Your Most Important College Relationship Is With Your Mental Health

I’ve always been a sucker for romance. I was mesmerized by the idea that I could find a relationship like you’d find in a typical chick flick or novel. But it turns out that as I closed the door on each of my relationships during college, I began to realize that I needed to create a positive, everlasting relationship with myself.

I know firsthand how hard it can be to take a step back and do things for yourself, so in case you needed some motivation, here are a few things you can do to end up in an empowering relationship with yourself!

1—Find people that make your life exciting. Put on some red lipstick and your favorite black dress, because it’s time for a girls’ night! Throughout my most challenging, eventful times in my life, I was fortunate enough to have my best friends along for the ride. Take this time to invest in friendships that are positive and complement your life.

2—Treat yourself. Sweep yourself off your feet! Enjoy a beach day, read an empowering book, or go to the spa. Do the things you love doing because you deserve to go the extra mile for yourself.

3—Embrace your flaws and enforce self-love. No one’s perfect, but in the end, there is only one you, and you have to embrace yourself for all that you are. If you take the time to step outside your comfort zone, chances are you’ll learn to dance your way through life like no one’s watching.

4—Celebrate your accomplishments. Set your goals high and work hard in everything that you do. Finally made cookies without almost burning your apartment down? Celebrate! Enjoy every accomplishment!

5—Travel. Buy that plane ticket! Throw on your favorite bikini and enjoy a vacation. There’s nothing better than adventuring in a new environment. Traveling allows you to open your mind and experience things outside of your everyday routine.

6—Learn to control your life. In the end, you are the director of your own movie, and ultimately you can edit it however you want. Control what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

I leave you here and hope that you’ll embark on this journey with yourself. Nothing is more important for your mental health or makes you more beautiful than being happy with yourself. Your happiness and confidence come from so much more than finding the perfect guy or girl. Listen to yourself and learn what it is that excites, motivates, and even scares you. Enjoy every memory and take every picture. Buy those Ray-Bans you’ve been eyeing and eat the food you’re craving! You are your own soul mate. Your life is what you make it, so why not make it amazing?

What is your favorite thing to do as a benefit to your mental health? Let us know in the comments below!

Summer Beach Wedding Styling Tips

There are several exciting things you can do at the beach this summer. You can catch a wave, get a sun-kissed glow, or even lounge on a beach towel while reading endless amounts of books. But how’s this sound for exciting—attending a beautiful sunset wedding on the beach? Dressing for the beach is usually casual, so one might ask, “How do you mix men’s formal and casual wear for a beach wedding?” Let’s be honest, the beach does have its downsides, such as being too hot, windy, and sometimes even humid, yikes! Dress to impress and defy these obstacles by learning tips for what to wear to a beach wedding.

This Fashionisto is not only styling cool, but he is also staying cool.


Whether the wedding takes place during the summer or any other time of the year, I recommend layering a light suit jacket over a button-down collared shirt. The island breeze may make the setting a little chilly, so it’s always best to be prepared and have a suit jacket in hand. If it starts to get too hot at the wedding, set it aside and cool off.


All aboard! It may seem a little cliché to dress nautical to a beach wedding, but if you choose your pieces wisely and not go overboard by wearing too many nautical pieces, then you can totally pull off this look. This Fashionisto’s light gray suit jacket complemented the cool colors of his striped button-down collared shirt. He added another bit of nautical flair by including a pair of ship-inspired cufflinks. Now he’s smooth sailing for a beach wedding!

Comfort is Key

Try to steer clear from fitted jeans and wear chino pants instead. If it’s an extremely hot day at the beach, fitted jeans will stick to you, trapping in heat, and make you feel uncomfortable throughout the entire ceremony. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your slacks.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Complete your look by adding the final touches. Stay on track of time by incorporating a classic watch to your outfit. Stainless steel thumb rings are another great trendy accessory that will add a little touch of alternative sophistication.

