How to Wear a Cape Coat This Fall

As autumn approaches and the blazing heat of summer starts to gently fade away, our wardrobes face a new trans-seasonal challenge. Dressing for fall is inherently difficult. It requires our clothing to work double duty as we start to think about appropriate back to school outfits as well as keep the season’s unpredictable weather in mind. One way to tackle this tricky style dilemma is to invest in a lightweight cover-up such as a duster jacket, wrap cardigan or in this case, the humble cape.

While it’s a classic piece, a cape comes with its share of pitfalls and isn’t always the easiest to style. So, if you are going to take the plunge, rebel against the sage advice of Edna Mode and invest in a cape. I would recommend choosing a design that will stand the test of time. Pick a muted monochromatic tone that will go with everything in your current wardrobe and stay away from bright clashing shades. The unique silhouette of the cape itself makes the garment a stand out piece all by itself, so there’s no need for loud colors on top of that as well. The cape I am wearing is from H&M.

Similarly, proportion plays a huge role in styling an outfit around a cape. A baggy cape tends to look better if the rest of the outfit is fitted and the bottom half of the outfit is kept minimal. In this example, I have worn a fitted T-shirt from H&M tucked into a slightly flared skirt from Forever 21 to highlight my waist and give my body shape. Considering that all of the attention is directed towards my top half, I decided to keep my shoes plain by wearing flats, also from Forever 21.

Another thing to keep in mind when styling a cape is accessories. Due to the unique way the sleeves are sewn into the main body of the fabric, it can be uncomfortable wearing a back pack with a cape. Switch this for a large handbag instead so the sleeves are free to drape correctly. Also when it comes to jewelry, less is more. Keep the attention on the top of the body and opt for a chunky statement necklace or earrings to add an unexpected edge to an otherwise minimalistic look.

Will you be adding a cape into your fall wardrobe? Let me know in the comments section below.

Denim Outfits Inspired by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had one of the most iconic couple looks of the early 2000’s. Now that denim-on-denim is back in style, it’s easy to be inspired by TimberBrit’s double denim ensembles worn at the 2001 American Music Awards. Justin and Britney weren’t the only pop stars to pull off the look. In 2014, Katy Perry joined her then rapper boyfriend, Riff Raff, to wear similar yet even more extra outfits to the VMAs.

If you don’t want to wear denim from head to toe, there are many adaptations you and your partner can use. Create the look as extreme or subdued as each person’s styles reflect. My boyfriend and I created a very subtle look for our Sunday outings.

His Look

Travis decided to stay simple by wearing a gray-blue denim shirt. He dressed the look up by pairing light khakis and dark brown accessories.

Alternative look: Another way to pull off the trend could be to pair a denim shirt with black denim jeans. A light acid wash denim jacket with distressed jeans and a T-shirt would also be stylish.

Her Look

I threw on my favorite pair of distressed jeans to keep the overall look casual and paired it with a black bodysuit and tan trench coat. I pulled my hair back with a denim hair scrunchie. To finish off the look, I wore these adorable pair of denim heels.

Alternative look: To wear even more denim, you could pair the heels with a denim dress. If heels aren’t your thing, you could pair denim sandals and shirt with jean shorts.

What do you think of mix and matching denim shades? Let us know in the comments below.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Weekday Uniform

We all have a go-to outfit formula for the school week. One of the most common, and classic, is the basic T-shirt and jeans combination. Though this Fashionista starts with the basics, she elevates her look by adding subtle eye-catching details.

Adding a print or pop of color is one of the best ways to create a stand out look, and this Fashionista does both! Since she kept the rest of the look neutral, her red striped T-shirt stands out. Stripes are totally trending this spring, and are a great way to incorporate a print without going overboard.

At first glance, her jeans look like any pair of well-fitted denim, but by looking closer, one can see the frayed hem detailing at the bottom. This clever DIY is an easy and accessible way to add interest to a basic outfit. As far as shoes go, instead of choosing basic ballerina flats, this Fashionista streamlines the look by wearing this pointed toe slingback pair. This detail adds an element of sophistication to her outfit.

Lastly, the chic look is unified by gold detailing throughout. The Fashionista wears a dainty gold ring in the shape of an eye to add a little edge and sparkle. Wearing dainty jewelry is a great way to accessorize for those who prefer more minimal outfits. To complement the gold in the ring, she finishes the look with a classic black tote with gold hardware.

These small details give any combination a polished finish and elevate a basic weekday uniform to a fashionable outfit that’s sure to stand out in the crowd!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Key to Looking Simple Yet Stylish

Even though it’s already April, the weather in New York City is still chilly. The fickle weather makes us wonder what to wear everyday. Also, the gloomy sky makes us lazy to go outside. On days like this, just throw on your favorite pair of jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, and top it all off with some accessories. Sounds simple enough, right? With these simple items, you can look stylish too. How? The key is to look out for details within your outfit.

