The Perfect Class Look Comes Down To 3 Easy Steps

Picture this: your alarm clock on your phone rings. You open your eyes and glance out the window to see frost on the leaves outside your window. School time is about here, and with it, cooler weather. Even though I despise the cold weather, I love to dress for it. One of the most exciting parts of the day for me is choosing what to wear and how I am going to accessorize it. After all, what better way to motivate yourself to get up for class on a brisk morning than a cute outfit and some coffee?

First things first, I choose a few base pieces. For example, I have a staple pair of jeans I love to wear that match basically everything and also look great on. Feeling confident in what you wear is important because if you feel confident and comfortable it will show. Next I move to what top I will wear, and usually, I reach for a long sleeve T-shirt or sweater for the chillier mornings.

The next step is one of my favorites: accessories! Though I tend to have more of a simple style, a bold bracelet or earrings can sometimes be just enough to give that extra element of excitement. I chose to wear a glitzy headband for this shoot, not only because it perfectly matched my outfit but also added a little more personality to this look.

Lastly, I love to switch up my shoes. These new babies are one of my favorite pairs and are perfect for transitioning into the fall season. Wedges are cute and give a little more height, creating the illusion that your legs are longer. The great thing about shoes is that you can switch up your look simply by switching to a different pair! Putting on some booties can instantly make your outfit a little warmer for the cold weather.

What are some of your favorite back-to-school style tips? Let me know in the comments below!

One Thing Australian Girls Do in the Cooler Months

Yes, for those of you asking, Australia does get cool. Particularly in Melbourne which is in the south. Melbourne, the cultural hub of Australia, is known for its “four seasons in one day.” This can sometimes make it a little difficult to get dressed in the morning. So what’s our solution? Smart, effortlessly cool (literally) layering.

In July, you could leave your house at 8 a.m. and be absolutely freezing, but by your lunch break, especially if the sun is out, it could be a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). No one likes feeling the heat in all matters of the phrase, so layering is key!

The ironic thing is we don’t actually wear warm clothes. Unlike New Yorkers, we never whip out our big puffer coat, gloves, or snow boots. We decide to just layer it up instead, and it works for us!

Every girl on the go needs to be prepared for any sort of weather. Melbourne girls have learned the hard way and figured out the right way to dress in these unpredictable cooler months.

Let’s take a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, layer it with a jumper and then a coat. Just make sure everything underneath the outer layer goes with your whole outfit. No one likes taking off that jumper and finding an embarrassing old T-shirt you wore to bed underneath.

Put your outfit together as if every layer is going to be seen. Then you won’t be tempted to just throw on your old camping thermal. Trust me, when it heats up you will take that outer layer off and whatever is underneath will be seen!

You need to be prepared for the inevitable stripping of layers as the day goes on. My new favorite thing is “double jacketing.” You’re right! It is exactly as it sounds. Denim skirt, thigh-high boots, turtleneck, leather jacket, and then an overcoat. See, easy! Every layer is more exciting than the last.

I guess you would say that this is more transitional dressing given Melbourne doesn’t get that cold, but hey, this is how we survive the cooler months.

I’d love to hear from you! What are some of your mid-temperature weather or transitional outfit ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


With April in full swing, the rain showers are in full force, especially here in Ames, Iowa. While we are waiting for the magnificent flowers of May to arrive, we have to deal with the cold and wet weather (unfortunately). I know, getting ready and finding something cute to wear when the weather is taking its toll on your mood is hard to say the least. But a cute, rainy day outfit could have the potential to make your gloomy day bright, so consider this the next time the rain rolls around!

The number one thing that must accompany a rainy day is rain boots, of course. What is so great about rain boots is they come in an unimaginable number of different colors, patterns, styles, and lengths. You can choose to go with a simpler style and color while dressing up your outfit with vibrant colors, or you can sport more vivid rain boots while dressing your outfit down so there is no collision between the two. As for your outfit, to go along with jeans, I would recommend wearing something to keep you warm like a big comfy sweater or layer a cute top with a cardigan or jacket.

This Fashionista perfectly executed a rainy day outfit. She paired her blue jeans with a cute black top that has a cut out in the front and a cream-colored wrap/shawl for warmth. She tied the look together with her leopard print short rain boots which are perfect for this look because they match perfectly with the colors in her outfit.


Last month I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden. One of the most interesting things to me was seeing all the different ways people dress in comparison to back home. Neutral colors, simplicity, and versatility are huge components in the European fashion world. I was lucky enough to come across a Fashionisto who defines the art of neutral tones.

