How to Ace Your Interview and Snag the Job

Summer is coming to a close but applying to fall internships are on the rise. Have no fear! I have a few tips and tricks for how to get the job.  At the end of the day, that’s the goal, right? Here are some ways to be extra confident going into your interviews.

1—Interview appearance. Interviews are all about first impressions and believe it or not your outfit says a lot about you, so dress to impress. Make sure you look put together. My go to is a blazer, colored blouse,  trousers and a nude heel. First impressions are prominent not only in interviews but in life in general! So leave your mark and do it in style.

2—Do a background check! Before going into any interview, do a background check. Use those incredible internet skills. Get a better idea of what you are actually applying for and see what the company is all about. This will give you some talking points if needed and will help with having questions prepared ahead of time.

3—Practice the tough questions. Typical tough interview questions include: What makes you different from everyone else who wants this job? Tell me a little about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What salary do you think you deserve? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Now here are only a few tough questions. Don’t stress these questions.  Think about a couple of these questions before your interview and think about how you’d like to answer them. My best advice is to not over-rehearse. You still want your answer authentic, so if you over practice it will sound over-practiced.

4—Always ask at least one question at the end of your interview. There is always that moment at the end of the interview when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions and, if you’re like me, most times my questions do not come up until later, after going over the interview in my head. So, asking a question at the end is essential if you want to really get a step ahead. Asking at least one question in your interview or having one prepared can show promise and real interest. It displays that you weren’t just bobbing your head. If you’re like me and can’t think of questions on the spot, try to have two or three prepared before you go in.

5—As cheesy as this sounds, be yourself. Whatever you are applying whether it be an internship or your future dream job, they want to hire you, not a person you morphed yourself to be for the job. Be confident and take a deep breath because you’re awesome, own it. As nervous as you may get, it’s just a conversation. Just remember to stay positive and relax. Show your personality and prove why you are qualified for the job, it’ll turn out great.

Share with us the cool internships you get after using some of these tips with us @Cfashionista.

How to Stay Cute and Cool in the Summer

The first outfit is a casual summer look; composed of a T-shirt, shorts, flannel to be worn or tied around the waist, and black Vans. This outfit allows your skin to breathe through sweltering summer heat but manages to still look fashionable. The next outfit has a ’90s aesthetic and is one of my favorite looks because it is so simple and can’t be overdone. This outfit is made up of an oversize button-down (tucked) and distressed mom jeans and white Adidas.

1—Simple Street Wear. This outfit was inspired by a need to remain cool in the heat but still have a put-together look with minimal effort. A Bob Marley T-shirt paired with shorts make a great summer outfit. Throw in a few accessories, like the flannel, bag, or belt and you have the perfect outfit! If you don’t prefer sneakers, you can switch it up with flip flops or sandals. You can find any of these pieces at just about any other retail location like Kohl’s, Forever 21, H&M, Zara, or Charlotte Russe. On a day out, a small backpack is perfect for roaming the city or my personal favorite: the mall.

2—’90s Throwback. Since it’s summer, television stations are re-running old ’90s shows and this inspired this next look. A few vintage looking pieces can totally give you a ’90s vibe. This outfit, for example, exudes ’90s mom style but the distressed denim adds a little bit of youth to it. The oversize cotton button-down, even though long sleeved, allows air to flow through and thus the wearer stays cool. Still not sure of the long sleeves? Rolling them up is always an option or opt for a camisole or tank top and the belt adds a nice subtle pop to the outfit. Some of the perfect places to find pieces like it are your parent’s closets! If your mom is like mine and she would be a little upset if you raided her closet for the oldies (even though she may not wear them), you should check out your local thrift store, Goodwill, or name brand places like Forever 21. The distressed jeans pictured can be made by hand with an old pair of jeans. Living in the hipster capital of America—Richmond, Virginia, I see variations of this style or older throwbacks.

To add to either of these outfits throw on jewelry, a hat, or any other accessory.

Did these ideas inspire you to create your own look or have you done it? Share it in the comments!


Can you believe that in 41 more days this Rocky Top Fashionista will slay the stage for graduation? This is the moment all those long nights in the library and weeks with only $4.85 in your account were for. What the days you went to class with yesterday’s yoga pants were for, and what your parents will die for: graduation.

As we go into the last weeks of the semester, it’s important that we acknowledge our graduating seniors. It’s definitely grad season in Tennessee, so what better way to slay than senior pictures? I said, “It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol”, isn’t it?

Her Volunteer orange off-the-shoulder button-down blouse is one that is extremely in season and pretty popular right now. As if that wasn’t enough to catch the eye, she paired vintage high-waist, skinny leg jeans to give off that edgy, yet casual and chic look. Her brown leather Dillard’s backless, platform chunky mules complete her look and their silver studs spice them up just the right amount! I love everything about this look, as it hits all this season’s newest trends.

