3 Simple Ways to Elevate Any Look When You’ve Overslept for Class

Back to school season is upon us and getting up early before your 8 a.m. class to get ready is not always your first priority, understandably so. If you are like me and love to wear simple outfits but hate feeling like you keep repeating yourself, you’re going to love this. I am all for blue jeans and a white shirt but sometimes you want to spice it up a little and I am going to show you some easy ways to elevate any look!

Elevating your look is actually quite simple. If you start out with the basics, like some denim and a white shirt just add a few things and you’re set! A few of my favorite things to add to an outfit are some rings, dainty necklaces, earrings, neck scarves, cool sunglasses or maybe some statement shoes. While you might be reading that and thinking those are way too simple to do anything, it’s all in the details, my friends. Little things like jewelry and other accessories really add to your outfit. They are an easy way to make it look like you put thought into your look when in reality you didn’t.

1—Neck scarves. These are becoming so popular again and that is great for us girls who love to dress more casual. Simply wearing this around your neck instantly makes your outfit look way more thought out.

2—Sunglasses. Sunglasses can make almost any outfit look chic and fashionable. They are definitely an accessory I always carry with me.


I think rings may have been one of the best accessories ever created because they are so easy! They take up barely any room to store and add so much to a simple outfit.

What are your must-have accessories? Let me know in the comments below. 

How Paris Changed My Style

This summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in arguably the greatest fashion capital of the world. Parisian women have the reputation of being effortlessly chic and timeless; this stereotype is definitely well deserved. When most people think of fashion, the first word that pops in their mind is trendy. French women defy this definition of fashion. They focus less on following trends and more on wearing classy pieces that will never go out of style. Their closets are filled with staple pieces like black trousers, white blouses, and linen shorts. These simple yet sophisticated clothing items ensure that they will always be in style.

After six weeks in Paris, my style began to alter as well. I began to master the art of looking effortlessly chic. In order to achieve this look, I traded in my traditional denim shorts for classic linen shorts.

Not only were these shorts stylish, but they were also very comfortable. It is also very easy to style these shorts. For my outfit, I styled the shorts with a black Bardot top. If you want to make the look more dressy, I would recommend a nice blouse and heels. This type of shorts and linen trousers can be found on the streets of Paris during the summer.

And of course, you can’t forget about stripes! Although stripes are French stereotype, this pattern is definitely a necessary staple. I chose to wear a striped body-con dress. This dress was great for such warm weather, and I was able to travel through the Louvre in style.

If you also would love to start buying fashion staples for your wardrobe, I would recommend trousers, linen shorts, and this white off-the-shoulder blouse.

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How I Created My Go-To Brunch Outfit

It seems as if everyone has been throwing the B-word around lately. At home, at work, and even at school! What is this trending B-word you might be wondering? Well, it’s brunch, of course (aka the perfectly delicious, satisfying meal between breakfast and lunch). I try to go to Sunday brunch almost every week, and I love trying new places every time I go. It’s a great way to catch up with old friends and spend time with family while enjoying some amazing food and cocktails!

For my go-to brunch outfit, I like to keep it super comfortable but also super stylish. I practically live in my boyfriend jeans, so for me, that was definitely a given! I paired my jeans with a feminine white top, which can also be worn as an off-the-shoulder blouse. If you’re not a huge fan of neutral colors, don’t be afraid to add some color to this look as well!

For the accessories, I added these beautiful black drop earrings to spice up my look a little bit. Long earrings like these really frame your face and draw attention to your features. When it comes to deciding what shoes to wear, I decided to go with a pair of really cute fur loafers, because not only are they really trendy, but they’re also really comfy too! Want to make this look a little more formal? Strap on a pair of heels or wedges instead of the loafers, and you’re good to go. Lastly, always make sure you’ve got a cute crossbody bag with you to hold all your essentials. Voilà! You’re ready for brunch!

What’s your go-to brunch outfit? Have you tried some insanely good brunch spots that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

A Blair Beauty Beat

Blair Waldorf is one of the meanest, but also fictitious, socialites in New York City, yet she has an overwhelming number of dedicated followers. I, admittedly, am one of these crazed fans.

Though Gossip Girl is off the air now, it is still gaining popularity due to its residency on Netflix. Because I was unable to watch the iconic series as it was showing week to week on CW, I felt like something was missing from my connection to the show and characters. In order to fix it, I tried Blair Waldorf’s beauty routine for a day—with the help of some of my friends.

