5 Fashion Pieces That Will Elevate Any Back to School Outfit

The time to head back to college has officially arrived—there’s coffee in one hand, school books in the other, and a chic outfit to top it all off. The crisp air is creeping up on us, and all the newest fall pieces are hitting your favorite retail stores. First of all, overthinking an outfit in the morning while getting ready is awful and time-consuming. So, with a new semester here, look out for these five items that will make your mornings easier and elevate any outfit.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Raw hem denim

Having a go-to bottom to reach for in the morning is going to make your life ten times easier. Raw hem denim is the perfect piece to spice up a somewhat basic outfit! You can pair your denim with so much: a plain white T-shirt, a chic off-the-shoulder top, or even a silk cami! Raw hem denim will help you elevate any outfit easily.


Shoes are everything! Your shoes can make or a break an outfit. As a college girl, I love the combination of being stylish and comfortable for a long school day. Loafers are the perfect in between. They are stylish, look good with almost any outfit, and are definitely comfortable. I love being able to pair loafers with something as simple as jeans. The raw hem denim and loafer combination is to die for!

3—Denim jacket

The infamous denim jacket is making its rounds all over again, and this time the lust for it is even bigger. Denim jackets can enhance a look in so many different ways. You can go for the oversize look with a denim jacket and a dress, or you can go with the notorious denim-on-denim vibe. Denim jackets come in so many different textures. I love the oversize, distressed denim look.

 PHOTO: Stella Fanega

4—Hoop earrings

Let’s talk hoops. Hoops are definitely making their way back, and I hear no complaints. They are simple, easy, and modish. Remember the denim-on-denim look I just mentioned? Picture that with a slick back ponytail and hoops. Furthermore, those little pieces of jewelry just elevated that outfit another notch.


Please tell me you’ve seen all the dashing ways that you can enhance your button-ups? First of all, you can make it into an off-the-shoulder piece. Second, you can tie at the bottom of your top into a bow. There are so many blog posts out there showing you how to elevate your button-ups. Adding a button-up with a twist to it is the perfect way to take your outfits to the next level.

You can find all these styles in some of your favorite stores like Zara, Forever 21, and Nordstrom. Having these go-to pieces will help you mix and match many different items and seriously make your outfit planning so much easier.

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Additional photos by Lex Kelly and Kelly Rogowski.

How to Pull Off Denim on Denim

When styling denim, a question that often comes to mind is “Can I pull off denim on denim?” The answer is absolutely; anyone can sport this trend without resembling Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s infamous red carpet look circa 2001. With the popularity of coordinates in the past seasons, incorporating denim has only added an element of effortlessness and minimalism. Style icons such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have made all of our denim dreams come true. If you ever had the Canadian tuxedo on your list of fashion faux pas, consider proofreading because denim on denim lives on.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

This fabric has an unmatched versatility that gives us Fashionistas the opportunity to pair it with just about anything. Double denim works best when the denim is nearly identical because it gives the impression that the outfit was a set, intended to coordinate. I paired a dark denim button up with a darker washed pair of distressed jeans in order to go for a more deliberate pairing. Tucking in my shirt brings closure to the differing fabrics, bringing the look together. To avoid the look of drowning in denim, accessories are key. Denim on denim thrives when juxtaposed with contrasting tones, so include a printed purse or a statement belt to keep the look alive!

I opted for a printed, silk scarf to add a pop of color and a touch of trendiness. The silk scarf is knotted into a headband, giving the outfit Rosie the Riveter vibes. If you prefer more muted prints, bandanas are a trendy accessory that doubles as a headband and a scarf. Hats, jewelry, and glasses work just as well when making the Canadian tuxedo look less subdued. To finish off this look, I added a taupe pair of suede slip-ons that accentuate the colors in my scarf. This mule inspired shoe adds comfort and ease to this summer ensemble. Denim falls into all of the categories that we are loving this season: athleisure, brunch attire, and beach days. The choice is all yours, Fashionista, but if denim on denim is wrong, I do not want to be right!

