Join the “Fit Glam” Fashion Trend with 3 Staple Pieces

Everyone knows that “fit glam” is becoming more and more popular these days, so why not take part in this amazing trend? Personally, I think that fashion and fitness colliding is one of the greatest things to happen in the fashion world. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian are icons for this trend. Here are three foolproof ways to create an effortless “fit glam” outfit.

Zoomed out fit glam shot

1—Leggings! Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good pair of workout leggings? They are the foundation for a flawless “fit glam” outfit or any outfit in general. You can always go with a pair of black leggings, or try a pair with different designs and colors. Leggings come in almost any style you can think of, so don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

Close up shot of fit glam outfit

2—A baseball cap. It’s a simple and easy way to create the perfect “fit glam” outfit. Whether you plan to work out or not, baseball caps create a sporty look all on their own. Also, you don’t have to worry about a bad hair day which is an obvious bonus. You can rock a pony tail, a cute braid, or even a messy bun to add to the sporty look you’re going for.

3—Wear your favorite pair of sneakers. Your shoes can totally make or break your outfit, so make sure you wear your best pair. My favorite pair of Converse is my go-to for my “fit glam” outfits. Sneakers are the best way to stay comfortable while looking fashionable at the same time.

Full body fit glam shot

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Suitcase Slimming 101—Styling Skirts as Tops for Travel

Have you ever found yourself really struggling to cram all of your travel necessities into just a carry-on bag? Fashionistas, cram no more. Next time you adventure abroad, take clothing repurposing to a whole new level by wearing your skirts as tops. You will definitely show the world that you are bold, stylish, and creative. Simply pull the waistband of your skirt above your favorite strapless bra. (Depending on the waistband of the skirt, sometimes you may need to fold it under so it does not show). Your new resulting top will perfect for the bare-shoulder trend this season.

In this look, I styled a white pleated skirt with a pair of vintage acid wash skinny jeans. For extra detail, I added a colorful necklace.

Each time I travel, I make sure to bring several tennis skirts with me in various colors. Tennis skirts take up very little room in my suitcase, and I can use them to create a multitude of different looking outfits once I reach my destination. I’ll wear a tennis skirt as a skirt one day, and later on during the trip, I’ll rework the same skirt as a top. Sometimes, I’ll even wear one tennis skirt as a top and one as a skirt to create an interesting, layered dress effect.

So, Fashionistas, planning to wear your skirts as tops is a must when it comes to making room in your suitcase. You know you want lots of extra space in case you have a new shopping haul to bring home! Any a-line skirt you have in your closet, not just a tennis skirt, will make the perfect chic and unique travel outfit.

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More Color, More Life

Ever since the summer of 2017 began, I’ve set various goals for myself. An important one was to get more serious about my career goals and be more productive. Until recently, I’ve been shy with everything from dealing with new people to my sense of fashion. I’ve considered the fields that I’m passionate about—fashion and photography—and I’ve realized that networking is crucial both in the way you present yourself and intellectually. So, my first step was to add more color and statement pieces to my wardrobe.

My inspirations for my lifestyle, especially on the style spectrum, has always been God as well as various celebrities I admire. My religion plays a big role in my style because I don’t wear pants. So, one word that innately describes my style has always been modest. I’ve realized that modesty has always been “in” over the past decades, which has helped me be more confident with it. People rarely ask me why I don’t wear pants especially because of the unique culture we have today.

I decided to be more daring with my wardrobe while sticking to my roots. I’ve always loved the vintage, chic look and timeless pieces. My inspirations for fashion are Solange Knowles-Ferguson and various industry bloggers such as Shiona Turini and Aimee Song. They each have very different styles but inspire a piece of mine. Solange has always been free in her ever surprising style, serving major looks that express her free personality. She incorporates the right colors with the statement elements of her look that agree perfectly. Aimee and Shiona are prime examples of how you can incorporate your personal style with high-end fashion. They all share the perfect combinations with subtle, daring patterns and vibrant colors.