Blair is a classic, polished beauty, so a local makeup guru and friend of mine, Madelyn Lindberg, and I decided to go with a very natural, feminine beauty look to transform me into Queen B.

One of the staples to Blair’s barely-there-makeup look is her defined eye shadow. To create her everyday eyeshadow look, Madelyn used the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty. Madelyn started with a matte eyeshadow, that was close to my skin tone, all over my lid as the base. Next, she decided to take the Henna shadow and apply it into my crease and upwards towards my brow bone. Afterward, we lined my upper eye with the shade Coco and highlighted my brow bone to finish out the look.

Now that my eyes were finished, Madelyn and I decided to move onto the face. Before Madelyn applied foundation and contour, we both made sure I exfoliated and hydrated my skin. Blair takes very good care of her skin, and I know I should too. Besides the eyeshadow, another important part of Blair’s look is her cheek bones. Because mine are not as high, Madelyn thought it was a good idea to contour a small bit.  After applying my foundation, contour, and highlight, Madelyn painted a beautiful peachy pink onto my lips and had a blush to match, just as Blair would.

Though the makeup helped me to transform into a Blair look alike, it was not quite finished yet. To complete the ensemble, I added a nice headband (arguably the key ingredient to Blair’s look). When my “crown” was placed on top of my head, I felt like Queen B herself. Simply looking like her made me want to go shopping and eat macaroons all day long!


Smashbox—Photo Finish Primer ($16 and up)

Sephora—Eyeshadow Primer ($14)


Huda Beauty—Rose Gold Palette ($65)

  • Sandalwood (Base)
  • Henna (Crease)
  • Bae (Inner Corner)
  • Coco (Liner)

Too Faced—Better Than Sex Mascara ($12 and up)


Tarte— Rainforest of the Sea Wipeout Color Correcting Palette (Green to Conceal Red, $45)

Laura Mercier—Translucent Loose Setting Powder (Oily Areas, $23 and up)

Bobbi Brown—White Ivory Foundation Skin Collection ($50)

Smashbox—Studio Skin Concealer (Light, $25)

Kat Von D—Shade and Light Palette (Contour, $49)

Anastasia—Sunburst Glow Kit (Highlight, $40)

Lancôme—Sheer Amourose ($32)

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Sit Still, Smell Pretty

Summer’s here, Fashionistas! There’s a ton of heat and sweat, but we all need to smell good. The last thing any of us wants is to end up ruining the night by being the “B.O.” victim. Along with good hygiene and deodorant of course, it’s important to add a finishing spray of your favorite scent before your last steps out the door. While most of this is something we should make into a daily routine, it’s even more important to do in the summer.

There are numerous options when it comes to picking out a scent that you like, which can be tough. You may like something fresh and flowery, fruity and light, deep and mystical, or chic and feminine. Whatever it may be, summer is all about smells that are nice and fresh and as long as you smell good, the job is well done. I picked out four of my top scents that will leave you smelling amazing, from head to toe!

1—COCO Mademoiselle by Chanel

COCO Mademoiselle is a very well-lasting scent that will linger throughout the day. It’s nothing sweet, but it is fresh. Its a luxurious spray that will vamp your outfit on a night out and give you character!

2—Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

This is one of my favorites! Ever since I smelled this in a magazine sample, I was hooked on to it. Five years later, and it’s still my go-to scent. Acqua Di Gioia translates to “water of joy” and is a refreshing, yet sensual smell. It’s almost like smelling a bouquet of flowers, probably jasmine, but in an aquatic scene. It’s a smell everyone around you will love!

3—Chance by Chanel

Another Chanel perfume? Yes! You can never go wrong with Chanel when it comes to wearing something chic and feminine. Chance is a newer scent to me but it’s definitely a go. It’s light and sensual smell speaks luxury. A mix of jasmine and citrus, Chance has an unexpected floral smell that is subtle but also filled with energy.

4—Chloé by Chloé

The name says it all. This scent is definitely fresh and feminine. If you love floral scents, Chloé is the perfume for you! Its luminous scent will leave you smelling just like roses and cherry blossom! What could be better than smelling like flowers on a hot summer day?