What is your beach wedding look? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

5 Things You Need To Do At Disney World

Every little girl dreams of going to Disney World. Even as we grow up, the magic of Disney manages to always stick with us. Summer is obviously the season for vacations, so if you’re lucky enough to find yourself going to Disney World anytime soon, here are five things you must do.

1—Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar. First off, you definitely need to try out the Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. There is just something about this particular treat that makes it taste even more delicious than any other ice cream you’ve ever eaten. It’s a perfect way to help cool you down while walking around the park in the crazy Florida heat. These amazing desserts can be found at pretty much any snack cart around all four Disney World theme parks.

2—Expedition Everest Roller Coaster. If you can describe yourself as a dare devil, Disney World has no shortage of thrilling roller coasters. My personal favorite roller coaster would be Expedition Everest located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. It has drops, turns, and even goes backwards in the dark. I would really recommend checking that ride out.

3—The Great Movie Ride. So if roller coasters aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other rides that are less scarier options. One example would be The Great Movie Ride located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is an easy, sit-down ride that takes you through many classics such as Tarzan, The Wizard of Oz, and Casablanca just to name a few. The special effects featured on this ride were incredible and gave you an amazing inside look on some of your favorite movies.

4—World Showcase. Next, you have to visit the World Showcase in Epcot. The World Showcase features 11 different countries such as Morocco, Italy, Norway, and many more. Each country is set up with iconic features that really make you feel like you’ve just stepped foot into that country. For example, France has a replica of the Eiffel Tower and macaron sandwiches that give you just a little taste of France.

5—Happily Ever After Fireworks. Lastly, Magic Kingdom just got a new firework spectacular called Happily Ever After. I absolutely love fireworks and there is nothing that compares to standing in front of Cinderella’s castle and watching amazing bursts of color light up the night sky. I think the firework show describes just how magical Disney World truly is.

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, what do you suggest as a must see while visiting? Let me know in the comments below!

Girly and Flirty

Have a date tonight and just can’t put together what to wear? Have a night out with the girls and have no idea whether to funk it up, keep it casual, or girly? Tune in to see a girly and flirty wear you can pull of at home!

With the sun beaming down, skies bluer, grass greener, and birds chirping it is time to break out your favorite pair of gladiators and sun dresses. A great way to expand your closet for the warm days to come is jumpsuits—a sophisticated fashion statement that is loose, breezy, and still works great for those chilly summer nights.

This Fashionista is rocking a beautiful blush-pink jumpsuit from Forever 21, pairing the jumpsuit with nude point-toed strappy heels from Charlotte Russe. This outfit works perfectly for any occasion, from a night out with the girls to a hot date out into town. Spice it up with a nude leather jacket to match those heels for the chilly summer nights and you are good to go!

All in all, there is an endless amount of possibilities you can pick and choose from when styling jumpsuits. You can dress a jumpsuit down for occasions such as brunch by pairing the jumpsuit of your choice with a statement sandal and maybe even a jean jacket. You can even add your very own original twist by picking out statement heels, a high-waisted belt to add on, and a choker. Pair that with an up-do and you are ready to hit the party scenes!

How will you dress up or dress down your jumpsuit this summer? Tag @Cfashionista in your posts!

Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost

Spawning a sensational summer while having a full-time job and a tiny budget can be tricky. Luckily, you have me, the self-proclaimed queen of frugality, to hook you up with all of the tips and tricks for achieving maximum fun with minimal costs.

Become a Coffee Snob 

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that didn’t like brunch. No, seriously. Clearly, everyone must love it because people love posting pictures of their brunch dates and people love seeing other people’s brunch date pictures. Lately, I do more of the latter because the proper brunch is posh and kind of pricey and an improper brunch is worse than no brunch at all. My resolution, though, was to replace restaurants with cafes and start my search for the best cold brew and be able to definitely declare my favorite type of pastry. I feel just as spoiled going for a fancy coffee in a comfy pair of heels as I would attending a fancy brunch, except I am just as satisfied, and I’m not terrified to log into my banking app.

