WHAT TO WEAR: In Like Blair, Out Like a Senator

Does anyone else remember that old saying about the month of March: “In like a lion, out like a lamb?” That’s basically the best way to describe the weather here at Ohio University. While some girls recycle the same pair of spandex for days, maybe weeks, at a time, this Fashionista uses the weird weather as her opportunity to showcase her style, Blair Waldorf meets future senator.

To conquer campus, you have to start with a posh coat. This Fashionista makes a statement with an adorable cape-like coat in a beautiful burgundy shade. It is stylish while still keeping her toasty warm. The fit is not too overwhelming, being a perfect length and density for her petite frame.

Under her coat, she has on a form-fitting sweater. The cut complements her figure while being ultra cute with a sassy neckline. The buttons on her collar embellish the sweater without being gaudy and tie in the jacket even more. Her skirt is something that Blair Waldorf would kill for. The classic A-line is professional and grown up, and the plaid makes it perfect for the winter that is happening in the middle of March. The pattern is not gaudy or flashy but nicely accentuates the outfit overall.

Her shoes are possibly my favorite aspect of her outfit. The slingback, kitten heel is absolutely adorable. The bow adds a touch of femininity, perfect for going from debates on the senate floor to shopping in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The shiny black makes them a statement piece without overdoing it, and the heel is the perfect height for walking to and from classes. Paired with tights, these cute little shoes are the best accessory for a busy college student.

Her makeup is natural, nothing showy at all. The fresh face gives her a splash of youth. The peach tone on her lips brings out a rosy innocence, perfect for getting a bill passed by Congress. She has simple pearl studs for earrings, a classic that makes the best statement. Her watch and bracelets are understated, letting her beauty shine.

School can be stressful, and putting off looking nice is probably one of the easiest things to do. This Fashionista uses Blair Waldorf as an inspiration to make each day hers through an impeccable wardrobe which, when she runs for student senate, will slay the debate floor.


As March rolls around with the warmer temperature, it is time for winter clothes to go back to the bottom of the closets. Before they do, here are some final words to quickly summarize how to rock simple winter outfits.

For those who prefer having a very simple, minimal wardrobe or are looking for an investment staple piece, a traditional overcoat is definitely the right choice. It is a long sleeved coat with a collar and lapels crafted from a heavy fabric such as wool. Being one of the most classic and flattering staples of menswear, it projects confidence and authority and enhances a man’s silhouette. As shown by the Fashionisto, the overcoat widens the shoulders, lengthens the body, and drapes over any problem areas. This is a perfect coat for the winter weather as it is made of thick fabric, which can help maintain your body temperature as well as protecting you from the rain or snow. Best of all, it can be easily dressed up or down for casual or formal wear. The overcoat is a highly adaptable, good-looking, and functional garment—perfect as the ultimate statement piece for those chilly winter nights.

If you wish to add some personal flair to your statement piece, having a few small tweaks to your subtle overcoat can turn it into something more noticeable. The overcoat worn by the Fashionisto has a leather collar and a metal detail at the left lapel. The pockets also have added leather and metal zipper details, which help refine the overcoat with a touch of chicness. To wear it casually on a daily basis, the Fashionisto chose a light blue shirt, a pair of black jeans, and brown suede Chelsea boots for a simple and minimal outfit.

The fall/winter seasons are often rather daunting as the cold temperatures prompt people to bundle up in multiple layers. However, winter outfits can be easily styled with a few statement coats and other accessories such as scarfs and beanies. Who says you can’t stay stylish and warm during the cold days?

WHAT TO WEAR: Urban Glow

Camouflage has become staple item in the closet despite its previous use in military uniforms. What started as something to blend in has now transformed into subtle and bold statements within fashion. Contrary to the preconceived notion that camouflage makes you invisible, this Fashionisto made sure to be a standout at any party or kickback he attends.

I spotted this Fashionisto and was immediately drawn to his camo pants and olive coat. Olive green is one of my favorite colors, and pretty much every jacket or coat that I own is that color. These camo pants with motto details are tied together with the Nike Air Force 1’s in a pea green color. The outfit is then offset with the black graphic T-shirt with a pop of red.

The accessories of this outfit are a double gold chain necklace with a grenade pendant and a women’s bohemian headband. Yes, you read that right, this Fashionisto is starting up a trend of turning a women’s headband into a men’s accessory! Headbands are certainly something that are versatile for both men and women. This headband in particular is one that isn’t too feminine, so it almost seems as if it was meant to be a men’s accessory originally. This outfit is perfect for a night out to the bar or a party because it features an element that will actually keep him warm while he walks from place to place.

Once this Fashionisto enters the room, he’ll be noticed for his matching ensemble with subtle accents that will keep everyone looking. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep warm when going out and no one wants to carry their jacket around a bar or house party, but this jacket is lightweight enough that it’s not too much of a burden to hold if you get warm inside. Choosing a party outfit for the transition from winter to spring doesn’t have to be difficult; simply find a lightweight jacket to throw over that standout outfit and shed the layer once you’ve made it inside!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Always Accessorize

Everyone knows the way to create the perfect outfit is to always accessorize. Throw on rings, necklaces, a bag, or a scarf, whatever your heart desires! But never forget those tiny details to finish of a look. Adding details to your outfit can change your ensemble from day to night—it is that easy. You don’t need to buy two outfits, just stock up on every accessory you can—this method is cheaper and much more fun.

