STYLE ADVICE: Basics Till You Make It

It’s Monday morning and you woke up way too early before you had too… Said no one ever! While Mondays may be dreadful, it is a day that I like to catch up with life after weekend laziness, and have a fresh start to the busy weekdays ahead. While it may be easy to throw on a pair of leggings and flip flops, I think putting a little more thought into your outfit will kick off the week on a good note. Personally, I don’t like getting too dressed up for class. When I saw this Fashionista, I thought it was the perfect look for an early class or going to the library. What I like most, is that she pairs multiple basic pieces that give off an effortless, yet put together look.

Basics are key to any Fashionista’s wardrobe. While it’s fun to have unique and crazy fashion statements in your closet, it’s not so fun when you have to decide what to wear in the early hours of the morning. This Fashionista’s ensemble is something anyone can master. First, she wears a graphic T-shirt, perfect for feeling extra cozy. She pairs her shirt with denim jeans, something that everyone should own, unless you live under a rock. Her white sneakers are perfect with this outfit and everything else in her closet. She finishes off her look with a long tan coat.

Here’s a tip I have for you Fashionistas: Add a bold color lipstick to your casual look, like this Fashionista did, to make it seem like you put in way more effort into your look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfy and Chic for Class

We’re all there…it’s that point in the semester where getting out of bed is the worst part of our day. While craving a few extra minutes in bed, thinking about what you can throw on faster, your oversize sweats and baseball cap or the leggings you’ve been wearing for the past two days?

Ditch the leggings Fashionistas, distressed denim is just as comfy and chic too!

With the weather going from chilly mornings to sunny and warm afternoons, you can never go wrong with a light faux leather jacket from Forever 21. If you’re looking for a more sturdy and long-lasting jacket, I would recommend a Levi’s jacket, although it may be out of a normal college student’s budget, researching prices and choosing sites such as Amazon, you can still get away with a bargain deal.

Walking from class to class on a Wednesday, a busy afternoon for this Fashion and Style Society Club officer, comfort is a top priority. You should never have to sacrifice your comfort to look stylish and this Fashionista confirms that! The black and white Nike sneakers are a great selection for the edgy yet futuristic touch, however, with casual denim you could wear any sneaker such as, a neutral pair of New Balances, basic white Converse (you know the ones I’m talking about), or my personal favorite, Sk8-Hi Vans in the color black. Regardless of your shoe preference if you have an overwhelming amount of walking to do on campus that day, think comfort!

Now on to my favorite piece of the look, the flared ripped denim. These bottoms bring the whole outfit together and give it a loud and rugged, “forget your basic skinny jeans” vibe. This Fashionista’s distressed pair of jeans is from the denim god, no one other than, Levi’s. Nonetheless if you’re looking for a pair of mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or any other type rather than your average skinny jeans, try your local thrift store and don’t be afraid to DIY them to get that distressed or ripped look!

This outfit is finished off with two layering necklaces, which is one of my all-time favorite looks on anyone during any season. The choker is a thick metal, brassy statement piece that yet doesn’t distract from the rest of the outfit. It is layered with a long, thin-chained necklace with a small medallion that complements the white T-shirt.

Overall, this looked killed all of the cliche standards on “how to dress to class” or the mediocre “I don’t care what I look like for class.” If you want to give your outfit a little more time in the morning than others, that’s up to you, and only you. After writing and speaking to so many inspirational peers, you come to the realization that other people’s opinions should not dictate who you want to be and how you desire to express yourself.

So keep that head high Fashionistas and love yourself more than anyone else!


Getting ready for class in the morning can be a daunting task. Your alarm goes off and you find yourself desperately craving even just a few extra minutes of sleep. After smacking the snooze button way too many times, you finally roll out of bed. Instead of resorting to a dull combination, you can easily take your look to an elevated level despite your lack of time.

It’s true that you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of denim, however, an awesome alternative is a denim overall dress. This is a majorly trending piece right now, and a perfect choice for the rising spring temperatures. Not into dresses? There are plenty of pant and short options for overalls as well! Underneath your overalls, you can choose to opt for a basic T-shirt like this Fashionista did, or you can go for a top with a bold pattern such as polka dots or florals.

