Chic Embroidery

Living here in Nevada means that there are various climates all year around. This means that Fashionistas have to accustom their style to provide insurance for all types of surprises. Hence this next outfit of the day.

Here, we have this Fashionista wearing a floral embroidered shirt, which is the eye catching piece of this outfit. This shirt was purchased in her hometown in Mexico. However, this trend has become popular in the United States, which means embroidered pieces wont be too hard to find. She has paired this blouse with some light wash jeans. By doing so, she is giving her outfit a bright and soft look—perfect for the summer. Nevertheless, the jeans are also providing insurance for any type of weather without getting too hot or cold.

To accessorize, this Fashionista incorporates a beaded clutch with fun colors and sandals that definitely give off a fashion statement. Both her clutch and sandals are very chic and appealing to the eye. She prefers a clutch over a purse in the summer because it can dress up any outfit and add that extra glamour. The clutch on its own adds character to the outfit balancing the blouse and all its embroidery. Lastly, her sandals substitute the need for jewelry. That is because since their is so much going on already, adding the jeweled sandals allows for an even balance. The sandals are so beautiful and could be worn with all different types of outfits to give off that summer festival vibe.

In the summer, this Fashionista likes to leave her face looking natural and add a bold lip. The red lip really tied her outfit together because she is sticking with bright tones all throughout.

Floral embroidery has been in all spring, and as we transition to the summer, this trend will continue to appear on articles of clothing! Whats your favorite trend for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!


Who Said Blazers Aren’t Fun?

Welcome to summer, Boston! It is the season for baseball, internships, ice cream, and white outfits. My favorite part about summer on the east coast is being able to wear upscale hot-weather outfits. Because I am in Boston for internship training, I was in the mood to experiment with a more professional look.

Whoever said blazers are strictly for the workplace was definitely wrong. Blazers are the perfect statement piece and can add so much class to an outfit. The key to working a blazer is being able to add casual elements to your outfit mix.

In this look, I chose a white blazer as my statement piece to work off of. It is a textured cotton blazer that is lightweight and extremely cool. But you know what the best part is? It was five dollars from a little boutique in SoHo that was going out of business. You can find a similar one here.

Denim is almost always necessary to create a blazer look that doesn’t scream summer internship. I chose to wear a Forever 21 denim skirt with a white tube top to match the white blazer. I added a pink Ted Baker clutch to the outfit and a pair of matching Ray-bans because what says summer more than a pop of color?

A huge trend this summer is the block heeled sandal. I am obsessed with them because they are so darn comfortable and versatile. The heel makes it a more formal shoe but the thick heel keeps it casual. My favorite part? The extra inches they add to your legs to make your look perfect.

I don’t know about you all, but I am so excited to incorporate more colors and patterns into my outfits this summer. Are you trying a style you’re not used to? Comment below! Summer is all about exploring new things!

WHAT TO WEAR: Sundays Are for Brunch

With summer dawning upon us, I cannot wait to wear my light colors and fun sandals. The flowy clothes and warm sunshine of the summer months is what it is all about. One of my favorite things to do with my friends and family is go out for brunch—drinking refreshing mimosas and sitting outside while, of course, wearing the perfect outfit for the occasion.

For this look, this Fashionista was spot on with the whole ensemble. She is wearing a strapless, blue and white, pinstripe jumpsuit from Zara. What a nice and comfortable outfit for warm weather and for brunch. Pinstripe has always been my favorite, whether it’s a pair of shorts, a blouse, or a summer dress. It is a great summer pattern for any occasion. This Fashionista decided to pair it with these strappy, nude, lace-up heels, which I think complement the jumpsuit perfectly without taking away from the detail in it. Because this Fashionista wanted to add some pops of color, she chose a simple gold choker with small white and yellow daisies on it. As for her bag, this clutch adds great contrast to the outfit, especially since it’s a bold red. To dress this outfit down a little, you can switch out the heels for a simple pair of sandals or even some casual sneakers.

Brunch can be casual, fancy, or whatever you want it to be. What makes it fun is getting ready and concocting the perfect outfit for it, as well as being in good company of family and friends. So remember when dressing for brunch, chose something cute, comfortable, and totally you!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

In my short time of being a Style Guru, I’ve learned a lot about my personal style. The styles I always find myself absolutely captivated by are the outfits that seem effortlessly put together. Not only do these sorts of looks embody my easy going lifestyle, but they can be easily dressed up or down for any occasion.

