Subtle ’90s Revival

Every millennial knows that the ’90s had some of the greatest fashion moments in history, so it’s no surprise that so many trends from the decade are already making a quick comeback. For the look pictured, I wanted to channel the era of Clueless and Tamagotchi without looking like a wannabe Spice Girl (pun absolutely intended). Here are some other ways to look fresh out of the ’90s without looking like you’re fresh off the set of Full House (unless that’s what you want, in which case, feel free to go full DJ Tanner).

1—Add a choker. But please don’t let it be a tattoo choker from Claire’s. The things have their charm but they’re neither chic nor modern. You can still channel the ’90s with a gold charm choker or a simple black velvet one.

2—Pop on a mini-skirt. The ’90s were all about ’60s revival fashion, which meant a lot of leg was being shown. When in doubt, a high-waisted denim mini like this one will make you look as amazing as Fran Fine. Try pairing it with a fitted turtleneck for the perfect fall-transition look.

3—Tinted lens sunglasses. Not everybody can be blessed with the face shape to pull off the classic ’90s oval sunnies, but grabbing a pair with colorful lenses in a more modern shape can still give you that vibe without being awkward looking.

4—Tube tops. Tube tops are such a cute ’90s trend that fit into every style. Rocking a metallic pink one with low-rise pants may be a bit much, though (sorry, Britney). Pairing them with high-waisted jeans or flowy pants is a super cute and on-trend way to wear the style in 2017.

5—Mules. Mules are no doubt the shoes of summer 2017, and I would like to give full credit to Carrie Bradshaw for that. They elevate any look while still being totally relaxed. This makes them the perfect vessel to infuse the ’90s into your wardrobe.

If you want to look like a Fresh Prince of Bel Air extra, I absolutely encourage it! But if you’re more interested in just taking some subtle inspiration from the ’90s without being asked if you’re going to a costume party, these items are some great staple pieces.

Do you love ’90s fashion? Who is your ’90s style icon? Let us know in the comments!

Back to the Basics

Since back to school is just around the corner, I decided to hop back to the basics. In this outfit, I have five different pieces that are all staple pieces to my wardrobe, yet you will see all of these in every college girl’s closet!

First, we have black skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans are honestly a necessity. You can dress them up with a nice blouse and heels, or dress them down with a T-shirt and trainers. They are so versatile, and they are the centerpiece of most of my outfits. The pair that is pictured above is from Forever 21 and have holes in the knees, which add a more casual look.

Next, there is a basic T-shirt. You could wear anything from a distressed shirt, like the one I have on, or a graphic T-shirt. These shirts are a staple piece because you can wear them just about anywhere. You can dress them up with cute accessories and shoes and wear them to dinner, or you can wear them with shorts to class! The one I have pictured is from Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City, and they have a ton of great options to choose from.

Third, we have a pair of trainers. Trainers are all I wear during the busy fall semester! I have multiple pairs of them, and I adore them because you can wear them anywhere, all day. Pictured I have a pair of Adidas, but Nike and even Steve Madden have wonderful trainers.

Fourth is a denim jacket. I used to hate denim jackets growing up because I thought they were so uncomfortable, but I found one at Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City and I couldn’t resist! It fits big and loose, and it is so comfortable. You can wear a denim jacket over a dress to church, over a sweater in the winter, or over a T-shirt when it starts to get chilly. A denim jacket is a must in college simply because you will get so many uses out of it!

Last but not least, we have a choker. Chokers are a new staple in my wardrobe just because of how simple yet so fun they are. The one I have on is from an online store called Love of Lemons (shop her Instagram at @theloveoflemons) and is so stinkin’ adorable! Chokers are awesome because you can honestly wear them anytime or anywhere, and it still looks cute. I have certain chokers that I wear to class daily just to add extra flair to my outfit, which is usually running shorts and a T-shirt!

These are my five basics that my wardrobe revolves around! Show us what your basics look like this back to school month and tag us on Instagram @Cfashionista!

Styling in the City

Sauntering the streets of South Philly is not an easy task—especially when you are bound to encounter a familiar face upon turning every street corner. “How is it possible to look presentable on the city streets when in a rush and facing the unbearable, August heat?” one might ask. With the assistance of my fab Fashionista, I’ll show you how!

