Creating a Signature Scent Had to do With More Than Smelling Good For This College Student

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t find the right perfume? What if the alcohol content of a perfume just rubs you wrong? Additionally, being Muslim meant I couldn’t use alcohol-based perfumes, and while there are alternatives, I’ve never connected with them. I wanted to explore the world of scent-making and make something that would remind anyone, with one whiff, of the essence of me. Which is why I turned to making my own scent:

1—A base note. This is the musky and heavy, long-lasting scent that remains on you. Essential oils used as base notes are usually characterized by having a large molecular structure and high density.

2—A middle note. This is considered the heart, or bouquet of the scent. It is what will really come through as your scent. It remains for a few hours, and there are a wide variety of them.

3—A top note. This is the first scent that hits your nose. This usually goes away after the first few minutes so make sure you don’t base your entire scent around that first whiff!

You will also need a dropper or pipette, a small jar to mix the product in, a perfume bottle, and a notebook to record your steps and measurements. As a general rule of thumb, follow the 100 drops rule to easily split up how many drops of each oil you add. Too little or too much can completely unbalance your scent!

Fragrances usually follow a 20/80 ratio. 80 drops of the carrier oil and 20 for the essential oils. Within these 20 drops, you can create your own ratio of how many drops of which you want to add!

1—My palette. I used coconut oil as my carrier oil. My middle note comprised of lavender, and my top note was peppermint. I was going for a floral and slightly warming scent, something that reminds me of home but also has an adventurous side to it.

2—The base note. I added in 13 drops of rosemary total. After putting in an initial 10 drops, I adjusted it later on as I added the other oils in.

3—The middle note. I wanted to balance the middle and top notes as peppermint and lavender could both be used as top notes. However, lavender had a slightly more deep and settling smell so I decided to use it in the middle.

4—The top note. The top note was peppermint, as it had a sharp initial smell that soon faded away. I wanted to have the perfume perk up and then settle, so the order was perfect.

In the end, I had a warm spicy smell I call Spicy Lavender, as the sharp smell of peppermint fades into a lovely, warming coconut and herb mixture. The scent, more than jolting or intoxicating, is a calming and happy scent that works perfectly with my personality.

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Earn Your Stripes With This Timeless Design

Stripes first began in Medieval times evoking symbols of darkness and evil. Only those who committed unspoken acts were doomed to wear the design. Criminals, prisoners, clowns, and hangmen were all seen wearing stripes and continued to throughout history.

Fast-forward a few centuries to the Queen Victorian era of the late nineteenth century. Stripes were reborn for the use of the royal family. From the family’s beach obsession and yacht activities, stripes became associated with sailors and have since been a nautical design.

Decades later, Coco Chanel then adopted the navy and white striped look in the early twentieth century. Inspiration struck her from the stripe-usage in the French Rivera. Navy and white stripes were then pretty common in her chic designs.

Post Chanel, ranging from the ’50s to today, stripes have been a classic design. They work well with everything and are appropriate for every occasion. Stripes are timeless and considered the new basic white T-shirt. They are a definite must-have and can be worn various ways.

Is the idea of horizontal stripes appearing to widen your figure true?

In my opinion, the answer is false! While it’s true the eye follows the movement of the design, it, in fact, does not appear to stretch your figure. Call it a mind trick; it is more of a distracting optical illusion than an unflattering design. Waldo wears stripes for a reason.

If you love stripes, own it. In truth, this really goes for anything you want to wear. An outfit works best with confidence!

Stripes are seen on any garment, and range in all different line weights. The design is very versatile and will serve looks in any predicament. Dress stripes up for a professional meeting, or relax in a more laid-back striped shirt and jeans.Stripes can be worn in any season! Rock stripes with denim for the summer and fall.

Mix bold stripes with bold accessories.

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How to Ace Your Interview and Snag the Job

Summer is coming to a close but applying to fall internships are on the rise. Have no fear! I have a few tips and tricks for how to get the job.  At the end of the day, that’s the goal, right? Here are some ways to be extra confident going into your interviews.

1—Interview appearance. Interviews are all about first impressions and believe it or not your outfit says a lot about you, so dress to impress. Make sure you look put together. My go to is a blazer, colored blouse,  trousers and a nude heel. First impressions are prominent not only in interviews but in life in general! So leave your mark and do it in style.