I love being able to throw on a top, slip into a pair of jeans, and run out the door, and that’s why I chose this outfit. I really like this white blouse because it is light and airy, and it’s super simple to throw on with a pair of jeans. I chose to pair it with my favorite pair of jeans. They are my favorite jeans because they have so much personality packed into one item of clothing. With the frayed bottoms and the simple slits in the knees, they add a fun boho flair to any outfit. For shoes, choose an easy pair of slip-on sandals with braided straps. The braided straps add a whimsical touch, and they have gold laced throughout adding a little extra sparkle. Accessory-wise, I also kept it easy and breezy. I slipped on my go-to jewelry combo, a couple of bangles, a simple ring, and small studs. This is my go-to combo because it goes with everything and is timeless.

Lastly, to pull my easy breezy outfit together, I curled my hair with a 1 1/4” curling iron, and brushed it out to create loose beachy waves. For makeup, I kept my routine short and sweet. I stuck with my daily foundation routine, but only switched it up when it came to my eye makeup. I blended my bronzer into the crease of my eyelid with a fluffy blending brush to add some extra dimension. To help my eyes pop, I packed my highlighter onto my eyelid to keep it nice and bright. With a swipe of mascara, my easy breezy beautiful look is done!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simplistic Edge

When dressing up, sometimes I find myself wanting to keep it effortless and simple, yet look super fashionable and chic. To accomplish this, I have found that all I need are some nice accessories to go with a reliable base. This Fashionista perfectly displays how to accomplish this ideal in the most stylish way possible.

She starts with her trusty closet staples as a base, her gray matchstick skinnies and a black tank top. This is definitely a super cute outfit as is, however, the details added in this look take it to the next level of chicness. This Fashionista kicks it up a notch with her Western stiletto bootie heels. I love the western bootie look right now especially as we are approaching summer. It is the perfect way to add a boho summery feel to any outfit.

When doing a simple look and relying on the accessories to do all the talking, you have to make sure you have one standout piece. In this look, the burgundy cross-body clutch fits this bill. With the dark neutrals dominating the look, it is definitely fun to bring in a bolder color accessory to tie it all together.

Overall, there is definitely a way to accomplish dressing simply while looking like the real deal and this Fashionista shows us how to master that with her amazing accessories. It’s not too much, but just enough!

For a no heels look, try paring some summertime mules!

BEAUTY BAR: Spring Flowers

Spring is here, and so is our desire for warmth, sunshine, and bright colors. This Fashionista brought all of that together in one outfit. Once the spring months hit, whether the day is gloomy or not, we want to dress up!

Her makeup is perfect for the day and the season. She kept it very light with the basics: foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. A little blush eyeshadow is a great accent to help contrast the jacket she draped over for the mildly windy day. Keeping your makeup light and natural is the perfect go-to look for any busy Fashionista.

Although we want to enjoy the sunshine, it’s not yet the time to put away your jackets. This Fashionista rocked the loose fitting blush jacket to keep warm. The neutral tank top she chose fit well with the color of her jacket. She couldn’t miss the trend that has been taking over everyone’s look—a black choker with gold accents was a great touch for this spring fit. As I mentioned before, we’re excited for color! This Fashionista brought color to her look with a small clutch that’s functional and an eye catcher. Also, who doesn’t love floral print? Dark wash denim is a good way to contrast her lighter top colors. Her sandals are a great way to tie the whole outfit together. The nude color is coordinating to the color scheme of her top, and the red accents align well with her clutch.

Spring is the time to evolve your style, and try new trends. Step out of your comfort zone and see what new colors and patterns you can welcome into your wardrobe. Keep your makeup light, and allow your face to become sun-kissed. Enjoy the season!

STYLE ADVICE: Statement Sleeves

Fashionista/os are always looking for ways to spice up their looks, and the statement sleeve is the ideal way to do so. Whether your sleeves are flared out, ruffled, or fringed, it can take any look to the next level. Trends are always coming and going but the statement sleeve is here to stay, so you better make some room in your closet! The real hype about these exaggerated sleeves is that they are without a doubt the best way to look like a trendsetter.

A statement sleeve can easily dress up or dress down any look depending on the material, texture, and style of the top. This Fashionista is wearing a faux leather, bell sleeve top that she pairs with casual, light wash boyfriend jeans. Even though her jeans are casual, the statement sleeve instantly adds drama to the look. It is important to remember that the rest of your outfit should be toned down a bit so you can let the top and sleeves do all the talking.

