Denim in the Summer

Black is probably the easiest color to style because of how versatile it is. But when the weather gets warmer, it can be a bit more difficult to style. Dark shades attract heat, so we are told to avoid black in the summer as much as possible. I’m sure we don’t all listen to that rule (and maybe regret it later). Denim is also hard to style in the heat, so many Fashionistas avoid black jeans when the temperature rises. But I think I have mastered how to wear black denim in the summer, and with these three tips you can too!

1—Go for a high-waisted pair. I know this may seem like a minor detail, but it really makes a difference. Having high-waisted jeans means that you can wear crop tops, and you have the option of tucking shirts in a flattering way. Crop tops are a staple in the summer. With high-waisted jeans you can wear crop tops and still be a bit more covered, and it creates better proportions for a pleasing look.

2—Pair with light tones. Again, this may seem obvious as well, but it’s something worth mentioning. All black is always super chic, and if you can handle it in the heat, then by all means do it. But to make your dark denim more summer appropriate, look for light shades when choosing tops. This creates a nice contrast and breaks up the look, giving the eye something interesting to look at.

3—All gold everything (accessories that is). I love gold jewelry and brown accessories in the summer. When the sun hits them just right, they look so effortless and cool. Brown shoes and bags aren’t what you typically think of when it comes to black and white outfits, but in the summer it works. The brown and tan shades can soften the harsh contrast, and they look great with a tan!

With these three tips, you can rock black denim effortlessly this summer. It may seem intimidating at first, but when you do it right, it is oh so very worth it!

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WHAT TO WEAR: Dress to Impress

This Fashionisto’s style is nothing less than classy. He perfected the modern business casual look! I love the colors he incorporated. I think navy blue has become a popular color within men’s fashion trends. This outfit is perfect for those dressier days in college when you might have a job interview or important presentation. The look isn’t too dressed up or fancy for campus, but still so put together. He was out dressed to impress.

I like how he combined different shades of blue. His button-down was a lighter blue, so it worked perfectly with the navy slacks. The brown accent colors from the shoes to his belt tied the whole outfit together. The colors brown and navy work well together as a color combination within any outfit, whether it’s men’s or women’s. My other favorite pieces from his outfit were the subtle accessories he added. He added a nice watch with brown touches of color. Whether it’s a men’s or women’s, adding a watch as an accessory to your outfit can instantly make it classier, and in this case, he did just that. The watch was the last finishing touch to making the outfit complete!

The whole business casual attire has become a popular trend in men’s fashion today. They are starting to incorporate and include many different colors and patterns, etc. within this type of style. Instead of just plain black or gray suits, men are starting to have many more fashion forward options. I love how this Fashionisto followed his own style and kept on trend!

BEAUTY BAR: Sophisticated Smokey Eye

Spring has arrived on campus, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your favorite neutral hues. This Fashionista is glowing in her cream kimono cardigan with floral accents. She pairs the kimono with a mock neck, cut out tank. This tank is unique with its feminine lace details around the neck and keyhole cut out.

Creating the perfect daytime smokey eye may seem like a challenge, but this Fashionista has mastered the technique. The key to a daytime look is to use subtle neutral tones on the eyelids.

To start your smokey eye first apply an eye shadow primer, so your look will last longer. After primer, apply a layer of light shadow. This base color will help the others blend much easier. Next, use a brown in your eye crease, as this will add definition to your eyes. These two colors in the smokey eye are essential in creating a layered, flawless look. After adding the base colors, you can begin adding darker shadows. She used a darker brown shadow, blending it with a brush. Blending is an important step, be sure not to skip it!

To achieve this Fashionista’s beauty look, add black eye liner and mascara. For a daytime look, less is more when it comes to eyeliner. Mascara is what makes your eyelashes look full and long, so apply to your liking. A natural lip looks great with dramatic eyes, or you can use a subtle lip gloss to add some shine. This brunette also uses curls to show off her subtle ombre hair color. A wand curling iron is what created her ringlet curls, but you can also create much softer waves depending on what style you prefer. The power is truly in your hands with a wand curler!