While these are just a few of my favorites, there are many other perfumes that have been given a lot of praise and love too. For me, I’ll be switching off between these this summer!

What are your favorite scents for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!


Simple and Chic Travel Outfit

Summer is finally here and one of the best things about this season is that many of us finally are on vacations and ready to travel. It seems like the style has been replaced by comfort and most of the people want to look casual to the point of wearing pajamas to the airport. It is completely understandable to prioritize comfort but as Fashionistas, style is never left behind. Here is what I chose to wear for a 10-hour plane ride. I hope you will be inspired by this look.


First of all, it is important to stay away from tight clothes and miniskirts, for example. I chose a classic white button-down shirt and my favorite pair of ripped jeans. It is a very basic combination but also comfortable, chic and versatile.

I also chose to combine a golden watch and a round shaped pair of gold sunglasses. I don’t usually wear too many accessories when traveling because it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Also, I never forget to get a pair sunglasses just in case I want to nap or to just hide a tired looking face. Of course, a bigger purse is a must-have to carry documents, snacks, chargers, and books.

Lastly, the most valuable rule when traveling: comfortable shoes. Mule shoes are not only cute and comfy but also super trendy right now. A backless shoe is the synonym of comfort and mule shoes can also be styled for both casual and dressy moments. I decided to wear a golden pair to match with my accessories.

How do you dress to stay fashionable and comfortable for a plane ride? Let us know in the comments below!

Outfit Idea for Sunday Brunch

Every now and then, the females of my family take an afternoon to “chillax” at our local country club. It’s a bit ritzy, so we glam it up a little—just enough to reveal our “inner swag.” Here is what I chose to wear for Sunday brunch. I hope you will be inspired by this look.

I layered my look with an eggshell-colored sleeveless vest on top of a basic white tank top.  The crop pant is “the business” for spring/summer, and let’s not forget that they accentuate the positive!

My signature metal is gold, gold, and more gold. I adorned myself with a Michael Kors gold-tone watch and buckle bracelet. Also, seen in the featured picture, I rock gold hoop earrings.

When it comes to handbags, they always have to be interesting. Pictured is an ostrich print handbag that I found at a local thrift store. The handbag’s hardware is stainless steel. To complement my gold accessories, I chose the latest nail trend—gold chrome gel nails. They are chip-resistant and the color is long-lasting. The bonus is that your time at the nail salon is virtually cut in half! The gel dries instantly after a few minutes under the LED nail dryer.

To match my ostrich print handbag, I slipped on a pair of leather pumps with an ostrich print bow and heel. 

I chose to add a little flair to this look. If you want, you can easily dress it down by switching the bling for stacked wood bead bracelets, or slipping off the heels and relaxing in a more comfortable shoe like a classic white sneaker. If you’re not a handbag gal, you can pair this outfit with a cute little backpack.

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Diary of a Broke Girl: How to Chea(P)T Your Way to the Top of the Latest Trends

Scrolling through my Pinterest and Instagram feed, seeing all the latest trends, automatically triggers the small and very persuasive voice inside my head to buy whatever I see—sending my already hurting pocket book plummeting into a pit of regret. But at least I’ll be a cute broke girl, right? For my Fashionistas out there, you know the pain. So, what if I told you there’s a way to get those looks you’re so dying to rock with prices that are so good it will leave you shook to the core? Check out these looks inspired by my favorite street trends!

1. Vintage meets Millennial 

With authentic vintage style bouncing back into everyone’s closets, the best way to save your “cash monay” and stay on trend is by hitting up your local thrift store. Throw a colorful peter pan collared sleeveless blouse with some frayed high-waisted mom jeans along with some white platform sandals and the perfect 70s’ vibe summer outfit is ready to go. With this complete look you are all set to strut the streets (and yes I mean strut—those platforms make quite the impression!)

2. Sweet meets Street

Browsing around the Salvation Army, I just so happened to run into the most rad Adidas windbreaker. Pair that with a simple white tank tied up as a crop top, a grey sweatpant-like pencil skirt (for that girlie flair) and a pair of cute sneakers. With these essentials, I put together a comfortable street style and on-the-go look, great for rainy day errands or a simple outfit to wear out to lunch with the girls.