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I Incorporated Indian Ethnic Wear Into My Wardrobe and the Results Were Amazing

Summer’s on at full blast, and new trends are cropping up everywhere. While the latest trends are always exciting to try out, it might not be as fun to show up at work or class wearing the same outfit everyone else is wearing. This had me thinking on what I could do to spritz up my wardrobe. Looking around, I found Indian accents lying unused in my jewelry box and my closet. I decided to add some glamour to my professional and everyday outfits with what I found.

1—Professional Outfit

The first outfit I decided to change a bit was my professional dress. I usually stick to blazers, white button downs and fitting ankle-length trousers. But the ubiquity of the outfit was killing me. I decided to keep the iconic white button down, but I got funky with the rest of my outfit. I complemented the structured T-shirt with flowy black and white palazzos. The black and white color scheme kept the outfit from being too loud and distracting, but allowed a change in form that still caught the eye.

I kept the jewelry minimal with a light diamond necklace and earrings that lent some elegance to the outfit. I also added a black leather tote to the ensemble that’s large enough to take your laptop and other essentials you’ll need for a productive day at work. The nude heels kept the focus on the bottoms. The added height kept me from looking like I was drowning in the pant’s material.

2—Everyday Outfit

Going to class or out with friends is a great time to express your fashionable side and have fun with your outfit. There’s no canvas ready to be painted quite like the outdoors. For my everyday outfit, I decided to go with a royal blue tunic. I gave it a casual vibe with a pair of light-wash ankle-cropped jeans. I added a flowing lace vest from Forever 21 for extra oomph and texture, adding to the already flowy feel of the tunic.

I paired the outfit with an embroidered set of royal blue juttis (Indian slippers) to really give that ethnic look. The shoes can be exchanged with a pair of embroidered flats for just as much drama but a more modern vibe or an office look.

The jewelry was where I really brought out some quirky pieces. The dangling earrings were silver with hints of turquoise that brought further dimension to the blue outfit. They also complemented the embroidery of the shoes.These accents helped me have fun with my outfit and remain comfortable with soft fabric The juttis were flat and great for a day out, and I felt prepared with the backpack at my side.

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The Summer Blues—Embracing Monochrome in the Summer

Let’s all take a sigh of relief together because summer is finally here! It is time to enjoy the warm weather and relax. However, for some, it may mean a new job or internship. ‘Tis the season to embrace new opportunities that come our way. Along with new opportunities, this time of year brings new trends.

It is always exciting for me to figure out what colors are popular in the summer. They usually vary from popping, bright colors to basic, neutral colors. This season’s trends have us feeling blue in a good way, which is why I pulled all different shades of blue together for this look.

First of all, I absolutely love that denim everything is back in style. Nobody can go wrong with a blue jean skirt when they are not in the mood to put on shorts. The blue color goes with everything. It can be dressed up or dressed down, which makes it a timeless piece.

The blue button-down shirt can be used in various ways. Someone can wear it while going out to lunch with some old friends or even over a bathing suit. The baby blue color makes it look cool for the warmer temperatures. With this look, I tucked one side and left another side loose to show the casual side to this shirt, but it can be worn for more formal occasions as well.

The white crop top is a great go-to top and a summer classic. It is a great piece of clothing to have because it can be worn with almost everything in the summer!

For the shoes, I chose a fun pair of sandals that scream “summer.” They add a little pop of color in the midst of all the blues, which is not a bad thing. Any cute lace-up sandals are a must for this summer.

Is an outfit ever complete with accessories? I went with a darker, more vibrant blue necklace to bring the look together and show all the ways someone can embrace the summer blues.

Have you noticed any trends this yet this summer? Let me know in the comments!

Fashion or Comfort? Choose Both

The biggest thing for me with fashion is comfort. I refuse to wear something if I’m going to spend the entire time thinking about it. Do I look my best? Is it physically comfortable on me? Handfuls of people struggle with body image and I’m in no way ashamed to admit I am one of those people. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised reading the previous statement. Therefore, I make it my mission to mix fashion and comfort whenever I can.

