Join the “Fit Glam” Fashion Trend with 3 Staple Pieces

Everyone knows that “fit glam” is becoming more and more popular these days, so why not take part in this amazing trend? Personally, I think that fashion and fitness colliding is one of the greatest things to happen in the fashion world. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian are icons for this trend. Here are three foolproof ways to create an effortless “fit glam” outfit.

Zoomed out fit glam shot

1—Leggings! Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good pair of workout leggings? They are the foundation for a flawless “fit glam” outfit or any outfit in general. You can always go with a pair of black leggings, or try a pair with different designs and colors. Leggings come in almost any style you can think of, so don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

Close up shot of fit glam outfit

2—A baseball cap. It’s a simple and easy way to create the perfect “fit glam” outfit. Whether you plan to work out or not, baseball caps create a sporty look all on their own. Also, you don’t have to worry about a bad hair day which is an obvious bonus. You can rock a pony tail, a cute braid, or even a messy bun to add to the sporty look you’re going for.

3—Wear your favorite pair of sneakers. Your shoes can totally make or break your outfit, so make sure you wear your best pair. My favorite pair of Converse is my go-to for my “fit glam” outfits. Sneakers are the best way to stay comfortable while looking fashionable at the same time.

Full body fit glam shot

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Suitcase Slimming 101—Styling Skirts as Tops for Travel

Have you ever found yourself really struggling to cram all of your travel necessities into just a carry-on bag? Fashionistas, cram no more. Next time you adventure abroad, take clothing repurposing to a whole new level by wearing your skirts as tops. You will definitely show the world that you are bold, stylish, and creative. Simply pull the waistband of your skirt above your favorite strapless bra. (Depending on the waistband of the skirt, sometimes you may need to fold it under so it does not show). Your new resulting top will perfect for the bare-shoulder trend this season.

In this look, I styled a white pleated skirt with a pair of vintage acid wash skinny jeans. For extra detail, I added a colorful necklace.

Each time I travel, I make sure to bring several tennis skirts with me in various colors. Tennis skirts take up very little room in my suitcase, and I can use them to create a multitude of different looking outfits once I reach my destination. I’ll wear a tennis skirt as a skirt one day, and later on during the trip, I’ll rework the same skirt as a top. Sometimes, I’ll even wear one tennis skirt as a top and one as a skirt to create an interesting, layered dress effect.

So, Fashionistas, planning to wear your skirts as tops is a must when it comes to making room in your suitcase. You know you want lots of extra space in case you have a new shopping haul to bring home! Any a-line skirt you have in your closet, not just a tennis skirt, will make the perfect chic and unique travel outfit.

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How to Style Day-to-Night Outfits When in Summer School

Even though school’s out, I know many of us college gals are still in summer school, either to get away from our parents for the summer or to knock out some extra credits. Either way, I’m going to show my fellow summer-schoolers how I style a day-to-night look. I take this outfit from sitting in class to a night out with my friends.

I’m sure that every student wants to be as comfortable as they can as they sit in classrooms during the hot months. I went with a classic T-shirt and denim shorts ensemble, as it gives off a total student vibe. The soft white crop top paired with light-wash denim shorts and white slip-on sneakers makes the outfit bright and breezy. A basic outfit like this is where we can get creative with our accessories. I’m personally not a big jewelry girl, so I just threw on some shades and called it a day. After sitting in class for hours, I took a stroll through the park to get home so I could change into my outfit for the night.

I chose to fancy up the top-and-denim ensemble a bit since it was still hot out. I threw on a navy blue spaghetti-strap tank top and tucked the front into my skirt to give it more shape. The skirt itself might make the outfit look fancy, but because it’s distressed, the look is toned down. I kept the same white sneakers on because a night out in New York City involves lots of walking. I have to be comfortable while I look cute! The outfit as a whole is still a neutral tone, so I added a little orange crossbody bag for a pop of color.

One final bit of advice: The best way to get through those long summer classes is to plan fun activities with your friends afterward.

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Getting Concert Ready

It’s the middle of summer, and you know what that means? It’s peak concert season. All my favorite artists are on tour, and it takes everything within me to not drop all my money on concert tickets. I saw Tyga with my best friend Madie, so naturally, she came over early so we could get concert ready together.

Madie and I tend to go to a lot of shows together. It’s always nice to have a partner in crime and like me, she enjoys the process of getting ready since she’s an MUA. We’ll get together a few hours before we want to leave and just play around with makeup. It’s so much fun to get concert-ready with her. Then we spend half the time telling each other how hot we are because what else are best friends for?

So, this time we got ready and went for a low-key skater vibe. Madie’s white dress is casual and she pairs it with some classic Old Skool Vans and yellow tinted aviators. All together it gives her major cool-girl vibes. Can anyone say goals?