This Fashionisto is dressed in black, tan, and army green. Basically all the colors you will see over in Europe. In Europe, especially Denmark and Sweden where the weather tends to be colder, you will see a lot of layers. Danish and Swedish people love to layer up on neutral tones when walking on the streets. This Fashionisto does as well. Since there is a lot of walking to do in Europe, you have to be comfortable yet fashionable. As you can see, this Fashionisto did so by bundling up with a black peacoat and two scarfs: a black one and a black and tan one to enhance his wardrobe. To add color, he paired his coat with army green pants to fit in with the European’s neutral tones. Lastly, he added some comfy black tennis shoes and sunglasses to finish off the look.

Although this outfit may be simple, you would not it see regularly in the United States. That is why culture and traveling are so important because you get to experience fashion in so many different places. I am glad I got to partake in this European wannabe’s look because it truly masters the essence of European fashion.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Combating Snow During Spring

Just when we thought we were done with winter, snow starts falling from the sky. However, in Minnesota, you should be expecting this until April at least. Oh the struggle to brighten your closet with the arrival of spring clothes only to dig through for a heavy jacket and a pair of snow boots. However, there are still ways to bring in subtle spring vibes while staying warm and cozy in winter threads.

To combat this snowy week before spring break, this Fashionista opted for a sweater that provides warmth and a little show of skin to keep the hopes of spring alive. Underneath, she chose to peak her halter lace bralette out to add a tinge of lavender to this outfit. She then chose a pair of black leggings that would tuck in perfectly to a pair of taupe riding boots. Although riding boots are a more fall staple, this taupe color is light enough to be incorporated into a colder spring day or until the snow melts.

For her makeup, this Fashionista chose to add a light lavender eyeliner on top, matching her bralette. Then she swiped on a few coats of mascara and a pair of stud diamond earrings. She had a simple, natural look that still leaves a pop with the lavender eyeliner.

This simple look is perfect to look adorable and comfortable midweek as the snow continues to fall. Add a coffee mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows for a perfect accessory worth rocking.

Be sure to check in with me next month, where hopefully the has snow melted and spring is in full bloom.


This past semester has been totally crazy with school, so last weekend I was stoked to take a surprise weekend trip to Copenhagen! I loved everything about this city, from the architecture to the food and the local fashion. It was still pretty cold, so the locals were bundled up but still managed to look chic and effortless.

While wandering a tiny street in search of a place to grab lunch, this local Fashionisto’s look caught my eye. It was a sunny day but definitely still cold and windy, and he was perfectly dressed for the weather without looking bulky or underdressed. He simply styled a cashmere sweater under a light, bomber jacket and kept the look casual with black skinny jeans and Converse sneakers. He topped it off with some aviator sunglasses and a vintage watch.

This ensemble is perfect for a day of exploring a new city, heading to class, or simply going about your daily errands. Comfortable shapes, clean lines, and an air of effortlessness make this look work for just about anything you want it to. I loved that this outfit could easily be for women, too. Try dressing it up with a blazer and some oxfords for a business lunch or a night out or can tone this look down as well with some trainers or flats for a day at the park or just lounging at home. The colors are easy to play with too, so pick any palette you like and go for it!

STYLE ADVICE: Knits in the City

Visiting back at home for spring break, this Californian Fashionista was greeted with the rain and gloom of Chicago—a huge contrast from the usual sunshine and palm trees of Costa Mesa beaches. To help this Fashionista endure the climate of the windy city, I gave her some tips on how to stay cozy in addition to sipping on a hot cup of vanilla chai latte. Because who says you have to give up style for comfort when you can have both?

This Fashionista wore a thrifted, striped pullover which is a staple that is essential for sweater weather. There comes a time when even five minute walks to classes can get too cold to handle, but knitwear will always be your best friend. Continuing on with the look, she opted for a pair of plain black jeans instead of her regular ripped at the knees denim. Every little effort for extra warmth counts, and even the slightest holes in your pants can make a huge difference.

But the piece that stands out the most is the textured, maroon cardigan that this Fashionista uses to layer on top. The neutral, solid colors of her sweater make it easy to match with other pieces, and this Fashionista uses this opportunity to her advantage. She completes the outfit with a classic pair of leather Chelsea boots because you can never go wrong with that simple, but sleek look.

Dressing up for the cold can turn into a tiring routine, but it can also be fun and exciting if you allow yourself to get creative with it! This Fashionista may have only used two pieces to layer, but it doesn’t have to stop there. From solid-colored knits to eccentric prints and fuzzy textures, the possibilities are endless. Collared button-downs can be layered under cropped sweaters, cardigans can be worn over long sleeved shirts, and jackets of all styles and patterns can be used to top off your whole ensemble.