We could all take a couple notes from this diva! In one look she’s given us graduation, courtside and wine night vibes, with an outfit that will have you prepared to casually slay any occasion. A simple yet bold look is always the key, especially when giving style advice. The best looks come together when the express and compliment the person wearing them, and her smile tells it all! I was happy to catch this bubbly, energetic Vol slaying campus for one of the last times. What better way to begin grad season, than in your Rocky Top Orange!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashion from the Guys

In the Midwest, it feels like the weather is going back and forth between winter and spring. This unpredictable weather makes choosing an outfit hard and makes layering a must! Sometimes it is easier to sacrifice warmth and comfort for fashion, but with proper layering and careful outfit construction, you don’t have to choose warmth over style!

This Fashionisto has the layered look down, while also giving off some collegiate vibes. He layered a white button-down shirt and tie with an oatmeal-colored sweater over classic blue jeans. He rolled the sleeves of the shirt to create a cuffed look, and he accessorized with simple frames and a minimal watch. To keep the look weather-friendly, since he has to walk around campus for classes, he added trendy leather boots.

I really like how he matched his watch to his tie and stuck to a neutral palette with the oatmeal-colored sweater and chocolate-brown boots. He also chose a sweater with a lot of detail, from the buttons to the zip-up collar to the knit texture. This look can easily be dressed down without the dress shirt and tie, but can also be dressed up with a nice pair of slacks and dress shoes.

This Fashionisto said that he was going for the “collegiate prep” look with this outfit and I think he nailed it! This outfit was warm and functional for the weather, but also very trendy because he paid attention to the details. I can totally see this Fashionisto wearing this look to a presentation in class or to a coffee shop study session.

STYLE ADVICE: Dotting with Fashion

The weather may be heating up just a bit but the winds still like to peek through occasionally. But indecisive weather can’t weigh our fashion down. Never. Adapting to weather changes should be easy and not mess with your style. Everyone is able to throw together something for any weather incorporating their own twist.

Jean material has been all the rage recently. From jean jackets to backpacks to skirts, we are all in love with it. Jean skirts bring back the ’90s fashion and should become a staple in your wardrobe for the time being. It’s quick and easy to throw on while keeping you put together and a tad bit dressed up. Adding patches or pins on the skirt adds extra personalization. Also, it’s a great conversation starter with a fellow Fashionista!

Going along with the jean skirt, you can dress it up or down. Throw on a plain white shirt and Vans for a go-to look, or dress it up with a tucked in polka dot button-down. Having different designs on your blouse adds more of yourself to the look and it’s a great way to show things you are interested it. Love dogs? Pick up a cute blouse at a local store littered with cute puppies on it! Styling your outfit with different materials and prints, it’ll sure be a winner for any occasion.

This Fashionista can’t go anywhere without her brown booties. Not only are they comfortable, they are very practical and go with almost every outfit! It pairs great with this outfit as it ties in with her leather brown belt.

Express yourself through fashion. Bring pieces that you love to light, always.

7 Pieces Every Menswear Loving Lady Needs To Own

Adopting a dude-like approach to fashion is leading ladies to major clothing revelations. We’re basically beating them at their own game. It’s time to take a cue from the boys, and shop their closets for the latest in street-style looks. From casual to sophisticated, women continue appropriating menswear into their daily wardrobes, and it’s establishing nothing less than envy-worthy results.

Men’s fashion recognizes the beauty of minimalism, and we’re finally uncovering their wardrobe sensibility secrets. Ultimately, it’s officially noted that maximizing the impact of your closet with a minimum number of pieces doesn’t make you one of the guys, it promises a style perfectly tailored for you.

Here’s a few masculine tips and trends to satisfy the menswear hole in our hearts.

Pulling off the borrowed-from-the-boys trend doesn’t mean sacrificing your femininity. Top off your ever-stylish white shirt with a strong, oversized double breasted coat.

Grandpa chic is a thing, and these embroidered loafers have officially shook the fashion world.

It’s risky business, but don’t shy away from the men’s department. The best oversized sweaters and slouchy button-downs are still awaiting you!

Keep it clean— Balance your menswear-inspired baseball cap with fun, feminine embellishments.

Embrace your inner Alexa Chung with a match-made-in-heaven, tailored blazer.

While our boyfriends’ closets may not be up to par for actual borrowing purposes, we’re still keen on taking style cues from their better dressed counterparts. Be sure to thank them for boyfriend jeans.

You can always count on a pair of signature sneakers. Promising both comfort and style? What more can you really ask for? It’s a win win!

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Session

I’m super excited to be back for my second semester to report the latest fashions for you! Since I am not back on campus yet (SUNY New Paltz) I had to take it back to my roots for this post and show you some of the fashions from around my hometown!