1—Dress comfortably. There is no denying that overalls are a hot topic this summer. Luckily, they are comfortable, too. The featured model does an excellent job of pairing comfy with chic, as she shows off her loose fitted, cotton overalls. Underneath, she wears a black off-the-shoulder shirt, avoiding any noticeable sweat stains. Beat the heat and stay cool in cotton, rather than suffer from the sweltering sun in heavy material. Ditch the denim!

2—Throw on a hat. We can all relate to the days where we roll out of bed just minutes before having to be in work, class, etc. The key to getting rid of that terrible bed head is simply by masking it with a baseball cap. Why not kill two birds with one stone and hide the messy hair while also shielding your face from the inevitably hot summer sun? Turn a lame outfit into a trendy one and grab a hat on the go.

3—Accessorize. Have you ever put together an outfit but felt as though something was missing or it wasn’t bold enough? The key to making a boring outfit pop is to accessorize. This brown-eyed beauty completes her look by tying in a plain black choker and black backpack accompanied with a subtle lip color. The backpack is an excellent choice because it is light, not a burden, and not continuously falling off of your shoulder. By keeping it simple, she makes this combo look chic, yet so effortless.

4—Wear broken in shoes. Closed toes shoes in the summer? Yup, that’s right. Personally, I do not abide by the rule of wearing strictly closed toed shoes in the winter and open toed shoes in the summer. The H&M booties this Fashionista is wearing are perfect and affordable for tackling a long day in the city. However, it is important to note that leather is light opposed to suede. Let’s be real, trendy paired with comfortable is music to any Fashionista’s ears.

How do you combine cool and comfy when in a rush? Show us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

Style in New York City

If you want to see and to be seen, New York City is the place to be. Sublime architecture, inspiring street art, historic monuments, and so on fills every corner of Manhattan and makes it an incredible image worth seeing. In addition, this city’s hustling diverse population plays an integral role in upholding its aesthetic. New York City has contributed to my own taste in fashion immensely, which led me to write this post dedicated to style in the city.

With a plethora of neighborhoods to explore and to use as my destination, I chose SoHo because of the trendy ambiance. Home to a variety of stores, like Chanel and Saint Laurent, SoHo manifests fashion.

Black is a true New Yorker’s uniform hue. Chic, slimming, versatile, and more, black is a color that must be in every Fashionista/o’s closet. With this in mind, I decided to put together this head turning look which makes a statement on a night out (and even a spontaneous photoshoot) in Manhattan.

This black lace bralette is a wardrobe necessity since it can be layered or worn as a crop top like how I styled it. City nights can be chilly, so I went with this black and white satin robe trimmed with black lace as a cover up. I love that it is light-weight and has a beautiful draping effect, especially when it is slouched down to your elbows. I decided to pair it with this pleated black leather high-waisted midi skirt to emphasize elegance as well as create a unique silhouette. It’s the perfect skirt for swirling, dancing the night away, and for making Boomerangs! Another great quality about these pieces (worn together or as a set) is that they are comfortable and trendy for any occasion all year round.

In regards to jewelry, I kept it simple and to a minimum. While shopping, I came across this beautiful charcoal silver diamond encrusted cuff bracelet. Luckily, I was able to turn it into a trend favorite of mine, a choker. To add a pop of color seen frequently in graffiti art, I chose this fierce, magenta leather, Mongolian fur clutch. For shoes, I opted for edgy black suede open toe heels. The extra height is a great confidence booster, plus they are easy and comfortable to walk in (especially on cobble stone!).

Whether you’re in SoHo, Chelsea, the Upper East Side, or another neighborhood in Manhattan, always stay true to who you are and express your individual style to be seen!

What do you wear in New York City? Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

Gingham Style

Can you believe that summer is almost over? I know I can’t; I feel like summer has just begun. Here we are in August and fall is approaching us again; the cool breeze and the falling of the leaves will be here before we know it. For now, though, I’m going to continue wearing my summer uniform: mini skirts and tons of accessories.

This summer I have literally lived in denim skirts every day. They’re so easy and effortless, yet look absolutely adorable. Today I paired this funky gingham and denim skirt from Zara with a half button gingham blouse that I found at T.J.Maxx. Can you believe these items are separate and were found at completely different stores? They match perfectly and make the cutest outfit! I spiced up the look with a few simple accessories, including this Steve Madden western style belt, a sleek, velvet choker and of course, my staple, everyday bangles and rings.