So, until we reunite with our halter tops and distressed shorts, make a statement with those cool lapels on your shearling coat while you still can—festival season is just around the corner!

WHAT TO WEAR: Motivated for Midterms

I think it is safe to assume we all have a Power Look: A makeup technique, a hairstyle, or an outfit that makes us feel ready to take on anything. For me, it is almost certainly something with the color pink paired with ~sensible~ shoes. For this Fashionista, that look is as much about confidence as it is about reassurance.

“I wore this shirt to my last exam,” she confessed to me when I started shooting her look, and for an obvious reason too. The denim button down, that she thrifted online, features an adorable embedded patch of Winnie the Pooh characters and an inspirational embroidery that reads “hang on little buddies.” This cute message certainly makes her smile, and likely lifts the spirits of the other students around her.

Building her look around this obvious statement piece, this Fashionista kept the rest of her look simple and classic to really highlight the whimsical nature of her top. Her well fitting black jeans and slightly pointed toe black leather booties work as neutrals to frame her look and avoid the risk of looking overly dowdy. Likewise, her color-blocked cardigan, which she also found secondhand online, unifies the look with its black components but lightens up the look overall with its cream body and cozy appearance. My favorite detail from this look is this Fashionista’s knotting of the button down right at the top of her jeans, which is a technique that really streamlines her look, modernizes the top, and ties it all together.

Overall, this look is perfect for classes and tests because it is uncomplicated enough without being boring, comfortable enough without being frumpy, and unique without being overly ostentatious. By combining thrifted items with conventional ones, this Fashionista was able to craft a look emblematic of her personality and motivational for herself and those around her!

WHAT TO WEAR: A Snow Day with Storm Stella

This spring semester I have had more snow days than I have ever had at college. Not complaining! I never expected two of them in a row in mid-March! Storm Stella proved to cause massive chaos in upstate New York, and all over the east coast. Snow days call for relaxing, Netflix binging, and making the most of the day with your friends. I spotted this Fashionista off campus with her friends enjoying her snow day.

Living in upstate New York means we are all pretty used to the snow. Therefore, we don’t always bundle up to the extent others would if they faced our climate. New Yorkers are used to the cold and the snow. This Fashionista decided to dress for March. The snow didn’t stop her from putting together a springy outfit for the snow day. Dressing for the seasons can be tough when you are expected to wear parkas until April, however, there are many ways to layer and dress for spring. For starters, you can immediately rotate brighter colors into your daily outfits regardless of the temperatures outside. Doing so will leave you feeling refreshed and bring a new energy into your day. Start to part ways with the black puffer jacket that has been your state of grace the past three months of winter and gear up for warmer weather! (We hope.) Spring can be unpredictable so layering is very important.

This Fashionista perfected layering and managed to stay warm in Storm Stella.  She started with a stretch ripped jean from American Eagle Outfitters, paired with warm socks, and finished with maroon Doc Martens. Doc Martens are versatile and the perfect shoe for spring because they can withstand all of the mud, snow, and rain. She then layered a long line Adidas Originals T-shirt underneath her new take on the classic jean jacket. This Fashionista said the jacket is perfect for layering and the change of seasons. The Vans hat she is wearing adds warmth and pulls her look all together. Dressing for a snow day entails comfort, warmth, and style. This Fashionista nailed it!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Color Your Layers

In college, men and women are both trying to find themselves. They experiment and see what they like and what they don’t like. Part of that is finding their own personal style. This Fashionisto has a unique style that will catch your eye no matter where you are going on campus. What is it about his outfit that catches your eye? Is it his pants, shoes, or even shirt? It is what he chooses to pair with all these items and the colors he chooses to wear.

For starters, he chose to wear a pair of ripped blue jeans. An item that will look good with almost any piece you put with them. They create a more casual look. He wears a red T-shirt which adds a brighter color to an outfit that consists mostly of neutral colors. With the cold weather he wants to layer up. He wears a black sweater to add some extra warmth. It also adds a layer to his outfit and some variance with his shirt. Adding the gray jacket makes the look feel complete and adds some more color. If he were just wearing the T-shirt, the outfit would feel incomplete like it was missing a necklace or a sweater. To finish off the look, he wears a pair of tan work boots.

He is not only ready for the cold weather but is comfortable and looks stylish. As the weather gets warmer, being able to layer will get harder as the heat will restrict how many layers you can have. When it starts to get warmer, it is still possible to look good with layers. Adding lighter layers will be the key. To substitute the sweater and jacket, add a flannel over the T-shirt or a jean jacket over the T-shirt. Both of the pieces add color and a more complete look to the Fashionisto’s outfit.