So after doing the typical basic thing and having a photo shoot on my roof, we ran back inside, grabbed our bags, and headed to the venue. Every night out with Madie is just as much fun as it is to getting concert-ready. I always look forward to the next time we get to hang out. Nothing is better than having fun with your best friend while vibing to your favorite music.

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How to Style Gingham for Summer

Gingham has been my favorite print this summer. It is cute, casual, and perfect for any item of clothing or accessory. Adding a gingham piece of clothing to your wardrobe is a must for any Fashionista this summer. It is a perfect print to wear out with friends or to a summer BBQ.

The blue and white gingham high-waisted shorts I am wearing are from Express and are one of my favorite items I bought this summer. They’re made from a light cotton and are very comfortable. The fact that they are high-waisted make them super flattering and creates a more defined waistline. My favorite part about these shorts is definitely the tied belt. It gives them a feminine girly feel which I love. I also love that they have pockets. It is such a cute detail that I always appreciate.

I have never been a fan of mixing prints because I think it makes the outfit look too busy. Instead, I usually opted to style a printed piece with something that has texture or a fun detail. For this outfit, I decided to pair gingham shorts with a plain white T-shirt, also from Express. I love the ruffle detail on the sleeve because it added that little something extra to the outfit.

In my opinion, accessories can make or break an outfit. For my shoes, I decided to keep it simple so they didn’t take the focus off of the shorts. I opted for these tan sandals with tassel ties. The tassels give the shoe a little something extra and are super comfortable. For my jewelry, I wore pearl stud earrings, a white banded watch, and a bow ring.

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The Trend You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe

Ruffle details for summer are extremely popular and can be seen on nice cocktail dresses or a more casual outfit. I love taking simple pieces of clothing and having one element that stands out; in this case, it’s the ruffles. Search your favorite stores for garments with something extra and fun.

Casual Outfit

This outfit is perfect for a day of classes or simply shopping at the mall. It can be worn in almost every season. Swap these adorable shorts out for jeans or leggings and this ensemble can carry you into fall and winter. The sneakers add a touch of cool combined with the sleeve details of the sweater.

Dressy Outfit

Onto my favorite outfit, the dressier of the two. I love this for a fancy date night, summer wedding, or even a night out with the girls. This is an easy dress silhouette to either dress up or down. Throw on a jean jacket and sneakers or sandals to make it more casual, or add heels and a clutch purse to make it a little bit fancier. Lace-up heels are also a huge trend and work perfectly with this dress, especially with the light pink color.

Another intricate part of this dress is the back detailing, which looks awesome with a lace bralette underneath.

The silhouette is very flattering on any body type with the ruffles drawing attention to the bottom of the dress.

Keeping up with trends can be difficult and at times exhausting. But the ruffle details are here to stay! They are great paired with multiple pieces of clothing, and give the impression that your outfit is more put together than you intended—which is never a bad thing if you ask me! Be on the lookout for sleeve details and ruffles when you are out shopping.

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Finding the Perfect Patriotic Outfit

Finding the perfect patriotic outfit can be tough, especially when you’re expected to be festive. Anyone who knows me knows that my style consists of mainly monotones. However, I like to spice things up with the accessories I wear, whether that be an all-black outfit with a bold lip color or a fun hair accessory. Personally, I believe a plain canvas to start with makes accessorizing that much more fun and interesting.

July is one of those months that everyone wears bright reds and blues, which normally isn’t my style. That being said, for this look, I kept my outfit very simple and let my accessories to do all the talking.

To start off this outfit, I kept it very simple with blue jeans and a white off-the-shoulder crop top. However, it’s not as simple as it first appears to be, because the jeans I chose for the outfit have a star stitched onto the back of them. I felt these were very festive and added a little something to what would otherwise be just a plain pair of jeans. You can find these jeans made by the brand Revice Denim.

To continue the outfit, I went for a more casual vibe with a pair of platform sneakers. I thought these were perfect for the outfit, because they are white and also have stars on them.

To add to the otherwise plain outfit, I incorporated some red accessories to give it some color and to really put me into the patriotic theme. I decided to carry a red purse as opposed to a black one that I would usually use, and then threw on a headpiece with a red bandanna effect. These were the perfect accessories to add a festive statement without going overboard.

For me, this is the perfect patriotic outfit. It keeps me festive and fun without straying too far from my own style.

Are you more of a monotone dresser like me, or is color something you play into your everyday style? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Conquer the Gym With Confidence

If walking into the gym reminds you of walking into an alternate universe where nothing makes sense and everyone is better than you at everything, then you’ve come to the right place—and you’re just like me! I hate the gym, but I go because sometimes it’s nice and it allows me to eat pizza with less guilt. But how do you grow to tolerate, or even like, going to the gym?

