Believe it or not, spring is around the corner. I know, I know. Right now, as you are forced to wear a million and a half layers just to avoid the feeling of frostbite, it doesn’t seem possible. But soon enough, I promise, warm weather will arrive.

For many Fashionistos the promise of warm weather means one thing—hang out sessions on the quad. Whether it is throwing around a frisbee with your bro’ and catching a nap in between classes, clocking in time on the quad is a favorite of Fashionistos. But, as any Fashionisto knows, it is not only where you are, but what you are wearing that is important.

These two dapper Fashionistos hit the mark in their coordinating ensembles. Who doesn’t love a fitted, crew neck sweatshirt? It is a staple item among Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike. What is so great about the crew neck sweatshirt is that it is the ultimate layering piece.  It looks great on its own when paired with a well-fitted chinos. Or you can dress up the sweatshirt by throwing a button-down underneath for a pop of polish, like the Fashionisto on the left.

As with most garments, the key is the fit. An oversized sweatshirt can look messy, unkept and a fashion nightmare. But, when fitted, the sweatshirt hits the mark with the sportswear trend currently taking over the fashion world.

One Simple Change: While I am digging their combat boots for a casual afternoon on the quad, swap out the boots for a pair of boat shoes or loafers for a more refined look. Throw a blazer on over the sweatshirt and you are ready for a casual date night with your lady.


Whether your spring semester classes have already begun, or you still have another few days of freedom, there’s no more denying that it’s time to attend that dreaded thing called class. But what better way to kick of the new “What to Wear” column than with some inspiration for an easy, but cute outfit to wear to class!

Many of us have fallen into the trap of wearing an oversized sweatshirt, leggings and UGGs to class every single day. Let’s face it, when it’s cold outside and you have to hike across campus at 8 a.m. for a boring lecture, looking cute is probably the last thing on your to-do list. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there are some simple ways to update your class attire in a more trendy and put-together manner.

Fashionista Jordyn Johnson is spot-on with her casual class attire, and while her outfit is practical for going from class to class, she stylishly stands out as a trendsetter on campus. This look is comfortable and simple to throw on in the morning, but is trendy and well-styled at the same time. To get her look, try a chambray button-down, a chunky infinity scarf and an oversized bag that can double-duty as both a campus tote and a purse.

One Simple Change: To mix up this look, simply trade out a chambray or flannel button-down for an over-sized pullover sweater or long cardigan. Then top off your look with fun but functional accessories like scarves, beanies and riding boots.

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

The first day of class was always a day I looked forward to in my elementary school days. My outfit would be chosen weeks in advance, along with an “outfit blueprint,” detailing every accessory, hairstyle, nail color and lipstick I would be pairing it with. It was a chance to show everyone just how creative I could be, while showcasing how much I had changed over the summer. While first days at college surely aren’t the same, I continue to eagerly dress for the occasion by creating an ensemble that’s fit for extreme climate changes (AKA classrooms and lecture halls), catching up with old friends and giving a glimpse of what I’m like to those I haven’t met.

This Fashionista did just the same. She caught my attention in our early Two-Dimensional Design class, exploding with rich patterns and colors — what could be more appropriate? Her cotton dress is comfy-chic and accessorized with a colorful leather belt, patterned scarf, patterned cross-body bag and several closet staples. Who doesn’t own a trusty pair of leggings and a blazer these days? Her oversized eyeglasses even have a hint of animal print against a bright pink frame. The mixing and matching of her prints is nearly endless! Ultimately, she is able to redefine comfort in her own way, making it fun, while managing to break the typical yoga-pants-and-tee outfit too many people reach for in the early morning. What’s even better about her outfit is its ability to take her into the day for any event her day may bring.

One Simple Change: Heading off to work after class? Switch out the patterned dress and leggings for a soft, white shirt and high-waisted tailored pants for a look that’s professional and clean. Your patterned scarf and bag will keep your professional outfit fun, while a blazer, like this Fashionista’s, will pull it all together (and keep any sheerness conservative). The end result will be a fabulously structured outfit fit for a business environment. Learning to balance color and print will benefit you in every outfit you will ever wear.



It’s a new year Fashionistas/os and classes are back in session! After a lackadaisical break where responsibilities included manning the couch and stuffing our faces with holiday treats, the last thing on our minds is getting cute for class. For those of us reminiscing on the vacation that was and not yet enthusiastic about sporting our newest purchases, there are ways to be effortlessly trendy until the “bye-bye holidays” blues fades away.

This Fashionisto keeps it chic and simple with a grey sweater over a dark button-up for an easy professional look. My favorite part of this outfit is the cuffed, baby blue denim. As the cold Chicago temperature relentlessly drops, the color in my wardrobe quickly clings to blacks and greys. Colored jeans are a perfect way to spice up a seemingly basic outfit and break out from the dark and drab.

The patterned socks peeking out from his crisp oxfords and tortoise readers are a quirky bonus for this trendsetter’s look. Numerous people have expressed their apprehension with readers that aren’t prescription, worrying that they will look silly rather than stylish. Doctor prescribed or not, this Fashionisto shows all the non-believers there is nothing to fear!

The outfit is tied together and ultimately given the outdoor stamp of approval with the classic peacoat. In my opinion, a good pea coat is essential to the cold weather wardrobe of any Fashionista/o. Not only does it protect from the brisk air, it instantly “glamourizes” the look. Paired with a nice scarf, this coat is a high-profile alternative to a normal puffy jacket. Even though a puffy North Face is preferable when ice seems to form all over, whenever the weather permits I don the pea coat.

One Simple Change: Swap out the light blue for dark-wash slim leg jeans for a perfect casual date night!


