The Wardrobe Staples You Need This Summer

It may be daunting to figure out your signature summer style. Vintage? Bohemian? Preppy? Edgy? You may be thinking, why can’t I have it all? Here’s a secret: you can have it all. A summer wardrobe to me is something that can be riskier than your usual attire. Some trends that have been seen on models and bloggers alike that I have loved are oval or round sunglasses, gingham print, mom jeans, camouflage pants, off-the-shoulder tops, mesh body suits, layered chokers and necklaces, hoop earrings, and basket bags. I wouldn’t necessarily wear all of these items at once, but I have definitely been taking these trends on myself.


The first staple I’m going into depth on is the gingham print trend. For spring and summer, floral is usually most girls’ go-to. I would call myself girly but I don’t really enjoy wearing floral unless they are just the right kind. The gingham trend is a great substitute if you are wary about floral. Most tops being sold with gingham print are eye-catching which still screams girly. I style my gingham top with medium wash mom jeans with frayed hems, lots of layered gold necklaces and chokers, an olive green cadet hat, checkered vans, and gray oval sunglasses.

Another staple that is perfect for summer is layered necklaces and chokers. I don’t know why, but I always feel like an Italian grandma but chicer when I layer a lot of gold necklaces together. If you don’t own any, a great tip I have is to check thrift stores. People surrender their unwanted jewelry constantly, whether it’s random gold chains or gold chains with pendants. The layered looks are typically styled with off-the-shoulder tops, V-neck tops, and wrap tops.

The last summer staple I will go into depth on is the basket bag. Baskets aren’t just for picnics—who knew? Basket bags give the ultimate Jane Birkin vibe. Pair the basket bag with mom jeans and a breezy top or a wrap dress for the ultimate no effort summer look.

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Embroidery Is Everything

With the warmer weather now upon us in New York, it’s time to ditch my go-to black skinny jeans and break out the shorts and skirts. A trend that I have gotten behind this season is anything and everything embroidered. From embroidered handbags to embroidered shoes, the extra bit of detail can do wonders when it comes to adding a little extra flair to an outfit.

For this trendy summer outfit, I wanted to incorporate some of the pieces in my closet that I find myself reaching for on a regular basis (literally, I’m in love). For my top, I went with this plain, yet very chic olive green bodysuit made from a light, breathable material that is perfect for the wide variety of temperatures that the summer has to offer.

One thing that I especially love about this look is that there are so many ways that you can wear it. Due to the various colors featured in the embroidery, this look can be completely transformed by simply changing the top and accessories that you choose. I paired this bodysuit with an adorable jean skirt that features floral embroidered detailing. When embroidered jeans became popular, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon, but when embroidered skirts emerged, it took my love of the trend to a whole new level.

For shoes, the options are endless! I decided to choose the classic white Converse sneaker, a shoe which never fails to keep a look fashionable and young. To accessorize this look, a simple long black choker and a pair of silver mirrored sunglasses are the perfect addition to pull the entire outfit together.


A wonderful thing about this look is how versatile it is! It can be dressed up with a pair of cute wedges and worn out to lunch with the girls, or it can be paired with a pair of Birkenstocks for a day full of shopping in the city. No matter which way you decide to rock this look, you will never have to worry about looking anything less than a Fashionista!


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The Perfect Denim to Bring Back the ’70s

While summer is supposed to be about sunshine and warmth, my hometown isn’t the best when it comes to the whole summer thing. Luckily, I have found the perfect denim to wear on a cloudy, not-so-summery day. These Paige High Rise Flare Jeans have been my go-to since I bought them.

At first, I was skeptical of the recent revival of ’70s trends and looked at the jeans for months before buying them. After all, a good pair of jeans is a staple piece in every girl’s closet. Once I finally gave in, I was mad at myself for not getting them sooner! They are one of the comfiest pairs of jeans I’ve ever owned, and they are flattering on any body type.