After the holidays, the deep depression of winter comes. Everyone longs for warmer weather and no more snow. The only thing that keeps me going, personally, is getting to wear my new Christmas gifts, and spend all my gift cards on the latest fashions. It’s the perfect excuse to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, and rid of some of the things you don’t really wear anymore; almost like a pre-spring cleaning!

This Fashionisto is rocking a very cool yet versatile style. Heavy influence from New York street style, he wears Timberlands, and a layered vest and flannel are very common, especially during the colder seasons! Despite this post having pictures of a dude, this look can easily be recreated with some women’s cut garments to create a cool menswear look, especially with the help of!

Personally, I don’t like the way Timberlands make my feet look. I like to wear duck boots; they are super cute and comfy and are a great staple piece for the winter because they also make excellent snow boots! As for the flannel, I like the faded vintage look (this one is a bit pricey, however, I like to find my flannels at thrift stores to get the right style for me) with a solid black or white T-shirt under to keep the look toned down (however, the Fashionisto whom inspired this post is rocking the matching orange T-shirt under the navy flannel—super cool). As for the vest, you can never go wrong with a black puffer vest; they can be worn with just about anything and are warm enough to sport during the transitional seasons!

I love looks that can be recreated for men and women. I think that is the beauty of fashion; finding inspiration in pretty much anything, and reworking it to fit your style!


Walking through campus on the first week of classes is always a stressful time for college students. Where are my classes? Who should I talk to? And most importantly, what should I wear?

To conclude my first week back I was searching around campus looking for the trendiest Fashionistas and voila, it was not hard to find one! I met this Fashionista, a student from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and took some pictures of her because her style was the perfect mix between college student and trendy shopper.

It was definitely all in the details with her outfit, and what made it even better, it was affordable! Starting with her top, she said she found it at a local thrift store while shopping with her friends, and swears she bought it only because she could see Harry Styles sporting it on stage at his next concert.

Moving onto the skirt—which she was most proud of—it was on sale at Target! High-waisted button-down skirts are very in these days, and most importantly are very flattering on practically every body type!

To make this outfit really pop, this Fashionista dazzled it up with some perfect accessories. Starting with her hat that she also found in a local thrift store, with the silver accent it really gives her look a stylish innuendo. The bag is J. Crew which may be more on the pricier side, but it could go day to night, work to play, and really last through the ages. Finally she finished off her look with sleek heeled booties, which she found at H&M, truly an accessory that can be flaunted with any outfit!

She lit up campus with her casual outfit spruced up with accessories; truly making her outfit look so simple because it was all in the details!


Winter is right around the corner and sadly that means fall is soon to be over. The leaves have fallen, the pumpkins have been carved and the sweaters are now being covered by bulky winter coats. With winter comes finals and with finals comes sweatpants, XL T-shirts and three day old bed head. So let’s break that tradition and go by the rule “look good, feel good, do good.” Even on finals week, be sure to look trendy while still feeling comfy and cozy.

End the semester with A’s on your exams and your style. Before you commit to wearing your bulky winter coat with every outfit, learn how November’s Fashionisto layers to stay warm and trendy. It’s all about the layers! You can mix and match your favorite essentials for a sporty, dressy or casual look.

This Fashionisto traded the sweats for khaki joggers to create a casual, cool look while still feeling comfortable. He matched the joggers with a plain white tee, a comfy gray cardigan on top and layered a flannel lined denim jacket over that to complete the look. He threw on a pair of Sperry Top-Siders to keep the look polished. Fashionistas, you can rock this look too! Trade the joggers for leggings and grab your comfiest sweater and fav jacket and/or oversized flannel to stay nice and warm on your way to class. I suggest grabbing a hot chocolate on the way out too for extra warmth. For extra chilly days add wool socks, a knitted scarf and a winter hat.


ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixed Prints for Fall

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean florals can’t be groundbreaking!

It takes a brave soul to mix prints but that is not to say it can not be done. This Fashionista mixed a fall plaid with dark florals to create a great seasonal transition outfit. The floral print is not vibrant, which gives a darker vibe to the look. The blue crop top adds the perfect touch to this outfit, and ties everything together.

Mixing and matching different prints can be challenging, but picking a mood or color scheme is the best was to go about it. Had her tights been a bit more vibrant this look would not have worked as well because the plaid and floral would have competed.

Picking one print to dominate the look is the best way to go about mixing and matching different prints. The prints are also broken up by her denim shorts so the eye is not to distracted by the different prints in the garments.

Her makeup brings this look together because the blues match the color scheme of her outfit. The same blue was used for the glitter on her eyes so they were not contrasting with her lip color. Paying attention to the small details will make any look work, no matter how different the colors and prints appear to be.

The details in this Fashionista’s tights and makeup creates a really cohesive look that keeps the eye moving. The added detail of the glitter in her eye makeup, and the choice of darker color floral tights show that it is all in the details.