Enjoy the Little Things

While I am definitely envious of my friends going on luxurious, tropical getaways, I have become more than content deeming a hike in the local state park an excursion. Sometimes all you really need to feel the effects of a successful vacation is a change of scenery and a little bit of added greenery. My friends and I have hours and hours of fun exploring new places and taking some pictures. We stuff our backpacks and make a day of exploration and adventure.

Cherish Your Community

Living in Philadelphia is quite different than living with my parents in northeastern Pennsylvania but in the most exciting way possible. There are always things going on and fun, interesting happenings to occupy my

time. Just a few weeks ago, I had the best time of my life covering my face in glitter and walking in the Philly Pride Parade.

I also consider the people that surround my life included under the community umbrella. This includes the wonderful members of the Guru Gang. This summer CollegeFashionista set up a wonderful community space in NoLIta to come and hang out. Honestly, I don’t think free fun gets much better than a clubhouse sponsored by Sephora.

Hopefully this was helpful and gets you inspired and excited to have a summer full of fun and a wallet still full of rent money. A little creativity goes a long way. Tag @Cfashionista in your Instagram photos you post on your next frugal adventure!

You Will Definitely Believe in Serendipity After Reading This

Serendipity is defined as a pleasant surprise. For many Style Gurus, including myself, finding CollegeFashionista was like a serendipity moment. We weren’t necessary looking for it, but it somehow landed before our eyes when we need it the most. I’ve been with CollegeFashionista almost three years now, and I’ve been able to see how this platform has grown and changed throughout time. Serendipitous or not, it will live on to be a beautiful adventure.

In honor of celebrating the CF Clubhouse that launched earlier this month, I wanted to share how other Style Gurus came to find CollegeFashionista and what attracted them to join our beloved Guru Gang in the first place. After all, everything has a beginning.

Jordan Rachel: “I actually discovered CF through a job board on my old school’s website. I thought it sounded like a wonderful opportunity to join a young community of like-minded people; while also developing my writing skills and completing an internship. Since I live in Paris, there are a lot of Fashionistas around me, but I sometimes miss connecting with other English speaking people in the industry.” –@lapresqueparisienne

Peyton Lee: “I was working at an ice cream shop over the summer before my junior year of college, and my friend walked in to get some ice cream. She noticed I was looking into interning at local boutiques, but suggested I apply to CollegeFashionista. I checked out the website, decided to apply, and waited to see what would happen. I knew I wanted to write and take pictures of style on campus because I always loved street style photography. I bought a Nikon camera, got accepted into the internship, changed my major, and have loved every minute of it!”-@leytonpee

Sarah Carrillo: “I first heard of CollegeFashionista not through social media (shocker), but in person at a networking event. A lot of girls had tags that said “CollegeFashionista” and I finally worked up the nerve to ask one of the girls what it was all about. This internship has opened so many doors for me and I thank the CF team so much for that. It really is what you make of it. This community is so welcoming and inviting, I’ve never experienced something like this before and I’m so grateful to be in it!”-@stylelinguistics

Sydney Ferrara: “I discovered CollegeFashionista through another Temple University student, and once she told me about it and how to apply I was instantly hooked! The thought of being able to showcase my style and others on campus was so awesome. It gave me a lot of inspiration that I was able to incorporate into my own style. The sense of community is also what I love because you get to meet great people who love fashion as well.”@coexvst

If you’re not a part of this Guru Gang, what are you waiting for? Make sure to apply to join our community today!

These Fourth of July Looks Will Have You Wearing Stars and Stripes Forever

Whether you’re boating on the lake, watching fireworks in the park, or practicing the true American art of backyard barbecuing, the Fourth of July gives us all a reason to celebrate. Being a fashion addict myself, nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like planning the perfect patriotic outfit! While it’s tempting to throw together your favorite red, white, and blue solids and call it a day, why not look at this holiday as an opportunity to stand out while still staying true to our patriotic color scheme?