To finish off the look, she is working some dark gray jeans with distressed details. This is a stark contrast from her floral kimono, giving the look dimension. She also added sparkle to the ensemble with layered silver, gold, and rose gold bracelets along with gold geometric earrings. Her booties feature unique belted details with a short platform heel which can easily be worn for a morning brunch, or a night out.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Shaggin’ Into Spring

The spring season is upon us, but before we start dressing in our daisy dukes, we prepare for April showers. These wet and dreary next few weeks might not call for our sturdy winter coats anymore, but it is my favorite time to bring out my fun and wild, lightweight jackets. Very recently I snagged a stunning shag material bomber jacket. While warm and cozy on the outside, the inside is entirely satin, which makes it the perfect lightweight jacket to edge-up any rainy day outfit.

It’s a no-brainer that this jacket is the star show of my overall look, so I stuck with basic pieces that wouldn’t draw attention away from my favorite purchase. I went with my go-to denim ripped jeans which matched the edgy and cool vibes the jacket gave off, especially with the high-neck collar. To pair with the jeans I reached for a simple white, ribbed V-neck. To create a more casual, street style look, I added my Adidas Superstar sneakers to bring some brightness to the outfit. Finally, to finish off this trendy ensemble, I reached for a silver, long chained necklace with triangle detail to add spunk. Before leaving the house, I grabbed a frayed crossbody bag to hold all my essentials.

I’m in love with how the overall look turned out and can’t help thinking this bomber was a complete steal. The piece itself is so rad and eye-catching, yet it creates for the most casual and street style look. April can be an overall dull month, but with fun and eccentric pieces, you can rock the city streets.


For some, spring may consist of wearing sandals, a pair of denim shorts, cropped top and sunglasses. However, spring in Chicago can still get a little chilly and windy. Students on my campus are still wearing leggings, sweaters and even scarves. Even though it can be less motivating to dress up because of the cold temperatures, this Fashionista proved me that no matter how cold it can get, she still can look stylish as ever.

This Fashionista wore her mid-rise skinny jeans and turtleneck top in orange. The colors she chose in her outfit relatively match, which helps them look put-together. To top it off, she also wore her favorite peacoat in teal in order to stand out even more. Since it’s spring, coats in vibrant colors are always best because it matches the theme of the season.

When it comes to the accessories, this Fashionista decided to keep it cool. She used her crossbody satchel purse in gray and her chelsea boots in light brown, which is actually perfect for a long day ahead. To add, she also wore a patterned scarf just in case temperatures rise. Despite the chilly weather, this Fashionista still enjoyed dressing up on her first day of spring.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixing Neutrals

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t wear brown and black together. But, then again, I’m the kind of person to wear all-black looks daily and owns no color to speak of. For people who own and wear more than just black, white, and gray, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right balance of mismatched neutrals in a single look, but this Fashionisto makes mixing neutrals look easy in this professional look.

When dressing for an important event such as an interview, wedding, or a TEDx talk like this Fashionisto was giving, sticking to neutrals is always a safe bet. This applies for Fashionistas as well. You can never go wrong with the classic black pants and white shirt combo, but this guy stood out from the crowd in his blue button-down shirt and gray pants.

While I love that he chose a colored shirt instead of something neutral, I love his mixing of gray pants and brown accessories even more. By wearing both a brown belt and brown loafers, he’s able to pull the look together and avoid looking like he grabbed the first couple of accessories in his closet.

He even threw in a watch with a black band and gold timepiece. Adding another neutral into the mix is risky, but the small amount makes it fit with the rest of the look and doesn’t distract from his other brown-colored accessories.

Mixing neutrals can be a great way to create simple but interesting outfits, so next time you’re dressing for a professional event, try adding some brown to a look with black or gray. Just be sure everything is balanced so your mismatching neutrals look intentional instead of accidental.


Going to school in the city of Austin definitely has its perks. From being right in the middle of a growing tech hub to living in the live music capital of the world, the creative juices are always flowing here, especially when it comes to personal style. Austin is known for its hipster, trendy vibes. Austin style is somewhere between the laid-back LA beachwear, and the chic, polished street style of New York. This Fashionista’s outfit couldn’t encompass this hip Austin style any better, and it’s all in the details.