This Fashionista follows the rule of looking out for details within the simple items. She wears a basic white T-shirt with slightly destroyed jeans, a monochrome navy coat, white sneakers, and a baseball cap. When you look closer at her look, you can see that she matched her items according to a color scheme within her outfit. Both her shoes and baseball cap are not only white just like her shirt, but also both items have small swatches of red and blue. The subtle color match completes her look with a chic finish. If during the day the weather warms up, then she can take off the coat, and her inner shirt would still match with other items. Also, she wears similar colored earrings to maintain the simple edge to her look. By matching her look in the small details, this Fashionista brings out her chic side without much effort.

When trying to put simple items together, coordinating the details is the key to completing the look with stylish touch. Color matching can be the beginning point for all outfits.

WHAT TO WEAR: The Modern Tourist

When people think of the word “tourist” they tend to envision a middle-aged couple wearing matching Hawaiian shirts, hiking shoes, fanny packs, and cargo pants. However, now that college students are venturing out more through study abroad programs and alternative breaks, that image is being redefined. More than ever, tourists are comprised of young people who are traveling to trendy cities and wish to dress accordingly.

The first element that makes this outfit perfect for exploring a new city is the color choice. As a guest in another country, the last thing you want to do is stand out. It makes a lot of sense to wear dark neutral tones because you know that color scheme will fit in anywhere. As a result, it’s more difficult for locals to identify you as a tourist straight away. This Fashionista’s black outfit with gray jeans communicates that she is willing to observe her foreign surroundings, rather than become a spectacle herself.

The most important piece of this ensemble is our Fashionista’s coat. Being somewhere new makes it difficult to know exactly what to expect, which includes weather conditions. However, this jacket serves as the perfect combat to temperamental weather. It’s long so that it covers a good portion of the body. Also, it’s waterproof, which is important in case it starts to rain as you’re sightseeing. The inner lining of the coat will also be good for any heavy winds that may pick up. The worst thing as a traveler is being caught unprepared for poor weather since it can prevent you from enjoying the day’s activities. A good quality coat can make a huge difference on how your day goes.

One might argue that the most practical footwear for a day of exploring is a sneaker. However when in a fashionably conscious city, you may want to wear something a little more stylish. In the case, our Fashionista chose black booties with a slight heel. They are still comfortable enough to walk in all day, but they also have a nicer look to them than if she had chosen tennis shoes instead. Also, these shoes are great for transitioning from day to night. She won’t have to go back to her hotel in the evening to change for dinner. Rather, her shoes are nice enough that they can still be worn out.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter in Spring

Spring break has come and gone and it’s almost that time of year to break out those summer dresses and sandals. Me, being the crazy Californian, decided to travel to a much colder location for the break, Seattle. While most people were spending their break laying on beaches getting their summer tan on, I was getting rained on while hiking through snow. I’m a cold weather kind of girl for two reasons: one, the fashion and two, the ability to bundle up.

My attire for spring break in Seattle consisted of coats, scarves, and lots of layering. Since it was not my typical attire in sunny, San Diego, I went all out. I spent most days outdoors, so layers and two pairs of socks were necessary. For one of the days, we decided to spend time in downtown. I decided to go for a casual, comfy look to walk around in. Starting with a pair of black jeans as a base, I threw on my favorite oversize turtleneck sweater (with two shirts underneath for warmth). For shoes, I went with the classic pair of white kicks. To keep extra warm, I threw on this mustard coat with a hood to hide from the rain.

I like carrying a backpack around especially when I’m traveling for the purposes of keeping everything safe and also because there’s so much more space. I chose my black backpack with zippered details that can be worn as a shoulder bag and backpack.

I love to bundle up and cold weather gives you that option to dress comfy yet stylish. Maybe next spring break I’ll go some place warmer. Wait, I’m graduating in May. Okay, so maybe in the summer!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Styling Shearling

Springtime in Seattle comes with the most random fluctuations in weather that you could possibly imagine. There are very few places in the world where the sun can be shining but it’s somehow still raining outside. When it’s not raining in the early spring, it can still be below 50 degrees so it’s important to still keep a cozy and reliable jacket in your closet. My current go-to is my faux shearling coat.

The history behind this trend is actually a pretty long one. Traditional shearling is made from sheepskin, and in the Iron Age, it was actually used as a sign of social status. In the 1940s shearling became a part of another trend that we all know and love, bomber jackets. The soft material was used to keep pilots warm in the cockpit of their plane. Decades later, shearling took on a whole new life when surfer Shane Stedman’s Ugg boots became an international trend. This brings us to today, with the revamp of trends such as the bomber jacket, shearling jackets are a perfect layering piece to throw over almost any outfit because they usually come in neutral colors that can be easily added to your collection of basics.

Personally, I will throw this jacket over just about any outfit on a chilly day whether I actually put effort into my outfit for class or not. Dressed up or dressed down it has definitely become a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Shearling is not that new of a trend but it took off this past winter in featured looks such as oversize jackets like mine, vests, and shoes as well! The first time I remember seeing shearling used in a new trendy way was about two years ago on the inside of a light brown Chelsea boot. Shearling is not something that is wearable in all seasons depending on where you live, but because this trend is so versatile I absolutely foresee it coming back around once the weather starts getting colder again.