My uniform look is the nude palette. However, I have added pops of color that have really elevated not only my style but my lifestyle. Adding color really adds more to your life. I realized that I could freely make statements with my style while dressing modestly as well as be comfortable with who I am. As you can see, I did a red, monochromatic look with a hint of black. I paired a red ruffle dress with my mini suede, red clutch and lace-up sandals. This look allows me to be comfy and cool in the hot season. The lace-up sandals have been a staple for me this summer, adding the perfect neoclassical edge to my bold reds.

Do you think adding color to your wardrobe enhances your life? Let me know in the comments below!

Parisian Street Style

This summer I was fortunate to be able to explore the latest trends of Paris street style. Parisians were all about light layers with chunky sandals or platforms. Of course, much of Paris’ street style is focused on comfortable clothing that is great for constantly being on the go but this does not stop the Parisians from looking chic and stylish at all hours of the day. In this article, I will share with you some of the trends I spotted as I explored the city.

Parisians are all about wide-legged pants and jumpsuits made of silk or cotton fabrics. These are perfect for hot weather because they are super lightweight in addition to being appropriate for any time of day. I saw most Parisians sporting stripes or plain fabric but really any print looks great for the summer.

Almost every female (not even exaggerating when I say this) was sporting an off-the-shoulder top or dress. Some were fitted flush against the body while others were more blouse-like that flowed outward. Gingham or pastel shades were popular choices.

Another trend that I spotted on the streets of Paris were chunky platform sandals. These shoes added height and texture to the outfit but still allowed women to feel comfortable when navigating the metro.

Another ubiquitous, timeless accessory is, of course, the silk scarf. I saw many women sporting these vibrant additions on their heads, necks, and handbags. During the summer season, silk scarves are the perfect way to add some color to your look if you normally shy away from bright colors. You can still feel trés chic even if you’re not wearing Hermès.

In Paris embroidery is just as popular as it is in the US right now. I came across embroidered jeans, skirts, and shorts as well as embroidered tops and hats. Some of my favorite embroidered images include skeletons, tattoos, and lettering, as well as the traditional flowers and birds.

What are your favorite Parisian street style trends? Let me know in the comments!

How I Incorporated More Art Into My Style

High fashion is no stranger to breaking down gender boundaries. The street style at this year’s Men’s Fashion Week is characterized by guys in skirts to beat the heat. The haute couture runway was one of the first places to free the nipple. Now, even Vogue writes about the influence of the drag scene! As a member of the LGBT community, I wanted to incorporate more of its art into my own summer style.

I came out to my parents last June, and the sense of freedom that followed has not left me. It might sound like a cliché, but coming out allowed me the freedom of self-expression. I can unapologetically draw style and makeup inspiration from drag queens and other gay artists because my family now understands that the artsy LGBT community is my community. I don’t sport a Frida Kahlo unibrow or even draw one on with my beloved brow pomade like Sasha Velour, but I have learned to contour like a pro and style monochromatic outfits, both mainstream fashion trends that have origins in drag. Graphic eyeliner has become an everyday must. Givenchy’s F/W 2017 collection, Alexander McQueen, and America’s Next Drag Superstar have iconic red monochrome looks that inspire my style.

High fashion and art go hand in hand. The daring choices made in fashion resonate with me because they remind me that how I want to express myself is not some unattainable thing, that it’s being done now by people who feel like me. It does sometimes feel that incorporating this form of art into my life makes me stand out. How many people really do wear vintage earrings or Henri Matisse headbands every day? Instead of letting that make me feel distressed, I turn it into a source of comfort. This style connects me to my favorite artists and a community I am proud to be part of. Fashion is not just the latest trend, fashion is an art and so I want my style to reflect that.