There’s no doubt all eyes will be on these Fashionistas this Fourth of July as they channel their inner ’50s to create an effortlessly fabulous look. For the first outfit, a classic, figure-flattering, red polka dot dress is paired with fun, vintage sunglasses to create a photo-worthy ensemble. To add a twist to her throwback look, this Fashionista is rocking white Adidas, one of my favorite modern trends that can be paired with a variety of outfits to add a cool, casual vibe to any look.

It’s no coincidence that these two Fashionistas are a match made in heaven, as the second look perfectly complements the vibrant, red and white dress with a touch of blue. For the second outfit, this Fashionista is staying true to her roots, wearing an all-American, vintage denim skirt from Levi Strauss & Co., found in the depths of my mother’s closet. One of the best things about fashion is that you can usually find a way to recycle it. Before breaking the bank in search of all the latest trends, try working with what you already have. You might discover a few hidden gems of your own!

To complement her vintage denim and bring out her summer tan, this Fashionista is wearing a white crop top with ruffled details at the neckline, framing a simple, gold star necklace in the spirit of the holiday. To complete her look, she is wearing classic, striped Adidas, because what’s more patriotic than the combination of stars and stripes? A red bandana or a bright lip color adds the perfect pop of color that’s sure to stand out!

Struggling to find a jaw-dropping ensemble of your own this Fourth of July? Look no further than the past and ditch your boring basics for a revamped look that will set off fireworks when you walk by.

Be sure to share your red, white, and blue looks with us on social media by tagging @CFashionista!


How to Style an Independence Day Attire

The 4th of July is fast approaching and if you’re anything like this Fashionista, you’re already planning your outfit! Holidays are the perfect opportunity to show off your style. Independence Day should celebrate our personal freedoms; use this day to genuinely express yourself!

For the holiday, I chose an off-the-shoulder striped dress. While this outfit features red, white and blue, pieces that incorporate all three colors can be hard to find. Ergo, if you’re looking for a similar style dress, try this off-the-shoulder dress. Because of its simplicity, this dress could be complemented with a red choker or statement necklace. To build upon this look, try layering with a denim jacket and some jewelry! If you like a necklace that’s daintier than the blue stone necklace I’m wearing, try out different chokers.

It’s important for this Fashionista’s look to be consistently festive–I went for a gorgeous, deep red nail polish. In addition, try a red lip color; I’m wearing this lipstick in the shade Exotic. Lip color is fun and will always make your look more bold and decorated!

For shoes, I selected a white pair of high top Converse. What’s more American than this red, white and blue classic pair of Chuck Taylor’s? Simple, but understated—this shoe brings to this outfit a casual aura! However, dressing up this look with a pair of tan or red heels could add just the touch of elegance you may be seeking, depending on your Independence Day plans. Finally, I finished off my look with my red Longchamp bag to add a pop of color! If you don’t have a Longchamp, try a saddle bag like this!

Sometimes, it seems insanely difficult to match so many different pieces. Therefore, if you don’t have any way of accommodating color or combination “rules,” wear whatever you want! Fashion should be unrestricted—you get to choose what to put together and should be able to construct an outfit founded upon your own rules and standards. There never should be anything hindering the way that you choose to express your style! Nothing is more freeing than putting together an outfit independent of societal norms. Besides, it’s the day we celebrate freedom, so be your complete, most authentic self!

Try to tailor your outfit for the 4th around your own style. I know I’ll be wearing stripes and lots of color to show off my personality! If you’re on a tight budget, use what you already have! It only takes one article of clothing in red, white or blue to style a unique, alluring outfit! If you’re lacking elements of your outfit in one of these colors, accessorize with fun jewelry or a colored fedora hat.