A summer essential that I can never leave the house without are my Mirina Girl sunglasses; this pair specifically is my go-to glasses this season. Another essential this summer has been my crossbody black, studded purse. It’s the perfect size to carry all my goodies with me, yet small enough to comfortably carry all day while exploring the city and, of course, shopping. For shoes, I have been going back and forth between slides and tennis shoes, both so cute and so comfy! Today I chose my shiny gold slides that add such a bold statement to any outfit.

The denim skirt has been my favorite summer trend, show me how you’re styling yours by tagging @Cfashionista on social media! 

Jump Into the New Year

Jump right into the new school year with the perfect outfit—a jumpsuit.

Since spending my summer in South Carolina, I have found the cutest little boutique that shares my love for simple but stylish looks. There I found the perfect jumpsuit to jumpstart me right into the new year, and here I have shown you where you can find your perfect jumpsuit attire!

Start your new year perfecting your look. A jumpsuit is the best way to feel both stylish and comfortable while tackling the many duties us college students have. Having a successful school year is all about being you and feeling comfortable in your fashion. Find a jumpsuit that has a bit of flair, not just solid colors. By having a jumpsuit that has designs, you can dress it up with accessories to make it stand out even more.

Start With a Fabulous Jumpsuit

Look for patterns, prints, and a pop! These words are what you should live by when picking out your jumpsuit. Jumpsuits come in many styles and fabrics so getting more than one is totally okay and to me, highly recommended.

Choker Necklace

Neutrals will always be my favorite color scheme. Add to your fashion favorite look by adding a neutral colored choker. Though it will not pop by color it will pop by style. If you find a long choker, double it up and make a bow. This will allow for a more eye-catching accessory.

Group Bracelets

Now, tie together the entire outfit by adding the pop—grouping bracelets. Pick your favorite colors from your patterned jumpsuit and find beaded bracelets like are the same color. For my semester jumpsuit look, I decided to bring out the brightest colors since I chose neutral for my other accessories.

Small Wallet

To minimize the heavy tote bags while also lugging around a backpack, invest in a condensed size wallet. Not only can you store in away in your backpack when not in use but it will be even better if you are going out to dinner with friends. Toting a small wallet will also help with your organization because everything is all in one place.

Finally, how will you jump into the new school year? Share your look in the comment box below!

The Back to School Look You Need

It is officially back to school season, and one of the best parts about this time of year is back to school shopping. Not only does it give you an excuse to shamelessly buy all of the clothes you’ve been wanting for months, it is also the time where stores have some of their top deals. However, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which pieces to invest in and which ones to pass on. That is why this Fashionista has created the perfect back to school look for you to take inspiration from.

Off-the-shoulder tops have been trending for a while, and they have proven that they are here to stay. These tops are such an easy way to instantly look trendy and put together and can be found in most stores. This Fashionista chose to wear a form-fitting smocked off-the-shoulder top, however, there are many other styles of off-the-shoulder tops available. They come in solid colors and prints, tight and loose styles, and an abundance of fabrics, so just find whatever one works for you!

Denim skirts and color-block denim are two more trends that everyone should try this school year. These trends are a simple way to add texture and interest to an outfit, while still looking casual. This Fashionista incorporated both of those trends into her look by wearing a color-block, two-tone denim skirt. If skirts aren’t your thing, you could opt for a pair of color-block mom jeans, which also pair nicely with an off-the-shoulder top.

Lastly, it’s time to add a couple of accessories to complete the look. This Fashionista kept it casual with a simple black choker and a pair of sneakers. The sneakers and simplicity of the accessories make it perfect for walking around campus and going to class.

Leave a comment below letting me know what look you’ll be rocking for the first day of class!

How Your Matching Matters

It’s already mid summer now, what are you waiting for? Take out all your cute tops and shorts and put them on! But wait, before you take out your clothes from the closet, there’s something you need to know: matching matters!

I’m not saying that you should wear the same color for your tops and pants, but to focus on details—that’s what makes your look special. Stripes are an element that will never be outdated, but it doesn’t have to be black and white. White stripes on red color is a good choice. Dark red goes with any color, especially jeans. The bodysuit shown in this Insta is a good example. Since the top is the focus, the bottom should be simple, so it won’t make the whole look jumbled.