The key to comfort and fashion is knowing what works best for you and that might not be the same as what the experts are saying. Sure, it’s always helpful to follow the experts, but you also have to be able to follow your own instinct. For me, the lower half of my body is what I want to show off as opposed to my upper half. I love my legs so I opted for a high-rise skinny jean in a lighter wash. It’s sort of a two-for-one deal because the jeans show off my legs and the high rise quality camouflages the upper half that I’m trying to hide.

I know what the rules say, black is a slimming color and white is not. Well as much as I love a classic black shirt, it’s not always compatible with the heat. Therefore, I have to find other pieces. Sure, the button-down is white, but I like how relaxed I feel when I wear it. Plus, with its V-neck button shape, it also acts as a slimming feature to the chest area.

Once again, in the early days of summer the heat can be unpredictable so for the shoes I just decided on some slides. Plus, I don’t hate my feet so I don’t mind showing them off. I’m going for simplicity here so there’s nothing too fancy about my footwear today.

I can’t possibly end this without talking accessories. I bought this bag when I was in Florida for the semester. Since then, it has been a vital piece to my wardrobe. I went out looking for something black or white. After some time, I thought about it and decided that I needed to step away from my comfort zone of monochromatic themes. The shoe department wasn’t impressing me, and I stumbled upon the mustard-colored drawstring and fell in love. Mustard was never my go-to color and drawstring was never my go-to closure, but I was drawn to it and I bought it impulsively.

In a nutshell, comfortable fashion is all about preference. Everything I talked about above is all my preference and maybe you felt inspired. If you did, I’m glad.

Feel free to comment your favorite thing about yourself below and how you use fashion to show it off.

Denim Days

Denim on denim—love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Once the uniform of cattle ranchers and gold miners, denim has become a staple piece for Fashionistas around the world. Recently, denim has popped up on runways and the street in the form of button-up skirts, undone hems, and jean jackets. It has become the go-to “model off duty” look for the newest generation of models—think Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid—and it’s no wonder why; it requires little thought and guarantees to wow.

This Fashionista proves that more is more when it comes to denim with her trendy denim miniskirt and light wash denim jacket. To keep the outfit feeling street rather than classic, she focuses on two distinct washes of denim. Everyone styles their denim a little differently, but perfectly matching denim makes a very different statement as compared to mix-and-match styles. She keeps the rest of her outfit neutral and understated, but adds a touch of glam with her vintage gold chain.

To top, or rather, bottom off the outfit, this Fashionista slips into a pair of peep toe mules. All the pieces this Fashionista chose are maintenance-free and ready to go. This outfit is perfect for a day when you might be short on time but still want to look at the top of your game—think dinner with friends after a summer job. Whether it’s frayed out, dark wash, or patchwork, denim is an easy choice for the ultimate cool girl.

How do you rock your denim? Are you a fan of denim on denim, or do you like sticking to one piece per outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Business Casual, or Sporting Your Favorite Looks Around the Office

In the past year or so, with working in’n’out of school, offices, and internships, I have come to notice that there is no rule to one type of business wear. I used to see the basic business attire as a pants suit, however, I’ve come to realize that there are definitely more options for styling your looks around the office.

Something I’ve been noticing is that everyone has their own definition of “business wear.” While everyones’ clothes are still office-appropriate, they’re also unique to each person’s personality.


These two outfits are a perfect example of a trendy version of business casual.

Two great-yet-simple looks that still work for office attire. Pairing a fun graphic tee with a classic-style skirt is a fun and easy way to spice up an outfit and add a personal touch. By adding sneakers, it can also give the look a sporty-athleisure vibe.

This Fashionista also showed a great example of making business wear into something more high fashion.

With her baggy culottes and button-up shirt, she created a statement look. Her outfit is a great example of taking the classic button-up, and revamping it to something new. She also paired her look with a perfect pair of mule-style sandals.

Another way to spice up your look around the office is by adding some accessories.