What festive outfit will you be sporting this Independence Day? Let us know in the comments below! 

Top 5 Places to See in Los Angeles

Whether you live here in sunny California or you are just visiting for a summer vacation, Los Angeles is arguably the most desired destination for the season. With all of the traffic, you want to make sure that you are hitting all of the local spots in a timely matter. So, I have put together this amazing list of places to see in LA.

At the top of my list is the Venice Canals. It might be a little rough to find parking, but it is so worth it. The canals are full of picture-perfect houses and adorable bridges. The area feels like a quiet oasis in the middle of bustling Los Angeles. Grab a cup of coffee at Menotti’s Coffee (my favorite!) just down the street, and don’t forget to stop by the famous Muscle Beach as well! You’ll enjoy a nice stroll along the canals, but don’t forget to bring a jacket because (despite popular belief) it gets chilly down by the coast!

The second destination on my list is Abbot Kinney, which is also in Venice Beach. Here you will find all of the cool and trendy restaurants like The Butchers Daughter, Lemonade, The Tasting Kitchen, and even Kreation Cafe. You can find fun and unique outdoor murals to take your Instagram pictures in front of as well. And, I’d recommend ending the day with a tasty ice cream from Salt and Straw. This is the perfect place to bring a retro disposable camera or Polaroid. You’ll love having hard copies of your photos that you can put on your wall and remember forever.

Next up… unless you’ve been living under a rock for a year then you have definitely heard of the famous Paul Smith Limited Pink Wall on Melrose Ave. This is a must see on my list. Just around the corner is an Alfred Coffee location and a couple blocks up is the incredible Alfred Tea Room. Melrose is filled with high-end and low-end stores including some amazing vintage shops like American Vintage.

My next favorite is Griffith Observatory. You probably saw it in La La Land, but let me give you the inside scoop: it is worth the hype. As you drive up the winding road, you end up at the top of a beautiful hill where you can see all of Los Angeles. This is the perfect spot to stop for a picnic or just watch the stars at night. 

Last, but certainly not least, is my all-time favorite: The Commissary at the Line Hotel. This beautiful brunch spot will not do you (or your Instagram feed) wrong. The food is always impeccable, the coffee is always strong, and the terrarium is always on point. I would recommend The Commissary to any and every brunch and plant lover.

What fun adventures will you be up to this summer? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Wearing Your Dad’s Old Clothes is Pretty Much The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

Father’s Day is all about showing some appreciation for our fathers and all that they have given us—sometimes that even includes clothing. Many of my personal favorite pieces were snatched from not just my mom’s closet, but my dad’s, too. Not all dad clothes are slacks and cargo shorts. My dad has some really amazing, heavy knit sweaters (they’re mine now, sorry, dad!) that are perfect for brisk fall days; not to mention a killer collection of ‘80s band T-shirts.

So, while it is certainly important to celebrate and appreciate our dads on Father’s Day, we should probably appreciate their closets, too. (Bonus points if he doesn’t mind that you indefinitely borrow his clothes). In honor of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, these #rad Style Gurus took to their father’s closets to put together some hot vintage looks.

“My dad isn’t the most fashionable guy out there, so I checked out my boyfriend’s dad’s closet and JACKPOT. I scored a vintage Arizona Jean Co. denim jacket. The quality of it is amazing. I wanted to put my own spin on the vintage look and applied some patches on it. I totally revived the piece, but still keeping the vintage feel to the jacket.” – Style Guru Samantha Neira

“This look is called the ‘I stole the vintage pieces from my dad’s closet,’ which includes the oversize Levi’s denim jacket purchased in San Francisco at the Levi’s Store 25 years ago, as well as the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago T-shirt. Old pieces like these are fun to wear because some people buy them for outrageous amounts, when in reality they may already have some of these pieces in their dad’s closet.” – Style Guru Gabrielle O’Donnell

How would you style your dad’s closet? Share with us on social @cfashionista!