Now, the choker is the soul and the matchy-matchy part of the look. The top’s front is very open, which makes it look like something is missing. But a choker can make everything better. It compensates the emptiness of the front part. A black choker would be classic, but a red one can bring a fresh element to the look and also match the top.

Another great matching element of this look is the sunglasses and bracelet. The sunglasses have a frame that is red and green. The bracelet is the color of the Italian flag, which also has red and green elements. It’s a striking match of colors which attracts people’s attention. At the same time, it’s not a big chunk on your wrist that may disrupt the unity of your look.

There are so many different and cute clothes to wear in summer. But to make yourself stand out from the crowd, the right color is essential, as well as the details like matching your color.

What’s your favorite way to match for the perfect statement piece? Let me know in the comments below!

Vintage Vibes

Tell your mom to keep those old clothes because the throwback trend is here to stay! More and more, the ’90s and 2000s are becoming a big influence on today’s fashion. Vintage stores have become all the rave when shopping for denim and designer clothes. Whether it’s real vintage, or vintage inspired, people are going crazy for super cute throwback looks.

I love buying clothing from vintage stores and up-cycling them. I’m talking about big throwback trends like high-waisted mom jeans or shorts. I put cuts and rips in mine to add an extra trendy look.  You could have your own up-cycling party, cutting and ripping denim with all your friends! It’s a fun, fashionable, and won’t break the bank.

In the photo above, this Fashionista found an old pair of jeans in her moms closet, cut and ripped them, and turned them into an on trend, throwback staple!

Since mom jeans are so high-waisted, you can easily rock a crop top without it looking too much. Pair an off-the-shoulder crop with something high-waisted to add some vintage vibes to your look. You can also play with patterns to give your look some extra oomph! If mom jeans just aren’t your thing, you can also wear a high-waisted jean skirt to get the same throwback feel.

To finish off your look, make sure to choose the right accessories. In my opinion, doing that is what takes an outfit from drab to fab. Glasses with colored lenses are something I am loving right now. They add a vintage touch to an outfit without overdoing it. Whether red, yellow, or some other cool tint, colored lenses are making a comeback in many celebrities wardrobes.

One more accessory that can’t go unnoticed is the choker, my all time favorite ’90s throwback. You can wear a choker with every single outfit, and it always looks good, especially since there are so many different kinds. Vans sneakers are also making a comeback in 2017. Add a cool pair of Vans like the “Old Skool” to give your outfit an edgier look.

The vintage trend is something I definitely will be rocking in 2017. Let us know your favorite thing about vintage and throwback trends in the comments below!

Bohemian Vibes All Summer Long

Summers are full of beach days, ice cream, concerts, and of course bohemian outfits. Many Fashionistas love to channel their inner flower power throughout the season by putting together floral prints, gladiator sandals, and layered jewelry. The light and airy feel of a bohemian style is a relief in the hot, summer sun that we all know and love.

The true queen of boho, by far, is Vanessa Hudgens. All of her Coachella outfits and her street style is full of light clothing, fringe, and jewels. She also embraces the natural beach wave hair trend that follows the “boho” theme. Her looks are a great inspiration for young Style Gurus like this one. My sister loves to embrace the free spirit vibe that the bohemian style gives off. You could wear this kind of look anywhere—to the city with your friends, on an afternoon date, and even a summer concert.

I put together a light, floral blouse with her favorite pair of denim shorts, and then layered with some trendy jewelry. The floral print is a staple piece to any boho Style Guru’s closet.

Accessories are also a big part of bringing together a bohemian vibe. Layers of bracelets or necklaces are a common look. My sister made her bohemian style trendier by pairing a long gold necklace with a cut-out choker. The pair makes the cutest combination. She also added a light brown pair of gladiator sandals, which are another staple piece. Of course, every Fashionista needs a funky pair of sunglasses to throw on with any outfit before his or her day begins. I also adore this fringe crossbody bag. Fringe is the most popular detail that many Gurus focus on finding for a boho outfit.

As the summer continues, try and find your inner flower power with floral patterns and funky accessories. You’ll feel as though it’s Coachella all summer long!

How do you wear the bohemian style? Show us your adorable look by tagging @Cfashionista on social media!