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Look Smart and Chic in All-Black This Fall

The college life can hit you hard; assignments, deadlines, and tests all just flood in and it’s so easy to give up on personal appearance and go for leggings and baggy hoodies. But it is so important to continuously put that little bit of effort into your appearance, even if it means getting ten minutes less of sleep daily. It’s easy to forget that your lecturers and tutors can possibly aid you in getting a job or advocate for you in getting into a course. Ensuring that you’re dressing in a smart yet casual way can be the make or break factor for their opinion of you. Dressing smart always portrays an image of not only sophistication but also that you take things seriously. It can also make you memorable and stand out from the crowd. One of the simplest ways to do this is to wear all black.

All black is simple, classy, and sophisticated as well as flattering on every body type. Black is an essential color for everyone’s wardrobe and is so easy to both dress up and dress down for any occasion.

A pair of plain black jeans always looks smart and classy and, better yet, is always flattering. A pair of jeans without any rips or distressing is always a safer option when trying to impress faculty as plain jeans look more sophisticated and are much more appropriate for someone aspiring for a specific career path.

A plain black leather jacket is always a great addition to your wardrobe and to any outfit because it makes the plainest outfit look more put together. A black leather jacket is an essential for everyone’s wardrobe no matter what your style or prospect. A leather jacket is also a way to maintain dressing for your age.

Top off the outfit with a pair of black boots, a must have in everyone’s fall wardrobe. Comfortable yet chic, a basic pair of heeled or flat boots are the perfect way to tie an outfit together and to make it cohesive and smart.

So make an effort, dress up, feel amazing and look even better. Don’t be afraid of all black; it is a flattering, classy, yet simple and easy option to turn heads and create opportunities for yourself.

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Styling in the City

Sauntering the streets of South Philly is not an easy task—especially when you are bound to encounter a familiar face upon turning every street corner. “How is it possible to look presentable on the city streets when in a rush and facing the unbearable, August heat?” one might ask. With the assistance of my fab Fashionista, I’ll show you how!

1—Dress comfortably. There is no denying that overalls are a hot topic this summer. Luckily, they are comfortable, too. The featured model does an excellent job of pairing comfy with chic, as she shows off her loose fitted, cotton overalls. Underneath, she wears a black off-the-shoulder shirt, avoiding any noticeable sweat stains. Beat the heat and stay cool in cotton, rather than suffer from the sweltering sun in heavy material. Ditch the denim!

2—Throw on a hat. We can all relate to the days where we roll out of bed just minutes before having to be in work, class, etc. The key to getting rid of that terrible bed head is simply by masking it with a baseball cap. Why not kill two birds with one stone and hide the messy hair while also shielding your face from the inevitably hot summer sun? Turn a lame outfit into a trendy one and grab a hat on the go.

3—Accessorize. Have you ever put together an outfit but felt as though something was missing or it wasn’t bold enough? The key to making a boring outfit pop is to accessorize. This brown-eyed beauty completes her look by tying in a plain black choker and black backpack accompanied with a subtle lip color. The backpack is an excellent choice because it is light, not a burden, and not continuously falling off of your shoulder. By keeping it simple, she makes this combo look chic, yet so effortless.

4—Wear broken in shoes. Closed toes shoes in the summer? Yup, that’s right. Personally, I do not abide by the rule of wearing strictly closed toed shoes in the winter and open toed shoes in the summer. The H&M booties this Fashionista is wearing are perfect and affordable for tackling a long day in the city. However, it is important to note that leather is light opposed to suede. Let’s be real, trendy paired with comfortable is music to any Fashionista’s ears.

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An Edgy Day in NYC

Here’s a scenario: you have one day to experience the New York City lifestyle. You will get to tour the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan while trying out multiple food spots. Your day in NYC will end with a fun night out in Soho. You start thinking of an outfit but you soon get stumped. You don’t want something that is too flashy but also one that isn’t too dull. Well, luckily for you, we are here to help you out with a comfortable but trendsetting look for your day!