3. Classy meets comfy 

Okay, we all know the phrase “No pants, No problem” but when it’s socially unacceptable to walk into the movies without pants on, what do you do? When in doubt, flow it out. These flowy ribbed capris are the perfect alternative to achieve that feeling of freedom, and are an easy find at your local thrift store. Pair these comfy pants with a classic ruffled crop top. Throw in some black patent leather platform oxfords for the wow factor! Then accessorize it with your favorite choker and bag to hide your goodies and, voilà—you have the ideal date night look fit for a show.  

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A Fashionista’s Guide To London

London is one of those cities that’s on everyone’s travel bucket list. After spending the week there, I’ve come to see why. From the cobblestone streets, to the adorable accents, London is European charm at its finest. With so many sights to see however, narrowing down what to do while there can be tricky.  Here are six things I think should make every Fashionista’s London bucket list.

1. Enjoy Afternoon Tea

If there’s one thing the British love, it’s their tea. There’s no better way to experience this tea culture than through afternoon tea. Harrod’s and Claridge’s both offer luxurious, traditional experiences. For the true Fashionista however, Balthazar does a menu inspired entirely by Bobbi Brown products.

2. Shop in Soho

With all the incredible street style in London, you’ll be inspired to shop no matter how little luggage space you have. There’s no better place to do that than in Soho where you’ll find cobblestone streets filled with dainty boutiques as well as flagship stores. Soho also houses some of London’s legendarily delicious Indian restaurants. Two local favorites are Imli Street and Cinnamon Soho.

3. Spend a Night at the Theater

Love Broadway musicals but don’t have hundreds to spend on them? You’re in the right place! London has tons of shows for a fraction of the New York City price. Many restaurants in the Theatre District offer special pre-theatre menus, and Chinatown next door is full of cheap dim sum joints.

4. Stroll Through Hyde Park

Hyde Park is like Central Park’s classy cousin living in London. Strolling through its manicured pathways you’ll stumble upon fountains filled with swans, a rose garden, and even Kensington Palace, the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. You can rent row boats to take down the Serpentine and afterwards shop in Kensington, one of London’s poshest neighborhoods that borders the park.

5. Visit the London Eye and Big Ben

No trip to London is complete without a visit to Big Ben and The London Eye. Starting at the Palace of Westminster, you can head to Big Ben, London’s iconic clock tower, then cross a bridge over the Thames River (don’t forget to snap some Instagram shots here!) to the London Eye and take a spin on the city’s largest Ferris wheel.

6. Have a Traditional Gourmet Dinner

Although British cuisine doesn’t have the stellar reputation of, say, French or Italian cuisine, there are definitely some dishes worth trying. A full English breakfast, Sunday roast, and sticky toffee pudding are among those. London is full of gourmet restaurants to try these classics or if you want to get adventurous, Duck and Waffle serves classics with a twist 24/7 with 40-floor-high views of all of London.

What’s on your London bucket list? Let us know in the comments below! 

Dress With an Outfit to Impress

Summer is a constantly busy time. The day is full of many other opportunities even though school is out. College women are working, interning, and trying to have fun all with a hectic schedule. Whether you are interviewing or you’ve already scored an internship, a cute outfit that isn’t too formal is necessary. It is difficult to find a perfect outfit when the weather is beautiful and the temperature is hot. However, this outfit could be a perfect fit for you and all of your summer needs!

Dresses and rompers are simple, easy, go-to outfit ideas. Sometimes, though, you want to show your style a bit more by pairing a cute top and bottoms. This Fashionista achieved exactly that with her chic look. Her simple but classy outfit has an endless amount of occasions it can be worn to.

While wearing patterns is sometimes frowned upon, this Fashionista used stripes to her advantage to give herself a more stylish look. Her shorts are high-waisted and hit in the middle of her thigh. She looks professional and achieves a goal of not being too warm. She paired a simple black tank with the shorts, tucking it in and drawing more attention to the bottoms.

Her outfit is complete with her long, gray cardigan. Modesty and class is achieved with her sweater, which is made out of lightweight material. I love the three buttons on the cuff of the sleeves—such a simple yet cute addition to her look. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s ensemble is her pink Michael Kors satchel. This purse is perfect for throwing in your phone, pens, or makeup for touchups throughout the day. The pink pops against the neutral colors for her chic outfit without overwhelming her fashion.

What are some of your go-to outfits for internships and jobs this summer? Tag @cfashionista on Instagram, or comment below!