Walking around campus all day definitely means that comfort is necessary. Luckily, the best shoe option to go with your overalls is also extremely comfortable—sneakers! You can wear some classic Stan Smiths or opt for a pair of colored Vans, either way, you will be all set to conquer your day pain free and in style.

Accessorizing when you are racing the ticking clock can also be a challenge. Here’s some advice that will help you handle two problems at once. Choosing a cute hat is a classic way to hide a bad hair day or cover your lack of time to style hair. This Fashionista’s baseball cap helps maintain the sporty vibes of the outfit and brings everything together while also being practical. Additionally, you can choose to add a dainty bracelet or necklace. This whole outfit is majorly Brandy Melville-inspired, and this Fashionista’s accessories play into that really well. Find your own source of fashion inspiration that you can always resort to, and quickly adapt it to your personal style.

Who says you have to choose between sleep and your self-presentation? Try out some of these simple swaps the next time you are crunched for time. Own it, Fashionista/os!

Help! It’s Raining and I Really Don’t Want To Get Dressed But Have To

When the weather app on my phone tells me it’s going to be raining on and off all day, I get a little frustrated (and, tbh, debate staying in bed all day). Who wants to get dressed for the rain? No one, I tell you; that’s who.

Given that skipping all of my classes and general life responsibilities on account of rain isn’t exactly practical or “responsible,” I am forced to face to the dilemma head on. If I am required to leave the house for the enumerated reasons above, I want to look half-way decent despite the weather. That means not having to resort to a pair of rain boots and sweats.

(Photo via @sennialinabloom)

A rainy day calls for a well thought out look. When I need some quick outfit inspiration, I turn to Instagram for some cool outfits and ideas of what I can add to my wardrobe. This week, I took to Instagram to see what fellow Style Gurus are wearing this rainy season.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits for you to try this spring, just add an umbrella!

(Photo via Maddy Haller)

Running To Class—Waking up in the morning for school, I’m looking for something I can just grab and go. This Style Guru’s heavy embroidered denim jacket and flowy dress are something quick and casual enough to wear to classes without people asking you why you’re all dressed up.

(Photo via @queenhalpal)

Something Simple- The easiest piece to add to an outfit to complete it is a pair of overalls. No matter what the occasion, this look will always be effortless. Plus the cropped length is great for avoiding soggy pant legs when you invariably step in a puddle. This Style Guru got it right by combining overalls and a black turtleneck to keep warm on some of April’s most brisk and cloudy days.

(Photo via @rachelbradney)

A Go-To Uniform—This all black look will always be in and work no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. A trusty pair of black boots beats a pair of galoshes any day, and you can add a colorful hooded jacket for extra warmth.

(Photo via @sarahmaybe_)

Street-Style Chic—This outfit is the perfect look for hanging out with your friends on a day at the market for a nice brunch and coffee. And you know the feeling when the rain makes your white T a bit see through? Get ahead of it by wearing the bralette over your T-shirt. Add a pair of shoes like some little black booties and you have yourself a look for a day on the town.

(Photo via @kristendudding)

Back-to-back Interviews—This outfit gave me inspiration for what I’ll need to wear on a day running around town to meet with professionals. Even on a rainy day, this Style Guru’s sneakers are going to work while jotting around the city. A pair of colorful pants are also perfect for Spring, while also looking professional paired with a simple white oxford top.

What are you wearing in April’s up and down weather? Let us know in the #StyleGuruLove tag on Instagram!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bad and Boujee

Great news everyone, spring is finally here. Just as with autumn, spring is the perfect season for fashion. Lightweight, colorful, and more detailed designs that you can style as desired. I find myself being more fancy and boujee on campus during spring than any other season. The floral, the pastels, the bags, the combinations. My favorite part about fashion during spring.

The floral, the pastels, the bags, the combinations. My favorite part about fashion during spring is that you can work more details into your outfit. During winter or summer, something like that would be impossible due to having to wear too many layers or not enough layers. Let’s face it, accessorizing and putting too much effort in a look during extreme cold or hot weather is just not your cup of tea.

So, my little spring flowers I present you with a simple yet detailed outfit to rock on the campus: the B&B, aka the Bad and Boujee. If you feel that it’s still too early for colors because, truth be told, it is still a little bit cold, you can work with pastels, black, white, gray, beige. To be bad, you need textures such as leather/faux leather, satin, and lace. For the boujee part, I suggest gold or silver details.