These Paiges pair perfectly with some wedges and just about any top. Whether you want to dress them up or down is up to you. I decided to throw on a solid top and a statement choker. I am wearing OTBTs with this outfit; they are always my favorite shoes to pair with these jeans. As for the choker, I found it at a boutique in my hometown.

I love all the little boutiques because you are almost guaranteed that what you buy will be unique and you never know what you will find. Who knew both flare jeans and chokers would make a comeback? Not going to lie, I love them both. These jeans are perfect for a date night, a day with the girls, or a summer concert. Whatever the occasion may be, they will catch people’s eye. Although this outfit has been my cloudy summer go-to, you can style these jeans for any type of weather. If you’re still searching for your staple jeans, I highly recommend some flare jeans to spice up your wardrobe.

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The Perfect Outfit for a Summer Day

The warmer months are in full swing, and the thought of school is now replaced with days spent by the beach, mornings at your favorite local coffee shop, or soaking up some sun by the pool. Summer is all about relaxing, hanging with friends, and exploring new places. Finding the perfect summer outfit that is comfortable yet trendy should be as care-free as your summer adventures! This is my go-to outfit for a perfect summer day.

Off-the-shoulder tops have been a recent trend that everyone seems to be trying out, including me. My top is from Brandy Melville, and it is perfect for any summer occasion. It will keep you cool in the hot sun, and it is a versatile piece—it goes well with any outfit and can be worn in many different ways. I paired the off-the-shoulder top with two gold chokers to make the outfit pop. My favorite way to accessorize is by layering different chokers and necklaces; I think even the simplest of chokers can complete an entire look.

The one thing about denim is that it never goes out of style, and it is continuously being reinvented each and every season. I found these denim shorts at a local flea market, and they have been a staple in my wardrobe ever since. The embroidered flower detail is subtle yet unique and can add a little extra flare to any summer outfit. Denim shorts should definitely be an item that everyone keeps handy for the summertime.

Finally, comfort may seem like an obvious essential when picking out shoes, but in reality a lot of cute shoes end up hurting your feet throughout the day. A pair of simple Steve Madden sandals are my go-to shoes because they are comfortable but still on trend.

So, whatever your summer adventures may be, stay in style with these summer outfit essentials!

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3 Jewelry Pieces Every Girl Needs

I have had my fair share of accessory phases. I’ve rocked sequin purses, dangle earrings with monkeys on them, and elephantine statement necklaces (cringe). Thankfully, all these phases have come and gone, and I have finally established my own accessory style. This past year I learned the importance of jewelry to an outfit and established my staple pieces in the process.

1—The basic hoop. The first piece of jewelry I absolutely cannot live without is a basic pair of hoop earrings. A pair of gold hoops are my go-to and make every outfit a bit more dressy without being over the top. Whether I pair them with a T-shirt and jeans or throw them on with a little black dress, they always find a way to add the finishing touch. Not to mention they give me J-Lo vibes, and who wouldn’t want that?

2—Dainty gold choker. There is something about a dainty gold choker on freshly bronzed summer skin that I cannot get enough of. In the summer, I find myself wearing layers upon layers of gold chain necklaces to highlight my summer glow. Where do you begin the layering process you might ask? The base to all my layering masterpieces is a simple gold choker. A gold choker adds glamor to any outfit while keeping it fresh and girly; two things I strive for in the summer months.

3—Statement earrings. I’ve strayed away from colorful statement necklaces and have learned to seek color in another accessory, and that is the earring. I am a passenger on the statement earring train now—but it took some convincing to get here. I could never get myself to purchase a bold tassel earring or a colorful ball earring because to me they screamed “impractical.” But what I have come to learn is that they are quite the opposite. In fact, I find I can wear a bold earring just as often as a hoop. Throwing a colorful earring on with a simple black or white top makes the look more summery instantly, and eliminates the need for any other jewelry. So stop contemplating buying the oversize neon earrings and go for it because you won’t regret it!

It’s safe to say I’ve come a long way from my gaudy accessory years and have truly found my precious jewelry.