Someone who really does understand the power of the accessory is this Fashionista who I came across on my university campus. Immediately she caught my attention with her amazing pastel pink faux fur coat—I mean look at it. That coat is made of dreams and is everything I want in life. This Fashionista’s look defines the passing of winter and the welcome of spring. The fur helps to keep warm but the pretty pink shows she is anticipating spring with open arms.

The beautiful coat wasn’t all that this Fashionista had to offer—when I looked closer at her outfit I realized she had accessorized like a pro. She knew the power of jewelry and decorated her hands with the cutest little rings that really added the finishing touches to her classic look. This Fashionista didn’t just adorn her hands but also her wrists with very simple but eye-catching bracelets.

Jewelry wasn’t the only finishing touch this chic Fashionista had on her mind, she also understood the greatness of layers. Her fishnet tights add an edge to her pretty look and give her outfit even more depth, as well as keeping her warmer. All these little details show just how stylish this Fashionista is, she really cares about her look, and why wouldn’t you?

Clearly, the key to a great outfit is to always accessorize, so go and get some accessories. What’s stopping you from jazzing up your look and walking the streets with your head held high like this fabulous Fashionista. Go now and buy anything that catches your eye no matter how big or small.

STYLE ADVICE: Places to Go, People to See

Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy to put together a cute outfit every morning? You wake up with a to do list already going through your mind and getting coffee is at the top of it. At this point in the semester especially, with midterm exams and mid-winter weather, leggings and a sweatshirt sound more appealing than ever. Before you slack on your style, here is some advice to keep you cool, calm, and collected during those times of craziness.

My love for the high fashion world started with binge-watching every episode of America’s Next Top Model. One of the most entertaining segments of the shows were the “go-see” challenges. Model contestants were given a map, taxi driver, and only a few short hours to make as many designer meetings as possible. Running around foreign cities, I always admired their ability to look so glamorous while on the go.

When I saw this Fashionista hopping from class to class, I couldn’t help but get major “go-see” vibes from her. It was the coldest day of the week, with snow just starting to fall. Still, she was rocking a beautiful coat unlike any I’ve seen before, and leather black booties she strutted in confidently. When I asked her how she could look so cute on such a crappy day she replied, “No matter how busy my day is, picking out an outfit that makes me look and feel good makes the rest of the day successful.” If Tyra Banks were there, she’d be smizing—I mean smiling.

To complete this busy bee’s comfy but chic look, she paired high-waisted jeans with a super simple turtleneck. I know what you’re thinking, jeans are not what comes to mind when you’re looking for something comfortable. Like kissing many frogs before finding your perfect prince, the same goes for finding the right pair of pants! With the right style and fit, you’ll feel as if you can accomplish anything.

Just as class and work are priorities, so is sticking to your style. I know you’ve got places to go, people to see, and not everyone accepts being “fashionably late”. To save time in the morning, lay out your look the night before. Instead of your usual parka, dress it up with a trench coat or bomber jacket. Swap your studs for statement earrings, which add a classy touch to any outfit. Slip into shoes with a heel and walk (or run), through your day with a newfound confidence. Your life may feel like it’s falling apart but at least your outfit is put together.


While I am all about this weather and love how it makes the entire city look like one massive snow-globe, it can be a little challenging to stay chic and trendy on days like these. This Fashionista pulled this off To a T with this quintessential “running to class” look. She was so put together while also seeming as though she just woke up and threw this outfit on. What works so well is that it puts together all these monochromatic pieces while topping it off with a killer coat.

What this look does so well is keep everything simple without too much going on. It also uses a great piece to bring it to its full potential. She matched a white V-neck top with a pair of high-waisted, light wash “mom” jeans and a pair of white Vans to match the snow. She added this gorgeous blue leather book bag. However, what really made the outfit was her faux fur coat. This dark brown, bulky piece with a strip of white running through the middle tied it all perfectly. While I was all about this Fashionista’s outerwear, one of my favorite things about this look was the earrings. I loved the minimal design and the little stars inside of the hoops. I wanted a pair of these the second I noticed them.

As a minimalist and lover of comfort, I love that this look made all of that happen. This gal’s outfit had all the aspects of a great school day look. It was effortless, cohesive, and comfy. This look serves as a perfect guide for how to get some more z’s in while also keeping it modern and fresh and still staying cozy.

STYLE ADVICE: Girl on the Go

College students are now more career obsessed than ever. This is especially true for those of us who are wanting to get a foot in the door in the fashion industry. Running around campus for class and the city for internships, even during our free time we’re busy looking for locations to shoot outfit pictures. With her hair up in a high bun, I spotted today’s Fashionista wearing an outfit perfect for the girl on the go.