2—Do a background check! Before going into any interview, do a background check. Use those incredible internet skills. Get a better idea of what you are actually applying for and see what the company is all about. This will give you some talking points if needed and will help with having questions prepared ahead of time.

3—Practice the tough questions. Typical tough interview questions include: What makes you different from everyone else who wants this job? Tell me a little about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What salary do you think you deserve? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Now here are only a few tough questions. Don’t stress these questions.  Think about a couple of these questions before your interview and think about how you’d like to answer them. My best advice is to not over-rehearse. You still want your answer authentic, so if you over practice it will sound over-practiced.

4—Always ask at least one question at the end of your interview. There is always that moment at the end of the interview when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions and, if you’re like me, most times my questions do not come up until later, after going over the interview in my head. So, asking a question at the end is essential if you want to really get a step ahead. Asking at least one question in your interview or having one prepared can show promise and real interest. It displays that you weren’t just bobbing your head. If you’re like me and can’t think of questions on the spot, try to have two or three prepared before you go in.

5—As cheesy as this sounds, be yourself. Whatever you are applying whether it be an internship or your future dream job, they want to hire you, not a person you morphed yourself to be for the job. Be confident and take a deep breath because you’re awesome, own it. As nervous as you may get, it’s just a conversation. Just remember to stay positive and relax. Show your personality and prove why you are qualified for the job, it’ll turn out great.

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Why You Need a Signature Look

A signature look is the epitome of personal style. It is the right direction toward creating a refined, organized wardrobe, but it’s also just the beginning for any Fashionista. Regardless of who you are, this post is all about how to find your own signature look that is true to you!

Your signature look is the essence of your style. It is the outfit people picture when they think of you. A defining look that truly has no limits.

It is something that truly showcases your personality and ideal aesthetic. It is also something that all fashion icons have in common, think Bridgette Bardot and Iris Apfel. The fun with fashion is that no matter what you wear, it’s never wrong.

So you may be asking, why do I need a personal look? Well to begin, style is a concept. A concept is an idea or a plan, like a theme to a party, or a character in a movie. You wouldn’t want to experience something that seems a bit half-done, but rather something that showed you put thought into it.

When you have a signature look it says a lot about you. It says you know who you are, what you like, and what you look good in. This self-knowledge comes hand-in-hand with confidence or rather knowing you, enhancing whatever look you might be going for.

Be unapologetically you! The only way to truly create your own signature look is knowing and accepting yourself. Everyone is wonderful in their own unique way, and with fashion it allows us to truly show who we are! Don’t be afraid to express yourself for the fear of being judged, rather than be influenced by others perceptions, be the influencer!

What is your favorite way to express yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Is the Wicker Basket Summer’s It Accessory?

The wicker basket is no longer solely reserved for Sunday farmers’ markets. It’s now one of the hottest accessories of the season. This extremely charming item has been a key piece in the wardrobe of many celebrities and bloggers as of late. So, you may be wondering; how do I pull off this trend like Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot?

The first step, clearly, is finding the perfect basket. There are many options out there, but the ones that many of Instagram’s globetrotters carry are usually pretty pricey. Luckily, there are lots of affordable choices that are still extremely fashionable, functional, and perfect for the summer heat.

But how do you wear this accessory without looking like a toddler at a tea party? That’s easy! The straw basket can be worn in a variety of ways. It goes well with feminine tops, which you can then pair with jeans or a skirt. It also complements flowy dresses and casual sandals. Feel free to choose a basket with color, as it’s always nice to liven things up and add a pop of color to your look.

The ideal wicker basket can be used for so many occasions: a day out shopping with friends, a sunny beach day, or even a night out. Make sure to pick a bag size that’s comfortable for you, so that it allows you to easily fit all your necessities.

Picking out the perfect summer bag can be difficult, but the affordable, chic, wicker basket makes the choice so much simpler; all while allowing you to feel like a movie star lounging on the French Rivera!