1—Bring a friend. Hopefully, this person is more motivated than you and will force you to go, inspire you to push yourself, and help you build your confidence.

2—Bring your Netflix. An introvert’s dream: being surrounded by people, but still socially acceptable to block those people out. Turn on some Netflix or a good Spotify playlist, and forget about the girl next to you who is able to run a five-minute mile.

3—Fuel up. Getting a smoothie after the gym is the perfect cool down. It helps if you decide to get a yummy smoothie before going to the gym; it can keep you motivated and serve as a reward for all your hard work.

4—Tell your parents you’re going to the gym. If your parents are anything like mine, the response will be something like “Look at you, balancing school and exercise! You are so smart and healthy and awesome.” Thanks, mom, I am awesome.

5—Don’t push yourself. As a college student, you have a lot on your plate. Don’t make yourself miserable by going to the gym if you hate it. Do a home workout in your dorm or take a walk around campus instead.

6—Dress to kill. You’ll always feel better if you’re dressed like a true athlete at the gym. When it comes to running shoes, always choose comfort, because you know what makes the gym even less enjoyable? Blisters. Wear some breathable shorts or leggings. Instead of wearing one of your old high school T-shirts, opt for a breathable tank top that will help you look and stay cool.

If you have any additional tips on how to conquer the gym, let me know in the comments below!

The Perfect Look to Express Yourself At Pride 2017

Pride Marches can be seen all over the country during the month of June, which is National Pride Month. You may have seen coverage of them on the news or inspiring photos on your Instagram feed. These marches celebrate the LGBTQ community in whatever town they take place and can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of people gathering to celebrate this community in their hometowns. At these parades in bigger cities, you’ll usually see people decked out in all sorts of rainbow attire and different kinds of glitter, sparkles, and gemstones. For smaller towns, people usually tone it down, like this Fashionista.

She chose to go minimalistic with her look, but still, she embraced the colorful nature of pride. She added simple glitter and rhinestones above her eye to accentuate her face. This Fashionista topped off her look with bright red lipstick and moved on to her cute outfit!

This Fashionista played with color without embracing every color of the rainbow. She stands out in the crowd in this bright yellow off-the-shoulder top that matches her yellow nails perfectly. These shoulder-baring tops are one of the hottest trends of the summer. She pairs the look with a plain brown belt and simple denim shorts to create a casual and comfy vibe. On her feet, she wears simple white canvas shoes that are perfect for walking the 10-block parade that happened before meeting at the center of downtown where the main events of the parade were set up.

Pride is an event designed to let people express themselves and celebrate their individuality. Self-expression is best seen through our clothing choices, so be bold and true to yourself with whatever you do!

How do you express yourself through the clothes you wear? Let me know in the comments below!

Summer Outfit Inspiration

This summer, many new trends have popped up on the major fashion runways and have now trickled down to everyday life. We are seeing things such as the frequent use of yellow in outfits, as seen in runway shows such as Coach, Creatures of Comfort, and others. Since it’s the start of my favorite season, I decided to share some of my favorite trends for this time of year.

Evolving from the yellow color trend I mentioned earlier, Niagara blue has had widespread exposure as well. This blue is relaxing, soft, and versatile enough to match with many different shades from the color palette. I am a huge fan of this color trend, especially because it works well with my pale skin and brings out my blue eyes. Altuzarra, Alexander McQueen, and DKNY are a few designers who have been using this color throughout their collections. Since I love this color so much, I was enticed to buy this dress from Urban Outfitters. Even though it is a slightly lighter blue than Niagara, it still works. It has an open back detail with delicate string sleeves to add a sophisticated yet girly touch to the dress. In exploring this color, I found a beautiful wrap dress with a similar color tone from Revolve. Along with my outfit, I paired my orange silk lace-up shoes, adding an interesting color mix to the outfit. I found a similar pair on WeWoreWhat that comes in a vibrant pink, which is another huge color trend for the season. I paired my outfit with the popular sailor hat that’s been around for some time now, I found a fabulous similar hat online at Anthropologie that comes in a soft gray color. I also gave the outfit some layering by adding a nude undershirt.

My overall inspiration for this outfit was something related to what’s currently on the runways but enhanced with my own style. It’s important to remember to be influenced by current trends, yet not allow them to overwhelm our own individual creativity. As my favorite designer, Karl Lagerfeld, once stated, “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.”

Comment below what you think of my outfit and some of your current favorite trends! Be sure to share your favorite summer looks on social media and tag @Cfashionista!