Let me know your jewelry must-haves in the comments!

How to Make the Best Out of Your Jean Jacket

With the comeback of many trends from the past, we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate them into our current style. Along with chokers, jean jackets have become one of my favorite fashion pieces that are a blast from the past—especially when they are hand-me-downs from my wonderful mother. They come in all sorts of colors, allowing for maximum creativity to make it truly your own.

I have always found it difficult to find the right jean jacket that fits my body type perfectly. I typically have to size up, which can create the problem of having the body of the jacket too big. Usually, jackets with a stretchier material work best for me. It moves with my body and allows for my arms to still be able to move and function while giving me a causal, oversize look.

The best way to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind jacket is to add patches or designs to it! Your local craft store or favorite clothing store will probably have small patches you can buy. Add one or 20, and you have a personally customized piece that no one will be able to duplicate.

My outfit shown is typically how I would style a jean jacket: with a plain shirt, pants, and pops of color in the accessories. I love my black jeans, but summer is pretty hot so I opted for ripped jean shorts. Add a plain white crop top and add some funky colored sunglasses and you have my look!

I recently got a black jean jacket while I was abroad in Athens, Greece, that I wear constantly. I love styling that jacket with my favorite black dress and some fishnets. It spices up the ordinary dress and the jacket adds some great texture to the look. Jean jackets can be worn to fit any vibe, so grab some patches and try for yourself!

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All Choked Up—The Major ’90s Trend that Every Cool Girl is Rocking

The ’90s are back with a vengeance. However, as a ’90s kid myself, I know that not all the fashion from that decade is worth reliving. While I am a fan of overalls, tinted sunglasses, and an oversize flannel tied around the waist, I can definitely go without the embellished purses, weirdly layered T-shirts, and low-rise jeans. The ’90s definitely had some incredible fashion highs (Winona Ryder is one of my girl crushes) and laughable fashion lows (shoutout to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake for rocking all-denim evening wear).

So what’s the right way to channel the ’90s? My favorite trend borrowed from the ’90s is the choker. Here are five things to keep in mind if you want to rock this ’90s trend:

1. The moment you fasten a choker around your neck, you will instantly feel 10 times cooler. A forewarning—wearing a choker may even have you reciting Clueless quotes all day. If a boy approaches you and makes an unwanted move, just say, “As if!”

2. Adding a choker to an outfit allows your look to hint at the ’90s without overdoing it. Just because the choker is from the ’90s doesn’t mean you have to pair it with a ’90s outfit. For instance, airing a choker with a sparkly tube top and low-rise flare jeans might be overkill. This Fashionista is wearing her choker with a modern asymmetrical skirt and knit top, which updates and elevates the trend.

3. Opt for a modern twist on the classic ’90s choker. Look for chokers that play off the ’90s, but aren’t a direct replication. Instead of re-wearing that black stretchy elastic choker every girl seemed to own in middle school, this Fashionista is wearing a modern version of the choker.

4. You can also use the choker to dress up your outfit. The sparkly silver and gold tassels at the end of this Fashionista’s choker add a sense of fanciness to the outfit.

5. Finally, let the choker be the statement piece of your outfit. The simplicity of this Fashionista’s top and skirt allows for the choker to stand out as the attention-grabbing aspect of the outfit. Additionally, this Fashionista matches the color of her top to the color of the choker’s gem to make the choker pop.

I’m hoping the choker trend is here to stay. What are your favorite trends from the ’90s? Let us know on social media and tag @CFashionista.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Your Go-To Summer Look

Hi fellow Fashionistas!

It’s finally that time of year! It feels like yesterday I was wearing a parka and trekking through snow to get to class. Now, classes are over, I’m back home for the summer, and I finally don’t need to wear what feels like a 10 pound coat every time I leave the house.

The best part about spring and summer (as with any season) is the fashion. Having more free time means having more time to go explore new places! And we have to look good while doing it, right?