I also recommend wearing more solid neutral colors with a statement sleeve because you never want to overpower a look. However, adding pops of colors through accessorizing is a great way to incorporate fun colors to your outfit. This Fashionista plays up her look with a bright red clutch for a flirty touch. To elevate her look even more, she wears an Alexander McQueen scarf and ankle strap heels. Statement sleeves are having a serious moment within the fashion industry, and I highly encourage you all to add some to your wardrobe!

WHAT TO WEAR: Staying Classy

I don’t know about you, but sometimes figuring out what to wear to class is harder than waking up for class itself. Since I know it takes me some (okay, a lot) of extra time, I usually plan my outfits in advance and lay them out the night before.

By the way this Fashionista put her outfit together, I’m sure she did the same. It’s easy to go to class in your pajamas or sweats, staying comfortable and planning to go straight to bed after. However, when you take that extra time to put on something special, you don’t only look good, but you feel good about yourself. It makes me want to accomplish more throughout the day, and restores the confidence that is needed when school gets stressful.

This Fashionista felt exactly that, while also being well dressed to deliver a presentation in class. She creates her own little black dress by matching a ribbed tank from Nordstrom and a miniskirt from Urban Outfitters. I actually thought it was a dress when I first approached her, because the black shades were an exact match.

What really drew my attention were her faux suede thigh-high boots that were keeping majority of her legs warm and the outfit chic. Of course, these suede boots go perfectly with a faux leather jacket, flawlessly connecting the leather fabric with the cotton fabric of her dress. I enjoyed that she wore two different textures and decided to not wear all-black as well. Her brown jacket makes her outfit less harsh and stand out even more.

Nonetheless, the ensemble would not be complete without her accessories. The jeweled necklace adds the precise amount of shine to the matte look while the tan clutch gives her more light. With sunglasses on, she’s ready to dominate anywhere she goes.

Her outfit has minimal colors and is so simple yet gives off the right, classy appeal. This is definitely a style to consider the next time you go to class!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Dusky Bohemian Feels

With warm weather approaching, my go-to outfit is full of bohemian inspired pieces. It’s a versatile style that can easily transition from season to season, and it’s my favorite to wear! When choosing pieces for an outfit, I like to look for neutral and muted tones.

A floppy hat is a classic bohemian piece. I chose this black floppy hat with a dark silver metal band. I recommend choosing a basic color that will match with several other pieces in your wardrobe.

Another piece that is consistently seen in bohemian looks is a floral print kimono. The kimono I’m wearing features a large crème and black floral print. I chose to pair this with a solid black chiffon tank, although the basic color palette of the kimono allows it to be paired with a variety of colored pieces.

A layered necklace is the perfect accessory to tie together a bohemian look. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from. This necklace features two tiers, a natural blue stone, and several hanging charms. I love this necklace, because it brings just the right amount of color into my outfit.

The mixed metal detailing on this large clutch gives an edge that contrasts the femininity of the floral print kimono; it helps bring balance to my outfit.

Gladiator sandals are most popularly paired with a bohemian look, but I chose a different shoe for my outfit. These strappy sandals are cohesive with a bohemian look, but give a relaxed beachy vibe to my outfit that gladiator sandals wouldn’t.

A bohemian look is my favorite way to express my relaxed style, and choosing pieces with dark colors and subtle prints allows me add a personal touch on a trending style.


As an American studying abroad, it can be hard to know exactly what to wear to fit in with the effortlessly chic European crowd. Everywhere you go it seems like the locals are always dressed to impress with an important destination in mind. Now that I have lived in Florence for a little over a month, I have started to define my own European style while staying true to my personal aesthetic and taste. One of the main things I have learned is that black is everything. I find myself wearing black almost every single day just because it is so easy and literally goes with everything!

For this outfit, I took inspiration from the many fashionable locals and tourists I see walking the streets. First, these shoes are one of my first purchases in Italy. Oxford loafers are cute, comfortable, and great for walking around the city. Tights are another must-have for your European wardrobe. I wear these super sheer ones all the time. From a cute mini skirt to ripped jeans to cozy sweater dresses, tights have been my go-to item of the season. My little clutch purse is perfect a night out with friends. The little ring fits like a bracelet and holds all your going out essentials: phone, wallet, keys, and lipstick!

This leather skirt I scored from a cute little boutique while I was traveling the weekend in Amsterdam. I am obsessed with the detailing down the side, and it could easily be dressed up or dressed down while still radiating those edgy vibes. Here, I decided to pair it with a simple black turtleneck to contrast with my sheer tights. Then, to top off the look and add a little color, I put on my favorite tan beret. I know what you are thinking… “they are totally cliche,” but they are making an amazing comeback! I have been seeing them pop up more and more, from the runway to the streets, berets are back!