This fashionista has created a look that is comfy enough for you be able to walk around but chic enough to be able to go out in. Inspired by the ’90s, this outfit will have people turning heads for your first debut in NYC. First, this Fashionista is wearing a graphic T-shirt that is cut off on the shoulders. She has then paired it with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. Lastly, she has added a pair of black strappy heels to complete the look. Adding heels gives this look a nice feminine touch and makes it more acceptable to go out in.

As for accessories, you can begin by adding a cute pair of sunglasses for day time. The best thing about sunglasses is the fact that you can find a pair that is best for your face shape. From thick frames to thin silver ones, the options are endless! Next, a trendy gold watch can update any outfit with sparkle and add a little pop. Lastly, gold studs are the last item to complete this look. The beauty of a stud is a must in any woman’s wardrobe.

Now you have a great outfit to enjoy for your time in the city. Take pictures of your outfit and share them on social media, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

These Trends Are Taking Over This Summer

Summer has finally arrived and everyone knows want a new season brings: new trends! I always look forward to every new season to see all of the fun, new styles. Two trends that can be found in all the stores right now are off-the-shoulder pieces and denim. The off-the-shoulder top is a must-have this summer in any Fashionista’s wardrobe. Whether it is paired with shorts, boyfriend jeans, or a denim skirt, it pulls any look together. Denim is also everywhere! I can’t go into any store without seeing an outfit including denim, so I must say I am on the denim trend.

Off-the-shoulder tops and denim are a perfect summer essential. They can be worn casually and both pieces are very easy to be dressed up. If you want to feel chic in an outfit, those two pieces are the way to go. I always feel that some tops aren’t for everyone, but this type of top is flattering on and works for anyone because it is so universal.

If you don’t have a denim skirt or anything denim, make that a goal this summer. In my opinion, denim will never go out of style; these two trends have been around for a while. In the ’90s, Saved by the Bell was a popular TV show; Kelly Kapowski was so stylish and anything she wore she looked amazing. In so many episodes she has denim paired with a cropped off-the-shoulder top. This Fashionista found her inner Kelly Kapowski with her outfit.

This trendy Fashionista paired her go-to denim skirt with her pink and white striped off-the-shoulder top. Her outfit is so simple yet so chic. To pull together the whole outfit, she slipped on her black and tan leather espadrilles. This Fashionista is practicing color blocking by pairing the pink and white top with the black and tan shoe. Espadrilles are another must-have for summer 2017; there are so many cute styles out there. Trust me, once you find an espadrille that works for you, there will be no regrets with that purchase. To finish off the look, she wore her staple tie-up choker that goes with any outfit.

What do you Fashionistas think about these trends? Share your comments below! If you have any of these pieces and want to show us your outfit, post on your social media account! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

4 Makeup Products to Make You Glow

What better time to rock the perfect bronzed look than summer? A perfectly-contoured structure, highlighted cheekbones, and shimmery eyeshadow combo is my go-to look for this summer. There’s nothing more satisfying than the sun hitting the top of your cheek and exposing your highlighted glow! The following is a list I’ve put together of my favorite products so you, too, can achieve this look.

1—To start off. I mix Too Faced’s Born This Way foundation with the NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator and blend it into my skin with a damp beauty blender. Of course, you can use the foundation that best suits you, but the NYX liquid illuminator is a great and inexpensive product that gives skin that perfect glow. I also put liquid illuminator on my cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

2—We can’t skip bronzer. My favorite is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. Any matte bronzer is perfect because it can be used both as a contour and an eyeshadow. For this look, I used the Hoola bronzer for my eyeshadow base as well.

3—On top of the eyeshadow base. I blend Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in Beige Luster and added Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone on top. The Becca highlighter is one of my favorite products to use because of its pigmentation. I also add Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Eyeshadow on top of my highlighter for an extra sparkle.

4—Combine these steps with your favorite mascara and lip product. And you’re ready to go! This look isn’t heavy, which is great for the summertime. Who wants their makeup dripping down their face? This look can be dressed up or dressed down, so have fun rocking your sun-kissed appearance.

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