With things like a small purse or even a stylish planner, small things that can add up to create a unique office look. By personalizing your work materials, you are also able to add a bit of fun and fashion to your look…and your desk! My favorite way to style fun work outfits is by tagging my favorite looks in magazines, and try them out around home or work!

Any other stylin’ office attire tips? Tell us in the comments below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Senior Week

It’s the most emotional time of the year: graduation time! This is such a busy time of the year with so many lasts, goodbyes, and events going on. But one good thing about all of these things going on is that you can take lots of pictures to remember all these events. The first thing I always think about when I know I am going to get photographed is “what outfit am I going to wear?”

Senior week, there are a ton of events going on to hang out a few more times with your closest friends. This outfit is easy to wear to many senior week events. This Fashionisto is rocking the different color combos with his green dockers from Kohl’s and an off-white Pipeline waffle shirt also from Kohl’s. Layered over the long sleeve is a Somona blue button-down which can also be found at Kohl’s. To keep this outfit casual, it was smart to keep the shirt unbuttoned. If you want to dress this look up, just button up the shirt. To add to this casual look he chose to wear some simple black Vans. To pull this look together, add any sunglasses for those sunny days.

This outfit is comfortable and versatile for many fun activities. This outfit is perfect for spring transitioning into summer because of the fun colored pants and a colored shirt. Wearing colored pants instead of jeans is a creative way to dress up any outfit. This Fashionisto looks dressed up but still casual. Not many people would think to pair these two colors together, but he definitely pulled this great look off.

WHAT TO WEAR: Denim-on-Denim

It’s finally May, Fashionistas! Whether you’ve already taken your finals or not, school is nearly over for the year, freeing millions of college students for summer break. Even if it’s not technically summer yet, it’s still the perfect time to dress accordingly in shorts and breezy tops. At first glance, this Fashionista’s outfit was what I had in mind as a perfect ensemble that can transform from class attire into after school-chic.

The first part of this Fashionista’s look that caught my eye was her nice blend of denim-on-denim. A quintessential pair for summer denim shorts and a denim button-up keep the outfit casual and cool but can be dressed up with a denim skirt or switched out with a denim jacket for cooler nights. To top off her classic denim pieces, this Fashionista chose some mirrored aviators and a comfortable pair of white low-top Converse. Both accessories transition easily from class to the beach, but if you’re going to meet up with friends at a bar or party, they can be easily switched out. Try switching the Converse for some heels or lace-up flats, and you’re ready to have fun on a warm, summer night!

I hope you all take some inspiration from this look and try out one of its pieces in your summer wardrobe! Now that school is over for a few months, I know I’ll be trying out new fashions that I was too stressed to even think about during finals. Have a fun summer, Fashionistas!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Is Not Boring

Recently, I’ve struggled with differentiating simple from boring. Looking around me, I see so many fully accessorized and stunning outfits that make me wonder if I am just unexciting. For one of my finals where I had to research a designer, I found that I am always drawn to minimalist collections. There is a difference between boring and simple, and I am now embracing the the latter.

This outfit is one of my new favorites for casual occasions. It was excellent for my road trip home for summer. I am not drawn to a lot of accessories, so I think that a high neck can add interest and layering makes a more rounded look. I found this slouchy turtleneck top recently, and I am very excited to try different ways to layer it. In this outfit, I am layering it with an oversize button-down that I thrifted. I love these together because of the monochromatic nature. These one-color looks are very popular lately, and I could not be more supportive! This is a meek application of the trend, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I am wearing my go-to piece: black skinny jeans, which I admittedly wear a little too often. I think they are casual but a little more sophisticated than a regular indigo denim wash. Finally, I included this pair of olive booties that have worn in nicely. These are another accessory that’s easy to throw in. They are also a very neutral color, so they do not distract, but they are comfortable and go well with almost anything.

Sometimes, the outfit does not have to be over the top ridiculous to look high fashion. Some simple essentials paired together can still be interesting. I am excited to build looks that are minimal but with interest as I go forward from here, understanding that boring is not the same as simple.