On her way from class, she was sporting a pair of dark wash, cropped, flare jeans, which are perfect for that Texas spring heat. She completed her all-denim look with a sleeveless denim button-down. Since they were different shades of denim blue, they complimented each other perfectly, but that’s not what caught my attention. It was all about the accessories. She was rocking a vintage vibe with her white neck scarf and round Ray Bans. Not only was her outfit stylish, but it also showed versatility. If it got a little hot outside, she showed me how she can take her neck scarf off and the outfit still appears complete. The sunglasses are the perfect touch when bracing the sunny Texas skies, but they have a retro flair to them.

To compliment her scarf, she wore a pair of brown and white feather earrings that blended in and out of her hair. The were the perfect color to tie her entire outfit together. To finish it off, she wore a pair of comfy brown sandals. These are a staple that every girl must have in her closet, because they go with practically everything! They are ideal for those cute summer outfits when wearing heels is just not practical.

I feel like this look is a perfect amount of effortless and hipster style. From the versatility of the few statement pieces to the ease and comfort, it makes it ideal for a busy, college schedule without cramping your style.

BEAUTY BAR: Bold, Beautiful, Bangs

As a student at FIT, the only thing more important than your studies is your fashion and beauty sense. Style is key in our neck of the woods and with the weather slowly getting warmer and spring time finally making its way into the world, all new styles are debuting across campus from head to toe. At first, I was finding it hard to pick which style I loved the most, until I came across this Fashionista and her killer bangs.

Bangs have been around for centuries and are probably credited for being the most popular hair/beauty trend ever. They disappear and then find their way back into the beauty world, reappearing every time as a new, modernized version. The evolution of bangs is never ending, but I think this time around, the beauty world has finally conquered the look. What caught my attention about these bangs is their loose and effortless vibe. They are not distracting, but at the same time they are and in a great way! They give this Fashionista an entirely new look by adding a calm edge to her already stylish self. And did I mention she cut these bangs all on her own? Beautiful and talented!

Now of course, the perfect hairdo needs a perfect outfit to match, right? This Fashionista knows exactly what colors and styles work on her. Her super comfy yellow T-shirt dress under her brown, wool cardigan compliments her hair and skin color completely! Because the weather is still a little cool here in NYC, she decided to rock brown knee high boots (because who doesn’t love a good boot?). As if this look couldn’t get any better, the hoop earrings and layered necklaces were the ultimate accessories to compliment her new hairdo and make the look even more eye catching than it was before! This look is the perfect combination of “sugar and spice,” and yes, everything looks so nice!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their spring semester and remember, “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway!”

STYLE ADVICE: Breaking Old Fashion Rules

When I was younger, I remember my mother was always following the “fashion rules.” She didn’t wear white after Labor Day, she didn’t mix prints, and she matched her bags with her shoes. The one rule that stuck with me for the longest time was not mixing black or gray with brown. Growing up, I would never mix these neutrals and thought the fashion icons would look down on me and scorn me if I did. As the rules started to change, I slowly eased away from them and broke out into my own style. To this day, I’m still not quite confident in mixing browns with other neutral colors. Fortunately, I found a Fashionista who has become my new inspiration as she effortlessly mixed gray, black, and brown.

This Fashionista stuck with the staple pieces and is wearing a nice pair of ripped, black jeans and a black leather jacket. Since these two pieces are black, they elongate her height while still looking relaxed. For her gray tones, she has a low cut shirt that adds a touch of softness to counter the jacket. Her socks have thick stripes that add dimension. She brings in hints of brown with smaller details including the brown combat booties and leather choker. Her styling has created a perfectly balanced outfit that breaks the old fashion rules.

This outfit is perfect for an everyday basis. The ripped jeans and brown boots keep it casual for running errands, going to class, or meeting up with some friends to study. The jacket and choker add a trendy edge, giving the whole outfit a unique look. Clearly, it is possible to be on trend while also breaking some old fashion rules.

I hope this look can inspire you to break some of your own fashion guidelines and step out of your comfort zone. Some rules are meant to be broken!