As a student living in Manhattan, I’d be lying if I said I never felt any pressure to dress myself up for class. A frumpy hoodie emblazoned with your school’s insignia may pass at some campuses, but rolling out of bed and into sweats two minutes before “Intro to Marketing” just won’t cut it at NYU. This is how I see it: if people will be present wherever it is you’re going, you better make sure you look presentable! This idea may have circulated frequently enough for it to become a cliché, but the perfect outfit combines style and comfort for a truly wearable ensemble.

To demonstrate, this week I found Alexa on her way to class, clad in a charcoal and cream Free People cropped Fair Isle sweater and a pair of American Apparel forest green skinnies. The colored jean is what spices up the outfit, adding a little life to what may otherwise have been another drab, black and white winter look. With a bulkier top such as hers, it’s best to balance out the volume by going with a skinny silhouette on bottom. The high waist on the jean also proves you can make cropped tops work in cold temperatures as long as you maintain proportions.

To get this look for class, I’d pick a woolly sweater with a unique pattern or style and pair it with a colored jean. I’m obsessed with this eccentrically textured jumper from Topshop since it’s not only unique, but looks super comfortable as well. Forever 21 also has some great sweaters such as this open knit white one featuring a fringe pattern. Slap on these rich rust-colored skinny jeans from Hudson and you’ve got yourself an outfit that is cute, functional and possesses just the right amount of vivacity.

One Simple Change: If you want to add some polish to this outfit, simply layer a collared shirt under the sweater (patterns permitting of course.) This crazy bright one from ASOS would add just the perfect splash of color to the aforementioned white Topshop sweater.


Hello 2013! It’s a new year, a new start and a new routine which can only mean one thing: the start of a new semester. Everyone gets excited for new classes, it’s a chance to meet people you may have never seen before (and don’t forget those cute boys). It is the perfect opportunity to look your best! But there are obstacles between you and your glam look. Who wants to wake up in time for an 8:00 am class AND try to look cute? After all, we are college kids who just want to roll out of bed and make it to class on time. This Fashionista masters the first day of class look and she made it to class on time.

Morgan is wearing an Aztec print black and white sweater jacket over a black tank. This Gap sweater is the perfect piece to fling on when you’re throwing something together hurrying out the door. It is heavy enough to keep you warm on the winter days without needing a coat. This trendy Aztec print has been seen all around this winter, meaning this one piece creates an instantly chic look. She pairs it with Gap legging jeans which fit nicely into her black boots. She also chooses a neutral Banana Republic leather bag to escort her to and from class with her books.

Next time you’re running out the door, make sure your closet has a detailed sweater like this to make an instant outfit. You won’t regret your purchase.

One Simple Change: Classes are over and it’s time to let down your hair and go out with that cute boy you met in class. Take this look from day to night by switching out the legging jeans for leather leggings to vamp up the look. Instead of the boots, try a pair of heels to pull the night look together. Voilà! You are instantly ready for a night out on the town.


Welcome back to our first week of class! As I am hobbling around campus on my crutches, you are all looking fabulous in your new holiday presents (or from the money that you got returning the ugly sweater that your grandfather got for you). The first week back is always hectic. Figuring out where your classes are, who has the same free time to grab lunch, where to buy your books and, more importantly, what to wear are all the stressful encounters we have to face.

For the first week, I say retire those sweatpants that you’ve worn for the last three weeks at home lying in bed and dust off your riding boots and cute tops. This Fashionista, although freezing on this cold January day in Pittsburgh, perfectly planned to wear cute patterned tights along with her jean shorts and pink top. The most important part of surviving the winter here is finding the right jackets to wear and knowing how to wear them. Sixty-five degrees on Saturday when Monday was twenty degrees? Okay Mother Nature, you got us. Be sure to check the weather every morning before heading off to campus to be sure you won’t turn into Frosty, or worse—be the smelly, sweaty kid in class.

One Simple Change: To turn this outfit into a nighttime look, throw on a pair of black heels with a blazer to go from a casual daytime outfit to a flirty nighttime out on the town.


Say hello to my little friend….the scarf. By no means is this accessory “little.” When wearing a scarf as additional garb, it can really add a fashionable flare to your outfit. Scarves can be masculine despite the stigma that they are only for women. Al Pacino can rock a scarf and he is possibly one of the manliest men I wish I knew. Don’t be afraid to ignite your inner dapper self after donning a perfectly wrapped scarf.

From head to toe, today’s Fashionisto is wearing some fun winter trends that are all the rage. He is dressed in a black technical jacket with skinny jeans and brown combat boots. His gray scarf is finely detailed with black lines and white fringe at the end. This Fashionisto’s choice to wrap the scarf once and leave the additional fabric layered on top of his jacket was a fabulous choice. It works with his outfit to transform a relaxed look into a sharp ensemble. However, this is only one way you can work the scarf.

Infinity scarves will always be a fashion trend because they are easy to put on if you are in a dash. They are also so chic. But let’s add a little zest to this scarf fad by looking for cool patterns and designs. The patterns will bring out your personality in your clothes. Graphics are also a great way to incorporate a little life into your wardrobe. Find an oversized scarf that you can drape over your shoulders. This is a little daring but your demeanor will be instantly escalated to a regal state. The world is yours, so work it Fashionistos!

Hint: Find a plaid or paisley patterned scarf. Tuck it into your jacket and refrain from letting the scarf cover your coat. By leaving only a portion of the scarf visible, the accessory will not clash with the rest of your outfit. The scarf will become a vibrant detail in your outfit that will catch the eye of fellow Fashionistos.