I ventured to New Hope, Pennsylvania, a cute town about an hour away from Philadelphia. New Hope is the place to be around Christmas time, with all the lights and holiday activities going on.

I know it’s not Christmas, but I decided to go anyway. New Hope is just as cute in the spring, with all of the flowers in bloom and cute shops to visit.

This Fashionista’s look had me in awe. Not only did it look comfortable and breathable (an important part of any outfit in those hot summer days) but it was also super cute and stylish. Her dress gives me music festival vibes, but also day-out-in-the-city vibes. It’s perfect for any occasion in the summer. Something that’s versatile and artsy is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

You know what really tops off the look? Yes, if you also speak bad puns, you know I’m going to say the hat. It quite literally tops off the look. But bad puns aside, the hat adds that beachy, artistic vibe I love. Adding one of these wide brim hats is the best way to look like you’re ready for a day at Coachella. (One can dream, right?)

The final touches are definitely the choker and the shoes. I am a strong believer in chokers. I know some people think they’re weird, but I think throwing on a black choker is a surefire way to add some edge to your outfit, even if it’s only a little bit.

The Doc Martens are another thing I love about this look. Once again, along with the choker, they’re adding some edge. Wearing the dress with sandals would completely transform the look.

This Fashionista named her look: “The Musician’s Girlfriend.” Is she a musician’s girlfriend? No. Does she look like she is? Totally. And that’s all that matters.

WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Nights

As the spring semester comes to a close, the summer months are just around the corner which means hot days and breezy summer nights. The brutally hot, midday sun calls for nothing but flowy sundresses and breezy rompers. But what about those nights when the breeze feels a little cooler on your sunburn?

The best way to find that happy medium on a summer night is balancing your outfit. Want to wear jeans? Try pairing them with a tank top! Thinking about shorts? Maybe go with a long sleeve top! Perfecting the balancing act can be your saving grace on those unpredictable nights, and worrying about being too hot or cold will be the last thing on your mind.

This Fashionista conquered a night out in the almost summer weather with the perfect combination. She started with her high-waisted flare jeans, a staple in any temperature. Knowing it would be a warmer night than she’s been used to, she paired them with a flowy, strappy tank, also giving the look a pop of color. She topped off the look with an open-toe wedge and statement silver choker. For one final detail, she threw on her brass buckle brown belt as a neutral, pulling all of her colors together.

Next time you’re taking on a summer night out, don’t stress about being too hot or too cold. The balancing act is a simple, easy tool that can get you through those summer temperature changes and enjoy a night out on the town.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Weekend Getaway

The halterneck style is a staple in my wardrobe. Whether brought to life in the form of a tank top or a dress, it is flattering and versatile, especially as we brace for the summer months ahead. Delivered in a denim fabric and I was sold (with a price tag under $25, who wouldn’t?).

I ventured to a small beach town this past weekend, and knew this was the perfect ensemble for the occasion. The dress cinches a little bit above the waist, leaving me room for the copious amounts of ice cream and french fries I may have consumed in the last 48 hours. Since the dress itself does not have a pattern or elaborate details, I was able to add a personal touch through my dainty accessories. Although chokers have been all the rage this past year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m still not over the trend. Layered chokers are delicate but feminine. This pale pink ribbon that I tied from the ends of the silver choker adds a youthful, playful element to this outfit, reminiscent of my days in the elementary school playground.

Beyond these accessories, you can never go wrong with a light nylon handbag. These adjustable straps make this the perfect weekender bag, whether you are out for brunch with your friends or grabbing a cup of coffee on your way to a rad photo shoot. I’ve drawn my inspiration from Pop & Suki’s small handbags and various strap options. Although this one isn’t customizable, it’s the perfect size to carry my weekend go-tos in. These sandals are a recent favorite. Although I purchased them last summer, I’ve been picking up on the lace-up sandal trend, and they are the perfect item to put on your packing list for a weekend getaway.

With summer vacation season upon us, these essentials will provide you with the “Instagrammable” worthy moment at an arm’s reach.