Satin or silky looking bomber jackets are the bomb (pun intended). It can take your class-swag to a whole new level. Plus, it feels good to the touch. A nice print on the back would also be a perfect detail. Next up, a lacy top, or even better, a crop top. Lacey tops with a lot of details have been trending lately so I think it will make a nice, fashionable centerpiece for the look. Leather pants with small details? Where do I sign up? It’s the ultimate choice to show off your body and attract all the attention that you deserve. Who doesn’t feel bad ass with a leather piece?

Moving on to a different section. The holy trinity: shoes, bag, and accessories. Given that the weather is not yet suitable for sandals, espadrilles is a God given invention. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of espadrilles with cute designs and prints on the front. Either the same, or different, for a more playful and eye-catching look. As for the bag, I have been dying to wear my white and beige bags and put the black and brown ones where they belong—in the closet. A plain and chic looking bag will do the trick. Oversize bags are back in fashion so no more struggling on where you can carry your whole house in a bag. For the final touch, a golden watch, an elegant pair of hoop earrings, and a slaying manicure. Congratulations, you have now mastered the art of the B&B.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Kill It Day or Night

Has anyone had a date, maybe for a friend’s birthday, your boyfriend, or with friends and family who live far away, right after your mandatory 6:30 p.m. class? How about a brunch date that ends right before your 2:00 p.m. class leaving you with no time to take off your outfit and look more casual?  Of course, in those situations, you definitely wanted to look good to your outing. However, it’s harder to do so right after class, when you have limited time to go back home to change your clothes.

Sometimes people end up not going out again because they feel they won’t have time to change and look nice enough for their outing. If you are one of them I have good news for you. You can make it to your outing right before or after your class still looking fabulous!

This look, inspired by my style, is a great way to go to class and upgrade your outfit to make it suitable for your outing without getting stressed. I love my sheer, lace, embroidered top with a black camisole underneath. They can be worn to almost anywhere: class, mall, dinner. I combined it with a pair of high-waisted black jeans.

For my outing look, I added a pair of natural color open toe stilettos and a nude saddle bag. I choose those accessories to dress up the combination and make it look nice. To change for a class-like look, I would wear a pair of plain flat shoes and carry a backpack or tote big enough for my books and other stuff to fit in. I am able to look nice to class.

I hope I have been able to give you an idea of how to transition from an outing to class and vice versa. And next time you need to chill out right before or after classes, you will be very excited to kill it!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embellish Me Out

It’s true that fashion is ever changing, and it always comes back around! Remember those bootcut jeans you wore in middle school and thought about how you weren’t thinking? Look back on those photos from your mom in the ’80s. You thought she looked crazy, but here we are in 2017 rocking the same things! There are a few items in my closet that I’ve borrowed from my mom that have become staple pieces in my closet, but one thing I did miss out on is embellished pieces.

This trend started slowly last year with everyone patching up their jackets or book bags, but now just about everything is embellished. Log onto Instagram, and you’ll see your favorite style bloggers in anything embellished from wide-leg jeans, bomber jackets, or even sneakers. Your options of being embellished for spring are endless.

That’s why, when I spotted this Fashionista, my first words were “Ooo, yas girl!” Her jean skirt caught my eye across the campus yard. With just the detailing of navy flowers on either side of the skirt, it is a good intro piece for those who are afraid to step into the trend full on. Simplicity is key when trying out new trends; she tucked in a white Heat T-shirt with an oversize cardigan for optimum comfort while walking around campus. As far as accessorizing, this Fashionista kept it nice and clean to not distract from her skirt. She wore a black studded choker and braided up her hair in two old-school braids.

If you’re into DIY pieces, you can totally recreate this look to give it a more personalized look; they sell patches online or even at some retailers. Like I said, the options are endless for spring. Have fun with recreating your looks.

WHAT TO WEAR: Jumping for Jumpsuits

Have you heard? The sun is shining! UCLA is notorious for its slippery tiles across campus, so these last couple of rainy months have gotten everyone in a bit of a scramble. But fear no more, L.A. has officially returned to sunny California.