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Finding a Summer Adventure Without Breaking the Bank

While this lovely season often makes us want to spend our days on the coast of some tropical paradise, that can often become a little difficult when we’re busy with internships or on a student budget. FOMO becomes a reality with all those Instagram stories of white sandy beaches. Even if you do have an exciting trip coming up, it may seem years away while waiting for it to come around.

Perhaps it’s time to break out of routine for a bit, take a little adventure, and fulfill some of that wanderlust. There’s so much around us that we often don’t think about. So pack a backpack and get out there. You’d be surprised what you can find close by when you just search for things to do. For trips like these, it can be best to dress light, along with some comfy sneakers for walking.

If you’re in the New York City area, one of my favorite places to visit is Old Westbury Gardens. It’s a historic mansion surrounded by a hundred acres of fields and gardens. You can take a tour, but we chose to just walk around the home and gardens as we liked. We walked through rooms of classic decor and bright maze gardens. There was so much to see that it’s easy to get lost, and it was exciting to explore the place with that in mind. It was so entrancing that I would often forget to take pictures

It was comforting to know that I could get so much of an adventure out of something that was “right in my backyard,” without having to spend all I had saved up. So don’t be afraid to get outside in order to get the most out of your summer. It’ll be gone before you know it!

Do you have any summer adventure tips? Let me know in the comments.

Brighten Up Basics for Back to School With These Fun Accessories

Small details can make a huge difference in first impressions. They can take an outfit from basic to unique in less than a minute and won’t cost you a fortune. For college students, this is one of the most important things. Whether you’re heading to college for your first or last year, be sure to make the impression you want with a few key accessories.

The basic uniform—an outfit that can be worn on a daily basis with staple pieces as its key components—has become more trendy in the last few years. Although I don’t rock the exact basic uniform every single day, I have curated a few key items over the past few seasons that show up in many of my outfits.

For this outfit, I chose my favorite white T-shirt, high-waisted black jeans, black slides, and an oversize jean jacket. Sounds pretty bland, right? However, this outfit can easily be taken from class one day to a coffee date the next. The trick is to change up the statement accessories. Try to choose trendier accessories like colorful scarves, statement necklaces and earrings, and fun purses to complement the basics in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some wild color into these pieces. If you’re not a fan of color, choose accessories in neutral colors that will contrast the pieces they are closest to.

Don’t forget that the placement of accessories can be extremely important. If you want to accentuate a specific part of your body, choose accessories that draw the eye to that area. Conversely, if you want to distract attention from any part that you are self-conscious of, choose accessories that draw the eye closer to the face. Certain accessories can also create illusions on your body. For my long neck, I chose a short scarf to break up the length between my neck and chest.

Finally, don’t forget to include your favorite jewelry. This season, I have been loving large hoop earrings. To keep everything cohesive, I made sure to match my gold earrings to the gold hardware on the purse.

What are your favorite stand out accessories for this fall? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Be sure to keep us inspired for back to school by sharing your favorite looks with @CFashionista on social media.

7 Steps for Recreating a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Makeup Look

Known for her feminine yet bold brows and sassy cat-eye makeup, Audrey Hepburn’s classic makeup has been mimicked by millions since the release of Sabrina in 1954.

Luckily, this timeless beauty’s makeup can be achieved with a few easy steps. Follow these seven steps to have your makeup worthy for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

1—Define the face.

Not everyone can be born with the Hepburn bone structure; however, some contouring and highlighting can give you the appearance of those high cheekbones.

2—Sculpt the brows.

One of Hepburn’s defining features were her bold brows. Using either a pencil or a fine point brush, define the shape of your brows. While defining and filling your brows you want to shoot for bold, blocky and slightly angled. Remember your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. They do not have to look exact!

3—Add cut crease eye shadow.

Cut crease eye shadow was all the rage when Audrey ruled Hollywood. Cut crease eye shadow can be achieved by adding a light eye shadow on the lid with a darker shadow in the crease of the eye. Put the light shadow just below the brow for a more defined brow shape.

4—Define the eyes.

Not only queen of Hollywood but the queen of precision, Hepburn perfected the cat-eye makeup. Using a liquid eyeliner or a fine point brush, start in the inner corner of the eye and slowly widen the line to gradually create a bold winged tip at the outer edge.

5—Pump the lashes.

Hepburn always had her mascara clean and luscious. If you’re looking for some extra volume, try adding false lashes or go natural with some mascara.