This Fashionista wears a mixed media waterfall coat as the main focus of her look. The gray and olive tones make a great alternative to the usual black that most people own. The leather sleeves add some edge and the oversize draped collar gives the coat character. Waterfall coats can look flirty when worn open in the front or more sophisticated when tied with the belt.

Underneath she wears a simple olive green T-shirt with solid black leggings. On her feet she sports her favorite pair of Everlane slip-ons. Black slip-ons are another great alternative to the classic ballet flat and are super comfortable for every day. The pointed toe gives a trendier look while the white foam soles create a subtle athleisure vibe. For accessories, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a black choker and oversize glasses.

The next time you have a busy day ahead of you, throw on a statement coat and a chic pair of shoes to stay comfortable and still look put together. Leather slip-ons will allow you to walk for hours and a gorgeous coat will make sure you look great doing anything. Throw your hair up, put a pair of glasses on, and get work done!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Classy With a Twist

I believe that my wardrobe should always have timeless pieces that can be worn on different times and occasions. I also like to always have pieces in black, white and creams among my clothes, because I can easily mix them and combine them with striking accessories.

In the look featured above I combined a cream blouse, tucked in a denim button-front skirt and black tights. In my opinion, the denim can always give that casual touch that an outfit needs. I wore a suede coat on top (because I live in Michigan and a jacket is still a must in March) and my all-time favorite platform oxfords, which always look classy and modern.

When it comes to makeup, I like to keep it as natural as possible. If I am wearing an outfit that consists of black and whites, I like to pair it with a color lipstick like MAC’s Diva.

What I like the most about this outfit is that it can be easily adapted for different situations, as it is perfect for any dressy casual occasion like going to that new restaurant in town or hanging out in a chic cocktail bar, but you can also rock this on-campus or going to watch a movie without looking overdressed.

You can make your own classy with an urban twist look by combining any key items you have in your closet and adding bold pieces that speak to your style!

WHAT TO WEAR: Chic and Easy

I found this stylish Fashionista waiting next to me at the bus stop this morning and immediately noticed her outfit. Her all-black ensemble still managed to catch my eye due to her long coat which completely tied the look together. A simple coat like this can make any early morning outfit look completely put together, and even chic!

This Fashionista completed her look with a long statement necklace. This is another easy way to make yourself seem pulled together in almost no time. Throwing on a flashy necklace or a statement piece like that also brings your outfit from simple to classy. Her beautiful, long hair also looks effortlessly chic. To finish the look, this Fashionista put on another simple pair of booties to make her on-the-go look a little more done up. As a look, this outfit totally works.

This Fashionista used simple pieces to look put-together even though she just rolled out of bed (as she informed me jokingly). How does she do it? Well, I’ve always thought that three amazing basics are better than 40 crazy, mismatched, wild pieces. A bunch of simple, go-to basics can make you look completely pulled together even if you just threw a few things on. Of course everyone needs some great statement pieces to make their wardrobe unique and exciting, however first things first: simple basics are a must!

Of everything one could buy, there’s nothing better than a classic, well-fitting white T-shirt, or the perfect pair of plain skinny jeans. With these essential pieces throwing on your clothes has never looked so good. And a nice piece of jewelry never hurts to top it off!

STYLE ADVICE: Off-the-Shoulder and On-Trend

Contrary to unpopular belief, climate change is not a myth. In fact, it is a very real threat with a profoundly negative impact not only on our planet but also on our outfits.

I feel personally victimized by this unwarranted heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in the Midwest. I have so many winter looks that will never have the chance to be put together, and I’m certainly not prepared to throw on a dress without the security of a pair of tights to hide my unsightly pale legs. What’s a gal to do when it’s too warm to safely hide in the comfort of a turtleneck?

This Fashionista has the perfect solution: baby steps. Showing a little bit of skin is a great way to ease yourself out of cold weather apparel and into an early spring wardrobe. Her off-the-shoulder, velvet top caught my eye; it might just be the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring.

She paired it with a classic pair of black jeans and black booties that really allow the subtle blue undertone of the stunning top to shine through. Her round, iridescent shades are a super fun contrast to the dark hues present in this outfit, and perfectly mimic the vibes of everything else she’s wearing.

To combat this unpredictable weather, this Fashionista topped her look off with a light car coat—the perfect piece to keep you warm in the morning when it feels like winter, but can easily be removed to flash some skin when it’s basically summer by the afternoon.  

This Fashionista actually purchased her top from a boutique in Germany while she was studying abroad. Just in case you won’t be swinging by Germany in the near future, you can still rock the off-the-shoulder trend with just as much chicness as this Fashionista.

This trend is perfect for a chic day look, as this Fashionista has proved, or a foolproof evening look—the exposed shoulders work especially well in situations that require a lot of shimmying.

While I mourn the loss of my favorite season for fashion, this Fashionista’s look reminds me that there is so much to be excited about in the warmer months to come. If you’re not quite ready to let go of winter but also not trying to sweat through your couture, take some baby steps and ease into spring one shoulder at a time.