Now that winter is over, what better way to jump into spring than with a jumpsuit? Spring is all about being fun and playful, so play around with your closet using different colors, textures, and signature pieces! This Fashionista used her outfit to show off her personality, making a statement to everyone in her class without saying a word.

The outfit here is an easy, go-to combination. Having a jumpsuit in your wardrobe is great for days when you don’t have the time or the energy to match your clothes. Just because this is a one piece doesn’t mean it is inferior in style. In fact, this Fashionista’s choice of a solid, bright color makes her stand out from the crowd while the ruffles at the top add a subtle layer of detailing. A jumpsuit is perfect for L.A.’s hot-by-day, cold-by-night weather. This Fashionista can rock the off-shoulder summer look for class and throw on a light jacket after sunset for a different look.

Since the main feature of this ensemble is so simple, it becomes essential to spice things up with accessories. Here, our Fashionista highlighted her low neckline with a seashell necklace, hinting at her love for the ocean and foreshadowing the days spring break and summer will bring. The flowy, elegance of her jumpsuit is contrasted by a faux alligator skin purse. The purse plays with this outfit’s textures, adding a new dimension to capture an observer’s eyes.

Finally, this Fashionista finishes her look with flawless makeup. She touches up her eyebrows every day and decided on a light, neutral eyeshadow for the daytime. Neutral shades like the ones from Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette ($54) or the cheaper option, Naked Basics ($29), are hard to go wrong. Rather than always relying on eyeliner, try a more volumizing mascara to open up your eyes.

So if you don’t have one yet, go and get yourself a handy jumpsuit. They’re perfect for a casual day of classes or amp things up with accessories and a jacket for that hot date!


While I am all about this weather and love how it makes the entire city look like one massive snow-globe, it can be a little challenging to stay chic and trendy on days like these. This Fashionista pulled this off To a T with this quintessential “running to class” look. She was so put together while also seeming as though she just woke up and threw this outfit on. What works so well is that it puts together all these monochromatic pieces while topping it off with a killer coat.

What this look does so well is keep everything simple without too much going on. It also uses a great piece to bring it to its full potential. She matched a white V-neck top with a pair of high-waisted, light wash “mom” jeans and a pair of white Vans to match the snow. She added this gorgeous blue leather book bag. However, what really made the outfit was her faux fur coat. This dark brown, bulky piece with a strip of white running through the middle tied it all perfectly. While I was all about this Fashionista’s outerwear, one of my favorite things about this look was the earrings. I loved the minimal design and the little stars inside of the hoops. I wanted a pair of these the second I noticed them.

As a minimalist and lover of comfort, I love that this look made all of that happen. This gal’s outfit had all the aspects of a great school day look. It was effortless, cohesive, and comfy. This look serves as a perfect guide for how to get some more z’s in while also keeping it modern and fresh and still staying cozy.

WHAT TO WEAR: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

How many times a day do you change your outfit to keep up with this bipolar weather?  For me it’s usually three. Hello all you lovely readers. This time we’re looking at this beautiful Fashionista above and how she perfectly dressed for class on this sunny, yet very windy, winter day.

A jacket is still an essential for a windy day even if the sun is out and shining, especially considering how quickly this weather changes. The faux fur (save the animals!) on the Fashionista was a daring choice, because it can look out of place if paired with the wrong ensemble. The Fashionista did a stellar job of pairing the jacket with a satin camisole top with lace trim. The smooth texture and delicate lace of the top softens the look enough so the jacket provides the perfect amount of edginess to the outfit without looking overdone. Even if her classroom is cold or the weather turns warmer as the day progresses, she has the option to take off or leave on the jacket and have the ensemble look cute and complete either way!

The accessories are perfect for the weather because one sunny day essential is oversize sunglasses (duh). The black aviators this Fashionista is wearing features a gold bridge. Other accessories include her silver chandelier earrings with waterfall fringe, a basic black choker, and a Michael Kors watch. Her mix of trendy and classic pieces work well and complete the look without it being over-accessorized. They also work for a normal class day, because who doesn’t want to be the best dressed in class (also, who doesn’t love compliments from peers)? This Fashionista is clearly deserving of an “A” just for showing up to class looking this fabulous.

Like always, I’ll leave you with style advice to take away from this article:

Tone down a faux fur jacket/vest so it won’t look overdone. Dress to impress even for class!