6—Gloss the lips.

For lips, add a light pink gloss. This gives your lips a little something, while still keeping it clean.

7—Seal the look with a bun.

To seal the Hepburn look, bun up. I used a bun maker to add more volume. A light dusting of hair spray will help keep it intact.

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Here’s Exactly How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall on Campus

As the final freedoms of summer begin to wither away it’s time to pack up the car and head to college. Now the biggest and most difficult decision to make is what kind of clothes to buy, bring, and ditch. The first month of school feels like summer and the next thing you know the air has become cool. Your new summer clothes suddenly begin to collect dust and take up space in your already tiny closet. So how do you avoid bringing your entire summer, fall, and winter wardrobe with you? How do you know what to shop for? You can save yourself the trouble of trying to store everything in a closet that clearly can’t fit it, by collecting the perfect transitional pieces. Find items that will work in the heat, the brisk air of fall and will get you through your days as a college student. Below I have put together a list of eight lovely pieces, accessories and shoes that will be perfect for those first few months back to school!

1—Trousers.  These classic high-rise trousers are both comfy and professional. Being lightweight and breathable will make these pants perfect for back to school.

2—Button-downs and Stripes. Easy and on-the-go these button down shirts are great for my girls who love a lazy day but still want to dress to impress. Stripes have also become a great way to spice up a pair of your favorite jeans (or leggings) and give them a pop of color and personality to your wardrobe.

3—’60s Sunglasses. For those Mondays after a fun fulfilled weekend the only thing on your mind is coffee and avoiding all eye contact as you make your way through campus. Throwing on these adorable sunglasses automatically brings you from drab to fab—minimal effort required and no makeup needed.

4—Sheer tops. Talk about making a statement. Sheer tops have been all the rave lately. They easily will become a weekend must have in your college wardrobe. Throw a  cute lacy bralette under a sheer top and you’re cool for the summer heat or warm fall afternoons.

5—Mules.  These have easily become the crème de la crème of all the shoes in my closet. Dress them up or dress them down, these guys are so easy to just slip on and go.

6—Jumpsuits. Achieve that sweatpants and a T-shirt feeling while still looking cute and put together—at least as much as a college student can after pulling an all nighter.

7—Bulky Sneakers. Thanking my lucky stars that simple kicks, like my favorite Air Force 1’s, have become such a killer trend. They work with anything and everything! Perfectly versatile for any season.

8—Tote Bags. An oversize canvas bag has remained super popular and they make for a perfect way to carry around your laptop if you’re just not feeling a backpack that day.

How do you plan your wardrobes for college and what are your essentials for the upcoming fall season? Tag @Cfashionista on Instagram and show us how you rock your trendy transitional pieces around your campus!

How to Dress for Unpredictable New York City Weather

August is approaching, but it feels like just yesterday school ended. Making the most of your summer vacation can be difficult as the season comes to an end, especially if you live in a busy city.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, but its people don’t sleep either. Even in the summer, the greatest city in the world still remains busy as ever. This summer, I’ve been running around, commuting on trains, subways, and ferries to get to work and back home. I am like every city person—always on the go and not giving myself enough personal time. That is until I have to pick out my outfit for the next day. I go through outfits upon outfits, layering each to see what would look great, but also what is comfortable enough for me to wear while I run through New York City trying to get from place to place.

If New York City weather is anything, it’s unpredictable. The cool shade from the skyscrapers to the sweaty, jam-packed subways (and their humidity), makes walking around New York City a potential nightmare—but I have picked an outfit that’s perfect for any day in the Big Apple! In this look, I’m wearing a light frilled top and super comfortable corduroy pants paired with some classic Converse. With exotic accents on my shirt like the frilled sleeves, I kept the jewelry to a minimum, only wearing a simple evil eye bracelet to give me the good vibes I need in my day.

New York City is the center of artistic freedom and expression, and being in such an amazing city, you learn to be fearless in your clothing choices and are encouraged to express your true self every day. I hope to encourage you to be yourself and to live your best and most fashionable lives as the summer comes to an end!

What do you hope to accomplish in your last month of summer? Let us know by commenting below or tagging us in photos of your last days of summer activities!