Here in Philadelphia, we are still fighting off the winter blues. But after a recent trip to Europe over spring break, I find my style evolving, even though it might still be only 40 degrees out here. I realized after spending some time in London and Paris that they rarely dress down. Normally here I opt for the casual leggings and a T-shirt, but I now feel inspired to dress up a bit on a week day. It’s typical to see models walking through the streets, either on their way to a shoot or off-duty for the day.

I came back home to Philadelphia so incredibly inspired by the girls I saw overseas. My “off duty” look first started with my thrifted oversize jean shirt. Mixing oversize shirts with skinny jeans is a staple for me, and these high-waisted black jeans should belong in every girl’s closet. Topshop in London seemed five steps above Topshop here in the States, and I think when I walked into the store I legitimately looked like the “heart eyes” emoji. These chunky heels are strait out of Topshop in Piccadilly Circus, although it took me about 15 to squeeze them into my carry-on.

My Forever 21 jacket, nicknamed the “fluff,” was originally for purely warmth purposes. After putting it on I realized that I loved the white contrast, as I am not one to ever wear all black, and it kept me warm as if I was walking through the streets of Paris. Accessories wise, mixing silver and gold makes an outfit seem so effortless, such as my Anthropologie necklace and the buckles on my heels. The Kate Spade bag, curtesy of a Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend, tops off the look as an oversize bag always seems to be a favored accessories by models. In all honesty, on a normal day you rarely find me wearing much makeup at all, so I chose a minimal look that is seemingly effortless (even though I definitely spent 20 minutes in front of the mirror perfecting my eyeliner).

I am so excited I am getting to share more of my personal style with you all, especially with an outfit that I feel as though is the epitome of everything I love. Am I Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss yet?

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Color Your Layers

In college, men and women are both trying to find themselves. They experiment and see what they like and what they don’t like. Part of that is finding their own personal style. This Fashionisto has a unique style that will catch your eye no matter where you are going on campus. What is it about his outfit that catches your eye? Is it his pants, shoes, or even shirt? It is what he chooses to pair with all these items and the colors he chooses to wear.

For starters, he chose to wear a pair of ripped blue jeans. An item that will look good with almost any piece you put with them. They create a more casual look. He wears a red T-shirt which adds a brighter color to an outfit that consists mostly of neutral colors. With the cold weather he wants to layer up. He wears a black sweater to add some extra warmth. It also adds a layer to his outfit and some variance with his shirt. Adding the gray jacket makes the look feel complete and adds some more color. If he were just wearing the T-shirt, the outfit would feel incomplete like it was missing a necklace or a sweater. To finish off the look, he wears a pair of tan work boots.

He is not only ready for the cold weather but is comfortable and looks stylish. As the weather gets warmer, being able to layer will get harder as the heat will restrict how many layers you can have. When it starts to get warmer, it is still possible to look good with layers. Adding lighter layers will be the key. To substitute the sweater and jacket, add a flannel over the T-shirt or a jean jacket over the T-shirt. Both of the pieces add color and a more complete look to the Fashionisto’s outfit.

STYLE ADVICE: Classy From Day to Night

With spring quickly approaching, it means that you can exchange that heavy and bulky winter jacket for something lighter. In weather like this, a simple spring coat will do. This Fashionisto paired a navy coat with a white button-down collared shirt, a gray hoodie, and cargo pants. The color scheme may seem very bleak and a tad bit sad (navy and gray seem to be a very sad colors, apparently), but it’s actually very calming on the eyes. This is a great outfit that can double as a day or night outfit. You look sophisticated and stylish while attending classes in the morning, and comfortable and classy while attending dinner with friends.

This Fashionisto also sported a stylish tan/rose gold backpack from the company that created the Original LD West wallet and cell phone holster. The LD West backpack, which is made of all vegan pebble leather, is full of surprises. The best surprise, by far, is the secret pocket. This Fashionisto pointed out that the backpack not only has a spacious pocket in the front to keep items that need to be readily accessible, but also has a secret compartment (location will be kept hidden) to hide more valuable items, like car keys and a passport (if you decide to take this bag with you on an adventure). The bag screams sophistication and simplicity. Many people overlook what a backpack can do. Though it’s just a simple accessory, it acts as a perfect addition to any outfit for whatever outing you’re at.

Another essential for university life is a laptop case. We carry our laptops around with us on campus and we always run the risk of dropping them or smacking them against something. This Fashionisto kept one of his most important and needed possessions in a wanderlust themed laptop sleeve. To the naked eye, it may not look like it’s a very protective case. But, surprisingly, it’s super padded and adds a lot of protection. There is also a pocket in the front for you to hold whatever your heart desires, from USBs to chargers. to even loose papers from a class or lecture that you attended and were just too lazy to put them in binder.